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Hire Web App Developer

If your business is somehow connected with the IT industry and you want to hire web app developer or just figure out the topic, then this article is for you. Since the web app development service is a very progressive sphere and is evolving by leaps and bounds, it is worth starting from the very beginning. That is why the position of a person, who does app consulting is in such high demand these days. However, let’s talk more about web applications first, so that you will get a clearer understanding of what such specialists are dealing with. When it comes to progressive web app development, hiring a skilled web app developer is essential to create dynamic and engaging web applications that provide a seamless user experience across various devices and platforms.

A web application, also a web app, is an application that uses a web browser as a client server. There are different types of applications, they can be simple like sign-in form on the web or message board, or they can be complex like a spreadsheet or word processor, – LifeWire writers. PC Mag expands the meaning of web app, explaining that it is a program that uses software that is downloaded from the Internet.

web app programmers technologies

So, what is web app development? It is a creation of special programs that are located on remote servers and the user can use them on their devices. The convenience of such applications is that they do not need to be downloaded because work with them is available via the Internet. To do this, you can use any of the existing browsers. Another advantage of a web application is its short development time. This is usually not very resource-intensive and requires only a small team of developers. Part of the work is client-side programming using HTML, Javascript, and CSS. This will help display the content on the application page in the right format and make it interactive. The server side of programming is the work on scripts for an application for a custom interface and hidden source code. Due to the fact that web applications usually contain a huge amount of information there may be errors. Therefore, the testing process for finding and eliminating them is no less important and deep.

Let’s take a look at the demand for web developers, how to find and hire web application developer, how much does a web developer make and what are web application developer roles and responsibilities in general. While outsourcing software development Ukraine or partnering with CRM consulting companies might cater to certain specific needs, hiring a dedicated web app developer can provide comprehensive solutions for developing robust, scalable, and efficient web applications tailored to your business requirements.

top technologies web app developers use

Web App Development Trends 2022

As mentioned above, the development of web applications is very popular and every year more and more interconnected technologies, start-ups, and inventions do not allow the market to cool down. Let’s consider what trends in web development brought us the year 2022.

Blockchain & Cybersecurity

These two spheres have long been settled in the heads of progressive people and their capabilities and importance do not give them peace. Sometime after the entry into the era of cryptocurrency in general, and Bitcoin in particular, people began to look closely at the blockchain technology. After all, this tool turned out to be not just a concomitant necessity, but a separate invention with its incredible uses, features, and capabilities. The legendary unshakable security, open source, distribution, decentralization, and the impossibility of making changes to blocks of information made the blockchain a popular and indispensable thing in many industries. As for cybersecurity, this struggle of good against evil has been going on since the first threats of cyber attacks and their consequences appeared. And the powers of the parties are always almost on the same level, which makes the development of technologies like hacking and protection constant. Every day, cybersecurity experts strive to ensure that valuable information is not stolen, destroyed, or used with malicious intent.

Mobile-Friendly Websites

This is pretty simple. Such sites are needed in order to perfectly interact with smartphones, as humanity is gradually moving more and more to their use instead of laptops and PCs. The features of mobile friendly sites are their incredible download speed, easy navigation and automatic optimization for any screen size.

AI & Bots

Web application developer roles and responsibilities can also include work with such a type of tech. You have definitely heard about it and most likely even used them. The so-called weak artificial intelligence is used in many areas. He can solve problems, learn, identify emotions, collect and analyze information. The development of bots and AI will help to solve problems faster and in much larger numbers, analyze huge amounts of information and draw the necessary conclusions. Also, voice bots improve social interaction, influence business development, and improve the human experience of using such technologies. With the development of artificial intelligence and its evolution to the human level, its ability to interact and solve problems will grow, which will make the life of humanity easier and more comfortable.

Progressive Web Applications

This is one of the hottest trends of this year. Progressive web applications differ from the usual in that they are much more functional. They load instantly, regardless of what browser or connection quality you have. This is their main advantage, they do not spoil the user experience of interacting with web applications and are quite safe since they prevent avert content snooping and data tampering.

hire saas application developers

Besides regular requirements for web app developers technologies, there are more specific ones, indicated in the article on InfoWorld. Customization, efficiency, and easy usage boost quick development of web app hot trends that most web app programmers follow.


Preprocessor translates the new code into the language of a different code language and allows coders to make the data to conform with the requirements of a different program. Preprocessors and libraries provide a more convenient and abstract interface for the creation and layout of the programs. The main benefit of the preprocessor is the ability for the programmer to write less code and make it in a more human-readable way. It makes the complex code simpler and more maintainable.

