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Browsing feels so natural while we surf hundreds of websites daily. And many of them require some creativity and patience before we can find the necessary information. But do you want your website to boast exceptional responsiveness and an easy-to-navigate structure? Then you’ll need to hire a backend coder, and this article will help you do that.  

What Does a Backend Developer Do?

Back end vs front end developer: what’s the difference? Frontend developers create the application’s visual elements, while backend developers do everything except the design and content on your website. They structure information, work with databases, create the logic of server processes, build network architecture, configure operating systems, etc. 

Engineers use programming code to make browsers interact with databases and various elements to ensure quick and effective interaction between website interfaces and users. In addition to the programming language, backend developers need to know multiple frameworks, libraries, databases, servers, and other instruments. 

And though these professionals work independently, they aren’t only busy coding, testing, and troubleshooting. They spend plenty of time communicating with senior backend engineers, designers, QAs, project managers, executives, and stakeholders. 

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Backend Software Developer Skills 

Now it’s time to check what knowledge server-side engineers should possess. And below, you’ll find the list of back-end developer skills.

Programming languages 

The languages used by developers for writing the server-side code are the main instrument of their work. And below are the most popular ones. 


Python is a general-purpose and interpreted programming language with high reliability. It’s also open-sourced, object-oriented, and interactive. Moreover, it’s easy to learn and widely used in web programming, so Python is the most popular language in the world.


Java is another object-oriented and platform-independent programming language widely used for building applications, data centers, game consoles, etc. It can work equally well on Mac, Windows, Linux, and other platforms, so it runs billions of devices worldwide. 


This open-source scripting language is used for web development. Developers can create interactive and dynamic web pages with PHP. This language is also platform-independent, convertible to relational and non-relational databases, and easy to learn. 


This programming language was created for communication with databases. It helps add, retrieve, and manipulate data stored in databases. So, SQL is a domain-specific language that became the ANSI (American National Standards Institute) standard. 


Ruby on Rails

Ruby is a general-purpose, high-level, interpreted language used for many purposes. Among them are creating static sites, DevOps, web scraping, automation, and data procession. Ruby is famous due to the popular web development framework Ruby on Rails. 



This is a multi-paradigm and general-purpose programming language developed by Microsoft. It’s used for creating desktop and mobile apps, games, cloud-based services, websites, and enterprise software. Many server-side developers prefer this universal language. 


Backend developers sometimes develop applications on the local machine and then deploy them to the necessary server. So, engineers need to know how to work with Microsoft IIS, Lighttpd, Apache, and NGINX. 


Backend engineers need to feel confident when storing, retrieving, and recovering data, so they need to know Oracle, MySQL, and MongoDB database programs.  


Among the backend programming libraries are Django, Laravel, Spring, Meteor, Node.js, and Ruby on Rails.

APIs (Application Programming Interface)

Since there’s a direct connection between the frontend and backend applications, engineers need to know APIs to wrap that interaction. 

Algorithms and structures 

Being sound with algorithms and structures will help to write optimized code. Because a reasonable understanding of structures and algorithms helps to build applications with complex logic. 

Reasons to Hire a Backend Software Engineer

When you launch a new project, it’s essential to optimize your team to fulfill the set goals. You need to clearly understand which tasks your backend engineer will perform or why you need this specialist on board. Here are some of the answers. 

  • Create high-quality code for web and mobile apps. Readable, self-explanatory, easy-to-understand without documentation, and covered by automated tests are the characteristics of a good code. Moreover, it shouldn’t be complicated and perform the set tasks.
  • Test, debug, and troubleshoot programs. A professional backend developer will consistently deliver well-tested and validated code. Such programs will meet technical and user requirements because, for a top specialist, identifying and removing errors is a priority.  
  • Ensure the security of the system. Protecting your web applications is one of the vital responsibilities of a backend engineer. So, this person will create firewalls and implement the MFA (multi-factor authentication), cookie validation, etc., to protect the network from cyber attackers.
  • Optimize data storage. An SQL-programmer will customize the database solutions to optimize the storage capacity. Moreover, this backend coder will ensure fast extraction of the information by improving database structure and overall data architecture. 
  • Communicate with top managers about the project status. Effective communication is crucial for a senior backend engineer. This person will explain the technical ideas to businesspeople, and update them on the project status, passed milestones, and current needs.
  • Translate business requirements into tech tasks. Another important quality of a server-side developer is understanding what stakeholders need and transforming their requirements into technical categories. 

Senior Backend Developer Resume 

You’ll need to look at the CV of a typical backend developer to know the skills and qualifications this specialist possesses. And here’s one of the examples:

Backend Developer Salary

Do you want to estimate your costs for a junior backend developer? Take a look at the table of salaries.

