IT Outsourcing in Poland: Demand and Supply?

Every day businesses are facing new obstacles due to the increased life’s tempo. Modern realities require companies to come up with new solutions that would allow them to stay competitive and at the same time profitable. Let’s be honest, this is not the easiest combination to pull off. However, the last decade brought business owners quite a few options that they were craving so much for. One of those options is called outsourcing.

In Europe especially popular became IT outsourcing Poland. Poland outsourcing is advantageous due to a number of pros over the countries of Western Europe, which will be discussed in this article.

Outsourcing and Its Role in the IT Community

These days it is hard to find a person within the IT industry, who would not have heard of outsourcing. This way of doing business became a huge hit during the last couple of years. To cut it short, outsourcing in business means hiring an outer contractor (be it a smaller company of a single freelancer), who, you delegate a part of your company’s tasks. It is never core tasks or something that would require your constant attention. In most cases, companies outsource routine jobs like software development or code writing.

Why do companies outsource? If you think about it, outsourcing brings many benefits to your business:

  • Cost reduction
  • More options for hiring
  • Faster execution process

IT Outsourcing in Poland: An Overview

Years ago, Poland was one of the last countries you would think of when speaking of IT outsourcing. However, now the situation has changed. Today, according to one of the latest research papers, Poland holds the 3rd place among all countries in the list of the best developers. Combine that with low rates of Poland developers and you will receive the best possible country for outsourcing. This is something leaders of major companies thought of before making IT outsourcing in Poland so popular lately. However, there are other reasons for you to turn to some outsourcing company Poland has to offer:

  • Stable economy. For the last couple of years ‘software outsourcing Poland’ became a ‘real thing’, which greatly affected the country’s economic state as the international investments started sinking in.
  • Big talent pool. There are thousands of IT graduates ready to become a part of your strategy of IT outsourcing in Poland. Not only you will receive qualified specialists, but they will also have a profile education, which is always a double win.
  • Data protection. Poland is a European Union country and software development Poland has to offer is strictly protected by its laws. Therefore, you can be sure about your data safety while passing your software outsourcing to Poland.
  • Dynamic growth of the IT industry. As discussed previously, Poland is among the most promising countries in the IT industry so it will be easier to find developer Poland can offer these days.
  • Cultural similarity. The level of software development Poland has is not the only good thing about it as this country’s culture is very much similar to those countries that tend to outsource their jobs to it.
  • English proficiency. Programming is a field where most of the communication is done through using of profile terms. Mobile app development Poland programmers are dealing with or be it any other IT job – English proficiency is a must.
  • Low costs. Software companies in Poland, as well as sole contractors, usually charge less, comparing to other European countries, it makes outsourcing development to Poland more beneficial. With Poland programmer salary, you will be able to significantly reduce your expenses.

As you see, software and iOS development Poland has to offer these days have many advantages which makes it appealing for companies of all sorts to outsource there.

Software Outsourcing Poland vs Ukraine

These two countries seem to be leading when it comes down to outsourcing practices in Europe, however, which one is the best? For years Ukraine had been one of the best in Eastern Europe for outsource and nothing really changed since then. What distinguishes it from all other countries? First of all, it is the number of specialists that are currently available for hire. If you look for outsourcing company Poland has to offer, you will see, that generally, the number of Polish programmers is higher. According to the latest research, there are more than 270.000 IT specialists in this country and the number is growing day by day. While Ukraine can only provide 185.000. On the other hand, Ukraine has lots of high education institutions that prepare certified IT specialists each year. According to this data, there are 13 technical universities in Ukraine while Poland can only provide 10. Finally, the last but definitely not the least thing to consider – the cost. Ukrainian economy state has been rough lately which resulted in a decrease in wages. This way if you want to hire developer Poland has – know that in Ukraine you could do that cheaper.

IT Outsourcing Services: Poland and Ukraine



EU Member Not a member
Number of programmers 270.000 185.000
Number of tech high education institutions 10 13
Payment per hour $43 $35
Frontend developers (Angular, React) Mobile developers (iOS, Android) Backend developers (PHP)
Poland developer salary $43/per hour $51/per hour $29/per hour
Ukraine developer salary $35/per hour $45/per hour $25/per hour

Having discussed all the advantages of Ukrainian outsourcing services and after the rates comparison of software developers Poland and Ukraine, it would be fair to say that as the owner of the company you would definitely consider Ukrainian outsource companies as your main option.

“Hire Developer Poland” or “Hire Developer Ukraine”: Which One Is Your Best Option?

Usually, when people speak of outsourcing in Europe, especially its eastern part, they keep in mind two variants – software development outsourcing Poland and Ukraine. While any software development company, Poland located, would be glad to offer you its services, you cannot neglect those wonderful opportunities, presented by Ukrainian outsourcing community:

  • Number of developers. Both these countries have a big pool of tech talents, otherwise, these two would not be the most popular outsourcing destinations. This is mostly due to the large amount of high education institutions that provide both these countries with profile IT specialists. For example, the University of Warsaw in Poland or Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute in Ukraine. The last one is considered to be one of the best in Eastern Europe, by the way.
  • Level of education. According to the research conducted by, more than half of all Ukrainian programmers have high profile education, while in Poland those numbers are a bit lower.
  • Prices. As discussed previously, Poland IT developers for hire are good but Ukraine is without a doubt a winner in this category. However, if you take a look at software developer salary Poland has to offer, you will also see that it is lower than at most of the European countries.
  • Hard skills. According to this data, if you decide to hire developer Poland located, you can be sure that he or she is proficient in such programming languages as PHP, JavaScript or Ruby. On the other hand, Ukrainian developers present you with a wider range of opportunities – Java, JavaScript, C#, PHP, Ruby, and many others. As we can see, software developer Poland is a good specialist but Ukrainian one doesn’t lag behind if he doesn’t even overtake.

Outsourcing Company Poland or…Ukraine?

After everything that has been said you probably realize, that in terms of Eastern European outsourcing practices you have pretty much two options – to hire developer Poland based or Ukraine based. IT outsourcing companies Poland offer many possibilities but why not choose Ukraine with the same quality level but for lower costs? We say that Ukraine is your best option in this case. This country offers a wide variety of companies that you can outsource your tasks to. One of those companies is Mobilunity. Why would you consider working with them? There are several reasons for you to do so:

  • Low costs
  • Transparent prices
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Fast hiring process
  • Experiences specialists
  • Many resume options to choose from
  • Convenient location

Mobilunity is one of the best outsourcing companies Ukraine has to offer. It has been on the market long enough to know how to deliver results in the fastest and best way possible. So when you outsource your project to them, you can be sure, that it will look exactly as you intended it to and all your ideas will be brought into life.

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