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To Hire Romanian Developers or Ukrainian? What to Choose?

As technology continues to grow throughout the entire world, Romania has seen a steady rise in its information technology industry. Because of its location, close to both Berlin and London, Romania has become a thriving center for technology services. In addition to the rise in professionals in the industry, Romanian developers offer high quality IT services at affordable rates. This has given Romanian developers a competitive edge when it comes to outsourcing development. The technical proficiency Romanian developers carry, along with their bilingual skills, makes them a motivating source for many IT projects.

Romanian IT Sector

The Romanian IT industry is experiencing remarkable growth, as indicated by the latest statistics — the value of tech exports has soared to an impressive 8.03 billion USD and the general IT industry growth rate stands at 8.40%. The government has been strongly encouraging the expansion of the IT sector by implementing a number of incentives and measures in light of the sector’s potential as a growth generator for the economy. Also, the number of joint ventures between Romanian and foreign businesses is growing, and overseas investors are flocking to the software development Romania sector. The ecosystem continues to thrive, with over 7000 IT companies employing over 105,000 IT experts.

The Romanian IT market is demonstrating a pattern of increasing specialization within subsets of the technology landscape. Artificial intelligence (AI), cyber security (Cyber), and blockchain technology (blockchain) are just a few examples of the specialized sectors into which businesses are expanding as the industry develops. Also, the varied skill sets of Romania software development specialists are reflected in the wide range of programming languages they use. JavaScript is the most popular programming language, with around 28% of developers using it. Java is close behind, with roughly 20% of developers using it. Python, famed for its ease of use and readability, ranks third with 16%. Finally, PHP maintains its 8% usage rate among software developers Romania. In addition to these, various other programming languages, such as Kotlin, Swift, Scala, and Ruby, are gaining popularity in Romania.

Romania’s English Proficiency Index score of 595 reflects a moderate level of English proficiency among its population, indicating room for improvement in language skills.

Due to the popularity growth of software development Romania its outsourcing market has created a major shift in the location of businesses throughout the country. The capital of Romania, Bucharest, was once an exclusive spot for company locations. As the IT sector continues to show a steady rise, many R&D centers are looking to university towns, such as Targu Mures and Craiova, to set up shop. This gives them greater access to educated developers Romania. Young, motivated Romanian developers are moving straight from university to a solid career in these R&D centers. Therefore, and Romanian programmers are benefiting from these new locations outside of the country’s capital.

Romania’s Employment Conditions

Romania’s employment situation has seen quite large changes over the years. The landscape is diverse, spanning many different industries. Examples of these are manufacturing, IT, agriculture (18.61%) and services (51%). This has led to an excellently competitive labor market that emphasizes skilled labor. There  is a growing demand for professionals in the tech sector.

Companies in Romania usually pay employees monthly, at the month’s end. Employer taxes are included in the payment of employees every month. They cover things like social security, health insurance and unemployment insurance. Employers have to pay these at the set rates as stipulated by the labor law.

The minimum wage has experienced gradual increments in recent years. As of the most recent data, the rate stands at $702 per month. Overtime pay is overseen by labor laws and is, of course, paid at a rate much higher than the standard payment!

Furthermore, many different employee benefits, such as health insurance, paid leave and retirement  plans, are commonly offered to workers. And, this is as part of their staff packages. These benefits contribute to employee satisfaction and help to boost staff retention.

IT Market in Different Cities Across

According to the stats from Glassdoor.com, software engineers in Romania can receive quite high additional pay to the base wage when delivering tasks to the best level. Below, you’ll find the base pay that software developers can get in different Romanian cities.

  • Bucharest

Romania’s capital is the hub of the country’s IT sector. A software developer Bucharest in 2023 can expect an average monthly salary of 9,740 RON (about $2,135 U.S. dollars), and 117,000 RON yearly (about $25 600). This range, of course, is highly dependent on experience and specialty. For example, a web developer Bucharest can get a base pay of around 5,000 RON plus 6,000 RON of additional pay. Since there are so many international companies headquartered in Bucharest, the city is attracting actively both IT professionals and investors.

  • Cluj-Napoca

Other than Bucharest, the “Silicon Valley of Romania,” the city of Cluj-Napoca also serves as an important center for the country’s IT industry. The city’s high concentration of software engineers is a direct result of its excellent educational system. Also, Cluj-Napoca’s high quality of life and thriving tech scene draw people from all across Romania and the world. 

