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Augmented Reality AR technology has become one of the most popular and trendy in all major industries and domains of businesses. A large scale demand for the role of information management consultant has already hit the market worldwide. According to the latest projections by Market Watch, the market size of AR will reach $149 billion by 2025 from a meager size of $4.32 billion in 2017 with a whopping growth of 55.73% over the projected period. Every augmented reality company in the software development field is in search of the roles of Dojo developer, augmented reality app developer, Java developers, C# developers, and others to cater to the increasing demand for AR technology.

Let’s explore the multiple aspects of AR contractors, augmented reality software developer, and the advantages to hire augmented reality developer through augmented reality consulting agency or AR development company.

A Brief History of Augmented Reality Programming

The first invention of augmented reality dates back to 1957 when Morton Heilig, a cinematographer invented Sensorama that would produce sound, smell, visual, and vibration to the viewers.

The later history of AR coding in chronological order is mentioned below.

1968: The first window to modern AR technology was created through a head-mounted AR display machine by Ivan Sutherland, an American scientist at Harvard University.

1990: First time in history, the term virtual reality coined by Tom Caudell scientist at Boeing Company

1999: Hybrid Synthetic Vision for X-38 spacecraft was created by NASA

2014: Google Glasses introduced

2017: IKEA Place introduced for retail sales

The future of AR technology is very bright. According to the Statista forecast, the global AR market is projected to cross the $198 billion mark by 2025. At present, there is a huge demand for AR consulting experts and AR contractors in the marketplace. Meanwhile, a huge demand for mixed reality developers is round the corner to cater to this huge growth in the AR market.

Augmented Reality Development and Demand for Augmented Reality Apps Programmers?

Before we define AR programming, let’s have a look at the definition of AR technology. “The technique of superimposing the computer-generated virtual images over the real world images or environment to create a virtual-cum-real mixed environment is known as augmented reality technology”. This technology is realized with the help of input from numerous sensors like camera, GPS, temperature, audio, video, vibration, and other sensors and processing the input through the software application and producing the final output. The development of software applications that are capable of taking, processing, and generating output from the real-world and virtual information is known as augmented reality programming.

What Is AR Cloud?

AR cloud is a 3D map of the globe powered by augmented reality features and capabilities. It is a cloud-based software application, which can easily immerse the virtual images and controls with the real-world spatial map. AR cloud is an open-source project. Any service provider can hire AR developer to customize the AR cloud map with their business space or location to increase the user experience as well as business.

Why Use Augmented Reality Programming and Search for Augmented Reality Developers for Hire?

Augmented reality programming is used to develop mobile and other applications used for the AR/VR enabled devices like glasses, head-sets, handsets, and other devices. This technology is becoming an attractive trend for numerous business sectors such as entertainment, retail, marketing, education, gaming, sports, defense, news broadcast, and many others. A large majority of AR contractors and AR consulting service providers expect this real-time AR cloud map to transform all types of businesses and personal life in the future. It is fit for all sizes of businesses but AR for small businesses is one of the hot trends.

Augmented reality programming is used for the following major purposes:

  • Developing interactive and responsive games for mobile devices as well as for fixed gaming devices
  • Developing training courses and education applications running on mobiles and creating webinars
  • Developing applications for AR-enabled devices for entertainment and social interactions
  • Developing 3D business applications for marketing, sales, and real-time interactions
  • Customizing and leveraging the power of AR cloud platform
  • Developing tools for news broadcasting and television industry
  • Developing cinematography and art performing application to improve the visual experience

Pros and Cons of AR Technology and Even More Reasons to Hire AR App Developers

Like every other technology, AR coding offers some great benefits, but it has some downsides too. Let’s have a look at the pros and cons separately.


#1 Improves user experience

AR is a powerful immersive technology, so it helps improve the user experience hugely. The AR technology can increase visual, audio, video, and imagery presentation, which leaves a mesmerizing impact on the users if used in the entertainment and other fields. Similarly, it also increases the user experience by introducing interactive communication.

