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Nowadays, E-commerce enabled buyers and sellers to connect and transact online, allowing customers to easily browse and purchase the products of different stores through their mobile phones or computers. Whereas physical store customers used to be confined to the local community, e-commerce has extended the reach of businesses to entire countries.

Salesforce Commerce Cloud Developers

To aid in online shopping, several e-commerce platforms are available to provide convenient e-commerce services to businesses and customers alike. One of the more popular platforms is the Salesforce Commerce Cloud Demandware, and in this article, we take a look at this platform in great detail.

Overview of Salesforce Commerce Cloud Development

Released as Demandware in 2004, Salesforce Commerce Cloud (SFCC) is a cloud-based platform that provides e-commerce services to retailers around the globe. It aims to unify all essential software needs of retailers into one tool and streamline the user experience of online shoppers from browsing, to purchasing, to post-sale services. It was acquired by Salesforce in July 2016, prompting the name change. Since the acquisition is fairly recent, the name Demandware is still in use by many to refer to the platform. The Commerce Cloud platform has two branches: the Commerce Cloud Store and the Commerce Cloud Digital.

Commerce Cloud Digital & Roles of a Salesforce Certified Commerce Cloud Digital Developer

This component of Commerce Cloud Demandware aims to bring the best possible user experience to online shoppers by providing a unified online store application that is optimized for different platforms. Among its defining features are:

  • Powerful and Modern Storefront Application – Commerce Cloud Digital enables retailers to quickly build their storefront applications with modern, mobile-responsive designs, rich features, etc.
  • Full Customizability – These applications can be fully customized to fit the retailers’ needs by adding features such as rating and review systems and loyalty programs.
  • Search Engine Optimization – Hiring Salesforce developer maximizes the visibility of the storefront application on the web by ensuring that it appears in search results on different search engines.
  • AI-Powered Commerce – Commerce Cloud Digital uses Salesforce Einstein, Salesforce’s own Artificial Intelligence technology, to provide personalized product recommendations, customer behavior predictions, etc.

Commerce Cloud Store & Roles of a Salesforce Demandware Developer

This in-store component of Commerce Cloud unifies everything retailers need to operate their physical stores into a single cloud-based system. When you find Salesforce developers, you take advantage of these features:

  • The core point of sale software – This is the main software used by stores to facilitate customer purchases and transactions.
  • Mobile point of sale system – It allows performing various functions on mobile devices as they interact with customers.
  • Unified store operations – The platform offers in-store operations such as inventory monitoring, cash management, back-office functions.
  • Endless Aisle – This feature gives Salesforce Cloud consultant access to the system inventory so they can offer out-of-store items to customers.
  • Commerce Cloud Digital Integration – Commerce Cloud Store integrates seamlessly with Commerce Cloud Digital, fully unifying in-store and online shopping experiences.

Website analyzer BuiltWith reports 7,980 businesses using Demandware on their websites and the help of Salesforce certified developers. Among the countries that use Demandware and Salesforce Commerce Cloud consultants, the most are the United States, China, the UK, Canada, and Germany.

Built with Screenshot of Physical Locations of Businesses Using Demandware

Salesforce Developer Certification as a Must-Have for a Salesforce Developer for Hire

The Demandware Developer Certification (now – Salesforce Commerce Cloud Digital Certification) is awarded only to Demandware developers and Salesforce developers for hire who exhibit mastery of the skills that Salesforce deems necessary to be capable of properly using their products and maximizing their functionalities to the fullest. This certification ensures that, when setting up and maintaining their Salesforce Commerce Cloud (SFCC) systems, companies seek help only from Demandware developers who have really proven to be competent in Salesforce programming when they want to hire a Salesforce Marketing Cloud consultant, Salesforce integration developer or Salesforce Marketing Cloud developer.

