How Much Does It Cost to Hire a C++ Developer in Ukraine?

‘C’-languages have been continuously used for lots of years to create computer systems and applications. C++ developers can work in financial industry, gaming, banking, telecommunications, electronics, manufacturing, retail and many other fields, because C++ is one of the most popular programming languages. Sometimes employers hire dedicated C++ developers on leading positions like Software Engineering Director or Software Architect, because they can not only code. Senior C++ coders often work as part of big development teams writing algorithms or overseeing the development process. It would be nice to mention, that the level of interest in this type of developers almost haven’t changed since 2011 according Google Trends, which means, the demand stays still.

popularity of C++ programmer in the worldChart showing interest in C++ developers over time

How to Hire a C++ Team?

Let’s analyze two main and the most affordable possibilities of hiring a C++ developer to your project. These are project-based outsourcing and dedicated development team.

how to hire C++ team

project-based outsourcing how to hire c++ programmerProject-based outsourcing. This is the most optimal approach for companies interested in the implementation of single, irregular or pilot projects of different levels of complexity with clearly defined requirements and projected results. The advantage of this model is a fixed cost and a well-defined period of work performance. Consequently, the main risk is the situation not determined by the contract or possible delay due to unforeseen circumstances.

dedicated c# developer vs c++ developerDedicated development team. If you have an upcoming project, but don’t know how to find a perfect C++ team of dedicated developers to implement your idea into life, you can use the service, which was made just to fit this need – outstaffing. This method is applicable to projects where it is impossible to calculate the timeframe for the work in advance. In this case, the client receives a C++ team of developers who work only on his project, the payment is usually calculated for each hour of a programmer’s work or may be also fixed all-inclusive and paid monthly. Speaking simple words – you come to the company, which provides staff, and leave your request. The company looks for employees to work on your project so that you don’t have to waste time on that. You don’t have to worry about the level of professionalism or devotion to your project. Developers offered to you will surely be interested in the whole thing and ready to solve hard tasks.

Why should you work with Mobilunity to hire C# developer or C++ developer

The risk of this method lies in some miscommunication with the devs, but the main advantages are the possibility to get any devs or extend your development C++ team with rare professionals any time, shortage of expenses for office premises, recruitment and staff retention. These are not all the pros of this model. You can learn more on building a dedicated development team on our website.

If you are interested in more info about different types of programmers and their salaries, check out our big research on Ukrainian computer programmers for hire before you decide to hire a C++ programmer.

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C++ Developers Salaries Depending On Their Experience

We’ve made our research based on the data from Payscale and Dou resources. The salaries of developers usually correspond to the level of their knowledge and may differ in accordance with location. Let’s have a look on the salaries of junior, middle and senior developers.

The cost of a C++ developer in UkraineMonthly net C++ developers cost based on their seniority in 2016

Analyzing the above mentioned info a bit, you can see that average cost of a C++ developer in Ukraine is $1,800. Depending on the size of the company or project and the seniority of a developer – his cost may differ from $450 to $3,750. The C++ salary also depends on the city, where developer is working.

The cost of a C++ developer in Ukraine

Monthly net C++ developers cost based on location in 2016

From the table above we can see, that Dnipropetrovsk offers the highest C++ programmer salary, while in Odessa there are the highest salaries of senior C++ programmers.

Worldwide Salaries of C++ Programmers

It will be also interesting to compare average salary of C++ programmer in different countries with Ukrainian indicators of wages in order to make sure that it is not only good offer to hire such programmers in Ukraine from the financial point of view but also from the perspective of quality of work performed.

We have made the following chart in order to show average C++ software engineer salary in 11 countries.

