Hire Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement CRM Developer

Microsoft Dynamics CRM is a software package developed by Microsoft. It manages the company’s interactions with current and future customers. The technologies are used for automation, organizing, and synchronization of marketing, customer service, sales, and technical support. Dynamics CE consulting and implementing helps to reduce costs and increase the profitability of the business. It organizes and automates processes, which help to find loyal customers.

Microsoft Dynamics programming helps to create intelligent business apps, which help you to engage new clients, build the relationship, optimize operations and grow your business. Microsoft Dynamics CRM developers use the underlying platform for building and extending applications. If you need a customer relations management application for empowering your business, attracting and hiring the best employees and building a network of loyal customers – Mobilunity offers a range of development services if you need to hire CRM developers.

Microsoft Dynamics App Development

CRM applications help the business to meet the goals of the customer relationship. They are customizable and scalable – it helps to sustain all customer records in one place, even if the company is rapidly growing. Dynamics 365 CE consulting helps to adapt the application to the needs of every particular business. The main goal of the application is to maintain the client’s data in a way, every employee in the company has access to it, and the benefits from every department can be easily leveraged. It is mostly developed for client servicing and sales departments.

Hire CRM Specialists for Microsoft CRM Consulting for Business

The consulting for a successful business starts with an in-depth analysis of the management capabilities of the client. After that, the consultants gain the possibility to improve interaction with customers. The consulting helps to get an image of the optimal CRM solution which meets your companies needs. The full cycle of the consulting services includes:

  • Business analysis
  • Platform customization in the cloud and on-premises
  • Custom Microsoft Dynamics development
  • Training of the users
  • Support and maintenance

The customized system helps to systematize data, increase sales productivity, improve the alignment between different departments, increase lead conversion rate. Looking for microsoft dynamics ERP consultant? Or wonder how to find a cofounder for your startup? Here at Mobilunity we can offer quilified experts, including professional amazon cloud architect, system infrastructure engineer, Opencv developers and other experts!

Hire CRM Developers for Implementation of the Technology

The server-side code of the system is based on C#. The front end side is written in DHTML with JavaScript and HTML. It also can be based on ASP.NET. The entities and databases are stored in Microsoft SQL Service. MS SQL Server Views are used extensively for providing strong security for Role-Based viewing of the project data in MS CRM 4.0 and later versions. The organization service is built with the use of the WCF, and the synchronization with offline data in Outlook is built on the Sync Framework. In Microsoft Dynamics cost of implementation depends on the skillset of the programmers and scale of work. Adding one simple feature is cheaper than the creation of the system from scratch.

Integration and Migration to the New System

Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement integration services are smooth and seamless – the solution will be integrated into your company applications fast and easy. The system integrates to other applications of the company and brings such benefits:

  • Faster time-to-market and time-to-ROI
  • Increase of the lifetime value
  • More abilities for scaling
  • No need to re-enter data, which was previously captured
  • Optimization of the communication with clients
  • Seamless integration with other Microsoft software

CRM Support and Maintenance by an MS CRM Consultant

Microsoft Dynamics CRM consultant can also help if you need maintenance and support in CRM work. It usually works in two ways: dedicated support and services or shared support and services. The programmers work only with the current install base. The services include enhancement of the products (adding of the new modules, reports and other functional elements) as well as product support and maintenance of the applications (debugging, corrections, production support and coordination of the workflow if needed).

Customization of the Business Decisions by an MS Dynamics CRM Consultant

Microsoft Dynamics CRM customization is an option for you if you need some specific features to make the system fit your business better. It works in three different ways, depending on your requirements:

  • Adding the custom fields to the entities like contacts and leads, if the default form doesn’t meet business needs.
  • Using the existing automation tools to create the specific roles and scenarios, needed for your company.
  • Integration of the CRM services into the non-CRM tools. For example, adding a solution to the accounting software.

Extensions of the CRM System

If you need to integrate data to the surface in the sidebar for contacts, tickets, companies, etc., hire Microsoft Dynamics CRM programmer. The extensions tool allows the use of third-party software inside of the CRM system. It helps to embed the information from different resources into a single system.

Why Extend Team with an MS Dynamics CRM Developer and Dynamics CRM Consultant?

Any development team is characterized by the value it creates for the enterprises for which the team works. A good team should have a dedicated member to understand the business processes, business workflow, and automation of the entire business processes in a comprehensive CRM solution to create great value for the business. To accomplish that, a dedicated CRM developer is very critical. You need a CRM developer for hire to make your development team more valuable and productive.