The average salary, e.g. of a java developer Cluj Napoca is 8,000 RON (about $1,754) and can be higher in line with the bigger experience. A front end developer Cluj Napoca can receive a base pay of 6,500 RON, while a web developer Cluj Napoca can expect an average pay of 5,000 RON. And a monthly pay for ios developer Cluj Napoca can be around 6,850 RON.

  • Iași

A major hub for Romania’s information technology industry, Iași is on the rise. The city’s reputation as a center for educational opportunities has resulted in a rise of young professionals and a growing information technology industry. The average salary of a software developer Iasi is around 6,500 RON ($1425). An Android developer Iasi can expect an average pay of around 3200 RON, while an Android developer Cluj Napoca can get 6,825 RON, or an Android developer Timisoara — 9,850 RON (with the additional pay).

  • Constanța

Constanța, a city on the Black Sea coast, is well-known for its port and tourism, and its IT industry has also been expanding. Even though it’s not as big as some of Romania’s other major cities, Constanța is still a welcoming home to a growing IT community. The average salary for software developer Constanta is about 6,750 RON ($1480). For example, a web developer Constanta will get around 9,622 RON (base plus additional pay).

  • Timișoara

The IT scene is also growing in Timișoara, which is in the western part of Romania. It is known for its strong network of developers and cutting-edge tech. The average pay for a software developer Timisoara is about 6,448 RON ($1413). A web developer Timisoara can expect a monthly base pay of 5,300 RON while a base wage for a web developer Iasi is 6,000 RON. A frontend developer Timisoara receives 6,900 RON/month. Local educational institutions support the pool of talent by offering specific programs and making the area a good place to learn and test fresh ideas.

Check Profiles of Available Developers in Romania

We have several consultants in Romania available for hire right now – check their profiles below and inquire for more!

Alina M.

Full Stack .NET Developer

3 years of experience

Alina is a proficient full-stack developer with a strong affinity for the .NET framework. Over her career, she’s worked on enterprise-level applications and has displayed an uncanny ability to optimize database queries and create intuitive web interfaces. Her dedication to continuous learning and applying best practices ensures that projects are always aligned with industry standards.

  • C#
  • .NET Core
  • Entity Framework

Cristian T.

Backend Ruby Developer

4.5 years of experience

Cristian stands out as a dedicated backend developer, primarily working with Ruby on Rails. Having contributed to numerous startup projects, he boasts expertise in creating scalable and maintainable code structures. His commitment to writing clean, tested code has led teams to produce robust applications that serve thousands of users daily.

  • Ruby
  • Ruby on Rails
  • PostgreSQL
  • RSpec
  • Sidekiq

Radu P.

Mobile iOS Developer

3.5 years of experience

Radu is an enthusiastic iOS developer who constantly pushes the boundaries of mobile app development. His expertise in both Swift and Objective-C has resulted in the production of several feature-rich applications on the App Store. Radu is passionate about leveraging the latest iOS technologies to enhance app functionality and improve user engagement.

  • Swift
  • Objective-C
  • iOS SDK
  • CoreData
  • Alamofire

Gabriela D.

Frontend Vue.js Developer

4 years of experience

Gabriela is a meticulous frontend developer with a deep understanding of the Vue.js ecosystem. Her ability to transform designs into pixel-perfect web pages is unparalleled. With an eye for detail, Gabriela ensures every component she crafts is both responsive and performant, delivering an optimal user experience across devices.

  • Vue.js
  • Vuex
  • Vuetify
  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • LESS

Ukrainian and Romanian Developer’s Technologies

Businesses choose to outsource to Romania for a variety of reasons. While Romania reports fairly low salaries when it comes to IT workers, the rate of web developers in Romania is not the lowest in the outsourcing business. Because of their high level of expertise, Romanian developers offer competitive rates compared to other countries. One of the advantages to this for clients is that software developer Romania skill and professionalism exceed their rates when it comes to quality results. If you want to hire Romanian developers you should know that costs are backed by a strong knowledge in the most demanded stacks of the industry.  The same we can say about Ukrainian programmers that are also known for their high skills and strong knowledge base.

There are currently about 120,000 Romanian developers located throughout the country, the majority working out of Bucharest. Many companies prefer to create dedicated development teams. If you start a mobile app development project application software development dedicated team Romania can provide you with the best results.

As further IT integration is noted, the list will continue to grow. And if you would like to create a team of dedicated Ruby developers Romania you are welcome. This gives Romania a huge advantage in the IT sector of its economy, as it continues to surpass other industry exports in outsourcing. And most likely the professionalism of the developers Romania will continue to grow.

