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How to Hire Developers in Germany

For a long time, the European IT sector was looking upward to a U.S. tech scene with quiet jealousy. Indeed there was a solid reason for that: a Silicon Valley as a leading technology hub and friendly startup ecosystem gathered a quarter of a million best IT specialists in the world. As a result, U.S turned into almighty high-tech and production workforce that no other country could compete with. What happened next was easily predictable, having the large pool of well-educated, skilled, and determined young specialists, European entrepreneurs managed to achieve spectacular results in just 2-3 years.

Honing in mind a thought of replicating the success of their western competitor, European developers soon shook the world with Spotify, SoundCloud, Shazam, Wonga, Huddle and a bunch of other well-known services and products that allowed to grow capacities and attract successful IT specialists. Nowadays companies from all around the world want to hire developers in Switzerland, or to outsource their software development in Germany and other largest European countries.

Was it just a beginning? According to the most authoritative experts, the budding European IT sphere has the best yet to come, meanwhile, the countries already showing the biggest IT perspectives in Europe are: Germany, Switzerland, Sweden, Belgium, Austria, Finland, and others.

Why IT Outsourcing?

Still does it mean that it’s time to pack your bags and laptops and move to Europe looking for the promising talents for your business? The opinions of IT recruitment specialists split here. Let’s take a brief look at the European IT sphere stats in order to understand what’s currently happening on the German technology arena, what to expect, and what to be ready for.

Searching for a specialist in the IT labor market without understanding the core needs of your business is like launching the rocket without setting the destination, – risky, costly and absolutely useless. The things you need to determine first are the main priorities, the project needs and the ways they can be implemented within the frames of the corporate funds. Some IT recruiters prefer not to risk and base their decisions on the proven country choices that once proved to be good, the others look for the innovative solutions and less popular country destinations that allow them to pick the most affordable and competitive solutions for those businesses that feature a limited budget.

The main criteria for the IT project offshoring and outsourcing remain to be:

  • Cost
  • Language
  • Professional level of developers
  • Reachability and communication
  • Efficiency in project management
  • Efficiency in terms of project deadlines
  • Transparency of the project workflow
  • In-time reports and flexibility of the project management

The language barriers still influence the way the decisions are made for the project outsourcing, so the businesses tend to pick the countries with better language capabilities that minimize the risks for the normal workflow.

Outsourcing Hiring: Advantages Unveiled

  • Expertise: Industry-savvy professionals navigate trends and market nuances for precise candidate matches.
  • Expanded Pool: Access to a diverse talent network, including passive candidates.
  • Efficiency: Time and cost savings, allowing your team to focus on core tasks.
  • Quality: Streamlined screening for higher-quality hires and reduced turnover risk.
  • Speed: Faster recruitment timelines through optimized processes.
  • Tailored Fit: Custom solutions aligned with your culture and values.
  • Compliance: Reduced legal risks, ensuring adherence to regulations.
  • Scalability: Flexible solutions for changing staffing needs.
  • Brand Boost: Enhanced candidate experience and improved brand reputation.

Partnership: Long-term collaboration for sustained hiring success.

Overview of IT Market in Germany

Germany is without a doubt at the forefront of technological innovation, and, consequently, in the IT sector. The German IT Industry Growth Rate is 6.80%, and Tech Export Value is 209 Billion.

The country provides favorable conditions for the rally IT specialists, so literally any software development company in Germany will feel confident. Hence the number of IT companies in the country – 54k. A strong German economy and the state supporting policy gives solid ground under the feet for all IT specialists, from designers to specialists in the field of software development in Germany. At the moment, about 1.09 Million IT specialists are counted in the country.

Despite the fact that the most popular programming languages in Germany are PHP, Lua, .NET, Python, Ruby, you can find a professional who meets almost any of your requirements.

In addition, the country’s technological ecosystem makes a great contribution. Since Germany is a home for numerous technological centers, it attracts specialists not only within the country, but also abroad.

Germany as an Attractive Provider of IT Talents

European developers are becoming very self-aware, they realize the value of their skills and knowledge so even for the mature and experienced IT recruiter it seems to be the tough task to find a real gem in the crowd of freelance rock-stars who can easily disrupt the project deadlines, knowing they are not bound by the regulations and corporate rules. For the outsourcing and outstaffing, the job conditions are different, they are able to keep the interests of both business and a developer as well so that the interest of each party is protected.

The occupational biases are common for all countries when it comes to the hiring process in IT sphere, however, tech recruitment agencies and experts are willingly sharing their common experiences and thoughts for picking the right staff for your business.