The preprocessors can be theoretically divided into the subgroups:

  • CSS preprocessors – SASS, LESS, STYLUS, and others;
  • Transpilers – Babel or Traceur;
  • HTML or templating processors – HAML, Moustache, Handlebars, and others;
  • JavaScript libraries – Angular JS, jQuerry, and others.
  • Minifiers – cssminifier or jscompress

For the cost estimation website development, keep in mind that you will need a specialist, working with preprocessors. It will help to make the development process faster, and the code more clear.

Docker Containers

These are the lightweight tool that packages web app into a virtual container and run it on any server on Linux, and this makes them very convenient in use. It is an open platform, where sysadmins and programmers build, ship, and run the distributed applications. Docker allows using any language and toolchain. But what is even more important, it encourages an efficient app architecture. It can influence positively the cost of web application development. The applications, developed in Containers, are the small, loosely coupled and focused microservices. They effectively work together and expose well-documented interfaces.

The main reason to use Docker Containers is optimization of the average cost for website development. You achieve it thanks to:

  • Portability – a container can be run on anything from a laptop to the cloud;
  • Modularity – you create interchangeable stack components and have a separation between web server and database;
  • Security – it is impossible to change the container, so the security patches or updates are made by replacing the entire container.

If you need a simple and modular application, think about hiring the specialist with Docker containers skills, and don’t forget to add it to the cost of web development.

JavaScript MV Framework

Apps are now created by simplified technologies, some of them even go beyond HTML5 and are able to control much more than the previous generations. There are apps controlling events and content of your applications and web pages. JavaScript has become one of the most widely-used scripting languages among the coders. And its frameworks are used for a more convenient and rapid development process. Framework is the best option for building a real-time chat, dynamic application, eCommerce store, for the processing and much more. And the use of frameworks can make the average cost of web development services lower.

Single-page web applications

New web applications are front ends to big databases with content. Whenever there’s an inquiry for information for the web app, it takes it from the database and loads it. In this way, a web page can work as an application.


With the rapid development of robots, programmers will need to write code to control the newly appearing machines. There are many ways for robotics to benefit from web technology:

  • Remote control – the possibility to controll a robot from anywhere in the world, using web interface;
  • Cloud simulation – a possibility to use the remote server for making for connecting the robot with the user;
  • Robots as a service – a possibility to make robotics not just products, but parts of the higher-level services.

The need for implementation of these technologies can make the average cost of web development services higher, but it opens really amazing opportunities.


It is a new method which Spark developers use to save big data that is able to get the meaning from the big volumes of data, so the code runs many times faster. The framework is built for rapid web development. The declarative and expressive syntax helps to develop the applications with minimal boilerplate.

Video tags

Video tags have now become also a part of web apps since the video is available not only on YouTube or Vimeo. If you think, that video content is more interesting and catchy for your web application users, you may integrate it. However, the video files in the application reduce bandwidth. Remember, that users don’t like to wait until the video is loaded. Any troubles with the video may in the application disappoint users. So, if you need video content in the app, make sure it is working properly and the visitors may enjoy it without crashes.

Web App Programmer Roles and Responsibilities

A web application developer is a specialist in a sphere of software design or engineering and web applications creation. Such a devs work in companies of any size and a lot of them work as freelancers. Why? Because although the work is difficult, it is worth it. Workers usually get excellent labor conditions and compensation, all sorts of bonuses, insurances, vacations and so on. So, what are web application developer requirements and responsibilities? They are the main workforce when it comes to the development, programming, and coding. Their work is very important, as they stand behind the success of any app. The creation of a web application usually involves one or more developers and their responsibilities depend on project size, functionality, and goals. It may vary from task to task as well. The typical duties of this role include developing and managing software packages for websites, installation programs for websites, programming web application codes, content and page links, troubleshooting and debugging, analysis and testing.

ways of hiring web app developers

There are three main ways of hiring a web developer for your startup: hire freelance app developers, find a web developer from outsourcing or outstaffing. Mostly, firms tend to seek web app developer resume for their businesses. They also use the services of outstaffing companies or look for outsourcing specialists for hiring web developers, as Proposify informs. Freelance outlets are often used to hire web app developer for short-term projects. Often web app developer salary and the web developer cost in general on freelance can be the cheapest option.

Outsourcing is another popular option to find web app developer for hire for a startup, as it goes in the article on LinkedIn. Web app devs are outsourced for one particular project and they take all the accompanying work as well, such as coordination, payments of salaries, quality control, etc. Its key drawback is the web app development cost since outsourcing requires finances, and often you will not need to be engaged in the project, the outsourcing web app development agency can do it for you, which is often not acceptable for IT startups.

Outstaffing offers you the team of experienced devs only, the quality control and their management are up to you. This is good because you are then more involved in the process and have most of the process under your control. Some entrepreneurs consider this to be a drawback of this form of cooperation, however, the CEO of a new business should be able to control the processes in the web app development company more than if he’d use outsourcing services. Outstaffing is cheaper than outsourcing, which ultimately is its strong side.