Demandware certification had several tracks and levels, such as Developer, Advanced, and Architect certifications, but since its acquisition by Salesforce, there’s now only one certification for all Demandware developers and Cloud developers for hire. To acquire this certification, a Demandware developer and Commerce Cloud digital developer must have at least three months of experience with the system and must pass the Salesforce Commerce Cloud Digital Certification Exam. This exam tests the abilities of a Demandware developer and a Salesforce contractor in many areas governing the platform, including:

  • Understanding of how Salesforce Commerce Cloud (SFCC) works
  • Ability to use the Demandware Open Commerce API, or Demandware OCAPI, SOAP/ REST web service
  • Ability to use Demandware Script API packages
  • Ability to create JavaScript controllers in applications with MVC architecture

Salesforce Development Project Examples & What a Certified Salesforce Developer Remote Is Capable of

Take a look at the types of projects that Demandware developers and Salesforce Commerce Cloud developers are typically involved in.

  • Initial Development of Salesforce Demandware Application. If you are thinking to look for a certified Salesforce developer for hire, you need some set of junior Salesforce developer remote skills. One of the first tasks businesses would require from a Demandware developer would be to create their e-commerce application from the ground up using the Demandware tool. Check these examples: Full-stack development of a Demandware e-commerce application and Building an e-commerce website for an active wear brand
  • Modification/Extension of an Existing System. Demandware developers and Cloud developers for hire may also be sought to modify or extend the functionalities of existing systems. This may be done by utilizing Salesforce Commerce Cloud’s APIs and creating JavaScript controllers. Examples are Demandware site customization and script extension and Salesforce Development of Image Scanning Mechanism for a Shopping Site.
  • Integration with External Systems. Businesses that use Demandware development may also use other third-party systems for their other business functions, and they may want to integrate these systems with their Demandware application to streamline their business operations. Examples including the integration of Demandware with Payment Platform Splitit via a Plugin and the integration of Demandware with Amazon Alexa.
  • Demandware Consultancy (Salesforce Commerce Cloud Consulting). Businesses may also seek Demandware developers and certified Salesforce developer for hire not necessarily for Salesforce programming work, but for the best Commerce Cloud consulting. Examples are including consultancy for Demandware with Magento experience and consultancy for an E-Commerce Project with Demandware Expertise.

3 easy steps to hire Demandware developers

Salesforce Demandware Integration & Why to Hire Salesforce Integration Consultant

Let’s look more closely into Demandware integrations that retailers typically seek a certified Salesforce developer remote for. Take into consideration the skills of a Salesforce integration consultant who is a big help when it comes down to your company’s processes optimization and performance improvement. Here are some of the common ones.

  • Demandware Salesforce Integration (Salesforce Demandware Integration) – Salesforce Commerce Cloud (SFCC) is just one of the many services offered by Salesforce, and it may be integrated with other Salesforce services, such as its Community Cloud and Marketing Cloud services.
  • Magento Demandware Integration – Magento is another e-commerce platform that competes with Demandware. Some retailers may have existing Magento systems that they want to integrate with their Demandware systems, and these two platforms may be smoothly integrated.
  • Demandware PHP Integration – Several websites are written in PHP, especially those built using WordPress, a website builder and content management system based on PHP. Retailers may want to integrate their PHP websites with their Demandware systems.
  • Demandware Hybris Integration Hybris is another e-commerce platform that also provides product content management services. Retailers that use both Hybris and Magento may want to integrate the two systems for a smoother experience.
  • Demandware Java Integration – A lot of websites are also written in Java, and many SOAP and REST web services are written in this language, so integrating Demandware systems with Java systems may be in demand for Salesforce Commerce Cloud developers.

Reasons to Hire Salesforce Developer Remote

Salesforce Commerce Cloud (SFCC) is a cloud-based system designed to help companies track consumer demands and improve online store performance. What is the benefit of the SFCC developer or Demandware certified developer in this employment?

  • You save your time: an experienced SFCC developer and Salesforce Commerce Cloud consultant not only maks your site work but also improve its functionality and appearance.
  • You save your finances: by working with a certified Salesforce developer for hire and Demandware certified developer, you reduce the cost of hiring other specialists.
  • You protect your reputation: the high-quality work of a Salesforce contractor makes impossible unpredictable situations that can undermine your reputation.