The interview with Ralph Haupter, chairman of the board of Microsoft Deutschland gave us insights into German IT labor market  development and the benefits that it can offer for the businesses of various levels:

German IT industry is one of the greatest in Europe because it is also one of the most stable and crisis-resistant, it holds lots of opportunities. For now, Germany keeps holding the position of the largest IT services and software exporter. In the next 20 years, the number of people employed in IT will double. The best chances for ITK technologies in Europe are undoubtedly awaiting business owners in Germany, the same could be said about ERP solutions and the data protection in the private spheres.

Germany has been home to an exceptional manufacturing and engineering industry, most notably in the automotive, chemical, and electrical sectors of the market. These markets do not stand alone and are supported by high-quality and reliable software tools to power their production optimization, product design and enhancement, and remain competitive in their respective markets. The German Software industry directly accounts for €62.3 billion to their economy, and is among the European countries with the highest software development wages – around 33% higher than the average wage.

Germany is home to some of the largest software companies, such as Software AG and SAP, as well as thousands of startup IT companies. Germany ranks 6th in the list of countries with the most number of startups worldwide. The number of startups in a country can indicate the level of innovation and demand for software developer Germany, such as IT outsourcing Berlin offers, has in the technology sector.

Hire developers in other Countries

Expand your team’s capabilities by recruiting top-tier developers from around the world. This approach allows you to leverage diverse skills and cultural perspectives, enhancing innovation and technical excellence in your projects.

Hiring developers in Germany are also preferable:

  • Germany is home to thousands of startup companies and even more highly-skilled software developers.
  • Germany ranks 7th amongst the countries with business, tech, and data skills worldwide.
  • Germany has a high capacity for investing in modern and cutting-edge technology and processes as well as innovation across industries.

The country puts great stock in having a great environment for innovation and learning, which augments their skills and experience of the software developer Germany offers. A Java engineer Hamburg companies outsource has more to offer its clients. Because of its robust tech industry and economy, there is even more diversity and skills in the software developers you hire, or even when you build dedicated team in Germany.

At the same time, Germany has a higher salary range compared to other European countries, this can indicate high-quality work in an innovative and modern working environment. Germany is among the top 10 best countries with quality of life. Larger cities also have more skilled developers to offer; Java developer Germany: Munich, Hamburg, and Berlin are amongst the cities with the largest IT workforce in the country. A Software developer Berlin market offers a high quality of life which leads to better education, globalization, a good economy, and more productivity in their day to day work. The highly-skilled dedicated developers Hamburg offers will be able to offer more skills, experience, and great team culture.

Where To Look For IT Talents In Germany

Germany as a whole is rich in IT professionals and software development Germany is extremely advanced. You can find frontend developer Berlin, Android developer Hamburg, iOS developer Munich. However, you should be prepared for the fact that the average salaries of the same specialists from different cities may differ. software developer Berlin, software developer Hamburg and software developer Munich will charge different amounts for their services. So let’s take a look at the average salary of the software developer in every major city in Germany.

  • Berlin

Berlin is the capital of Germany, which today has become a thriving technology hub. The city boasts an innovative atmosphere and vibrant community. In addition, living in Berlin is cheaper than in some other European capitals. This and a large number of startups, companies and universities have created a favorable environment for IT professionals, of which there are about 50k in the city. Here you can find Java developer Berlin, web developer Berlin, iOS developer Berlin full stack developer Berlin, Python developer Berlin, and many other professionals. The average salary of a software developer here is around €72,638 per year.

  • Hamburg

Hamburg offers a unique combination of maritime heritage and technological advancement. The city is one of the key economic centers of Germany. So Hamburg provides software developers with opportunities in various industries, including logistics, media and e-commerce. The average annual salary of a software developer Hamburg is around €65,000 per year. About 20,000 software developers work in the city. You can also find frontend developer Hamburg, web developer Hamburg, and Java developer Hamburg here.

  • Munich

Munich is often associated with its rich cultural heritage and picturesque scenery. However, it is also the center of the technology sector. Munich is known for its strong economy and multinational corporations. The city offers software developers an average annual salary of around €72,000. The city’s technology scene benefits from its proximity to the automotive and aerospace industries, as well as renowned research institutes. In Munich, the IT-community is estimated to be around 30,000 professionals such as php developer Munich, Java developer Munich, Python developer Munich, frontend developer Munich and others.

  • Köln 

Cologne boasts a combination of historical charm and modern infrastructure. In a growing digital economy, the city provides a variety of opportunities for software developers. The average salary of a software developer in Cologne is from €64,000 per year. The city is home to about 15,000 software developers.

  • Frankfurt

Frankfurt is a global financial center. It is rapidly expanding its influence in the technology sector. The city’s well-developed infrastructure and international connections attract software developers. Professionals can find opportunities in finance, fintech and related fields. The average annual salary for a software developer in Frankfurt is around €65,000. With a growing focus on digital transformation, approximately 25,000 software developers work in Frankfurt.

