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Hire 3D Designers

3D Designing Services Overview

Digital production is implemented via the creation of three-dimensional models from physical objects. 3D modeling isn’t limited to the industries such as animation, gaming, or architecture, it is also widely used in healthcare, industrial manufacturing, and military domains. For instance, 3D models are designed to recreate a human’s body to demonstrate the effect of certain surgeries. VR programmers use 3D model software to design game characters based on the fictional hero from a movie or a real person. In 2018, the 3D design software market generated around $1.5 billion in the United States, and the share is expected to grow at $6 million by 2025. 3D modeling practices require 3D designers to perform all the processes of creating innovative solutions.

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Types of 3D Design Offered by 3D Graphic Designers

Depending on the needs, preferences, goals, and industry, companies require a specific type of 3D modeling to make the performance efficient and customized. Let’s take a look at each of these and define their main domains of application.

VR/AR Experience Design

Virtual Reality (VR) creates an experience of entire immersion in a simulated world that is achieved with hardware and software. With the use of headsets (glasses and headphones), a user is able to interact with the real world through the environment reflected in the headsets. VR Designs are demanding in a chain of domains: gaming, architecture, manufacturing, real estate, education, healthcare, film production. Imagine you being able to see your future house through the glasses while physically locating in the real estate’s office.


Visual Effects is an imaginary created in the software that after the shooting is incorporated in the film. Usually, directors use VFX as the scenes are too dangerous to perform in the real shooting or impossible to recreate (like a flying dragon or ships in outer space). VFX is mainly used in the film industry or other media-related domains.

3D Modeling for Product Design

Whether a car or apparel manufacturer, both require special software to design the product with its unique features and visual appearance characteristics. A furniture design company can create exceptional fabrics ornaments and textures, design the movable parts of the table or couch, experiment with size and component placement to create a functional and attractive product. The production of goods is presented mainly in all industries including healthcare (medical equipment, hospital special facilities, and devices), electronics (tablets, phones, and other gadgets), and even the beauty industry (defining products’ size, shape, and other characteristics).


CAD (Computed Aided Design) is a method used to design physical objects with a variety of characteristics – size, shape, curves, and other. CAD is mainly used for construction (massive buildings), manufacturing equipment, and other industrial purposes. The final products of 3D CAD can be printed via special printing machines or released in electronic files.

3D Design Applications: Popular Apps Used by 3D Designing Company

Since the 3D design is widely used across the world in numerous industries, there are many useful and customized applications that allow creating a desired product efficiently. Here is the list of popular apps and their key features.

  • AutoCAD. Also called AutoCAD 360 is an Android-based (also available on iOS) application to draw, modify, change the design right from the smartphone or tablet. It allows a user to save all projects, edit them, and even share them by exporting the files. You can easily zoom the design in the required fragments, add edits/notes directly in the drawing, and download the files in the DWG format.
  • eDrawings. Another professional leading 3D designer app used to draw, analyze both 3D and 2D data. One of the key features is that the design can be used for VR/AR purposes that considerably boost the application’s usability.
  • Microsoft 3D Builder. Although the application operates exclusively on Windows-supported devices, it is useful for 3D modeling, editing, and previewing. The app is free for downloading and using all its features, moreover, you can connect it to the 3D printer.
  • Qlone. An iOS-based application that has two distinct features: 3D modeling and 3D scanning. The scanning allows a user to scan the real object and transfer it to the virtual reality to make further adjustments. The exportation of files is available from both the iPhone and iPad.
  • Sharp3D. While previous applications can be used by beginners and intermediate users, this one is mainly utilized by engineers and 3D industrial designers. It allows making precise fragments, complex prototypes, and high-end products with fully functional features.

Ford, Nike, Boeing, Hershey’s, and other companies from completely different industries extremely benefit from using 3D modeling. The technology allows them to create unique products and facilitate the overall process of making precise designs for specific purposes.