Country Salary/ Middle-Level
Switzerland $8,000
Israel $6,600
the USA $9,600
the UK $4,000
Australia $5,000
Germany $4,900
Canada $4,000
France $3,700
Singapore $3,000
Ukraine $2,000
India $650

Mid-Level C++ developer monthly wage across the world

After analyzing C++ programming jobs salary, it is possible to say that the highest rates get devs in Switzerland. Middle-level C++ developer cost is $8,000 there. The indicator of C++ programming salary is also rather high in Israel and in the USA. If we consider the wage of this programmer in Israel, it will be $6,600 a month. In the USA an average programming in C++ salary is $9,600. Let’s narrow the field for research and look at C++ developer salary NYC. Thus, if we talk about New York city, C++ developer rate will be $10,000 a month, but C++ game programming salary in NY state is $12,400. The next place in our list is occupied by experts from the UK. C++ jobs salary in the UK is estimated to be $4,000. The indicators of wages are almost equal in Australia and Germany and are the following: $5,000 and $4,900 accordingly. In Canada an average C++ engineer salary is $4,000. This indicator is comparable to French one, where the rates of C++ programming jobs entry level is able to receive $3,700 a month. The level of salary of this coder in Singapore is approximately $3,000 per month.

Our list is finished with two countries with the lowest salaries of C++ engineers. Thus, average C++ developer salary Ukraine is $2,000 as a monthly payment, while an average salary for C++ programmer in India is more than three times lower and constitute only $650 for a month of work.

c++ program employee salary worldwide

Comparison of C++ developers salaries in Ukraine, the UK, the USA, and other countries

Summing up, we can see that Ukrainian programmers have the most reasonable level of the ratio of labor remuneration to the quality of work performed. In a row of countries where this indicator is quite high, this is explained by the same high living standards. In such a country as India, the number of $600 is, on the contrary, caused by the low level of economic development and great competition on the IT labor market of the country.

Hiring dedicated C++ developers in Ukraine could be a great money saver, as comparing to other countries like UK and USA, employers may be paying to C++ coders up to 60% less in Ukraine.

Demand & Supply for C++ Programmers

We decided to make one more mini-study and find out what is the demand and supply for a C++ programmer in Ukraine based on the data available at domestic job boards. The results are as follows.

The table below indicates how much active vacancies are posted on the most popular Ukrainian IT job resources. If we assume that the vacancies do not repeat, then on average we get 75 active offers. It’s also worth remembering that companies often look C++ for C# developers vs C++ developers at the same time, and such a query can give more results for an applicant.

Portal Vacancies
Dou 62
Djinni 92

Demand for C++ coders in Ukraine (based on vacancies posted at Dou and Djinni)

Here is a graph that depicts supply for C++ coders in Ukraine. As we can see the amount of developers’ profiles exceeds the amount of vacancies approximately three times. This may mean that Ukrainian programmers are oriented at foreign markets and thus, their services are very often outsourced in Europe or the USA.

Portal Profiles 207
Djinni 278

Supply for C++ programmers in Ukraine (based on the amount of CV’s posted on UA job boards)

Why Ukraine?

If you want the right developer to take a part in your project, you will obviously consider several candidates on this post. Sometimes, it may be a bit difficult to choose, especially if all programmers are from different countries. If you happen to consider to hire C programmer in your team, Mobilunity can offer you great candidates of C programmer for hire. If you still have doubts, whether you should hire C developer from Ukraine, Mobilunity Team has already prepared the answer to the question ‘Why hire exactly Ukrainian developers?’.

Hire C++ developer for your team

Sample CVs of C++ Developers

Let’s find out what skills and technologies should be obligatory included into  C++ developer resume.

Middle C++ Developer Sample CV


  • Development of UI for mobile/desktop applications
  • Development of mini-games, scenes and hidden scenes using C++, XML
  • Managing and supporting multiple projects


  • cross-platform development,
  • application optimization,
  • code support.

Technologies: C, C++ for Java developers, JavaScript, OOP, Unity 3d, Android, ARM TrustZone, Perforce…

request full C++ developer resume

Senior C++ Developer Resume Example


  • C++ game developer with more than 5 years of experience;
  • Mobile game developer with more than 3 years of experience.


  • Knowledge of cross-platform Unity3D engine;
  • Knowledge of cross-platform QT framework;
  • Knowledge of various technologies (Linux, socket programming, multithreading);
  • Development of security products for mobile devices.

Technologies: C, C++, Android SDK,, GIT, GDB, Scons, Make, iOS, Debian build environment…

hire c++ programmer in Ukraine

Need to hire C++ developers for your upcoming project? Let us find and outstaff the right candidates for you!

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