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ReactJS library-based JavaScript programming is in high demand in the global market of web development due to its features, capabilities, and large-scale libraries. A JavaScript programmer resume with professional skills and experience in ReactJS is one of the most sought specialties in the global software development market. React JS is one of the major drivers behind this huge demand for JavaScript in the web development world.

Let’s have a look at different aspects of the React JS, React JS web development services, and the ways to hire React JS coders for accomplishing web development projects. 

An Overview of ReactJS Programming Services

React JS is a highly powerful open-source JavaScript library for developing user interfaces UIs with the help of a professional ReactJS development team. It has numerous features that make it one of the fastest-growing libraries and platforms in the world. It was developed and is maintained by the Facebook community. ReactJS has also increased the demand to hire JavaScript programmer in the marketplace. 

It is extensively used for building real-time applications, single-page, and mobile apps with the help of other supporting libraries. The main reason to hire dedicated React JS developers is to develop highly responsive, interactive, and component-based user interfaces for web apps. The major features of React JS library, which React engineers love the most include:

  • Uses virtual Document Object Model DOM
  • Component-based library with support for JSX file extensions
  • Faster component rendering to an element in DOM
  • Faster reconciliation of data on any page in real-time
  • Supports Redux for faster development of ReactJS-based apps
  • One-way data-binding capabilities
  • Simple-to-use and high-performance
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The Popularity of ReactJS and React JS Developers for Hire

According to the Stack Overflow Survey 2020, React JS is the 2nd most loved JavaScript platform with 35.9% of the developers of the best React.JS team favoring it in the study. React JS is very popular for many reasons such as technical features, performance, and faster development. But the main reason, which makes React JS such a popular library is the innovative ideas it comprises.

“React JS is not popular for the virtual DOM or other features, but it has got such traction in software development due to its being packed with the innovative idea at the time of launching it. The implementation detail of React JS but virtual DOM and likes overshadowed the real reasons of popularity”

© Dan Abramov, a React expert, writer, and blogger

With the launch of React JS in 2013, the popularity of this library skyrocketed. It started overtaking many popular JavaScript frameworks and libraries. According to the latest statistics from SimilarTech, in July 2020, more than 1,073,625 websites are online across the world that uses React JS library in their respective UI development. The year-over-year growth of the React JS platform in recent years is huge with the other JS frameworks comparison. According to the SimilarTech information, the top 5 countries that use React JS the most include:

  • United States
  • China
  • Indonesia
  • Russia
  • United Kingdom 

The greatest number of websites using React JS powered by a ReactJS development firm or developers is concentrated in the USA. The number of ReactJS powered websites in the USA is over 203 thousand followed by China with 110 thousand websites, Indonesia 40K, Russia 37K, and the UK 28K. The other major countries that have sizable websites powered by React JS library and freelance front end developers include India, Japan, France, Canada, Brazil, and others. 

The top websites that use React JS library as a core technology for their web interfaces include:

  • Yahoo.com
  • Bbc.co.uk
  • Yandex.ru
  • Facebook.com
  • Cnn.com
  • Amazon.co.jp
  • And many others 

Computer, electronics, telecommunication, science, education, arts, and entertainment are the top domain of industries that hire remote dedicated React.JS developer teams for their developing websites and web applications.

The demand for professionals for ReactJS development outsource is huge in the market. More than 3077 active jobs are available on just one Glassdoor job portal. Thousands of companies are searching to rent a React coder for their respective projects round the year. With the increased demand, the cost to hire React JS developers is also soaring high in the market continuously.

Top Reasons to Hire React JS Programmer and Use ReactJS Extensively

It has become a major trend to hire dedicated React.JS developers in modern web development in 2020 whether it is a ReactJS app development company or any other enterprises dealing in modern web technologies. The main reasons to hire ReactJS developer offshore or on-premises are the benefits it offers to the enterprise. Top 5 benefits offered by the React JS library along with its major downsides are mentioned below. 

Top 5 Benefits for Choosing ReactJS

  • Extensive reusability. React JS offers a high level of reusability through powerful capabilities of components, which can be used as an independent piece on any user interface without disturbing any other parts.
  • Fast rendering. Faster implementation of changes in the interface and values with the help of virtual DOM, which acts as a copy of the real DOM and calculates the effective changes and then compares the real DOM and updates the changes only. This increases the efficiency and performance of rendering significantly.
  • Huge community support. A powerful community powered by the Facebook developers and many others contributing to React JS open-source library. The number of supporters is continuously increasing.
  • Effective code maintenance. It offers faster debugging and error-free smooth operation due to the ability of one-way data binding, which travels from top-to-bottom to offer easier debugging. React JS supports a large number of tools for testing, designing, debugging, app development, and other activities. React JS is also SEO friendly and offers greater stability in the code.
  • Huge competitive edge. Creates substantial competitive-edge by increasing ReactJS dedicated team productivity through faster development, reducing development cost, and reducing time-to-market, and improving the performance of the websites and web applications.

Cons of ReactJS

  • The steeper and tougher learning curve
  • Unstructured documentation
  • Features change very fast
  • Too fast development to catch

ReactJS offers great benefits to the enterprise in achieving the most innovative web solutions that create great competitive-edge over the competitors.

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Responsibilities and Qualifications of an Expert React JS Engineer

Almost every web development company is searching to find ReactJS developer with the required skills to accomplish the UI development job. Web development is changing so fast and React JS changes even more drastically. The qualities and set of responsibilities will play an important role for hiring a suitable developer. Let’s figure out the main responsibilities and qualities of an expert React JS developer.