Web App Developer Salary Rates: Costs to Hire Web App Developers

In case you are wondering how much does a web developer cost, here we are to provide the web developer job outlook and the web app developer salary.

web app developer salary

The website developer cost varies a lot depending on the country. You may ask “How much do web developers get paid in the USA?”. According to PayScale, the average salary of web app programmers in the US is $5,378 a month. The answer to the question “How much does a website developer cost in Germany?” is $3,438. And in the UK they earn $3,531, in Canada – $4,847 per month. These salaries are a bit high, so you may want to know how much web developers make in Ukraine. The average monthly web app developer salary in Ukraine is $2,000 per month. Now you are aware of how much is a web developer getting per month. The answer to the question makes much does a web developer make a year is $57,957 on average. Besides the location, the prices vary depending on web developer titles.

Web App Development Cost

According to Hackernoon, it depends on a number of factors. Web applications are now an essential component of business in the IT market which helps to grow and achieve goals faster. They help to find the target audience and a huge number of potential buyers and many companies use this advantage for business needs. Basically, the cost of development depends on three main factors: complexity, the hourly rate of developers, post-release expenses. It is logical that the more complex an application will be, the more hours developers will need to make it. The complexity itself includes the number of features that an application should have. With each new level of complexity, the price of rapid web app development will increase accordingly. For example, if you want to add things like user registration, opportunity to sell, buy, upload content, localize it, add interaction with other applications.

Hourly payment is distributed between three types of specialists: project managers, developers, quality assurance engineers. It forms most of the web app development cost and often happens that the number of people involved in a project does not affect the speed at which the application is created. There is a common misconception about this, but due to the established order of process execution, all the people cannot work at the same time. Post-release expenses typically include detecting and fixing bugs. So to save some money in case after release problems is always a good idea. So, here’s how much does a web app cost. Low-tech pages with non-dynamic information layout cost start from about $3,000. Same ones but with some useful functions and application programming interface or\and integration can cost about $10,000. The third type – enduring a large flow of users, with the ability to distribute their roles, and collect simple statistics will be more expensive – about $25,000.

Web App Consulting Company

Now it is difficult to find a business that has at least something to do with the IT field and does not have its own web application. So, are the web app development companies in demand? The answer is definitely yes. Working with them helps develop a business, find more customers and make money. Technologies are developing every day and more and more companies are in a hurry to use them because of competition and the desire to grab a piece of the market.

Applications help businesses find their target audience not only within the country but also beyond its borders. Network presence is a key characteristic of the survival rate of companies in the world. This is a universal tool that helps to simultaneously use analytics, sales, advertising, and to tell about yourself and your product. And since the number of new tech companies and startups in the world is growing rapidly, the demand for any web app development company that creates high-quality web applications will grow with them. However, there are currently plenty of companies that might not be directly developing web applications, but rather provide consulting services in this field. That does not mean that they are incompetent or do not have enough experience, though. An app consulting company will be an excellent solution if you need to set the main focus on your application alone and every little detail of it.

Hire Progressive Web App Developer on a Remote Basis

The outstaffing model has a number of advantages that should be taken into account when working on any project in the field of IT:

  • Relatively good cost
  • You hire web app developer that you can rely on
  • Engagement into your project
  • You control the work process

First, the price is relatively good compared to other forms of interaction with developers. You do not overpay for outsourcing and at the same time get excellent quality of work performed. Secondly, you do not need to spend time and resources on finding suitable professionals with the right skill set for the project. You get a ready-made team that can perform the task in the best possible way and you can rely on them. Thirdly, you can fully control the workflow, request all the necessary statistics on the implementation of tasks, close deadlines and solve any other important issues. The team works exclusively on the project for which it was hired and you do not need to worry about the fact that someone is wasting time.

Find Web Application Developer for Hire at Mobilunity

If you don’t know how to find a web developer for the lowest web developers prices, we are here to help you out. Mobilunity has a strong team of recruiters with more than 7 years of experience. They know all web application developer responsibilities, perks and secrets of how to find web developers who would fit perfectly your project requirements. Besides, Ukraine is known to have a huge amount of professional well-educated programmers, that’s one of the reasons why Ukrainian web developer demand is so high.

Your dedicated team of Ukraine web developers should consist of those people whom you will trust and who will be engaged with your startup and its products. So, if you are still hesitating where to find web app developers for hire, contact Mobilunity. We will meet all your requirements and find your dream team of devs with significant international experience.

Mobilunity is your best option to hire skilled dedicated web app developers to work on your new product.

All salaries and prices mentioned within the article are approximate NET numbers based on the research done by our in-house Recruitment Team. Please use these numbers as a guide for comparison purposes only and feel free to use the contact form to inquire on the specific cost of the talent according to your vacancy requirements and chosen model of engagement.

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