#2 Improves training effectiveness

The use of augmented reality technology in the field of training and education offers great advantages. It helps you superimpose the real-world environment and the simulated imaginary environment to generate an awesome learning trough. It is extensively used in simulated training of pilots, astronauts, car drivers, sophisticated machine operators, and many others.

#3 Improves retail eCommerce significantly

The use of AR technology in retail eCommerce applications has improved the eCommerce significantly. AR technology solves the eCommerce problems like testing and trying the sizes, colors, and quality in the real world was a problem before, but now, augmented reality programmer has resolved this problem hugely.

#4 AR takes entertainment level to new heights

AR technology increases the wow factor extensively in the entertainment sector. For example, the use of AR technology in gaming to create immersive environments takes the interest of players to the new heights. The impact of AR technology in cinematography, TV, films, performing arts, and other such fields are worth noting.

#5 Increased personalized interaction

The important aspect of AR technology is that it allows you to interact with the technology to change the environments through the superimposition of two environments with interactive inputs and outputs. This capability improves all business processes where the technology is implemented by augmented reality engineer.


Despite numerous advantages offered by AR technology, there are a few downsides too. A couple of major downsides are explained below.

#1 High augmented reality app development cost

The first and most important downside of AR technology is that it is very costly to develop, implement, and maintain in the real-world environment. You need heavy investments for both hardware as well as software to develop and implement this technology.

#2 Addictive problems

The world witnessed an ugly impact of this technology in the gaming and entertainment field recently, especially in the Pokemon Go game. According to the Sky News report, Pokemon Go caused as much as $7.3 billion damages. Many deaths were reported due to the captivating impact of the game.

AR Consultants & AR Contractors: Why Companies Are Looking for AR Developers for Hire?

The enterprises across all domains of industries are considering implementing AR technology to leverage the power of AR technology in their businesses. How to implement this new technology in their businesses they need the augmented reality remote help of an AR consultant. So, every company, especially AR service Provider Company is looking for hiring an AR consulting expert or remote expert augmented reality to cater to the increased need for the role in the marketplace.

AR Consulting: Benefits to Hire Augmented Reality Consultant

The major benefits of hiring AR consulting experts include:

  • Increased expertise of the company
  • Getting aware of the latest trends in the market
  • Increase the competitive edge over the competitors
  • Better use of existing infrastructure
  • Faster return on investment ROI
  • Increased efficiency of business processes like marketing, sales, and others
  • Implementing new technology that makes the enterprises stand out from others
  • Increased contracts with clients
  • Better training of the existing staff
  • Capturing the potential business fast
  • Establishing a leading position from the competitors

Major Industries That Have Already Benefited from AR Programming and AR Engineers

The major industries that have already benefited from the AR programming include:

  • Gaming industry: the example includes the success of Pokemon Go game
  • Video entertainment industry: the example includes the success of TikTok application
  • Retail eCommerce Industry: the successful examples include the IKEA furniture app
  • Training industry: the example includes the training through AR simulators at NASA
  • Logistic industry: the example for the logistic industry is the use of smart AR powered glasses by DHL logistics
  • Architect & Modeling industry: engineering designs and models are being developed with the help of augmented reality enabled applications to provide an immersive environment for better design and models

Top 5 Skills of a Great Augmented Reality Developer for Hire

An AR developer resume should include the following top 5 skills to qualify him as a great augmented reality developer in the marketplace.