Build Dedicated Team in Germany: How Much Does It Cost?

How to build dedicated team in Germany? No matter you chose the development team Munich, Hamburg, Berlin and Frankfurt are those cities in Germany that are positioned as the places with the largest employment opportunities in IT sphere.

* Ukrainian salaries are provided based on Mobilunity’s Recruitment Team research on the local job markets. All salaries are net and do not include the service fee (in case of hiring on a dedicated team model). The salaries are provided for comparison purposes and could be not entirely accurate. Contact us to know the exact cost of hiring a developer corresponding to the required parameters.

How Much Does It Cost To Build Dedicated Team in Germany

Thanks to the favorable environment, there is indeed a huge number of different IT professionals in Germany. So putting together a team of specialists will not be difficult. 

CitySoftware Developer Salary
Bielefeld €35,000

Hiring developers in Berlin is a straightforward endeavor. Top-notch developers in the heart of Berlin are commanding an annual salary of €52,864. For computer programmers with 1-2 years of experience, the salary range in Berlin spans between €45,000 and €50,000. Notably, this bustling city is also an ideal haven for recruiting safety specialists, particularly for substantial projects.

In Hamburg, dedicated developers are well-versed in cutting-edge IT technologies, akin to their counterparts in Berlin. The city boasts a rich pool of mobile game developers, and the compensation landscape aligns closely with Berlin, averaging at approximately €50,705 per annum.

Mobile Game Developer€50,705

Stepping into Munich to build your development team comes with an annual cost of around €53,574, completing the circle of Germany’s most sought-after IT destinations. The skills that notably boost compensation in this role include expertise in ASP.

Frankfurt has emerged as a favored hotspot for developers in pursuit of enhanced prospects and higher remuneration. While it may not be the most lucrative destination for Java developers, their annual earnings settle at €53,023.

Java Developer€53,023

In Cologne, developers can uncover a wealth of opportunities, particularly in the realm of Java development. On average, a developer in this city can anticipate earning around €45,434 annually.

A dedicated developer in Stuttgart is a testament to excellence, housing a blend of top-tier developers and adept mid-level specialists proficient in diverse technologies. In Stuttgart, a German software engineer can expect an annual compensation of approximately €70,000.

Düsseldorf’s developer community showcases an impressive breadth of knowledge across various technologies. This city is particularly conducive to sourcing Data Analysts, who command an annual salary of €53,055, as well as software developers with earnings averaging at €51,726.

Data Analyst€53,055

For those aiming to assemble a development team in Dortmund, a treasure trove of seasoned middle and senior software engineers awaits. The average software developer in this city commands an annual salary of €56,326.

  • Essen’s developers available for hire prove invaluable for a spectrum of projects. This city is ripe for cultivating innovative solutions tailored to small and mid-level businesses. Software developers in Essen accrue an average annual salary of around €57,116.
  • Leipzig’s developer landscape offers a slightly broader spectrum of opportunities compared to smaller cities when assembling a development team. The average annual salary for a Software Engineer here stands at €58,079.
  • Prominent developers in Bremen excel in flexible work approaches and adept project management, rendering this city an excellent fit for small businesses seeking a cost-effective solution. The average annual salary for developers in Bremen hovers around €43,523, making it a more budget-friendly option compared to Berlin.
  • Dresden’s development team is adept at tackling projects of varying scales. In this city, the average annual salary for a software developer settles at €42,000.
  • When hiring developers in Hanover, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the well-developed infrastructure that caters to both small and large businesses. Developers in Hanover earn an annual salary of €49,132.
  • Nuremberg’s developers are well-suited for spearheading small to medium-sized projects. The average annual salary for a software engineer here amounts to €51,783.
  • Duisburg’s developers stand ready to offer invaluable assistance, particularly for those seeking moderate-priced solutions. Developers in Duisburg can expect an average annual salary of around €65,988.
  • Are you on the lookout for a dedicated team in Wuppertal? Exploring multiple options in this market is prudent, as the city offers a favorable environment for outsourcing. The average salary level for programmers in Wuppertal rests at approximately €70,815.
  • Dedicated developers in Bielefeld possess the prowess to tackle a wide array of projects. The conditions in this city prove advantageous for software engineers, who command an annual salary averaging at €35,000, as well as Java developers who earn around €82,757.
Java Developer€82,757

Hire Dedicated Developers with Mobilunity

An average Ukrainian software developer can possess the same level of skills and qualifications as the one from the central Europe but the salary still will be much lower due to the national currency. The truth is, IT specialists real income can be different, it can be lower or higher than shown in the graphic. The low level of income in the country does not always reflect a low purchasing ability, nor the high levels of salary mean an employee can be considered wealthy.