Country/Backend Software Developer CategoryJunior (1-2 years of experience)Middle (2-5 years of experience)Senior (5+ years of experience)

*Ukrainian salaries are provided based on Mobilunity’s Recruitment Team research on the local job markets. All salaries are net and do not include the service fee (in case of hiring on a dedicated team model). The salaries are provided for comparison purposes and could be not entirely accurate. Contact us to know the exact cost of hiring a developer corresponding to the required parameters.

How to Hire a Backend Developer: Possible Options

Suppose your recruiters look for Python developers for hire. And they have several options to do it. For example: 

  • Hiring freelancers. Many software developers have accounts on credible freelance platforms like Upwork, Toptal, Guru, etc. That’s because they prefer setting their own rates and schedules and, in the end, can earn more than at a day job. So, you can find decent professionals at win-win rates. However, unless someone recommends a reliable software freelancer, you risk having unfinished work or compromising your confidential data. 
  • In-house employment. This is a traditional and secure way to equip your company with professional software engineers. You have them available eight hours a day and can control their workload. However, you’ll have to cover salaries, buy equipment, rent office premises, and pay various compensations. Moreover, there’s not much flexibility once you urgently need to extend your development team as recruiters will probably need to follow corporate procedures.  
  • Outsourcing. This cooperation format has become popular among startups and SMBs. But large corporations also have changed their vision of assembling teams and switched to outsourcing. That’s because it’s cost-effective and easily scalable. This hiring approach allows using of a pay-as-you-go payment plan. It also eliminates most administrative tasks related to recruiting, onboarding, assisting, and retaining new team members. 

Why Hire Remote Backend Developer from Ukraine 

At this point, you probably want to know the advantages of hiring a Python, Java, or Ruby developer in Ukraine. And here they are.

  • Lower salaries. The cost of living in Ukraine is significantly lower than in Western Europe and the USA. So, even a senior backend developer salary is 15-20% lower than the payroll of the same EU or US-based professional. Cost-effectiveness is an essential factor that motivates project and business owners to consider outsourcing opportunities. 
  • High qualification. Ukraine has gained credibility in the IT industry for the last ten years. This country has become the IT hub, and despite the war, it still accumulates top talents and highly-qualified developers. Many Ukrainian backend engineers join American and European teams and successfully collaborate with their colleagues.
  • Minimal time difference. Ukraine is located in the middle of Europe, so there’s no or little difference in time with EU countries. Having the same business hours for their team members is critical for many project managers. It al</span>lows synchronizing the work and boosting productivity. US-based companies also leverage the EET (Eastern European Standard Time) in Ukraine and maximize shared business hours.  
  • Similar values. Ukrainians have a culture similar to other nationalities in Europe. So, team leads and project managers from Switzerland, Poland, Germany, or France will feel comfortable with its Ukraine-based employees. And as for the business perspective, backend developers are task-oriented, ethical, open to feedback, adaptable, and hard-working. 
  • Good level of English. Having exceptional development skills isn’t enough to be in demand. A highly qualified backend engineer needs to communicate effectively. And the US and European companies are happy to hire backend developers from Ukraine because they speak English well. So, employers don’t need to worry about interaction issues.  

Mobilunity Can Help You Hire a Backend Developer 

Mobilunity boasts 10+ years in the Ukrainian outsourcing market. So, every client benefits from our recruiting network, advanced approaches, and streamlined processes. And such collaboration in our team lets us find a backend developer for hire within weeks. While we cover all the recruiting, onboarding, administrative, and accounting issues, international teams can stay focused on core workflows. 

Let us explain how we work. For example, you want to hire C# developer.  For this, you need to go to our website and complete the contact form. And then our managers come in.

  • We will call you back within two hours. During this call, our agents will determine your requirements for the position, learn the deadlines, and explain how we’ll cooperate. We will discuss how soon we can help you. Then we craft the job description and confirm all the details with you.
  • Your vacancy goes live on top job desks and social media. Our recruiters post your announcement on the most popular job boards and communicate the new search with multiple partners. Also, we search LinkedIn and other relevant resources to maximize the chances of finding your future teammate. 
  • You start getting the first CVs in 1-2 weeks. It only takes about a week to start sourcing candidates from the introductory call. Aso soon as we contact you, you’ll be able to run the first interviews and choose the candidates for the shortlist. 
  • We craft the shortlist of the backend engineers. In a month or so you’ll get the short list of 3-5 CVs, and each backend engineer resume will be highly relevant. Your team will conduct the top-level interviews and decide on whom </span>to hire.
  • We send the job offer and hire the candidate. Our recruiters craft the job offer, and once it’s accepted, we hire backend developer for you. Our HR team does the onboarding and helps the newcomer adapt to your corporate culture. 

That’s how we help businesses hire dedicated backend developer and equip your project teams with top-notch experts.

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