A CRM developer adds value to the development team by:

  • Providing the touch of business value
  • Offering comprehensive CRM solutions
  • Adding data analytics capabilities
  • Adopting the latest business trends
  • Improving sales through focused marketing
  • Developing great relationships among clients, customers, suppliers, and business partners
  • Automating the entire business ecosystem of the company
  • Customizing the modules with real features that create a competitive edge in the market

Technical Profile of a Dedicated Microsoft Dynamics CRM Developer

All CRM consulting firms hire CRM consultants or hire CRM developers as a key role to help the customers in streamlining and developing the best business modules based on Microsoft Dynamics CRM platform. The role of the MS CRM developer is very crucial for any CRM development company to offer dedicated services to valued customers. The profile of a dedicated Microsoft software developer includes the set of responsibilities and the required skills to accomplish those responsibilities, and the outcome of the dedicated role in modern businesses.

Key Responsibilities of CRM Dynamics developer:

  • Analyzing the desired business processes
  • Developing custom addition and deletion in the modules
  • Developing Dynamics 365 APIs for the integration of third-party tools
  • Designing, developing, testing, and troubleshooting of CRM software application
  • Integration of Microsoft SharePoint
  • Communication and coordination within the team in Agile development ecosystem
  • Working with the Windows Communication Foundation WCF platform for application development and integration
  • Coding software programs with .Net, SQL, C#, Visual Studio, NetCore, and others
  • Troubleshooting the problems in the MS Dynamics CRM and resolving the problems
  • Preparing technical reports and technical training material
  • Creating plugins and extensions on the server-side
  • Integration of CRM with SQL server
  • Integration of Microsoft Azure Cloud with CRM
  • Coordinating with the remotely located teams
  • Developing business process automation and integration of diverse tools
  • Meeting the project deadlines
  • Understanding business requirements and functional workflow of the business processes
  • Should have command over the use of client-facing skills

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Developer Resume Sample

Hire Microsoft Dynamics CRM Consultant in Ukraine

It might be challenging to find the developers, who will create a perfect CRM decision for your company. If you are looking for developers abroad, Ukraine is one of the most popular outsourcing destinations in Eastern Europe. Ukrainian programmers show high skills and have experience in the most challenging tasks. They participate in international projects and create worldwide known IT products. The other important reason to hire CRM developers in Ukraine is the price. If you’re looking for Microsoft Dynamics developer, note that his salary in Ukraine is lower than in the other European and American countries. If you want to find a cost-effective decision for your business, compare salaries in several countries. Remember, that the salary also depends on the skillset of the programmer.

Managing and customizing multiple business process modules of Microsoft Dynamics Customer Relationship Management CRM are highly technical and complex tasks that need expertise, professionalism and the best quality of work QoW. Ukraine offers professional-level Microsoft Dynamics CRM functional consultant and Dynamics CRM architect services for their remote customers. Therefore, Ukraine has become one of the most attractive hubs for IT outsourcing and offshore development center ODC for enterprises across the globe. Top reasons to hire MS Dynamics CRM developer from Ukraine include:

  • Ukraine offers the world-class quality of work in compliant with the international and European industry standards
  • A huge pool of over 200,000 software programmers including consultant CRM Dynamics
  • Ukraine offers a very competitive rate as compared to other Western European and North American countries to hire CRM specialist
  • The location of the country works as a tandem with the North American, European, and Asia Pacific countries
  • A huge software outsourcing volume of over $5 billion powered by a large pool of over 1600 IT service provider companies
  • An attractive spot for startups powered by government initiatives, technical market, and cost-efficiency
  • Hundreds of reputable technical institutes producing thousands of quality software engineers annually
  • Best data protection laws for enterprise and personal data

Find Dedicated Dynamics CRM Developers in Mobilunity

If you want to introduce a functional CRM system to your business and make customer relations more profitable, in Mobilunity you will find the best Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement (CE) CRM consultants. We are ready to perform a deep analysis of your business and offer a system, which will help to bring your company on a new level. Our professionals are ready to improve, scale, maintain the existing CRM decisions, as well as create a new one.

Why to choose Mobilunity to hire CRM developers? You need reliability, quality, competitiveness, professionalism, productivity, and proficiency from a CRM developer outsourcing company to make your project a success. Mobilunity is one of those reputed companies that offer all of the best attributes of a service provider Microsoft Dynamics CRM development company. Mobilunity offers the best MS Dynamics CRM solutions that your business deserves. It offers:

  • A highly qualified cadre of Dynamics CRM engineers that have a proven track record
  • Fully skilled developers powered by the professional experience in the industry
  • Highly trained Dynamics CRM developers in modern business ecosystems
  • Highly competitive prices in the market
  • Transparent and comprehensive contracts
  • Dedicated teams and CRM developers to work solely on your projects
  • 100% project reliability without any excuses
  • Dynamic CRM developers aware of the past and present trends of business and technology
  • A great workspace powered by the state of the art development infrastructure
  • Fully managed Dynamics CRM teams supported by a world-class management team
  • Great security to business and personal data
  • Solution-oriented Dynamics CRM developers and consultants
  • Financial stability to complete long projects without any problems
  • Comprehensive communication mechanism powered by voice, email, chat, video, and collaborative tools and platforms

If you are looking for professional assistance in Microsoft Dynamics CRM development, we have it for you. Hire CRM developers from Mobilunity – contact us now.

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