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Nowadays, almost every company wants to have a DevOps expert among its employees. This is because DevOps proved to be an effective solution in eliminating both development and communication barriers that often arise in between the idea and execution, making software manufacturing more productive, secure, faster, and cost-effective. If you wonder how to select and where to find Google Cloud DevOps engineer, AWS expert, or Azure developers for hire, this article will guide you on the essentials on how to hire a DevOps engineer for your company’s needs. Our DevOps Engineer services include expertise in AWS Kafka managed service, providing you with reliable and scalable data streaming solutions tailored to your unique infrastructure needs.

DevOps Overview: When to Hire DevOps Engineer?

First of all, it is essential to understand that DevOps is not a job title or employee’s characteristic. It is a compilation of practices, tools, and skills needed to ensure effective software production. The DevOps approach allows automating and integrating the processes between software development and different departments so they can build, test, and deploy software faster and with minimum bugs and vulnerabilities. It is the DevOps specialist who identifies the right tools, processes, and automated solutions to optimize software development at each stage of the life cycle. As a result, the development process is quicker, more accurate, and cost-effective.

Although the responsibilities of such a specialist heavily depend on the company’s needs and specifics of work, here are the typical tasks of DevOps engineer remote or in-house:

responsibilities of DevOps for hire
  • Ensures Continuous Integration (CI) and Continuous Delivery (CD) for software development;
  • Manages cooperation among all the teams involved in software development through effective communication channels;
  • Monitors software performance and implements necessary support management practices to minimize downtime and improve the quality of customer service;
  • Operates and sets up various third-party solutions, including databases, search platforms, cloud services, bug tracking, etc.

The most popular DevOps tools include:

  • Jenkins
  • Hudson
  • Ansible
  • Chef
  • Puppet
  • Travis CI

Also, there’s an additional set of practices related to the platforms and services used, that is, PaaS DevOps (platform-as-a-service):

  • Amazon Web Services (AWS);
  • Google Cloud Platform (GCP);
  • Microsoft Azure.

DevOps Services for Businesses

  • Docker Container Services ensure predictable, scalable, and secure app development in container architecture. Using containers helps to be efficient with cloud resources and running cloud infrastructure without separate virtual machines.
  • Software as a Service includes the development of SaaS products or outsourcing software development to a third-party provider. It ensures scalability, agility, and fast delivery.
  • Platform as a Service allows businesses to outsource platform management and increase software delivery efficiency. It is especially helpful with cloud solutions, like AWS, GCP, or Azure.
  • Infrastructure as a Service means outsourcing infrastructure management to focus on the core activity of the business. A provider configures, maintains, and updates cloud infrastructure cost-efficiently.
  • Functions as a Service refers to serverless computing and working with Big Data analytics. It goes along with AWS, Azure, IBM, and GCP.
  • Load Testing & Auto-Scale makes sure that all processes are tested before release and are flexible for easy auto-scaling.
  • App Performance Monitoring is a DevOps practice that ensures excellent app performance with constant control, monitoring, and updating.
  • Automated Recovery (Rollback & Roll-Forward) means using the most advanced tools for ensuring automated recovery in case of any issues or crashes. It includes regular back-ups and the ability to roll back or forward.
  • Availability Monitoring controls and maintains available resources and infrastructure state to make sure the most efficient use of physical and cloud tools.
  • Automated Environment De-Provisioning is beneficial for saving time for setting and configuring standard environments.

Agile DevOps Practices

The main DevOps practices include:

  • Testing & ensuring security. Automation is dependent on continuous testing, so a freelance DevOps engineer needs to be familiar with the existing automated testing tools to select the right one for a particular project.
  • Agile planning. In-depth knowledge of agile practices allows DevOps engineers to ensure effective goal setting, planning, and implementation of solutions for effective software development.
  • Deployment. DevOps experts should be able to manage and monitor the deployment performance. Also, continuous deployment relates to an automated approach to software delivery with no manual intervention.
  • CI/CD management and automation. DevOps practices allow for ensuring continuous integration (CI) and continuous delivery (CD) services enabling a team to build, test, and release high-quality software quickly and securely. CI/CD automation provides effective development and operation processes without the need for intervention.
  • Cloud and infrastructure management. With DevOps infrastructure automation, companies can accelerate their IT operations, improve cross-team communication, increase overall efficiency, and utilize corresponding monitoring tools to track performance and meet project goals. IaaS DevOps (Infrastructure-as-a-Service) practices are a must.
  • Scripting. A DevOps expert must be able to create code scripts in either JavaScript, Python, Ruby, or another scripting language.
  • Coding. Coding skills are also necessary since DevOps practices include the importance of swift deploying changes to production. Therefore, a knowledge of Ruby, Python, or Go is a plus.

It is worth noting that DevOps as a service (DaaS) is a relatively new approach in software development. DaaS can be considered as a set of DevOps-related tasks a company can delegate to the provider of a relevant service. It means that you can outsource Azure DevOps, Google Cloud DevOps, AWS DevOps, IBM DevOps, DevOps Adobe, Oracle® DevOps, Red Hat DevOps, Dropbox DevOps or any other related practices to professionals experienced in such solutions.

