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How to Keep a Remote Development Team Engaged

This post is a slight extension of my recent post on Linkedin about how we keep the teams engaged while staying all remote. As, if you want to hire a remote development team – you still would want one to stay with you for years!

Keeping 200+ people united, feeling they are being taken care of, and keeping the ties to each other, to us and the Client? We are on it, daily.

There is a closed employees-only facebook group we have for #MobilunityPeople where we joke, share news, communicate – not essentially about work. We do not have much of rules there, it is just a chat group for anything that others may like and enjoy.

Since the very start of home lockdown, we run tons of virtual activities for our girls and guys.
The recent one got a good participation rate, and it was about guessing an adult by the kid’s time photo.

A collage below reflects the game progress a bit.
How many right matches would you build? :)

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