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Data science has entered the modern business at a very quick pace and continues to find more and more adepts. Companies use and store huge volumes of data that can be useful if correctly deciphered. They hire data scientists and analysts for these aims. Dataconomy defines data science as a broad term including many notions such as math, scientific method, statistics, and many tools that are used to extract insight and knowledge from data sets. In other words, it is a sphere that uses a variety of tools in order to work with big data and get information from it that can be useful for business. Moreover, data science is very important for artificial intelligence and machine learning. Virtual entities are able to learn from the results that data science produces, followed by functions and algorithms.

how to hire data scientist

IBM defines data science as an evolution from business or data analytics. The formal training is similar, with a solid foundation typically in computer science and applications, modeling, statistics, analytics, and math. Logically, big data scientist looks at broad amounts of data and tries to make a connection, and sharpen it down, and further derive meaningful compilation. The role of the data scientist is of high demand among organizations that are operating the vast volumes of information. Hiring data scientists they get the data organized and prepared for analysis, as InfoWorld says. Data analytics is a more concentrated form of data science, according to Dataconomy. It is a more focused version of data science, where data is scanned and parsed out with a specific aim.

What You Should Know Before You Hire Data Scientists

The demand for data scientists for hire is on the high level already for many years. The specialists are needed in most countries. They are responsible for gathering, systematizing, analyzing, and interpreting the great amounts of information to help your business improve operations and become more successful.

Data Scientist’s Role in the Company

The basic data scientist’s responsibilities are gathering and analyzing information, using different reporting tools to distinguish patterns, relations, and trends in information technologies The data scientist role is, in fact, the role of the statistician. Data scientist consultant uses such advanced technologies for the analytics as:

  • Machine learning
  • Predictive modeling

These methods help to provide insights beyond the statistics and glean useful information from the great amount of information, produced and collected by a company. Collectively they all are referred to the large databases. Senior data scientist usually performs such tasks as:

  • Developing the statistical learning models for intel analysis;
  • Using the statistical tools;
  • Creation and access to the complex predictive models.

The Demand for Data Scientist for Hire: Current Situation

In different countries, the in-house or remote data scientist for hire is a popular and high-paid profession. However, it may be complicated to find a true professional, able to meet all the requirements of the business. The combination of the personality traits, analytic skills and professional experience required for this kind of scientist shows the level of the employee. That’s why the demand for such specialists has exceeded supply in recent years. For example:

  • In America, this occupation is in the first position in the TOP-50 Best Jobs for the 2019 year. And it stays on the highest position already since 2016. The specialists earn on average $108,000 per year and are satisfied with their jobs for 4.3 / 5. You can find about 6,500 job openings on Glassdoor.com.
  • In Great Britain, the list of the 25 Best Jobs in the UK for 2019 also includes the position of the datalogy specialist. It is in the 7th position with an annual salary of £46,000. The level of job satisfaction among the employees is 4/5. On Glassdoor.com there are about 1,000 job openings now.
  • Are data scientists for hire in demand in Germany? For sure. In this country, you can find about 4,000 job openings for this position. The specialists are needed in such big corporations like Procter & Gamble©, Amazon©, Siemens PLC©, IBM©, Zalando©, and others.

The question of how to hire data scientists is a hot one for many companies, as these specialists can revolutionize the business in different ways. However, it is more challenging to find a true specialist in this field compared to software development or web design. Data scientist role in the company is the important one, and the employers, who need to hire data scientists, meet such problems as:

  • Difficulties in writing the job description for the position of an employee;
  • Only a few applicants have the required experience;
  • There are only a few industry standards and benchmarks for hiring specialists in this sphere.

You can find the programmers for your position on the internet labor markets, place the job opening on the job portals or look for the IT companies, providing the services of such specialists. If you need to hire remote data scientists basis is also an option. You can choose the specialists from any country, comparing prices, skills, and experience of the applicants.