  • Strong programming skills. The major programming languages used for AR software development include C++, C#, Python, Java, JavaScript, Swift, and others. Try to hire AR specialist who has full command over these programming languages.
  • Augmented reality platform skills. A great developer in AR technology should have command over the major development platforms such as Apple ARKit, ARCore, Vuforia, Maxt, Unity, UnReal, and others. The grip on these platforms will help you make a robust programmer in the domain of AR technology.
  • 3D Graphic design & Modeling skills. Augmented reality software development is heavily influenced by 3D graphic designing and modeling techniques. A good AR developer resume should include command over Visual Studio, Adobe Aero, MS HoloLens, and others. A good AR programmer should also have command over 3D modeling, rendering, texturing, shading, and other functions.
  • Computer logic & Math skills. Augmented reality uses powerful computer logic and algorithms to realize the desired functionality for the programming. A good AR developer should have strong computer and mathematical logic and analytic skills powered by the latest tools and platforms such as MatLab, Conventional Neural Networks, and Algebra formulas based algorithm development, digital image processing DIP, and other skills.
  • App design UX/UI skills. The majority of the AR applications require powerful skills of user experience and user interface design for developing attractive applications used in the field of retail sales, marketing, and entertainment. A great AR developer should know all major frameworks and techniques used for UI/UX design.

Top 5 Criteria to Hire Augmented Reality Developer Through AR Development Agency

Hiring an augmented reality developer is a tricky task. You need to take care of numerous things before you hire augmented reality developers. A few important criteria are listed below:

  • AR skillset. Make sure that the AR developer you are focusing on has all programming, computer, analytic, and SDK skills that are mentioned above in this article.
  •  Professional experience. A good augmented reality developer should have at least 3 to 4 years of experience in a similar type of field that you want him/her to work in.
  • Check for portfolios. If you need to hire Spark AR developers, always ask the AR developer to show his/her portfolio of the projects he/she has already completed successfully. This will provide you with better insight into the capabilities of the developer
  • Ask for references. Never forget to ask for the references so that you can talk to them about the behavior, work style, capabilities, and performance of the AR developer in your consideration.
  • Always focus on quality vs price ratio. Never try to higher an AR developer just because of the low-price. Meanwhile, never forget the quality of work. Always focus on the best trade-off between quality and price.

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Top Countries to Hire Augmented Reality Developer from

The competition in the software development sector is fierce globally nowadays. You can hire an AR/VR developers and a mixed reality developers from many major outsourcing hubs like Ukraine, India, Poland, China, USA, UK, Malaysia, and other others. In some of the major outsourcing hub countries, the quality of AR solutions is great, but the AR developer salary is very high, like the USA, UK, and European countries.

In other countries, where the augmented reality developer salary is comparatively low, but the quality, reliability, and geographical locations are the big concerns. Ukraine is one of the best options that offer a great trade-off that no other country can do. Ukraine, as a hub to hire AR developer, offers you great advantages as listed below:

  • The most convenient geographical location to travel from almost every region in the world because it is centrally located with the best communication connectivity in Eastern Europe
  • Offers great work culture powered by the great management qualities that generate reliability and peace of mind
  • Ukraine follows the industry best practices and European quality standards of work that make it out from the other countries
  • Offers a large pool of highly skilled and qualified AR developers and specialists which can be found through AR mobile app development company
  • A highly competitive market where it’s quite easy to find reliable custom AR app development company
  • The cost of AR solutions developed in Ukraine is more competitive than many competitors in the region

Why Choose Mobilunity to Hire AR Developer?

Mobilunity is one of the best companies in Ukraine to hire AR developers because it offers a comprehensive AR solution from AR consulting services to AR development and implementation services with 100% reliability and cost-effectiveness. Mobilunity offers AR development service and numerous benefits, which makes it stand out from its competitors in the marketplace, as listed below:

  • Quality: offers the best quality of AR development services
  • Professionalism: offers highly qualified, skilled, and experienced pool of AR developers
  • Competitiveness: offers highly competitive prices without any hidden charges and with flexible payment contracts
  • Reliability: offers dedicated developers at fixed charges with full reliability and control
  • Scalability: offers custom, solution-oriented, and flexible contracts to scale up as well as scale down the team strength easily

If you want to benefit from augmented reality AR technology to create a competitive edge in your business, Mobilunity cordially welcomes you to hire Augmented Reality developer with a proven track record of success!

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