Global Team Management Checklist

Social distance is the biggest challenge when it comes to managing global teams, according to the Harvard Business Review. Social distance is created by the physical separation between team members in global teams. Yet, overcoming this and other challenges opens up businesses to the many advantages of global teams, including:

  • accessing big new markets
  • diversity of perspectives
  • expanding the talent pool available to the business

Global Team Management Starts With Successful Virtual Teams

To be successful in global team management, you need to make sure you have the right team on board. A good IT outsourcing team will involve experts in software development, design, and other support services that move your project forward. In hiring these experts, you have some options such as:

  • Doing a search, yourself, in a geographic area e.g. Ukraine, Eastern Europe, or India
  • Procuring the services of a corporate recruiter
  • Advertising your need for a global team and inviting requests for proposal (RFPs).

successful virtual teams

Advantages of Offshoring/Dedicated Team Model

If you want to save up to 60% in comparison with outsourcing, you should consider the offshoring/dedicated team model. Whereas outsourcing locally can help you work more efficiently, global team management with a dedicated team brings even more advantages, including:

  • Save money on labor costs
  • Access world class talent that can bring you skills unavailable in your local area
  • Adopt a global team culture that helps you when creating products for global markets
  • Conduct your operations closer to markets, if your product is tailored to customers around the globe

According to Forbes, the list of large businesses that have turned to outsourcing continues to grow, and now encompasses the following companies as well.

  • WalMart – the retail company is expanding around the world, recruiting new employees in offices globally
  • General Electric – electric company now has a majority of its employees in overseas locations
  • Caterpillar – the heavy equipment manufacturer has vastly added to its man count in offshore offices

In order to get the most from outsourcing services, you need to make use of the best strategies for managing virtual teams. Below, we give you a checklist of global project management practices used by successful virtual teams.

reasons of it outsourcing with mobilunity

Checklist For How to Manage Virtual Teams Effectively

  • Select the best tools for managing a virtual team – You should use online collaboration tools that facilitate digital work with distributed teams. According to ratings by Capterra, Atlassian and Basecamp lead the market for project management.

global project management population

  • Use analytics tools to measure return on investment – To make sure you are getting the most bang for buck, you should track the results of the outsourcing services you use.
  • Benchmark virtual management against global leaders – Are you more or less effective than global organizations that lead your industry? Benchmarking can help you spot room for improvement.
  • Invest in opportunities for growth – Don’t be late to invest in growth opportunities. For example, with big data becoming a source of growth for many businesses, now is a good time to incorporate it into your strategy.
  • Partner with reputable outsourcing organizations – When sourcing resources globally, partner with the highest quality organizations you can find. The results you get will be much better than if you always choose the lowest cost provider.
  • Create two-way communication between central and remote offices – Have regular interface meetings between management and remote workers so they can share their ideas with you.
  • Involve management at the grassroots –Ideally, your top decision makers can take time off to visit your remote teams and make sure they are aware of issues or challenges confronting your teams.
  • Adopt meritocratic team management practices – To improve efficiency of resource allocation, take a meritocratic management approach. Playing favorites can worsen the challenges of managing virtual teams.
  • Move fast and break things – Mark Zuckerberg’s famous mantra for making progress on software can help you get projects completed faster. Keep distractions and process to a minimum so work can get completed.
  • Take care of customer care and product quality – Always in your outsourcing, keep the end user of your products in mind. Enforce strong quality control so your global teams can produce work that meets standards.
  • Forge productive competition between teams – Competition, in the right quantities, can spur your organization to accomplish more.
  • Seek constructive criticism from your team – Tesla CEO Elon Musk advocates seeking constructive criticism to improve the leader’s quality of ideas.
  • Be transparent with the team – Hedge fund manager Ray Dalio is famous for adopting a standard of radical transparency with his team. His team is noted for exceptional results.
  • Set clear objectives – Unless you make clear what your global team should aim for, chances are, they won’t hit the target. Give them clear targets and objectives.
  • Give incentives for your team to excel – Motivate your remote teams to do their best work with incentives such as bonuses for the top performing team.

strategies for managing virtual teams

Mobilunity Can Improve Your Development At Lower Cost

Located in Ukraine and with customers all around the world, Mobilunity is a leading provider of I.T. outsourcing services. Mobilunity is highly skilled in implementing critical projects globally. If you need a software development team, along with design and data analytics, Mobilunity can help. The company has dedicated teams and experts with experience in ecommerce, open source, app development and other areas.

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