Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement Development Services

Dynamics CRM not only allows you to control trends of your customers’ behavior but also assists you in analyzing and configuring your customer’s database, managing lead generation, and solving any issues through customer support. Microsoft Dynamics 365 integration allows tracking every interaction with a client. It simplifies the way to keep an eye on all the trends and feedback from customers.

Since 2016, Microsoft has combined both CRM and ERP products in the updated version of Dynamics package services, which was later renamed into a product called Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement (CE), also known as MS D365 CRM. At the same time, many programs were also transferred to the overall Dynamics 365 package, changing their names. So, the previously familiar names like Dynamics AX, Dynamics CRM, or Dynamics NAV transformed into Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Financials and Operations, Microsoft Dynamics for Sales, and Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, respectively.

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Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales

Dynamics 365 for Sales can help you to successfully increase conversion rates with the help of an auto assessment of customer readiness for a potential purchase or deal.

  • Use contextual analytics to select the best conversation topics for optimal collaboration and correspondence.
  • Speed up a correspondence with customers, providing sales with the best time to contact customers by mail.
  • Dynamics 365 and Office 365 will provide you with data that can simplify your monitoring of customer relationships, providing a forecast of activities and possible risks.
  • There is also the possibility of integrating LinkedIn Sales Navigator, which will help to combine data and related processes. Plus, you will get numbers of potential customer profiles.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Financials Offer

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Financials is a convenient cloud application that provides access to all the Dynamics tools. It simplifies a large number of processes in PowerApps, Power BI, Flow, CDM, Graph with the help of Office 365 and CRM tools. Thus, most of the small tasks become automated, which significantly saves your time and effort.

  • Make an assessment of the financial condition of the company, optimize the flow of funds, and get forecasts based on the embedded analytics and financial statements within the program.
  • Automate and combine financial processes. Built-in visualization of Power BI statistics allows you to evaluate and make decisions quickly. Improve your understanding of current business metrics and track company metrics in real-time to increase your productivity with the help of Microsoft Dynamics 365 business central.
  • Automate ongoing processes to save time. It will also help to reduce errors and stabilize task execution.
  • Reduce costs. Budget control, financial planning, and analytics within the program will help you to see how to optimize costs in different areas quickly.
  • Simplify financial reporting by receiving a flexible model with automatic processing and charge-off. It will help you to reduce audit costs, simplify reporting processes, and accelerate the closing of the fiscal month.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Marketing

If your goal is to simplify and automate marketing processes, then this application is created for your needs. It has a user-friendly, intuitive interface and efficiently cooperates with Dynamics 365 Sales. Moreover, it has built-in business intelligence technology that allows for the most accurate results. Here are the main features the software offers:

  • Auto-generation of graphic messages for email distribution. Set up templates and auto newsletters to reach target audiences.
  • Personalized customer communication system. Configure behavioral constructors that will respond to the client’s actions and save templates for communicating with customers. It will also help you to keep track of the prospects and results of mailings so that you can plan a long-term correspondence.
  • Targeting with LinkedIn’s business perspective can help you to import potential customers’ data directly into Dynamics 365, simplifying Dynamics 365 Business Central customization.
  • Consider using various add-ons to simplify your marketing processes. Use marketing automation for Dynamics 365 offered by PowerObjects.
  • Secure exchange of information among the team members.
  • Analysis of your marketing return on investment (MROI)
  • Possibility to set up automatic pricing rules for potential customers

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Customer Service

Dynamics 365 for Customer Service simplifies communication with customers and helps to solve their problems while minimizing contact with agents directly. This software frees your agents from solving light and similar issues and speeds up the solvability of the complex requests.

At the same time, Dynamics CE maintenance management offers a personalized approach to customers’ problems, combining self-service capabilities through client portals and comprehensive agent support. Your database will help agents to keep abreast of the entire history of customer correspondence, their preferences, and requests.

  • Monitor and upgrade agents’ performance. View and analyze the call center results to get the information about each agent’s productivity. Improve your work efficiency through team competitions.
  • Optimize your support model. The system will help you to collect customer feedback and prioritize the importance of problems and the popularity of channels. The program will also combine customer data using Microsoft Forms Pro analytic surveys, including Dynamics 365 Customer Service.
  • An interactive chat allows communicating with customers in real-time.
  • You get the ability to track all the client’s paths, as well as manage multiple conversations simultaneously.
  • Connect a trained bot based on the Customer Service Insights and collect the maximum information before transferring the conversation to the agent.

Of course, to exploit the maximum potential of these platforms, you need professionals who are certified to build solutions for your needs. You can hire Microsoft Dynamics 365 developers, business consultant D365 or even hire Azure consultant on an ongoing or temporary basis that will allow you to expand your organization’s sales and marketing capabilities. In order to be able to maximize the benefits for your company, a professional Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central developer must have a certain set of skills.

Sample Resume of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Developer

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The Average Cost of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Development

If you have already decided on going with Microsoft Dynamics 365 software, you need to find and hire Microsoft Dynamics 365 developers to build the solution specifically for your business needs. To calculate the cost of the integration, you need to decide which Microsoft Dynamics 365 plan meets your business requirements the best.

If you need several CRM solutions and certain functionalities, so Dynamics 365 Business Central integration may not be the right option. In this case, your company will need an Enterprise plan.

