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Square developers help companies develop payment gateways to facilitate payments. For the average small business, finding the right Square developer can seem like a daunting challenge. Square development is a highly specialized skillset developed over many hours of real-life project work. A Square developer is a specialist that helps companies integrate Square technology in their apps, websites and payment gateways.

Square is a payments software provider and merchant services aggregator. The company has become a popular payments service provider for businesses. According to Investors, Square now has about 3% of a $26 billion US payments market. Square services mainly small businesses. In recent times, however, the company has been making efforts to reach larger businesses. For users, the company’s efforts to broaden its services by offering small business loans will be welcome news. When it comes to finding developer talent, however, Square’s customers face a significant hurdle.

Tips on How to Find the Right Square Developer

The best Square developers are able to demonstrate their skills across a range of tasks involved in using the Square payment gateways. In particular, a developer should be able to develop robust code to interact with Square’s APIs. These include the eCommerce API, the Point of Sale API, as well as other utilities available in the company’s APIs. The developer must know the appropriate programming language. Common programming languages supported by Square client libraries include Python, Java and Ruby. Your developer will need a Square developer account, as well as the ability to set up a Square developer localhost environment.

Many organizations use a mix of the following criteria to help find the best-qualified developer for their Square developer support requirements:

skills every square payment developer should have
  • Previous Square Experience. Experienced developers tend to produce better quality work for your payment system development. However, they can be harder to find, and charge higher development fees.
  • Coding Test. Coding tests have become standard practice, with a mix of live coding exercises and take-home assignments. According to the State of Tech Hiring 2017 Survey, 68% of candidates have been exposed to take-home assignments as part of tech hiring.
  • Technical Interview With A Member Of The Team. A technical interview differs from a coding test in that no actual coding may be required. However, the interviewer asks the candidate a series of technical questions to discover the candidate’s level of development knowledge.
  • Square Integration Quizzes To Be Completed By The Candidate. Quizzes present smaller problems that do not involve developing a complete piece of coding functionality. Rather, they focus on smaller problems such as correcting a coding error or spotting a possible optimization.
  • Behavioral Interview. Use this to assess right fit between candidate and company. Behavioral interviews can assess a candidate’s broader ability to solve problems and be a part of the team. Cultural fit is a useful characteristic that behavioral interviews can identify.

Some of these approaches will be familiar to you if you have been involved in recruiting for other positions in technology companies. Behavioral assessments help you determine that you can in fact get along well with the developer. It helps if you both share commonalities in interests, whether that is passion for a particular programming language or coding convention.

How to Hire Square Developer for Your Specific Product

ways of hiring of square developers

Local Hiring Option for Square Developers

Local hiring is a good option for finding the right Square developer for your specific product. A good way to begin is by checking with friends in your network if they know any Square developers. Developers that come with reputable mutual recommendations tend to possess good social skills, which can help them succeed within your organization. This is particularly valuable since they can contribute in your company for the long term.

Hire Square Developer Freelance as a Second Option

A popular venue for finding freelance developers is to post your requirement on popular job boards such as Github Jobs or StackOverflow Careers. Other job boards like Remote OK cater exclusively to remote freelance developers. Freelance developers can be useful on smaller projects where the scope is straightforward and you do not mind the additional management effort required.

Outstaffing Option for Hiring Square Programmer

Alternatively, you can reach out to outstaffing companies, which may be outside your immediate geographic location. Outstaffing is a great option for finding highly skilled developer talent. With outstaffing, you can get a dedicated team whose skills have been vetted by the outstaffing company. In addition, since the outstaffing company manages the developers, you can expect a more consistent quality of output. Companies seeking to enhance their analytics capabilities and immersive experiences can benefit from a data scientist for hire and an XR engineer, who together can unlock valuable insights and create cutting-edge extended reality applications.

When evaluating outstaffing firms, you can check the firm’s past projects and confirm the organization’s skills in developing payment gateways. It helps greatly if you can find an outstaffing firm which has performed work on a product very similar to yours. For example, if your business is an eCommerce store for fashion, finding a firm with previous experience in this type of product helps make your project successful.

Square Payment Developer Required Skills

Technical skills in Square development are essential in evaluating a Square developer. You can begin with coding assessments, and then move on to assessing cultural fit. For example, if you are a PHP shop, hiring someone whose main language of choice is Java might prove problematic in the future unless the candidate is willing to be very flexible. If you are a Ruby shop, you want to hire a dedicated Rubyist or even hire Stripe developer who can fit into your culture with minimum fuss.

things square developers should know

Why Stripe Developers Can Be Useful as Well for Your Business

Stripe is another payment gateway provider. Stripe is part of the Forbes Cloud 100 for 2017, a list of top tech companies that make doing business in the cloud easier. Stripe developers can be useful in businesses and startups for integrating Stripe systems into business applications. Stripe’s APIs help you accept credit card payments. According to its website, Stripe is now available in 25 countries. The company has streamlined its tools to make developing Stripe payment gateways easier.

How Mobilunity Can Help With Your Square Development Needs

Mobilunity is a premier outstaffing vendor for software development services. We provide remote developers in any technology to different businesses around the world. When looking to hire software engineer, Xamarin developers you can expect a dedicated team web development Ukraine who are committed to delivering high-quality solutions tailored to your specific project requirements. For Square development, Mobilunity helps clients get reliable payment gateways developed for their businesses. The company has worked with a geographically diverse client base, stretching from Europe to North America. Mobilunity clients reach out to us to find world-class development for Square and Stripe payment gateways without breaking the bank. The solutions you get are secure, highly stable, and reasonably priced. If you need development across other technologies, our team of design and development experts is available to assist you.

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