Ways of Hiring Talented J2EE Developers

A consistent demand of Java developers prevailed in the marketplace for many past years. According to the EOLAS recruiting firm, it has been facing some kind of shortage of Java enterprise edition developers for a few years now.

Java 2 Enterprise Edition precisely J2EE is a software development platform based on a set of numerous standard specifications for web services as well as for distributed computing programming. The applications developed on this platform run on the runtime to handle security, transactions, component management and scalability. This is an enhanced version of the Java Standard Edition platform commonly referred as J2SE.

Popularity of J2EE Developers’ Platform

According to Google Trends based on searches recorded in 2016, the J2EE lags as compared to Java EE and the Spring Framework throughout the years. Similarly, the J2EE trends were far behind the Java software platform due to an exponential increase in the Node.js demand. Many experts in the industry believe that the popularity and the demand to hire Java developers will decrease slowly and consistently.

interest in outsource java developmentInterest in J2EE based on Google Trends

Similarly, the trend of Java J2EE developers demand in the UK market decreased by over 81 jobs, as per IT JOBS WATCH statistics during last six months of 2016. Despite decrease in the demand, there was a little increase of about 5% in the average of Java developer salary. The further statistics suggest that there is a little increase in the demand of J2EE web development engineers with graduate or higher degrees and field experience in application J2EE programs.

A huge decrease of about 27.69% in the median salary of both the junior J2EE developers and junior Java developers (J2EE) was noticed during the past six months. The other jobs that sustained decrease in median salary include J2EE designers, J2EE programmer and graduate J2EE developers. The demand of eclipse for J2EE developers is on the sharp downslide in the industry due to many issues related to bugs and instability.

Pros & Cons of J2EE Web Development Platform

Java 2 Enterprise Edition is one of the powerful and highly rich featured web development platforms commonly used in different kinds of web services and applications across the globe. Although, there are many other good web development platforms like .Net and others, which are giving a tough competition to this platform in the marketplace. The J2EE architecture consists of multiple technologies and specifications to build professional grade web based applications.

According to an interview of chief technology officer published in Tech Target technical portal, both the J2EE and .Net platforms are very capable of creating mission critical web based services. There are many powerful features and tools in Java 2 enterprise edition platform that are very suitable for developing web services. Among such tools, the IBM’s Web Sphere Studio Application Developer 4 is one of the important tools to create great web services.

J2EE Platform Pros

The main advantages of the Java 2 enterprise edition are listed below:

pros and cons of java enterprise edition


  • Offers great enterprise class features for load balancing, fail-over and session management
  • Supports numerous great tools, which are perfect for the creation of professional grade web based services
  • A comprehensive platform consisting of many technologies, framework and specifications
  • It is very suitable for the development of distributed enterprise system
  • Supports numerous computer languages – both scripting and programming languages
  • Supports HTML, XML, SQL, JSP, Java and other languages at one place
  • Supports a huge library of open source functions
  • Compatible with almost all world wide web consortium (W3C) standards
  • Offers capability to support the cross platform portability, which means you can develop web services that work equally well on all other platforms
  • Offers big and strong deployment base on the server side
  • Very useful and efficient for the integration of legacy systems like connecting IRON to mainframe through IBM’s Web Sphere web development tool that works well on J2EE platform
  • Java 2 enterprise edition is a multi vendor solution, which provides openness and freedom of choice
  • Very suitable for vertical scalability of your existing traditional infrastructure
  • Powered by Sun Microsystems and its partners, which are big names in the marketplace
  • Suitable for bigger and complex projects that consist of high transaction, volumes and complexity

J2EE Platform Cons

The major disadvantages of Java 2 enterprise edition platform include:

  • It is highly complex and technical platform along with its associated tools
  • Incurs huge training cost for learning tools and platform itself
  • The workflow is slow and complex that lead to delayed projects
  • Certain limitations of Java Swing Environment for building GUI interfaces
  • It is comparatively costly for software application projects as compared to some other platforms
  • Not so good for low volume and low transaction software applications
  • The availability of freelance Java developers, junior Java developers and remote Java developers is depleting, as the market of J2EE is on the downslide for a few years now

Availability and Tasks Performed By Java J2EE Developer

The demand of Java/J2EE coders is still in good conditions, though it is declining a little in year-on-year comparison, according to IT JOBS WATCH analysis. Meanwhile, a consolidated job market analysis for the Java/J2EE developers appeared in JAXCENTER magazine, which provides a deeper perspective on the availability and demand of the Java J2EE developers. According to this report, Switzerland, Norway, USA, UK, Denmark, India, Germany, Canada and Sweden are among the top 12 countries where the demand of Java developers is still high. Java/J2EE, SPRING, Hibernate and struts are among the top demanded skills in the marketplace. At the time of writing this article, there were more than 3900 Java J2EE developer jobs on only.

Java/J2EE Developer Tasks

The main tasks performed by a Java/J2EE developer – whether a freelance Java developer or dedicated Java developer – can be generalized as listed below:

tasks of j2ee developer

  • Developing specifications and code of the application
  • Testing codes debugging and documenting
  • Coordination with manager, client and other stakeholders
  • Developing an effective application J2EE architecture
  • Devising application performance strategy
  • Assess and synchronize the application design and project deliverables
  • Implement and maintain compliance requirements for applicable standards
  • Evaluating and modifying the J2EE applications
  • Maintaining high quality of code and application
  • Implement application functions based on JavaScript technology
  • Implementing code into the production environment and providing support to operations people
  • Development of business related J2EE requirements
  • Creating instructions for designs, implementation and operations
  • Testing and verification of J2EE architecture pertaining to security, stability, scalability and portability and interoperability
  • Designing and implementation of multiple programs, modifications, revisions and subsystems
  • Consistent improvement in the design and architecture of the application

Java Developer Salary Comparison

The salary comparison of Java developers across the top 5 countries is given below based on the information on the PayScale website.

java developer salary in different countries

J2EE Programmer Resume Samples

The samples of three levels – entry, middle, senior – resumes of J2EE developers are given below:

Junior J2EE Developer Resume Sample

junior java developer resume sample

Middle J2EE Developer Resume Example

middle j2ee developer resume example

Senior J2EE Developer Resume Sample

senior j2ee developer resume sample

Ways to Hire Java Developers

There are three main ways to hire Java programmer online or outsource Java development resources through a third party contract.

  • Local Hiring: This is a traditional way to hire Java programmers
  • Freelancing: In this hiring procedure, the remote Java developer is hired through freelancing websites
  • Dedicated teams: In this way of hiring, the concept of outsource Java development is applied to hire a third party contractor for a complete development solution or task

hire java developer at mobilunity

Why to Hire Java Programmers

Web development has become so professional and industry specific that no amateur developer can accomplish the task professionally. So, to survive in this cut-throat competitive environment, you need to hire professional Java programmers to provide you with the best quality web services. You can hire the high quality Ukrainian dedicated Java developers at Mobilunity for very affordable prices.

Contact us now for highly qualified and professional class Java J2EE developers for your web service development projects at very affordable prices!

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