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How to Benefit From Custom Healthcare Software Development

The COVID-19 pandemic became an unprecedentedly stern challenge for the world’s healthcare industry. But it’s also well known that challenges tend to transform into industrial revolutions and huge changes in minds!

The same happened with the healthcare industry in response to the pandemic. Growing quantities of infected people with COVID-symptoms and the inability of most of the hospitals to help all the patients on time led to the realization that certain changes must be made. According to the survey by Merritt Hawkins, it takes on average 29.3 days for a new patient to visit a family doctor. And such an alarming statistic meant that, if nothing changes, the pandemic could lead to very sad outcomes. And one of the key changes introduced to address the growing problem was the development and usage of healthcare software.

First of all, healthcare software is about the digitalization of all the systems, which means increasing portability, and improving the safety of patient data, and medical records. This solution is a step forward for telemedicine software development and telemetry, which allows patients to get medically monitored and diagnosed without visiting any hospitals. Thus, it eliminates the risk of getting infected and transmitting the virus further.

Aside from the virus, healthcare software also appeared as a response to the latest trend of people’s attitude to professional medical service. As mentioned in Deloitte’s 2021 Global health care outlook, patients get increasingly more involved in health care decision-making.  It’s known that now people prefer to care more about their health and prevent health issues on their own and consider professional medical help mostly in the form of consultancy. That is why having a healthcare app on one’s smartphone can soon become a must!

Healthcare software products are becoming one of the most demanded options to have for any hospital, too and their overall value will only grow in the close future. So, the question of how to develop a quality custom healthcare product and what company to delegate it to is one of the most topical for the majority of healthcare businesses.

What Is Custom Healthcare Software Development?

Currently, healthcare software development can be divided into two main types: commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) and custom healthcare software development.

To put it simply, COTS healthcare software development is to offer the simplest and the most universal software products that satisfy the broadest list of requirements.

At the same time, custom healthcare software is to serve the needs of a specific audience, groups, or organizations. Apps and programs that are results of custom healthcare software development usually have more opportunities for customization, as well as the specific functions that customers initially ordered.

Generally speaking, custom software is of more tailor-made, personalized end products, while off-the-shelf software development has no specific purposes or requirements, and thus, its products fit more to general use.

Custom healthcare software development is more demanded by healthcare entities because they are different and each of those has its own specifics in serving patients.

Usually, customers refer to customer healthcare development if they have one or more of the following issues or/and needs:

  • To make individual health strategies and plans easier to shape and communicate to others.
  • Improve communication between doctors and patients.
  • Make working with patient records easier.
  • To diminish costs.
  • Make diagnoses more accurate.

How Healthcare Software Development Companies Can Help

And what in particular can healthcare software development companies offer in order to solve one or all of those issues?

 The answer is – they can produce a set of products with the help of which those issues will become possible to solve way easier and more efficiently:

  • Healthcare software – all sorts of technologies and software that can facilitate the quality of patient help and assist with managing data.
  • Healthcare apps – applications for portable devices that help with communicating on health state with professionals, tracking and getting advice on improving one’s health.
  • Custom healthcare solutions – software or mobile apps produced to solve specific issues.

To be more specific, healthcare software can be of the following types:

  • Health insurance quoting software – is a piece of medical insurance software that arranges all the available insurance companies’ quotes into a list which is easily accessible by one-time inputting basic information about a patient’s group.
  • Health insurance verification software which allows checking the authenticity of health insurance during or before patient appointments.
  • Medical practice management software is to unify a wide range of data gathered throughout administrative procedures. Such procedures include scheduling patient appointments, billing procedures, processing payments, etc.
  • Hospital management software helps to manage the hospital, by gathering the data from all hospital departments, managing information on patients.
  • Healthcare CRM (Consumer Relations Management) – with the help of this software it’s possible to work more effectively with CRM in healthcare: it provides better contact management, more accurate reports on performance, improved care quality.

Benefits of Custom Healthcare Software Development

Custom healthcare software development would not have been so demanded if it hadn’t a range of substantial benefits:

  • Custom development allows healthcare IT products to be extremely efficient due to that software has specific goals. This allows it to function more smoothly and thus be more attractive to users.
  • With the help of this type of software development, it’s possible to customize literally anything in any direction. Whether it’s about efficient medical practice or payments’ management, or questions on healthcare insurance that are the subjects for special medical insurance verification software.
  • Custom healthcare software development must only fit the environment it was built for. If there are needed other technical and legal aspects to adhere to, it can easily be customized later.
  • If you opt for custom software development, you can be free from commercial off-the-shelf products. This means that you stop being dependent on their prices and licenses.
  • Custom healthcare software can develop and grow alongside the whole industry.

About Healthcare Software Developers

IT products demanded in the healthcare industry can be of various types and functions. Thus, software developers occupied in building IT solutions for healthcare can be of different roles and responsibilities according to the products they develop.