Ukrainian data scientists Mobilunity's research

What to Look for If You Want to Hire Data Scientist

Data scientists for hire need to have a plethora of talents as they are tasked with the responsibility of spearheading large technical initiatives. Therefore they should be proficient in Applied Mathematics, Physics, or Cybernetics. In terms of the technology stack, a good Data scientist for hire should be experienced in:

  • Big Data analysis
  • Artificial Intelligence and neural networking
  • Machine Learning and Deep Learning
  • Natural Language Processing (NLP)
data scientist technical skills

A datalogy scientist should have a bachelor’s or higher degree in information science, statistics, mathematics, or computer science. Data scientist skills are usually divided into soft and hard skills. Intellectual curiosity, skepticism, intuition, and creativity are important skills for data scientists. Employers also often want to see leadership skills and the ability to make data-driven decisions. Hard skills for data scientist include intel mining, machine learning, integration of the structured and unstructured information, ability to apply the statistical research techniques: modeling, clustering, and segmentation of the information.

Regarding data scientist skills, there is a number of preferred operations that a good data scientist should be able to perform. According to IBM, data scientists get a solid foundation in statistics, computer science, and applications, analytics, modeling, and math. They usually work with Python, Square Root team, R, and SQL. Data science tools and programming languages that are most frequently demanded by employers were listed by DataScienceWeekly:

  • R
  • Hadoop
  • Hive
  • Matlab
  • HBase
  • Spark
  • Scala
  • Shark
  • Cascading
  • Cassandra
  • SQL
  • Python
  • SAS
  • Java
  • C++
  • Ruby
  • NoSQL
  • PHP
  • JavaScript
  • Mahout
  • Objective-C
  • Redis
programming languages for data scientist

The data above was gathered during comprehensive research by Mobilunity’s experts in January 2019

If we’re talking about Ukrainian specialists and programming languages they usually work with, it’s worth noting that only 7% of Data Scientists in Ukraine use R as a programming language, Python has recently become a suitable alternative with 45% of candidates actively using it. An Additional 25.3% of all candidates are well versed with both R and Python and the remaining 22% use less common languages, such as Java, C++, rarely JavaScript, Scala or Go. Quite frequently, specialists turn to Data Science after studying and working as Software Engineers (Python, Java developers, and others). In some cases, Data Engineers start with studying economic analysis, consequently switching to data analysis and development. A degree in Economic Science and/or Economic Cybernetics is a solid background for learning data science and working in this field. Some Data Scientists also have background in data labeling and text classification.

As most projects where Data Scientists are needed originate from Europe or North America, it definitely requires both Soft skills, as in Cultural understanding and English proficiency as well as the technical expertise to meet the high standards set for Western-based corporations. Over 85% of Data Scientists in Ukraine speak English at an Intermediate level or higher.

data scientists Ukraine level of knowledge of English

The data above was gathered during comprehensive research by Mobilunity’s experts in January 2019

Information Scientist Salary Rates: How Much Does It Cost to Hire a Data Scientist?

A datalogy scientist is an important profession, which requires a lot of knowledge and intellectual effort. It is an in-demand job, and companies looking for data scientists are ready to pay a high price. In different countries rates for these specialists are looking like that:

  • The USA. In America, the average salary for the professional in this field is $127,786 per year. Depending on the data scientist skills and experience, it ranges from $41,000 to $262,000 per year.
  • The UK. In Great Britain, the average scientist earns £55,252 per year, which is about $72,286. The salary ranges from £14,000 to £124,000. The statistic is built upon the info from 7,135 employees.
  • Germany. In Germany, such specialists earn €49,011 per year, which is about $55,478. The annual salary ranges from €36,000 to 71,000. The bonus pay is about $4,000.
  • Switzerland. In Switzerland, the programmer in this sphere earns on average CHF 98,000, which is about $97,799 per year. Depending on the skills and experience of the employee, the pay ranges from CHF 72,000 to CHF 119,000.
  • Ukraine. In Ukraine, the average information analyst earns $13,000 per year. Offshore development data science costs from $11,000 to $99,000 in a  year, depending on the level of the specialist.

