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Administrative Service is a Core of Dedicated Development Teams Model

A core of Dedicated Development Teams service is an Administrative Service consisting of HR, payroll management, workplace administration where applicable, and IT Helpdesk.
A major thing differentiating a professional Dedicated Teams Provider from someone in projects outsourcing business who runs “outstaffing on people at the bench” is not DNA alone, but rather a service Design that assumes a set of processes propagated through each and every XX clients your Vendor has, and another set of processes specifically built for each and every clients of theirs. This is a tons of intelligent work enabling low operational expenses (as down the road, our model must save significant costs to the clients), yet supporting high organizational level of their business.

One thing I am excited about is that we as organization are put in position of adopting some of the unique and customly-built processes some of our clients have, and often we see an ability of shifting these processes from “custom level” into lower-costing “mass appliance level” to be working in one way or another on all clients. So, we permanently get requests and inquiries from 40+ sides of our clients, on how to make their Remote Team Operations better to them, and we not only do those for the party inquired, but often – scale this to many else clients benefiting from our organizational ability to adopt the right things fast and effectively.

This way, our whole clients community is always playing on each of our client’s sides. Check and mate my friend! :)

p.s. we are organizing an International Chess Tournament this month for our clients, their onsite and remote teams. And we hope to see great minds battling on a chess field very soon!

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