Types of Engineers of Healthcare IT Products

Currently, there are the 5 most demanded roles in the IT sector for healthcare:

1. Machine Learning and AI developers

Basically, all the technical current and future innovations are built on the development of artificial intelligence and machine learning. The same is about the healthcare sector, and the latest developments in the medical IT sector that enable doctors to be more efficient, faster, and more precise in their work are built on these two technologies.

Thanks to them, humanity will soon get extremely useful tools for fighting the COVID-19 virus that allows measuring crowd temperature and diagnose the affected patients faster and in a more comfortable way.

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2. Blockchain engineers

Blockchain is the technology that allows fast, efficient, and together with this secure communication of not only finance but all kinds of digital data. The healthcare sector is concerned with different data exchange, including the financial.

A good deal of healthcare IT products implies an easy and reliable exchange of medical and patient data.

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3. Software engineers

Healthcare software developers as long as there’s a growing demand for healthcare IT products will also stay constantly highly demanded. Still, producing pieces of software is not the only function these specialists can have. In the healthcare sector, as in many others, aside from software engineering, software developers are to have this set of functions:

  • Updating software
  •  Maintaining its functionality
  •  Fixing bugs and improving the overall software performance
  • Looking for new technological ways to facilitate healthcare services and cut the costs and medical errors

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4. Mobile app developers

With the help of healthcare apps, along with tracking their health, patients can also more easily approach medical or hospital services.

And there are apps not only for patients but for medical staff and hospital administrative workers too. As it is much more comfortable and efficient to manage hospital data and operations when it’s in a digital, unified, and portable form.

The work of a healthcare mobile app developer can require a lot of skills. This variety of skills is needed because among healthcare apps are applications that provide different functions. Among those are apps on simple health tips, apps that facilitate communication between doctors, nurses, and patients, as well as those that serve to store data on hospital services or payments from patients.

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5. Engineers of apps for wearables

It’s no secret that today, aside from smartphones, the world gets digitized with the help of wearable devices, such as smartwatches or fitness trackers. And as it relates directly to people’s bodies and their health, the healthcare industry is much interested in developing medical care apps for wearables.

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What to Expect from the Healthcare Software Engineers’ Market

Any software is built by software developers. On the level of their professionalism depends nearly everything concerned both with building the software product and its further destiny. So, by choosing software developers or a development company, you inevitably choose your software’s future destiny.

And the question is, how to find healthcare software developer? — If you rely on choosing specialists on yourself only, you will most likely visit job-searching platforms where resumes can be freely accessed. Still, you can look through resume samples for software developer in healthcare industry in this article, too.

Senior Healthcare Software Developer Resume:

Another question is, what salary do you need to be ready to pay to such a professional? – According to Glassdoor, the annual senior software developer salary in healthcare is $128,777, or $10,731 per month.

How to Hire the Best Healthcare Software Developers?

First of all, you should decide on whether you will expand your office team with healthcare software developers, or outsource those specialists. Of course, hiring professionals from your own country and city has benefits:

  • No language or cultural barriers.
  • Full dedication to your project only.
  • Deep understanding of your expectations and ideas.
  • No difference in time zones.
  • You will have the opportunity to see the specialists in real-time as other members of your personnel.

Still, there are remarkable disadvantages to hiring in-house medical software developer, and the most prominent of those is that they are costly.

That’s why in most cases, businesses hire IT professionals from other countries and work with them on a remote basis. First of all, there will be no shortage of expertise, and secondly, outsourced specialists are less expensive.

Other advantages of hiring outsourced specialists are:

  • Wide choice of talents.
  • Price flexibility.
  • No limitations in access to technologies.
  • You can regulate team size.

There are quite many countries offering outsourcing specialists. The top countries, among those, are Argentina, Poland, Ukraine, and India. Ukraine is known to be the leader of the world’s outsourcing market. There are many reasons for that: 

  • High-quality technical education in universities.
  • Sufficiently good command of English on average.
  • Affordable specialists’ prices.
  • Regular updating of the latest technologies’ knowledge by Ukrainian software engineers.

Hire Skilled Healthcare Developers for Your Project with Mobilunity!

And now we’re getting to the final question: how to find and hire the team of healthcare software developers that will develop your healthcare software product at the highest quality level? — Actually, you don’t have to search for anything or anyone on your own!

Mobilunity is a trusted vendor that specializes in building the best professional outsourced teams for businesses from all around the globe, and we’ve been working with the Ukrainian IT specialists market of 200,000+ professionals for more than 10 years.

Thanks to Mobilunity, many companies found and hired worthy specialists for their key projects! And aside from finding cool professionals, the Mobilunity team also takes care of:

  • Full retention of the experts we find to your project only.
  • Client’s full control over the process.

As a result of healthcare software development services being focused solely on your business, you will get the product of outstanding quality! 

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All salaries and prices mentioned within the article are approximate NET numbers based on the research done by our in-house Recruitment Team. Please use these numbers as a guide for comparison purposes only and feel free to use the contact form to inquire on the specific cost of the talent according to your vacancy requirements and chosen model of engagement.

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