At the same time, the number of IT specialists in Ukraine is up to 200,000 and this number grows on 30,000 each year. Ukraine has become a popular software outsourcing destination for such countries as the USA, the UK, Germany, Switzerland, and other European countries. The most popular and demanded technologies in Ukraine are:

  • Front-end
  • QA
  • PHP
  • .NET
  • Java
  • JavaScript
  • C++

Legal and Regulatory Aspects

  • Hiring Process: Legal Implications in Romania and Ukraine

The Romanian Labor Code governs all aspects of the recruiting process. The General Register of Employees requires that all employment contracts be written and filed at least one business day before an employee begins work. Collective bargaining agreements, which might be binding on employers, can have an impact on working conditions. Employment of non-EU citizens requires the employer to help the employee, for example, a Java developer Bucharest, to obtain the appropriate work visa and work permit.

Employment in Ukraine is regulated by the Ukrainian Labor Code and other laws. Employment agreements should be in writing, like in Romania. However, terminating an employment contract can be trickier under the Ukrainian Labor Code, which is seen as more employee-friendly. Legal employment in Ukraine requires a work permit and temporary residency authorization for foreign nationals. Employers in Ukraine must also pay workers at least the legally mandated minimum wage.

  • IP Protection: Understanding the Legal Framework in Both Countries

As a member of the European Union, Romania is required to uphold EU regulations regarding the protection of intellectual property. The regulations are in place to ensure that developers are properly credited and protected from unauthorized use of their work. This also means that any innovations or ideas conceived by developers while on the clock belong to their employer. The job contract will specify the details, but rest certain that this is the norm in most EU countries.

The intellectual property of engineers is safeguarded by law in Ukraine as well. The laws are meant to ensure that developers’ work is properly attributed to them, just as the results of software development in Romania is. People have complained in the past, however, that the level of security isn’t as high as in other countries. The good news is that Ukraine has made strides to better safeguard intellectual property, making the country a safer place for those who work in IT. As is the case in Romania, it is important for developers to read their contracts and understand all details.

Benefits of Outsourcing the Hiring Process to Professionals

  • Time-effective

Reduced time spent on recruitment efforts is one of the most tangible benefits of engaging a third party to handle this procedure.

  • Proven expertise

Professional staffing firms have extensive knowledge and experience in recruiting, which can lead to the finding and recruiting of more qualified candidates.

  • Economical

By outsourcing, businesses are able to avoid the expenses associated with maintaining an internal recruitment team.

  • Wider talent pool

The odds of finding the ideal application development dedicated team Romania are increased because recruitment agencies have access to a wider list of candidates and networks.

  • Improved employee retention

Hiring experts can improve recruitment and retention by screening and selecting only the most qualified candidates for open positions, such as a front end developer Iasi, etc.

  • Legally savvy

Agency recruiters know the ins and outs of employment legislation and regulations, so they can guarantee that everything runs smoothly during the hiring process.

Outsource to Romania or Ukraine?

Because of the advantages of their IT sectors, Eastern European countries have seen a rise in the number of businesses outsourcing their work to countries like Romania and Ukraine. America is known to outsource jobs as a way to save money in business. It is no secret that American salaries are much higher than in many other countries throughout the world. This is why the need for IT outsourcing in Romania and Ukraine has overcome business owners’ ability to keep their jobs on American soil.

The beauty of the outsource to Romania is that all the jobs can be performed remotely, making software development a no brainer for many companies. When it comes to Romanian vs American developers, there are many areas to save by hiring in Romania. Employers in the United States love the benefits of cutting the costs of salaries, taxes, and payroll by outsourcing their IT work to Romania. Many startup companies begin offering products and services without a brick and mortar setup.

Through eCommerce development, some businesses never develop a storefront for their business. When you hire a Romanian developer, you save on facility costs that might be necessary for American developers. And because you can easily find Romanian developers online, even though freelancer Romania services, companies can skip any recruitment related costs.

In its part, Ukraine makes a great competition to Romanian developers. A United States company can easily save between 45-70% on overall costs by outsourcing its IT work to Ukraine. Without having to sacrifice quality, this gives business owners more opportunity to invest their money. If their main focus is on IT-related services, they can benefit from two to three times the amount of Ukrainian developers for the same cost as an American developer. The financial advantage of outsourcing to Romania or Ukraine is often strong enough to make the choice.