Experience the Mobilunity Advantage:

  • Premier Partner: Mobilunity is your ultimate ally when it comes to hiring dedicated developers.
  • Quality Uncompromised: Despite Ukraine’s position on the lower end of the salary spectrum, our commitment to quality remains unwavering.
  • Comparable Expertise: Ukrainian software developers showcase expertise equivalent to their Central European counterparts, at a notably lower cost due to currency dynamics.
  • Varied Income Realities: Actual income for IT specialists can differ, transcending graphic figures. National income levels don’t always equate to purchasing power, nor do higher salaries guarantee affluence.
  • Endorsement by Industry Experts: Ukraine is a recognized hotspot for top-tier developers skilled in .NET, C++, Java, JavaScript, and PHP.
  • Proficiency Spectrum: Ukrainian programmers range from mid-level to senior software developers, with moderate salaries and superior working conditions compared to Asian countries.
  • Chatbot Expertise: Mobilunity is your go-to for skilled chatbot programmers.
  • Global Trends: As Asian rates rise and Europe’s communication surges, Eastern Europe’s competitive service rates make it an appealing outsourcing destination.
  • Unmatched Tech Talents: Mobilunity empowers business owners to tap into exceptional tech talents in Ukraine.
  • Navigating German Hiring: Count on Mobilunity’s expertise to seamlessly navigate hiring and providing developers in Germany.
  • Excellence Assured: Our commitment guarantees excellence, affordability, and unparalleled expertise.

The industry experts insist that the best developers for such technologies as: .NET, C++, Java, JavaScript and PHP could be found in Ukraine, where the average professional level for a programmer varies between a middle and senior software developer but generally salaries of programmers is very moderate and the conditions of work are much better than in Asian countries. If you are looking to hire chatbot programmers you can contact Mobilunity. The trends clearly show the patterns of growth for the outsourcing and offshoring. The former cheapest Asian rates get higher, communication and availability in Europe get better and the rates for the services in Eastern Europe are even lower. This is what directly impacts desire of business owners to seek for the Ukrainian tech talents for hire.

What You Can Get With Mobilunity

At Mobilunity, we offer a range of specialized service models to cater to your unique needs, each designed to maximize efficiency and optimize your workforce:

  • Dedicated Development Teams

This flagship service model is at the heart of what we do. With our Dedicated Development Teams, you gain direct management control over full-time resources while we handle the complexities of HR, accounting, and helpdesk support. It’s a seamless partnership where you harness the skills you need, and we take care of the administrative intricacies, ensuring your team operates at its best.

  • Consultancy Services

Our Consultancy Services model offers you the flexibility of direct management of part-time resources. You retain control over the resources you need while we oversee the HR, accounting, and helpdesk aspects. It’s a collaborative approach where we seamlessly integrate into your operations, enhancing your team’s capabilities while managing the administrative burdens. 

  • Recruiting Services

As experts in recruiting-as-a-service, our focus is on finding the right talent to power your projects. We extend our reach beyond borders, offering the option to hire locally in Germany or source top candidates from Eastern Europe. Our track record of successful local hires in countries like Croatia, Serbia, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Albania, Peru, and Tajikistan underscores our ability to find exceptional talent that meets your specific requirements.


  • Why should I consider hiring developers in Germany?

Germany has a strong IT sector, an educated workforce, and a steady economic climate. Hiring German developers gives you access to knowledgeable workers who can add their skills to your initiatives.

  • How can I hire developers in Germany effectively?

You can look at a number of venues, including job boards, industry conferences, and professional networking websites, to employ developers in Germany. 

  • Are there any language barriers when hiring developers in Germany?

Since many people in Germany’s tech sector speak English, interacting with developers is generally simple. English proficiency is common among professionals, particularly in the IT industry, which makes project management and cooperation easier.

  • What are some legal and regulatory considerations when hiring developers in Germany?

In Germany, you must abide by local labor rules and regulations while hiring developers. Employment agreements, tax liabilities, and social security contributions are a few examples of this. 

  • What are the key technology hubs in Germany for hiring developers? 

Berlin, Munich, Hamburg, Frankfurt, and Cologne are just a few of Germany’s well-known technology hubs. These locations provide a wide range of IT talent and thriving developer ecosystems.

Ready to enhance your designs with exceptional technical talent? Gather your own software development company in Germany! Use the skills of the best developers and innovate like never before. Let us boost your success today!

All salaries and prices mentioned within the article are approximate NET numbers based on the research done by our in-house Recruitment Team. Please use these numbers as a guide for comparison purposes only and feel free to use the contact form to inquire on the specific cost of the talent according to your vacancy requirements and chosen model of engagement.

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