Looking for 3D Designers? Explore Major Pros and Cons of 3D Design and Modeling

If you came up with the decision that 3D designers wanted for your product, here are some pros and cons of implementing 3D modeling:

pros and cons of hiring 3D modeling designer


  • Efficient and time-saving process
  • Accuracy
  • Customer satisfaction and timely delivery
  • Reduced risks of making costly mistakes
  • Ability to make edits and corrections prior to printing


  • Such technologies are pricey and to hire 3D designer might be expensive
  • 3D printers release harmful emissions
  • The limited size of 3D printer

Despite the fact that 3D design has its disadvantages, globally, companies vividly hire 3D designers and implement the services. The 3D design allows them to create accurate parts within huge projects (airline, industrial, healthcare industries), implement VR elements to make the services more efficient (real estate, movies production, gaming).

Find a 3D Designer: Skills, Experience, Knowledge

Find 3D Designers: Costs of Hiring

Due to enormous technological opportunities across the world, the demand for services of a 3D designing company grows rapidly. Proficient users of 3D designer software give a company-client a competitive advantage through coming up with a proactive and innovative design. Let’s take a look at the costs of hiring a designer in the world and if it is possible to find affordable 3D designer.

average 3D game designer cost
average 3D project designer cost
average 3D poster designer cost
3D game designer$65,289$86,370$58,920$54,438$31,221
3D project designer$74,111$94,851$63,880$57,191$34,540
3D poster designer$54,230$78,167$58,354$44,900$28,120

Outsourcing is becoming a worldwide service that offers graphic designer 3D remote who operates on the same terms as collocated employees. If you need to find 3D print designers, you should know that the key advantage of hiring remote 3D designers is that you can have access to advanced technical expertise and introduce proactive ideas to your product.

Hire 3D Graphic Designer in Ukraine

Ukraine remains one of the demanding destinations among the CEE countries that offers numerous IT services. The IT market of the country accounts for around 180,000 software specialists including 3D graphic designers. The specialists are experienced in different domains such as product and motion design and operate on various 3D design software platforms. Since we are operating within the nearshoring model, we offer affordable 3D designers who will do their best to meet your expectations. What are the benefits of 3D designers for hire in Ukraine and why should you outsource 3D designer work?

benefits of hiring 3D graphic designer
  1. Ukraine has a huge talent pool
  2. Convenient location (1-2 hours’ travel from any European country)
  3. Excellent communication skills of IT specialists
  4. Most 3D designers have at least a Bachelor’s degree in Engineering, Technology, or Art
  5. Prolific quality of services, proactive approach and innovative ideas
  6. Low labor costs
  7. Cultural similarities

Hire a 3D Designer: What Ace Does Mobilunity Have for You

If you are looking for 3D designers, we have something for you: almost 10 years on the market, numerous software development solutions, clients that spread from Canada to Asia. Mobilunity is one of the leading vendors on the IT market in Ukraine that will provide you with a dedicated development team, hire Unity developer, and find niche engineers for your needs. We are operating under the principle of 3Rs – Recruitment, Relationships, Retention, which combines with Western Management. Since most of our clients refer to us with the claim ‘3D designers needed’, we are willing to deliver the best candidates to create long-term cooperation between two parties.

Key features of Mobilunity:

  • A shortlist of candidates will be delivered in 2-3 weeks whether you need 3D printing designer, motion 3D designer, senior 3D designer, or 3D graphic designer.
  • Hire for smart costs
  • All requirements will be accurately reviewed and met
  • Experienced and loyal employees with excellent communication and time-management skills
  • Mainly focused on Agile methodology, we make the process of design/development transparent and easy

Still don’t know where to find 3D printer designers? Hire 3D designer in Mobilunity to perfect or design a distinctive product!

All salaries and prices mentioned within the article are approximate NET numbers based on the research done by our in-house Recruitment Team. Please use these numbers as a guide for comparison purposes only and feel free to use the contact form to inquire on the specific cost of the talent according to your vacancy requirements and chosen model of engagement.

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