Rates of Developers in Romania

So, let us explore in detail how much does it cost to hire developers in Romania.

Cost Comparison USD
Junior Engineer$930
Mid-Level Engineer$1752
Senior Engineer$2653

Flexibility, a sense of teamwork, and an attitude of responsibility make them some of the best IT developers in the world. Add to this knowledge of the English language and competitive rates and Romanian developers with Ukrainian ones have the recipe for success when it comes to IT. The rates of developers vary a lot depending on technology, years of experience, and the city.

Countries like Romania and Ukraine have a lower standard of living, they are widely known to produce some of the world’s most widely known professionals in engineering, including software development. Developers in Romania and in Ukraine are highly skilled and have all the necessary for their work. The cultural affinity of Romania and Ukraine to the West gives them the soft skills needed to be successful in the business world.

To hire Romanian developers is not more expensive than Ukrainian ones: according to Mobiluntiy Recruitment Team, an average Software Engineer monthly salary in Ukraine is $2,000, while in Romania the same specialist receives $2,100 per month. The same situation with the salary of Java, Python, C++, Front-end, Web developers Romania, and Ukraine. Being a member of the EU, Romania has a bit higher cost and standard of living. As a result, outsourcing businesses can benefit from choosing Ukrainian developers in terms of the cost of services. They can take advantage of the same quality of work you would get elsewhere at much lower rates. As we can see nearshoring Romania can also have its disadvantages.

Tips for Hiring in Romania

When it comes to recruiting employees in Romania there are benefits to consider. The country boasts a workforce cost effective labor and a strategically advantageous location in Eastern Europe. Nevertheless successfully navigating the hiring process can be challenging due to regulations and cultural subtleties. To ensure you maximize your recruitment endeavors in Romania here are some tips that will prove helpful:

  • Understand the Legal Framework

Prior to delving into the hiring process it’s essential to acquaint yourself with the labor laws and regulations in Romania. These laws encompass aspects, like employment agreements, working hours, minimum remuneration and protocols pertaining to termination. You should seek guidance from a professional or an HR specialist is recommended to ensure adherence.

  • Work Permits and Visas

If you plan to employ specialists from Romania it is crucial to have an understanding of the regulations surrounding work permits and visas. Romania has guidelines for hiring European Union citizens. So it’s important to be well prepared for dealing with the administrative procedures involved.

  • Localize Your Job Listings

English may be spoken widely. Nevertheless it remains vital to translate your job listings and communication materials into Romanian. This showcases your dedication to the market. Also it helps you attract a broader range of candidates. 

  • Cultural Sensitivity

When it comes to conducting interviews and negotiations it’s crucial to have an understanding and appreciation for culture. Being punctual, polite and maintaining a demeanor are regarded qualities. Establishing relationships with employees can greatly enhance your prospects of making successful hires.

  • Competitive Compensation Packages

Romanian workers have an interest in receiving salaries and attractive benefits. It is important to be ready to provide a compensation package that’s in line with the standards of the market. This package may consist of healthcare coverage, pension plans and additional perks.

  • Leverage Local Networks

Networking plays a role in Romania. It’s important to participate in business associations, attend industry events and connect with professionals within your field. This way you can access a pool of candidates and establish yourself in the Romanian job market.

  • Training and Development

Invest in the continuous development of your workforce. Romanian employees appreciate opportunities for skill enhancement and career growth, which can boost their job satisfaction and loyalty.

  • Legal Compliance and Taxation

Ensure that you comply with tax regulations and social security contributions. Seek professional advice to navigate the country’s tax system effectively.

Our Expertise in Hiring and Providing Developers in Romania

With more than a decade of expertise, Mobilunity has established itself as a leading provider of software development team Romania and worldwide. Since its establishment in 2010, Mobilunity has been dedicated to helping businesses connect with the most talented professionals in the IT field. Mobilunity stands out in the crowded outsourcing industry because of its in-depth knowledge of clients’ individual needs and the customized approaches it delivers. The company’s expertise in the hiring process is reflected in its careful recruitment of developers, for example, PHP developer Timisoara, Romania, who are then thoroughly vetted to ensure that they are not just technically competent but also a good cultural match for the clients.  And same rule applies to every candidate.

There are many IT companies that can provide high-quality services and Mobilunity company is one of them. By outsourcing your IT services to Eastern European countries, especially Romania and Ukraine, you will see your business benefit in many ways.

