How Much Does It Cost to Hire Dedicated Developers

With the wide range of tools and unlimited access that technology provides, skilled professionals and experts are all the more easier and faster to hire. Even better, businesses are now able to hire dedicated developers to work with them on their projects. Dedicated development teams, or DDT, are remote team of engineers or developers with a range of skills that are hired for long-term projects. These virtual teams are committed to completing any project – website, game, or application – and enables to have full oversight of the process, and remain mobile.

Reasons to Hire Dedicated Developers

Hiring a remote team of dedicated developers may seem intimidating, managing a team itself is daunting, but we found that the advantages of having a dedicated development team pays off in the end. The advantages outlined below would give you a pretty good idea on why you should hire dedicated developers of your own.

reasons to hire dedicated developers


No more searching for individual remote developers, the team comes as a package! Get in touch with a project manager or a member of a team, and you are set to work on your project. The fact that the team is remote, or a virtual team, does away with office space rent or other necessities in setting up local teams, reducing costs.


With control of the project secured with the project manager, there is a streamlined direction of where project is going. With this in place and established communication and coordination among the team, they are able to quickly respond and address changes and issues that may come up along the development or maintenance phases.

Diverse Skills

With dedicated development teams being highly valued, these teams have built up diverse skills and expertise in working with various projects and addressing unique and varies issues. These then provides you with a dedicated team of professionals with diverse skills.


With dedicated development teams, oversight of the project, its goals, objectives, and flow, are handled by the project manager, which can either be the client or a separate project manager. With a clear leader steering, the dedicated developers are focused on achieving the set goals and objectives of the project.

Cost of Hiring Dedicated Developers

Despite all the advantages of having dedicated development teams, cost is always a factor in the decision making process. In line with this, outlined below are just some of the countries and the average dedicated developer wages that they offer.

dedicated developer wages

Apparently, it is most practical and cost-effective to hire dedicated web developers in Ukraine, contrary to other countries around the world.

Where to Hire Dedicated Development Teams?

Having the advantages that dedicated development teams have, these remote teams are assuredly widely-sought after around the world. From the cost of developers from the various countries listed, the most practical and economical option to hire dedicated developers is to hire from Ukraine.

reasons to hire dedicated development teams in Ukraine

  • Among the top 5 outsourcing countries in Eastern Europe
  • Ranks 4th globally with the highest number of IT specialists, .
  • Over 90,000 skilled IT professionals and more than 1,000 IT companies in the country, and is predicted to grow even more by 2020.
  • Nearly 20% of developers have over 7 years experience.
  • With a remarkable 99.7% literacy rate.
  • 40.2% of IT professionals have fluent English skills, 38.6% have intermediate level.

With a combination of quality pool of skilled developers and cost effective prices, to hire dedicated web developers in Ukraine will benefit you the most!

Quality Work And Dedication Make Successful Projects

hire remote team of engineers at Mobilunity

Hiring dedicated development teams ensure that you have a team of experts and professionals committed to achieving your goals until the end of your project. Dedicated development teams are best suited for complex and time-consuming projects, projects needing technical maintenance over time, or projects that require the use of multiple third-party services, technologies, or frameworks. Mobilunity can provide you expert dedicated development teams, with expansive skills, and are committed to attaining the goals and objectives of your project.

Mobilunity will provide you with the dedicated development team best suited to your project needs! And at a manageable cost!

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