Responsibilities of React JS Developer

  • Designing the latest and trendy user interface that are in compliant with the web development standards
  • Developing codes for highly responsive and interactive user interfaces UIs and their components with the help of React JS library
  • Implementing workflows through Redux and Flux container tools for application development
  • Building web components that are reusable and can be re-implemented in the future
  • Component optimization for better performance and efficiency in different environments like browsers, cross-platform devices, and others
  • Implementing ECMAScript guidelines and specifications
  • Creating Restful APIs for communication with different platforms
  • Understanding of the customer business requirements and converting those non-technical stories into the technical manifestation of web code 
  • Carrying out comprehensive testing form the beginning of the code
  • Committing codes in depositories like Git, GitHub, and others
  • Debugging code for errors and improving the performance of the code
  • Documentation of code and updating any changes in the code
  • Coordinating with the development team and clients for technical updates and presentations 

Qualifications of an Expert React JS Developer

A highly qualified React JS developer should possess the following major qualities to qualify for being hired at higher rates in the marketplace.

  • Must have command over React JS library and its fundamental principle
  • Should have strong technical knowledge of HTML, CSS, JavaScript language
  • Commanding grip over workflows like WebPack, Flux, Redux, and others is necessary
  • Experience of user interface designing for the latest trendy websites is highly required
  • Need to have strong hands-on experience in building Restful APIs for web implementation
  • Proven expertise in developing different types of reusable components for user interfaces is a must
  • Hands-on expertise on different tools for testing, debugging, implementation and other functionalities and activities such as Immutable JS, Babel, NPM, Mercurial, Git, and others is highly needed
  • Should have command over developing and implementing virtual DOM, Real DOM, ECMAScript, JSON Web Token, code versioning, documentation
  • Should have effective interpersonal communication, time management, and project management skills
  • Must possess creative thinking and team management skills 

Seniority-Based React JS Developer Resume Samples 

Senior ReactJS Coder CV Example


  • Expertise in technical skills like React JS, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and other web technologies
  • Expertise in MySQL, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, and other databases
  • Designing of complex web solutions out of detailed-oriented sets of business requirements
  • Supervision of cross-functional team and task management
  • Deployment and performance testing of complex web environments
  • Developing and monitoring software development projects and complete SDLC 


  • 5+ years of experience in designing and developing new user interfaces and web applications in React JS and JavaScript environments
  • 5+ years of experience in successful designing, development, and deployment of ReactJS-based projects
  • 5+ years of experience in customer requirement handling and developing suitable technical solutions to achieve 100% desired results
  • 3+ years of experience in integration of front-end and back-end environments along with database solutions
  • 3+ years of comprehensive experience in deployment of end-to-end web development solutions based on different development stacks of React JS platform
  • 3+ years of experience in team leading role for UI end-to-end solutions 


  • Master’s degree in Computer Science
  • Diploma in Software Project Management

Average Cost to Hire React.JS Programmers in 2020 in Different Countries

The React JS developer salary is continuously increasing for quite a few years now due to the consistent growth of demand for the programmers. The average salary to hire a React JS developer in different countries is added below:

  • USA: $92,232
  • UK: $78,528
  • Switzerland: $127,011
  • France: $50,879
  • Ukraine: $27,200*

*Ukrainian salaries are provided based on Mobilunity’s Recruitment Team research on the local job markets. All salaries are net and do not include the service fee (in case of hiring on a dedicated team model). The salaries are provided for comparison purposes and could be not entirely accurate. Contact us to know the exact cost of hiring a developer corresponding to the required parameters.

Switzerland and the US are the most expensive countries to hire a ReactJS developer followed by the UK and France. To hire React developers in Ukraine is one of the most competitive options not only in terms of cost but also in terms of quality of tech-talent. Hiring React JS developers from Ukraine can save you up to 6 times of development cost in Western Europe and other countries.

Why Working with a React Developer Ukraine Is One of the Best Options for Businesses?

React JS developers Ukraine are highly qualified, skilled and tech-savvy people. Thousands of software and computer graduates pass-out from top universities and institutes of the country. Ukrainian developers are very well-known for their technological acumen and management skills. What is more, the cost of hiring JavaScript developers with ReactJS skills in any ReactJS development company in Ukraine is very competitive as compared to many software outsourcing hubs. There is a huge demand for hiring remote React JS developers in Ukraine from the clients across the globe. At the time of writing this piece of article, more than 661 jobs for ReactJS developers are available on LinkedIn and more than 50 jobs are available for React Native on the DOU job portal. 

The average cost to hire developers has become a new trend in the field of the software outsourcing industry. Hiring React JS developers in Ukraine offers you great benefits; a few of them are listed below:

Benefits of Working with ReactJS Development Services Providers in Ukraine

Software development outstaffing is an attractive model in the modern software industry. A large number of React JS development outsourcing and outstaffing destinations have emerged in the global marketplace. Ukraine is one of those bright-spots for hiring dedicated tech talent. To hire ReactJS development company in Ukraine for dedicated development services has become a new standard in many European and North American companies.

ReactJS outsourcing, outstaffing, scaling dedicated remote team for nearshore as well as offshore offers a huge saving on development cost, substantial improvement in software quality, and sizable reduction in release time-to-market. It is a more reliable hiring model than hiring freelancers from job boards. A freelancer can go-away at any point in a running project, thus increasing the risk of project failure hugely. Using professional React JS development outstaffing services of IT talents from Ukraine means costs reductions, fewer risks, direct access to React.js coders through web-based tools, working with dedicated React.js engineering team solely devoted to your project.

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In the nutshell, Mobilunity is a suitable option for both scaling up and building the ReactJS development team from scratch.

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