What’s the Point of Hiring Scala Developer Remotely

The Scala programming language is Java Virtual Machine (JVM) language platform that incorporates both the functional and object-oriented computer programming in it. This language was launched in 2003. It is one of the most powerful languages commonly used for the development of machine learning and other artificial intelligence projects. You can employ Ukraine developers to complete your project through remote teams at very low cost.

Let’s have a deeper insight into the reasons for its popularity, availability of Scala web development programmers and the reasons to hire Scala developers remotely.

Scala Programming and Scala Programmers

According to the information in the Stack Overflow survey report, the Scala development platform is the fourth most loved programming platforms in the Scala engineers’ community. The survey also finds out that the Scala platform is the top paying technology in the USA market. The Scala web framework has many powerful libraries like saddle, breeze, epic, and pucks, which are commonly used for numerous functions in the machine learning and data science projects.

Benefits of Using Scala Web Development

Numerous features and capabilities of Scala language made it one of the biggest competitors of Java language in the marketplace. The major benefits of using the Scala web development platform include:

  • Built on the JVM, it offers full operability and compatibility with the Java language
  • Offers powerful capabilities of code optimization and speed
  • Incorporates both the functional and object-oriented programming into one single powerful platform
  • It is one of the clean and organized languages in the marketplace
  • It is comparatively easy to code as compared to Java or other backend platforms
  • Offers highly advanced functions and features like pattern matching and string comparison
  • It is well-documented language that attracts the new developers for easy learning
  • Offers highly featured and rich API library
  • The actor library helps solve the concurrency issues faster
  • It is perfect for the solution of domain-specific language (DSL) related issues
  • It can be used for numerous types of projects like SaaS, desktop apps, Scala Android development, machine learning programs, games, mobile applications and others
  • Scala developers are in high demand so they earn more than many other languages.

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What Projects Require Scala Web Development Knowledge?

Scala framework is a general purpose language with many great features that make it one of the popular object-oriented cum functional programming languages. You can use numerous libraries and the JVM platform capabilities to develop many kinds of Scala applications. The major projects that need the knowledge of Scala language include:

  • Distributed applications
  • Concurrent programming
  • Machine learning applications
  • Data science applications
  • Virtual reality (VR) applications
  • Big data analysis applications
  • Gaming and multimedia applications
  • Software as a service SaaS applications
  • Android application development
  • Desktop applications
  • Web applications
  • Web APIs

The Scala was originally developed to bridge the gap between object-oriented programming and the functional programming. In that pursuit, Scala is becoming very successful in all domains of the software programming.

Scala Developers – Demand and Amount in the IT Market

According to the Google Trends, the demand of Scala is consistently increasing for the last 5 years. Meanwhile, the IT JOBS WATCH information suggests that there is a regular increase in the demand for Scala developers in the UK market. The Scala developer salary is increasing substantially in the marketplace

popularity of scala web development

According to the Stack Overflow survey cited earlier in the article suggests that the Scala programmer salary is the second top in the US market with an average salary of over $125,000 per annum.

In the O’Reilly survey 2015, it was found that demand and salary of the Scala developers have increased tremendously in the past couple of years. Thus, the demand for the Scala developers along with the spark users will remain high in the coming years too.

The demand of Scala is increasing, according to the Scala Website information; there is one job of Scala developer against the four Java developer jobs. The salary of a Scala developer is normally 20% higher than a Java developer in the marketplace.

7 Major Reasons for Hiring the Scala Developers for Software Projects

The Scala programming language is one of the powerful languages that are getting strong roots in the IT industry nowadays. The increasing popularity of the language, there is an increased demand of the Scala developers in the marketplace. There are many good reasons for the increasing demand of Scala developers as mentioned below.

hire scala programming fpr software project

#1 Comprehensive Solution

Scala platform is a comprehensive software development platform suitable for all kinds of projects. It uses the simplified version of Java syntax, bridges the gap between object-oriented and functional programming and is compatible to run on the Java Virtual Machines JVM. All these features make it one of the most comprehensive platforms for developing business solutions for all domains of industries. The powerful Java libraries make it even more suitable for high-level software programming. This platform is also very suitable for developing Android applications and APIs by using powerful JavaScript functions. The creation of a great user experience through end-to-end digital signage solution is one of the core capabilities of this platform.

