To Hire Romanian Developers or Ukrainian? What to Choose?

As technology continues to grow throughout the entire world, Romania has seen a steady rise in their information technology industry. Because of its location, close to both Berlin and London, Romania has become a thriving center for technology services. In addition to the rise in professionals in the industry, Romanian developers offer high quality IT services at affordable rates. This has given Romanian developers a competitive edge when it comes to outsourcing development. The technical proficiency Romanian developers carry, along with their bilingual skills, makes them a motivated source for many IT projects.

Romanian IT Sector

According to the National Bank of Romania, the computer and information services exports reached 1.4 billion in 2013, a 27% rise compared to 2012. With an increased focus on technology, the popularity of Romanian software developers continues to rise. There are currently 37 major United States R&D centers in Romania. Popular American names such as Coca-Cola, Ford, and Microsoft have set up research and development centers in Romania to capitalize on the government initiatives set in place.

Due to the popularity growth of IT outsourcing Romania its outsourcing market has created a major shift in the location of businesses throughout the country. The capital of Romania, Bucharest, was once an exclusive spot for company locations. As the IT sector continues to show a steady rise, many R&D centers are looking to university towns, such as Targu Mures and Craiova, to set up shop. This gives them greater access to educated developers Romania. Young, motivated Romanian developers are moving straight from university to a solid career in these R&D centers. Therefore, employee, employer and Romanian programmers are benefiting from these new locations outside of the country’s capital.

Romanian Developer’s Cost and Technologies

There are currently 77,637 Romanian developers located throughout the country, the majority working out of Bucharest. While Romania reports fairly low salaries when it comes to IT workers, the rate of web developers in Romania is not the lowest in the outsourcing business. Because of their high level of expertise, Romanian developers offer competitive rates compared to other countries. One of the advantages to this for clients is that software developer Romania skill and professionalism exceed their rates when it comes to quality results. Many companies prefer to create dedicated development teams. If you start a mobile app development project application software development dedicated team Romania can provide you with the best results.

If you want to hire Romanian developers you should know that costs are backed by a strong knowledge in the most demanded stacks of the industry. According to a report by Stack Overflow on Central and Eastern Europe Developer Landscape in 2017, Romanian web developers have developed knowledge in the following technologies:

  • Java
  • .NET
  • Node.JS
  • PHP
  • Python
  • Ruby
  • WordPress

As further IT integration is noted, the list will continue to grow. And if you would like to create a team of dedicated Ruby developers Romania you are welcome. This gives Romania a huge advantage in the IT sector of its economy, as it continues to surpass other industry exports in outsourcing. And most likely the professionalism of the developers Romania will continue to grow.

Advantages to Outsource to Romania

Because of the advantages of their IT sector, Eastern European countries have seen a rise in the number of businesses outsourcing their work to countries like Romania and Ukraine. America is known to outsource jobs as a way to save money in business. It is no secret that American salaries are much higher than many other countries throughout the world. This is why the need for IT outsourcing in Romania has overcome business owners’ ability to keep their jobs on American soil.

The beauty of the outsource to Romania is that all the jobs can be performed remotely, making software development a no brainer for many companies. When it comes to Romanian vs American developers, there are many areas to save by hiring in Romania. Employers in the United States love the benefits of cutting the costs of salaries, taxes, and payroll by outsourcing their IT work to Romania. Many startup companies begin offering products and services without a brick and mortar setup.

Through the eCommerce development, some businesses never develop a storefront for their business. When you hire a Romanian developer, you save on facility costs that might be necessary for American developers. And because you can easily find Romanian developers online, even though freelancer Romania services, companies can skip any recruitment related costs.

A United States company can easily save between 45-70% on overall costs by outsourcing their IT work to Romania. Without having to sacrifice quality, this gives business owners more opportunity to invest their money. If their main focus is in IT related services, they can benefit from two to three times the amount of Romanian developers for the same cost of an American developer. The financial advantage of outsourcing to Romania is often strong enough to make the choice.

How Much Does It Cost to Hire Romanian Developers? Rates of Developers in Romania

Businesses choose to outsource to Romania for a variety of reasons. Although countries like Romania and Ukraine have a lower standard of living, they are widely known to product some of the world’s most widely known professionals in engineering, including software development. Developers in Romania and in Ukraine are highly skilled and have all the necessary for their work. The cultural affinity of Romania and Ukraine to the West gives them the soft skills needed to be successful in the business world.

Common sense, flexibility, a sense of teamwork, and an attitude of responsibility makes them some of the best IT developers in the world. Add to this their knowledge of the English language and their competitive rates and Romanian developers have the recipe for success when it comes to IT.

To hire Romanian developers is more expensive than Ukrainian ones: according to PayScale, average Software Engineer net salary in Ukraine is $23,802, while in Romania the same specialist receives $27,015 annually. The same situation with the salary of Java, Python, C, Web developers Romania and Ukraine. Being a member of the EU, Romania has a higher cost and standard of living. As a result, outsourcing businesses can benefit from choosing Ukrainian developers in terms of cost of services. They can take advantage of the same quality of work you would get elsewhere at much lower rates. As we can see nearshoring Romania can also have its disadvantages.

Outsourcing to Romania vs. Ukraine

Since outsource Ukraine is ahead of outsource Romania in the availability of technical talent (considering that fact that population in Ukraine is more than twice higher than in Romania), specialists in various areas of hiring make Ukraine the better choice. According to the Brainspotting report “Romania IT Talent Map”, Romanian developers most popular programming language is PHP. So, Romanian game developers wouldn’t be as competent as Ukrainian Java developers, who prefer Java instead, according to developers survey conducted by

By outsourcing your IT services to Eastern European countries, especially Romania and Ukraine, you will see your business benefit in many ways. While Romania continues to grow in their IT sector, Ukrainian developers have more years of experience and a greater professional base than Romania.

So, if you are looking for web developers who are proficient in their skills, fluent in English, cost effective, and dedicated to their projects, you will find success when you hire dedicated developers in Ukraine. As outsourcing continues to rise, you will reap the benefits of the ever-evolving IT sector of Romanian and Ukrainian software development.

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