How Much Does VR Development Cost?

VR development is on the rise in the technology world despite what reviewers might say. Virtual reality success has been more of a slow and steady climb than the overnight phenomena many were expecting. This has caused many to question the popularity of virtual reality and left them wondering what to expect in terms of growth. Here we are going to dwell on the software programmer salary for VR developers.

What Will the Future Bring for VR Developer and VR Development Team?

2017 was a struggle in the world of virtual reality as the technology seemed slow to catch on. Much of the delay in growth surround VR is the fact that it only worked when connected to an external source. As more and more technologies go wireless, consumers showed frustration in the need to connect VR products to smartphones, game consoles, or PCs. The year was creating a cause for concern for VR developers as many wondered whether virtual reality would be a total flop.

Luckily, 2018 came with the release of stand alone VR systems. The year is expected to be better than ever for virtual reality growth as consumers are freed from wires, PCs, and phones. As standalone VR systems offer increased ease of use, comfort, and portability, it seems virtual reality is headed towards the mainstream success its been working towards. Interest and growth are expected to continue to rise. It is predicted that virtual reality will be a $38 billion industry by 2026.

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Main Responsibilities and Skills of VR Developers?

The main responsibility of virtual reality developers is two-fold. This means that they need to approach the development process with both passionate creativity and operational caution. There are several issues that can arise with VR, the most common being motion sickness.

Outside of the issues that may develop as users get used to this new type of technology, there are also technical and design issues that arise. To combat these issues, VR development teams from all over the world have come together to collaborate on a resolution and create a fix.

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Apart from technical and design issues, the main responsibility of virtual reality developers is on the player experience. VR development teams are still in the early days of design and implementation for many projects and constantly face challenges on how to create the perfect virtual experience for users. Developers need to focus on maintaining the player’s presence within the game.

Developers much create believable interactions, 3D objects, and real behaviors and personalities. The goal is to get the player absorbed into the game. Without that type of experience, users won’t come back for more. With responsibilities like these, companies looking for VR development need to seek out professional and talented VR development teams.

What Is a VR Developer Salary?

VR developer salary will vary, but is probably at its highest now. As the industry continues to grow, more and more developers will look to add VR expertise to their resume. As developers become more readily available, the virtual reality developer salary will reach a plateau. Since VR development is still in the early stages, it can be hard to find a qualified developer.

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Entry level web developer salary for virtual reality is $104,000 a year in the United States. As with many development jobs, outsourcing or outstaffing the work can create a substantial savings. In UK, the salary is higher at $44,800 a year and in Canada at $49,300. Still, in Germany, it is even higher at $61,500 per year. Outsourcing to Eastern European countries is always the more affordable option. Quality VR developers in Ukraine can provide expert services for as low as $25 an hour and $21,600 per year.

Mobilunity and Virtual Reality

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Thanks to the lower costs of living in Eastern European countries, you can hire professional and highly skilled virtual reality dedicated developers at low prices. And, you don’t have to sacrifice quality. Mobilunity VR developers are some of the best in the business and are more affordable than your local options. At Mobilunity, you’ll get the best VR development at the more affordable prices so you can finish your project without breaking your budget.

Contact us today to hire your qualified, professional, and affordable virtual reality developer or the whole VR development team for your next project.

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