Marketing Automation with MS Dynamics for Marketing

Developments in technology have seen the emergence of affordable marketing automation tools such as Dynamics 365 for marketing. Even small startup businesses are having to retain an in-house MS Dynamics engineer to help customize, configure, and implement Dynamics Marketing integration. Dynamics 365 for marketing is a purpose-built marketing app that offers businesses all the tools required to build rewarding business relationships and execute successful marketing campaigns. Along with that, the Microsoft Dynamics Marketing tool uses the highly-effective Common Data Model, making it easy to store and share data with other apps.

What Does It Take To Set up MS Dynamics 365 for Marketing?

Build Cross-Functional Teams

As mentioned above, the synchronization and the single centralized repository are some of the key pillars of Dynamics 365 apps. This eliminates the need to set up multiple, single-purpose data mappings and database connectors, as well as allow different teams across different departments to work under a centralized system and share data and processes. By leveraging this Dynamics Marketing integration, the sales and marketing departments are able to access the same information, making it easier to collaborate throughout the entire marketing and sales funnels. 

Give the Salespeople Discretionary Powers to Allocate Campaign Slots Appropriately

MS Dynamics Marketing 365 enhances the contact entity by allowing the salespeople to add or remove contact records in the system. Giving the discretionary powers to the sales allowing them to align the customer’s needs with specific campaigns helps redirect them to marketing campaigns that they resonate with.

Limit System Access & Control as Needed

Dynamics 365 Marketing incorporates a huge catalog of marketing entities including emails, pages, journeys, and much more. Depending on the level of engagement, limiting access permissions helps streamline processes and eliminate time wastage.

Share Marketing Results and Insights

Another key element in the successful setting up of Dynamics CRM Marketing automation is to share results. Using the collection of analytics, graphs, and KPIs, the sales and marketing teams are able to gauge the performance of their various marketing campaigns as well as how the market is responding.

Cost of MS Dynamics 365 for Marketing

When it comes to the cost of MS Dynamics you can purchase it as a standalone service at a monthly charge of $1,500, which covers up to 10,000 contacts, and an extra $250 per month for 5,000 additional contacts.  Alternatively, you can choose to purchase specific apps and build your own customized solution, whereby the D365 development cost varies with the development company.

Whether it’s Microsoft Dynamics email marketing or mobile app marketing automation services you are looking for, partnering with reliable MS Dynamics CRM marketers can make or break your marketing efforts.

How Mobilunity Can Help in D365 Implementation for Marketing

If you are looking for Microsoft Dynamics Marketing help or assistance with Dynamics NAV construction implementation, Mobilunity is a trusted IT partner that specializes in providing dedicated teams of talented developers with expertise in various technologies, including MS Dynamics. Our model of allowing clients to directly manage and maintain their processes have helped us deliver outstanding, custom-tailored digital solutions for businesses world over. We also work with advanced technology stacks, making it easier for our clients to scale their products in the future.

If you are looking for expert assistance in Microsoft Dynamics email marketing, mobile app marketing automation, and any other MS Dynamics Marketing development solutions, contact us and let’s discuss your project!

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