By delegating such tasks to a reliable DevOps services company and its experts, you get an opportunity to access global expertise at an affordable cost, concentrate on software development optimization, and implement new features and practices quickly and effectively.

Reasons to Hire DevOps Engineers

Here is why it is worth hiring a dedicated DevOps expert to extend your team:

  • DevOps practices boost collaboration effectiveness and development performance;
  • Faster code delivery and time to market;
  • SaaS DevOps (Software-as-a-Service) ensures faster testing and deployment;
  • CI/CD management and automation;
  • Cloud services enable speed up release processes, increase computing power, as well as data storage when needed;
  • Early detection of issues and shorter time for fixing bugs and vulnerabilities;
  • Enhanced productivity in combination with reduced overall costs.

Of course, DevOps practices are not a panacea for software development optimization. Here are some of the pitfalls a company can experience when hiring a senior network DevOps engineer remote to note:

  • Hard to keep up with emerging practices and solutions. There is a variety of DevOps methodologies, tools, and solutions constantly appearing on the market. It can be hard to keep up with the latest solutions and implement the best practices as of today, both for a company and AWS/ GCP/ Azure DevOps engineer.
  • Cultural change challenge. Implementing DevOps practices into your operations and development processes poses challenges to all the team members involved in the project. You need to be ready that changes will take considerable time and effort if you hire an in-house or remote SaaS developer, or any DevOps-proficient engineer.
  • Compromise between speed and security. Although the DevOps approach can be characterized by a speedy reaction to vulnerabilities and feedback, it is essential not to forget about the security point. Any Azure DevOps remote will confirm that aligning to the latest cybersecurity practices slows down the development process, yet ensures high-quality end results.

How to Hire a Great DevOps Engineer: Essential Skills to Note

Every specialist usually has a corresponding skillset if they want to be in high demand on the market, and remote network DevOps engineer is no exception. If you want to hire DevOps specialist, here are the skills you need to look for to find a seasoned expert for your project:

  • Expertise in DevOps practices and tool used.
  • Sufficient knowledge about different source control systems.
  • Hands-on knowledge of CI/CD processes and tools.
  • Familiarity with containerization (Kubernetes, Docker).
  • Strong knowledge of the most relevant infrastructure automation and cloud service tools (Google Cloud Platform, Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure).
  • Knowledge of at least one scripting language (Ruby, Bash, Python, Node, Shell).
  • Familiarity with Linux Fundamentals.
  • Soft skills (time management, team management, presentation skills, communication skills, dedication to detail, constant self-improvement).

Here are some DevOps engineer resume samples to check.

Average Cost of DevOps for Hire in Different Countries

When you decide to hire a DevOps expert, there are a few things you need to take into account, and one of them in the cost of recruiting such a specialist. AWS DevOps engineer rates differ not only based on the skills and experience of a candidate but also on their place of birth and living. Here is a brief comparison of cloud DevOps engineer rates in different countries:

average annual cost of DevOps

As you can see, Ukraine is a cost-effective solution in terms of the cost of DevOps hired. Ukrainian programmers are known and highly valued by companies all over the world, and the hourly cost for DevOps engineer in Ukraine is much lower compared to the US, the UK, and other countries. Even if you check on AWS certified DevOps engineer cost, you will see that it is much more affordable to hire a remote AWS DevOps remote in Ukraine than recruit a local specialist.

Why Is It Worth Considering Ukrainian DevOps for Hire

Nowadays, many businesses are looking for Ukrainian DevOps remote because of the bunch of benefits that companies can gain if they hire AWS DevOps engineer in Ukraine. Here is why recruiting an AWS certified DevOps engineer from Ukraine is a smart approach:

  • Large talent pool. It easy to find an expert in any field and with the required expertise, meaning you can either hire Junior DevOps remote, Senior DevOps engineer remote, or remote mid level DevOps if needed.
  • High level of skills. Ukrainian developers are known for the high level of their skills, versatile expertise, familiarity with the latest tech, and dedicated approach.
  • No communication problems. If you hire DevOps developers in Ukraine, you won’t experience inconveniences with significant time zone differences, language barriers, or cultural disparities. Ukrainian remote DevOps have a good command of English and close-to-European mentality, allowing for comfortable cooperation.
  • Cost-effectiveness. The cost of Azure DevOps or any other skilled specialist is much lower compared to American and European rates.
  • Dedicated approach. Besides the affordable cost, you are guaranteed the high quality of the developed project, continuous support, and exceptional communication skills of a Ukrainian remote DevOps engineer.

Mobilunity as a Reliable Company to Hire DevOps Engineer from

Mobilunity is a credible outsourcing services provider with huge expertise in resources outstaffing, including Microsoft Azure DevOps, Google Cloud DevOps, Salesforce DevOps specialists, among others. Here is what allows Mobulunity to stand out of other companies in the industry:

  • 9+ years on the software development outsourcing and outstaffing market
  • Dozens of loyal clients all over the world
  • Dedicated DevOps remote teams created specifically for your project
  • Convenient location, time zone, and communication means
  • A cost-effective solution if you are eager to hire DevOps developer

If you want to hire DevOps with vast experience in the field, contact Mobilunity experts, and let us select the right expert for your project!

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