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Belgium dedicated team vs Ukrainian developers

How to Hire Belgium Dedicated Team?

The organization of effective teamwork begins with the organization of a good team. Not every group of people working together can be called a team. A team is a small number of people with mutually complementary skills, united by a single concept, striving for common goals and sharing responsibility for their achievements. Each team member should have a high professional level, be able to make decisions and effectively interact with other people. The members of the team depend on each other, in other words, the work of one depends on the work of the other. Team members also share the responsibility for achieving the goal with each other.

To the great regret of managers, it is impossible to immediately build a good team. For this purpose, a group of people working together should go through several important stages of team development. However, you can apply for help to an outstaffing company that will provide a professionally selected team of specialists who already have a joint work experience. In this way, it’s easy to hire dedicated developers.

Belgium developer and Ukrainian developer salary

Comparison of net salaries of Belgian and Ukrainian developers

Lucrative IT Staffing with Mobilunity

Here is a list of main benefits you will receive during our cooperation:

  • Reduction of costs;
  • Sharing responsibility;
  • Risk reduction due to extensive experience and implementation of similar projects;
  • Improving the reliability of the company;
  • Improving the efficiency of the company;
  • The possibility to avoid the restrictions imposed by the law or tax agency on the number of employees and the size of the payroll fund;
  • The opportunity to reduce the cost of functions and processes that will be performed by us;
  • Simplify the organizational structure;
  • Optimization of core business processes;
  • The possibility to change terms of implementing the project by your decision.

Salaries of Ukrainian and Belgium Developer

Now we will make a comparison of salaries of a Ukrainian and Belgium developer. Average developer salary in Belgium is $3123. This indicator is $2400 in Ukraine. Below we will talk about rates and salaries of programmers with certain technologies in different cities of Belgium.

hire developers in Brussels or in Kyiv chart

Net salaries of developers who work in Brussels and Kyiv

The most popular technologies are PHP, .Net, Java, Angular, Laravel, Magento, and many others. Brussels and Antwerp can be considered as two top IT cities where you can hire developers in Belgium. Analyzing how much does it cost to hire developers in Brussels, it should be noted that a JavaScript developer and a .Net developer earn approximately $3334 and $2829 accordingly. Average monthly salary of a Brussels developer with PHP skills is $4416.

It also makes sense to compare expenses for hiring Brussels dedicated team with developers from Antwerp. Average payment of a JavaScript developer constitutes $2702. A .Net developer’s monthly salary is near $2650. A PHP developer in Antwerp receives $2652 for his work. So if you want to hire developers in Antwerp, you will be able to save some money compared to the same offer in Brussels.

hire developers in Antwerp or in Kyiv comparison salary

Net wages of developers who work and live in Antwerp and Kyiv

We have discovered the prices for hiring Belgium dedicated team, but if you want to hire the same programmers in Kyiv, Ukraine, it will cost $1700, $1500 and $1900 for a JavaScript, PHP and .Net developer accordingly. Also, you can hire Java developers, Python professionals, and other teams as well.

hire developers in Belgium and in Ukraine

Hire Developers in Belgium or in Ukraine

If you are still in doubt whether it’s better to hire developers in Belgium or in Ukraine, there is a ready solution for you. Get in touch with Mobilunity manager to discuss a possibility of implementing your project right now, and don’t forget about the benefits of IT staffing we provided above.

Hire developers in Belgium or get more info about benefits of hiring our company right now!

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