Salesforce Developer Roles and Responsibilities

Teams of Demandware developers and Salesforce developers for hire are typically sought to help set up and maintain the Demandware systems of businesses. These Salesforce consultants including Salesforce implementation consultants are knowledgeable with the Salesforce Commerce Cloud (SFCC) software systems and are able to:

  • correctly configure them based on individual business requirements,
  • extend or modify their functionalities by developing scripts,
  • integrate these systems with external applications,
  • troubleshoot common problems with the software, and
  • optimize the system’s performance on different platforms.

To become a legitimate Salesforce commerce cloud developer, however, one must first be certified by Salesforce itself. However, this kind of certification is required for any Salesforce implementation consultant as well. By hiring a freelance Salesforce consultant you can be sure that you will receive a unique set of instructions, fit particularly for your situation and in accordance with other processes within your company.

Certified Salesforce Developer Resume Samples

To give you a clearer picture of what background and skillset to expect from Demandware developers, here are some typical certified Salesforce developer resume samples.

CV#1 – Senior Salesforce Developer Resume


  • Analysis of business requirements of various retail stores to come up with well-planned architectures of their e-commerce systems
  • Creation of controllers and use of Demandware OCAPI to extend functionalities of base Demandware systems
  • Demandware Salesforce integration into applications with email services, online payment systems, and order management systems
  • Modification of Demandware application logic related to products display pages, cart saving, and checkout processing


  • Demandware, Java, Controllers, Pipelet API, Spring, Struts, JavaScript, JQuery, CSS, ISML, HTML, XML, AJAX, Eclipse, SVN, GIT, ClearCase, Lotus Notes, Lotus Designer, Windows, Unix, Linux, Mac, MS-DOS

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CV#2 – Middle Salesforce Developer CV


  • Salesforce development of online shopping web application for a clothing store with loyalty account and return/exchange features using Demandware
  • Demandware development for a hotel chain with Demandware Salesforce integration to payment platforms such as credit cards and PayPal
  • Enhancement of existing Demandware systems of various brands to add functionalities and integrate with third-party systems


  • Demandware, JavaScript, SVN, Git, Agile, Linux, Scrum, HTML, HTML 5, CSS, CSS3, JSON, XML, REST, Web Development…

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CV#3 – Junior Salesforce Developer Resume


  • Integration of payment methods to Demandware applications
  • Configuration of site preferences and creation of job schedules in Demandware web applications


  • Demandware, Pipelines API, JavaScript, JQuery, CSS, HTML, XML, ISML, SVN, Eclipse, GIT

Salesforce Certified Developer Salary Comparison Worldwide

One of the primary concerns when hiring Demandware developers and Salesforce consultants are the costs. Let’s compare certified Salesforce developer remote salaries in different countries and see which country it would be wisest to hire Salesforce developer from. In this comparison, we use PayScale, which gives us self-reported gross annual salaries in different occupations, and we examine the certified Salesforce developer remote salary as well. The typical salaries of Salesforce developers for hire (Demandware developers) are thus:

Though when you are turning to Salesforce integration consulting expect these numbers to go a little bit higher, as a Salesforce implementation consultant job is a lot more complicated than certified Salesforce developer remote and requires a broader set of necessary skills.

Comparison of Average Annual Cost to Hire Salesforce Developer Remote from Different Countries (Sources: PayScale and Mobilunity)

Note that the above values are Demandware developer salaries for those who deal with Salesforce Demandware integration. When choosing Salesforce developers for hire from Demandware outsourcing or outstaffing companies (offshore Salesforce development), you will usually have to pay significantly more than if you hire Salesforce developer offshore in Ukraine, as some of your payment will go to the outsourcing company. Meanwhile, in Ukraine, our middle Demandware certified developer or a certified Salesforce developer remote may be hired for only $4,200 per month, or $50,400 per year.