The demand for data scientists is constantly growing – such specialists are needed in big and developing companies. Therefore, the price for such work will only grow bigger. In this situation, the business owners are naturally looking for the way to save budget. Fortunately, it is possible to perform this work remotely. Companies hiring data scientists can find the specialist in any country. Choosing the remote employee, you can pay more attention to the resume, skills, and practical experience of the candidate. You get access to the much bigger pool of talented specialists.

cost to hire data scientist

As an outsourcing destination, Ukraine stays one of the most popular European countries for many years. Companies from Western Europe, America, and Asia are choosing IT specialists from Ukraine to lead their projects. Among the biggest benefits of the Ukrainian programmers, there are:

  • Lower price. As you see from our small survey, Ukraine is one of the cheapest countries for outsourcing in Europe. It is a profitable cost-effective decision for your company.
  • High quality. Despite the low price, Ukrainian specialists are true professionals. Most of them are passionate about what they are doing. Choosing the Ukrainian performers, you get the product of outstanding quality.
  • High communication skills. Ukrainian IT specialists speak English at a high level. You will have no problems with communication with your remote specialists.
  • Comfortable time zone and location. Companies from America and Europe are easily communicating with Ukrainian IT specialists from Ukraine. The location allows cooperating during the working hours. And for European countries, it is easy to get in Kyiv during 2-3 hours of flight.

Data Scientist Resume Sample

Data Scientist Resume sample

Where Do Companies Hire Data Scientists

Want to know how to hire a data scientist contractor? It is not a problem to find datalogy specialists in Ukraine. IT Ukraine Association claims, that there are about 120,000 highly skilled professionals in big analytics science, currently working in Ukraine. About 50% of them are involved in full-cycle software development. The high interest to the Ukrainian from the startup and business owners around the world proves that the future of data scientists in this country is full of new challenges and productive cooperation.

If you’ve decided to hire a specialist from Ukraine, you can find hundreds of resumes on the job portals or search for the companies, providing the IT services. Such organizations can offer a dedicated team or a single programmer, depending on the needs of your enterprise. Companies hiring data scientists often choose remote specialists. Outstaffing has such benefits as:

  • Cost-effectiveness. If you need the programmers on the project basis, hiring the remote specialists will be cheaper, than creating working space and hiring the in-house employees.
  • Effective management. You can find a devoted team with the “built-in” project manager, who will effectively organize the teams work and communicate with you.
  • Narrow specialists. Outsourcing the determined tasks to the professionals from the other country you choose the performer, who is master-hand in the particular field, instead of hiring Jack-of-all-trades.
  • Ability to spend time more effectively. Choosing the remote team to work at your project you can free some time for other important things in your to-do-list. The team or project manager will coordinate the process instead of you.

Ukrainian Data Scientists: Specifics of the Hiring Process

Interested in how to hire a good data scientist? Data Scientists are unique, so is the hiring process for them in comparison to other developers that are more commonly found on the market. Although the questions asked during technical interviews, and test assignments tend to be a bit different, overall the process of sourcing the right candidate still remains familiar to general considerations. In order to hire a data professional no matter the seniority, a client should always have a thorough HR vetting process with a candidate that includes:

how to hire data scientists in Ukraine

Sources used: LinkedIN.com, Djinni.co, Dou.ua

  • Conducting a motivational interview (discuss previous job experience, ability to develop professionally and personally, new job expectations)
  • Committing to a Technical interview (check their knowledge of statistics, mathematics and applied skills of data gathering and operating)
  • Having the candidate perform a Test assignment

Test assignments for Data Scientists are usually quite extensive, taking up to 6-8 hours to complete. Most of these tasks require creating a tool for gathering certain amounts of data (parser), analyzing the data array, and operating it in a certain way according to the task requirements. If a project requires Junior or Middle specialists, the companies usually hire relatively less experienced specialists who agree to join the project even without trendy technology stack in order to gain more skills.

Our company does not guarantee to find the top Data Science specialists on the market, but we make sure that they are the right fit for our clients. We conduct in-depth interviews, check their skills set, we give them complex testing assignments. Sometimes it takes up to 8 hours (a whole business day) to complete that, and we are willing to compensate the time spent. All is done to bring the best value to our clients.
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Since data science becomes the core of the majority of giant organizations worldwide, job openings are rising in number. If your company deals with sufficient amounts of incoming data, Mobilunity can help you to make a profit of it. If you are interested in data science outsourcing, the only thing you’ll need to do is to pick an experienced professional who can take care of your big data and develop necessary algorithms and trends that would be helpful for your business development. And we will analyze your needs and help you to find a proper specialist. Hire data scientists at Mobilunity, our experts have sufficient experience in the international market due to cooperation with the key organizations in banking, e-commerce, medical, IT, commercial industries. Moreover, you will be pleasantly surprised by their competence and costs to hire machine learning engineers, data engineer or IaC DevOps.

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