Mobilunity has successfully worked on the Ukrainian tech market since 2010 and has become a well-known provider of dedicated development teams both domestically and abroad. Outstaffing model of work helps us to build perfect development teams for our clients from around the world. The client’s requirements and goals achievement is the main purpose of Mobilunity. As outsourcing continues to rise, you will reap the benefits of the ever-evolving IT sector of Ukrainian software development.

Our Main Service Models

  • Dedicated Development Teams

This service model is an inclusive answer that provides clients with administrative and operational oversight of a dedicated staff of professionals. It’s ideal for businesses that need the knowledge and experience of developers but don’t want to deal with the overhead of hiring and administrating the staff. Mobilunity handles all HR, financial, and help desk concerns for example, for the application development team Romania under this approach while the client focuses on managing the development team and aligning them with company goals. The specialized teams are well-versed in a wide range of technologies and can function as an extension of the client’s in-house staff. In this arrangement, the client has full say over the design and implementation of the project, which is suitable for those seeking dedication, expertise, and long-term partnership.

  • Consultancy Services

This model is ideal for companies that require specialist help with a certain part of a project for a short period of time, like Java developer Iasi or want to consult with an expert, like .NET developer Bucharest, on a certain matter. Mobilunity handles all HR, financial, and helpdesk issues, much like the Dedicated Development Teams do, so the client can concentrate on the project at hand. The consultancy services are adaptable and feature domain-specific expertise, providing clients with unique insights and solutions without obligating them to a lengthy contract. But long-term cooperation is still available with this option if needed.

  • Recruiting Services

Here, the company offers recruiting-as-a-service, which is designed to help clients find the right talent for their teams, whether it’s a common position or unusual like a technical function developer Timisoara region. Mobilunity’s recruiting services stand out since they are able to find qualified applicants not only in Romania but also throughout the rest of Eastern Europe. Companies that value diversity and a trained workforce will appreciate this extensive reach. Mobilunity has also proven its ability to successfully recruit in competitive areas. The case of local recruiting in the notoriously difficult Japanese market stands out as an illustrative one. Mobilunity was able to successfully traverse the Japanese market by utilizing its extensive knowledge of cultural and professional conventions to attract and hire the most qualified candidates. Mobilunity’s dedication and capacity to respond to shifting market conditions and meet recruitment demands are well-known among all the clients.

Hire developers in other Countries

Explore the global talent pool and enhance your team by hiring skilled developers from various countries. Benefit from diverse perspectives and expertise to drive innovation and growth in your tech projects.


  • What are the advantages of working with Romanian programmers?

Developers from Romania have built a solid reputation for themselves thanks to their technical acumen, creativity, and aptitude for addressing complex problems. They also have a stellar reputation for their command of the English language. Romania has a thriving IT scene and attractive salaries, making it a prime location to find talented engineers.

  • What kind of technological expertise do programmers in Romania have?

Developers in Romania are well-versed in numerous languages, including Java, C++, Python, and JavaScript. Angular, React, Node.js, and PHP are just some of the frameworks and technologies they’re familiar with. In addition, many Romanian programmers have extensive experience in software architecture, data structures, and algorithm development.

  • Are Romanian developers as affordable as those in other countries?

Romanian developers can be a cost-effective option compared to those in other countries. While their work is of a high caliber, developers in Romania generally charge less than their Western European or North American rivals. This makes Romania an appealing location for businesses wishing to establish or grow their development teams.

  • How do I facilitate effective interaction with Romanian programmers?

It’s crucial to set up solid lines of communication from the get-go if you want to work effectively with engineers in Romania. To improve your group’s ability to communicate in the moment, try using a platform or application like Slack or Microsoft Teams. Being sensitive to cultural norms and flexible in your approach can help you connect with your Romanian development team and create a productive working atmosphere.

  • When working with Romanian engineers, should I be concerned about potential cultural differences?

In spite of the potential for cultural differences, they can be overcome by honest dialogue and an acceptance of one another’s approaches to the job. It’s possible, for instance, that Romanian engineers favor structured labor, place a premium on autonomy, and respond well to straightforward directions.

Unleash the power of software development in Romania – get started today! Get in touch with us and we will help you out!

All salaries and prices mentioned within the article are approximate NET numbers based on the research done by our in-house Recruitment Team. Please use these numbers as a guide for comparison purposes only and feel free to use the contact form to inquire on the specific cost of the talent according to your vacancy requirements and chosen model of engagement.

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