Dynamics 365 enterprise implementation cost and pricing, as for any other plan you choose, will depend on such variations as the seat type, app licensing, and operations plan. Consider how many users will be using the program and their access specifics. Also, you can get Microsoft CRM consulting services to define what options fit your needs best.

All plans and features provided have a different cost. Here, you can find a few examples on how to calculate your expenses and choose the right plan for your business. To provide you with brief information regarding the expected development costs depending on the number of future users, here is a comprehensive table:

Core apps Seat Type/Plan Pricing Details
Dynamics 365 for Sales Professional (Customer engagement app) $70/user per month
Enterprise (Customer engagement app) $95/user per month
Standalone $1,500 per month
Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations Full user $190/user per month
Operations Activity $50/user per month
Team member $8/user per month
Standalone Not available as a standalone app
Dynamics 365 for Customer Service Professional (Customer engagement app) $50/user per month
Enterprise (Customer engagement app) $95/user per month
Standalone $1,500 per month
Dynamics 365 for Marketing Customer Engagement plan $70/user per month Up to 2,000 contacts
Standalone $1,500 per month Up to 10,000 contacts
Dynamics 365 Business Central Essential Users $70/user per month
Professional Users $100/user per month

Why to Hire Microsoft Dynamics 365 Developers from Ukraine

Ukraine has been a top technological destination for the Eastern European countries including Russia to outsource most of the technical, especially IT services like Dynamics 365 CE consultant and D365 developer hiring. In recent years it has become a bright spot in the global outsourcing industry. According to the latest Ukraine Market Report 2019, the annual exports of Ukraine in 2019 remained over $4.5 billion.

The geographical location, high standard technical institutes, great work culture, the availability of a large pool of IT professionals, and competitive prices make it one of the most attractive destinations for hiring Microsoft 365 experts and D365 / CRM developers. For instance, business consultant D365 remote working salary in Ukraine starts from $4,000/month, and Dynamics D365 senior developer salary starts from $4,500/month.

Let’s have a look at the pros and cons of using Ukraine as an outsourcing destination for custom development Dynamics 365 enterprise resource planning ERP.

Advantages of hiring a Dynamics 365 developer in Ukraine:

  • A highly qualified and skilled pool of IT professionals including Dynamics 365 developer for hire
  • Over 30,000 engineering and IT graduates joining the present pool of 184,500 IT professionals annually
  • Ukraine stands 20th in the AT Kearney Global Service Location index
  • Follows European standards of qualities
  • Offer great work attitude powered by professional-grade management services
  • Offers one of the competitive prices in the region
  • Offers dedicated Microsoft Dynamics 365 consultant at a fixed price
  • Transparent contracts without any hidden charges
  • The geographical location is very attractive for the enterprises operating in Europe, North America, Africa, and the Asia Pacific region
  • Time-zone of Ukraine overlaps with the working hours of all major countries worldwide
  • Option for choosing the right company from a large pool of over 1,600 IT companies
  • Offers visa-on-arrival to over 128 countries and 64 countries are free from getting visas
  • Best data protection laws for enterprise and personal data

Limitations of finding Microsoft Dynamics 365 developers in Ukraine:

  • Prices are slowly climbing up
  • Reduced managerial control over the teams
  • Culture difference

Comparison with major destinations
If we compare the quality to price ratio offered by the IT companies in Ukraine with the major IT markets like the USA and the UK, we will find that Ukraine is the best choice to choose for hiring a Microsoft 365 developer. Hiring an MS Dynamics 365 developer in the USA would cost you about $120,000 and in the UK, it will cost you $69,674. But, hiring a Microsoft Dynamics 365 developer in Ukraine will cost you just $2200 per month maximum for hiring a mid-level Dynamics 365 expert. The quality of software development outsourced to Ukraine can be compared with the quality of those countries.

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Why to Choose Mobilunity as a Microsoft Dynamics CRM Development Company

If you need experienced Microsoft Dynamics 365 developers to work on your software, Mobilunity is right here to give you a hand. Having more than eight years of experience in software development of different scales in various IT fields, Mobilunity can help you to hire Microsoft Dynamics 365 developers and create software in no time. If you need Microsoft Dynamics 365 for financials, sales, marketing, customer service, or any other field, a dedicated team of Mobilunity programmers is ready to assist you with the project.

Ukraine is a hub of over 1,600 professional IT companies that offer Dynamics 365 and other software development services. Mobilunity is one of the leading IT service provider companies that offer the best Microsoft Dynamics consulting that make it stand out from the others.

  • It offers highly competitive prices without any hidden charges at all
  • A talented team of highly qualified, skilled, and experienced IT professionals
  • Faster development with reduced time-to-market
  • Offers dedicated teams to work wholly solely on your projects
  • Offers great work ethics and work culture
  • Offers high-standard qualify of Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement coding and integration services
  • Offers flexibility to scale-up and scale-down your development team quickly
  • The company has experience in dealing with the complex MS Dynamics 365 projects
  • Offer full control over the technical team powered by the professional management team on the ground
  • Offers great customer support to create a great user experience
  • Maintains the high standard of work quality that matches the industry standards and best practices

Contact Mobilunity today and get a dedicated team of Microsoft Dynamics 365 programmers starting working on your project shortly!

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