#2 Powerful Interoperability Capabilities

Interoperability of Scala with Java tools is great; for instance, you can easily convert the JSON node to Scala based JSValue. Similarly, Scala is compatible to run over the JVM. The syntax of the Scala is driven from the Java syntax by removing lengthy and messy structures.

#3 Increasing Cluster Computing Programming Projects

The number of the cluster computing programming projects is increasing in the marketplace. Apache Spark is one of the leading clusters-computer programming languages, which is compatible with the Java, Scala and other major backend high-level languages. According to the official website, it offers great features and functionalities including 100 times faster processing speed, multi-platform execution and much more. The developers prefer to use the power of this platform to develop solutions for the complex cluster programming. This trend of using Scala for cluster computing projects will remain high in the marketplace.

#4 High Demand for Machine Learning Projects

MLLib is a powerful machine learning library build in Scala. It is extensively used for the development of machine learning software solutions in the marketplace. There are hundreds of powerful machine learning algorithms written in this powerful spark-based library. Those algorithms are capable to develop the comprehensive machine learning software tools for the businesses. Another powerful tool based upon Scala platform is DeepLearning.Scala, which is used to create neural networks for deep learning.

#5 Big Data Projects

According to the Statista information, the present global revenue of the big data market stands at about $42 billion, which is expected to cross $103 billion marks by 2027. Owing to this huge growth in the big data market, the demand of big data projects has increased tremendously. The Scala developers are perfect for the big data development projects because of the powerful capabilities and features of the spark and Scala platform. According to the Knowledge Hut information, Apache Spark is one of the top 5 big data processing platforms in the market.

#6 Scalability

As the name implies, Scala language is highly Scalable and the precise style of computer programming. You can use both the OOP and functional programming to run on the JVM. This provides a huge flexibility and Scalability in the development of numerous kinds of applications in the IT industry. Any feature that works well in short software applications can also be scaled up in the large software ecosystems more efficiently and effectively.

#7 Open Source Platform

Scala is an open source platform, which is supported by a large community of the developers, programmers, and experts. The open source platform is always a big point of attraction for the software developers because it is free of cost and offers full flexibility and freedom to play and improve the platform. It does not charge any fee for using the platform. Many developers, small businesses, and startups always like the open source platforms. The possibility of improvement in the capabilities and features is huge in the open source systems and the users are not locked in at all.

Due to the above mentioned 7 main reasons, the businesses and companies should prefer to hire the Scala programmers to develop their software solutions. There is a huge shortage of Scala developers in major software markets, so it is a very good idea to hire Scala developers remotely from Ukraine and other countries using software outsourcing company.

Salaries of Scala Developers in Different Countries

It has been observed in all major IT markets that both the demand and the salaries of a Scala developer are increasing substantially. The difference between the salaries of Scala developers in different countries is also huge. Let’s have a look at the average salaries of Scala developer in a few major countries.

scala developer salary in different countries

The Scala developers from Ukraine are very well known for their talent, skills, qualifications, experience and quality of work they provide to their customers all over the world. Ukraine is becoming one of the fasted growing software outsourcing destinations in the Eastern European countries.

Final Takeaway!

Both the demand and salaries of Scala developers are increasing substantially in all major countries of Europe and North America. The companies in those countries are already struggling to find the right Scala developer in their respective markets. So, it is a great idea to hire Scala developers remotely from the Ukrainian companies like Mobilunity. It offers:

  • Dedicated Scala developers at very competitive prices
  • Highly skilled developers to offer the great quality of work
  • Fixed prices without any hidden charges
  • Full control over the development team
  • Powered by a professional management team
  • Guaranteed project success within the budget limits and a deadline

If you are looking for highly skilled, qualified and experienced Scala developers for your AI, VR, Multimedia or any other projects, contact us now to get a professional level of support!

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