Perl is a high-level, dynamic programming language. It is also positioned as an interpreted general-purpose language. Of course, you are most likely would prefer to hire PHP and JavaScript developers rather than a programmer who uses Perl. However, there is something to say about it. The first version of Perl was released in 1987. This programming language was developed by Larry Wall as a general-purpose scripting language to make report tasks easier. Since then Perl has undergone many improvements. Until 2009, approximately the number of Perl improvements reached 200 times. There is Perl 6 now. It is more accurate to say that it is still developing. Perl 6 is not considered as a new version of Perl 5, but as an independent programming language. Let’s look at the statistics of Perl popularity in general.

Statistic on Using Perl Among Developers

In 2019, the Stack Overflow service provided developer community statistics. Every month, approximately 50 million people visit this service. Statistics show that almost 21 million of them are professional Perl developers. According to the data for this year, the advanced Perl programming language is on the 25th most popular language. The number of Perl programmers are 4.2% among all users of the resource. Important observation, Perl users among professional developers are also 4.2%.

Why Perl Is Hated by So Many Developers?

The same source Stack Overflow published the statistic based on “likes” and “dislikes” of developers stories. According to these data, Perl and PHP are in top five list of most disliked programming languages. Perl is in the head of the list. For example, one of the reason is Moose, an extension of the Perl 5 object system. The major purpose of Moose is to make Perl object oriented programming more simpler. Reviews of some Perl engineer on the forums say that “Moose is a mess”. Constant error messages, slow startups, etc. The Moose web page was last updated in 2011. One more reason everybody hates Perl is that it is impossible to read somebody else’s code.

Major Advantages to Use Perl

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#1 Perl and Python Are Similar

Python is one of the most popular programming language nowadays. Initially, Python was created as teaching language. It existed, so to speak, for children, until it developed into a serious programming language. Perl is jokingly called adult language. Perl and Python are quite similar. Therefore, it is sometimes the question of popularity. As Larry Wall said “Perl is worse than Python because people wanted it worse.”

#2 Perl Is an Interesting Language

One of Perl slogans is “There’s more than one way to do”, it is also known as TMTOWTDI. Programming with Perl, you do not have to follow strict rules that were approved by someone a hundred years ago. Of course, for junior perl developer, the language will be complex and incomprehensible sometimes, but for senior perl developer it will open a new world of programming practice.

#3 The Most Common Reason

The reason that is often mentioned by developers in various forums is the Comprehensive Perl Archive Network. CPAN is an archive of documentation and software written in Perl. You can find most popular Perl modules which were tested already. It has many test reports.

#4 Perl Is Efficient In Text and String

Perl has ability to process text, using strong features, for example regular expressions. This is a big pros for Perl web developer, and the reason is re-emergence of text files (like .html) as a common language in many apps and systems.

#5 Small Amount of Perl Programmers

As it was discussed before, due to Perl is not popular, there is small amount of programmers who can use it. Therefore, as a developer, you will get the opportunity to get high and satisfactory Perl programmer salary.

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List of the Best Projects With Perl and Their Description

  • LiveJournal — Is a web service where users can keep their blog, diary or journal.
  • Priceline.com — is a commercial website with a headquarter in United States. It is specialized on looking for discount rates for travel. It will help you to find the most pleasant price to airline tickets, trains, hotel stays, etc.
  • BestPractical.com — is a system for tracking and accounting applications of an open source enterprises.
  • Mail.ru — is the largest Russian Internet portal, owned by Mail.Ru Group. The company’s products have a lot of Perl code. They also conduct training courses on Perl development.

How Demanded Are Perl Developers in 2019 Comparing to Previous Years?

According to the Coding Dojo resource research, published in 2017, Perl had a large increase in the number of vacancies compared to 2016. In statistics, Perl 6, which was launched in December 2015, and Perl 5 count as a single language. In 2019, the situation changed slightly. By researching published jobs at Indeed.com, the guys from Coding Dojo found that the number of offers for Perl developers fell by 3,000 units. Analyzing the data for several previous years, it is difficult to say exactly what fate awaits this programming language. Nevertheless, Perl continues to be popular due to its advantages.

Perl Developer Salary in Different Countries

In the USA average Perl developer salary is about $81,000 per year. According to Neuvoo.ca, annual salary in Canada is approximately the same value, $80,000. Web service GlassDoor.co.uk shows that annual Perl dev salary in UK varies between $45,000-85,000. According to different sources, annual salary in Ukraine is between $16,000-22,000, depending on employer, developer experience, and complexity of the project. You can hire Perl developers in China with an annual rate of $25,000 (similar to the rates when you hire Django developer).

perl programmer salary in different countries

Perl Developer Resume Sample

Here you can see generalized Perl developer resume sample.

perl developer resume sample

How Can You Hire a Perl Developer?

Every year the popularity of Perl fluctuates somewhere up then down. It’s hard to guess where it will be in a few years, especially with Perl 6 coming up. However, if you decide to run your project using the Perl language, this is only half the solution. Someone else has to cope with choosing the right candidate for your task.

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