How to Hire Salesforce Contractor: Ways of Finding a Skilled Salesforce Developer

When it’s time to hire Salesforce consultant or your company needs to hire Demandware programmer, you might face a few obstacles such as the lack of talent pool of Salesforce developers for hire in your city, high average salary Salesforce certified developer rates, lack of responsibility and flexibility of Cloud developers for hire. Nowadays, there is more than one way to hire Demandware engineer and hire Salesforce programmer who will be able to successfully implement the Salesforce platform architecture, namely organizing an in-house Salesforce development team, cooperating with Salesforce freelance developers, or signing a contract with an offshore Demandware development company.
ways to hire salesforce team
#1 Hiring in-house SFCC Demandware developer. This method is about hiring a Salesforce Demandware programmer according to your location. Your future Salesforce development team will be more engaged in the work process. However, an in-house certified Salesforce developer remote costs a company a lot, as you will have to organize a working place for each member of the Salesforce development team. Also, it may be hard to find Salesforce developer remote or Cloud developers for hire with enough qualifications within your country.

#2 Finding a freelance Salesforce contractor. You will get access to a large pool of Demandware development talents and will be able to find the best-suited Salesforce expert or Salesforce consultant for your business needs. However, hiring a freelance Salesforce consultant is the less secure option as a Salesforce programmer may just disappear one day if you start working with not a reliable one.

#3 Outsourcing implies hiring staff for Demandware implementation in your project. It is cheaper than direct Salesforce developers hiring but still requires cost expenditures. Demandware development outsourcing agencies take all the accompanying coordination, payments of salaries, quality control during helping you to hire Salesforce engineer. Salesforce programming outsourcing is a guarantee of a disciplined team from the unlimited pool of Demandware developers.

#4 Outstaffing. Salesforce Commerce Cloud development outstaffing company specializing in offshore Salesforce development deals with recruiting and onboarding of Demandware developers for Salesforce eCommerce solution, but after onboarding procedures are completed, the company is responsible for communication with the Salesforce development team of remote Salesforce developers. The employer controls every phase of the Salesforce development process and receives access to an unlimited talent pool of Salesforce developers for hire. It provides Salesforce programmers with a powerful and skilled workforce for Demandware development and Salesforce eCommerce integration.

Salesforce Development Outsourcing to Ukraine & Why to Hire Salesforce Developers Ukraine

Ukrainian Demandware developers and Salesforce certified developer are highly ranked worldwide, thanks to their top-level expertise in Salesforce programming and dedicated approach to every project Salesforce developers Ukraine undertake. Ukrainian Salesforce Commerce Cloud developers for hire have been on the marketplace for many years, thus, gaining versatile experience in Salesforce implementation and Demandware development. Also, a Ukrainian Salesforce certified developer proved to be aware of all the latest changes, upgrades, policies, and innovations related to Salesforce Commerce Cloud development. Thus, you are assured of getting a well-done Demandware eCommerce project according to the most recent advancements in Salesforce development. Also, being conveniently located in the middle of Europe, with Salesforce developers for hire and Salesforce consultants speaking English, Ukraine acts as the most convenient location to outsource to a Salesforce development company or take advantage of the best Salesforce Commerce Cloud providers.

reasons to hire Salesforce developer or demandware developer in Ukraine

Choose Mobilunity to Hire Salesforce Developer or Salesforce Certified Consultant

Why is it worth hiring a Salesforce commerce cloud consultant and a Salesforce programmer at Mobilunity? Here are the clear and concise points that will convince you to hire Salesforce Commerce Cloud developers here by turning to our expertise:

  • Certified SFCC developers and consultants;
  • 9+ years on the global IT market;
  • Experience with Salesforce Commerce Cloud (SFCC);
  • Dedicated attitude of each certified Salesforce developer for hire.

If you want to hire a Salesforce developer, keep in  mind that our Salesforce expert team deals with CRM integration, CTI integration, customized automation, custom Salesforce development, Salesforce technical implementation, and more!

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