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How to Manage Your Remote Team from Different Timezone

A standard setup – the client is located in radically different timezone (lets say in the US west coast) working with the team in Ukraine and Eastern Europe.
There must be a period of time planned in advance to intersect with the team. Seems that at the most convenience this overlap will be 2 or maximum 3 hours.
What conclusions the Nearshoring (argh this won’t be NEAR, that’s an Offshoring) Vendor should make and what advice to give to their client?
1. Must-be requirement to the teams (both sides of the Ocean) – they got to be on premises, or be available from homes, as these 2 hours are the only time to collaborate
2. Team Meeting time fits in here, obviously. If these are daily meetings – most common routine we see on our 40+ clients – of course these meetings should be planned for this time slot
3. Feedback procession. May it be a code reviewed or requirement detailed, or even a task returned back to the originator – as long as these do not touch minor tasks and issues, these feedbacks have higher priority to be seen, understood and, if needed, clarified, than anything else that may be solved during “off-overlap hours”

The team on a side A should put its focus to collaborate and interact with the team of the side B during such hours. This means it is advised no “onsite meetings” are ever planned for these hours, as the Company TALKS and COLLABORATES (between various offices) that time.
If everything else might be planned during else parts of the day – this setup will be effective at least on the design level.

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