Average Data Warehouse Developer Salary Worldwide

The main limitation that drives the need for a data warehouse engineer is the need for aggregate information processing. While such queries are rarely needed when responding to a user action such as a profile update, at the strategic management level, aggregate information becomes irreplaceable.

Data Warehouse Engineer Tools

Any large enough enterprise that needs to handle business data will eventually run into the limitations of traditional databases. At the operational level, traditional databases are good for real-time queries. Examples of such solutions include:

  • Oracle
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • MySQL
  • And others

Data Warehouse Developer Resume and Project Types

For example, managers need to know how their sales volumes compare to a year prior, to five years prior, and how they have done in specific criteria over the lifetime of the enterprise. This information is slow to process with a traditional database. Repeatedly running such multifaceted queries involving and aggregating thousands of different records from hundreds of tables necessitates a special purpose solution.

Data Warehouse Developer Skills

Fortunately, data warehouses can handle this special need.  Data warehousing solutions assist in the storage of aggregate data to providing such data for business analytics. Some of the best data warehousing solutions from major vendors include:

  • Informatica – Information integration and warehousing tool
  • Amazon Redshift – Cloud-based information warehousing solution from Amazon
  • Teradata – Data warehousing with parallel processing and advanced segmentation capabilities
  • Oracle 12C – Business analytics and information warehousing tool
  • MarkLogic – A NoSQL solutions for data warehouses
  • IBM InfoSphere – Information warehousing and ETL from IBM

best data warehousing solutions

Why Are Data Warehouse Developers in Demand

Data warehouse developers are now in demand as a result of the several technological advances.

Better Business Decisions

First is the ability of businesses to derive insight from their various business functions. A well-integrated solution offers the ability to make operations much faster and efficient. The centralization of information allows decision makers in a large organization to see where cost or time savings can be obtained. Managers that use the data-rich decision-making approach afforded by an integrated warehouse have the necessary context to make better business decisions.

How Data Warehouse Developer Help Business Intelligence Goals

Secondly, the deep integration of various information systems in a central warehouse makes business intelligence much easier. This requires the skills of a data warehouse developer to provide the data.

Experts with Big Data Tools

A third, but the important advance is the adoption of big data technologies. Large enterprises in industries ranging from manufacturing to digital media now have petabytes of data from their operations. Without a warehousing solution of sufficient power and sophistication, this data can all be wasted. Data warehouse developers are necessary to capture this information, store it, and make it available for use in big data solutions that make the business more profitable.

Data Warehouse Developer Salary Worldwide

The growing need for expert developers that can handle warehousing work for businesses makes this a competitive skill set to recruit for. As a result, businesses in the US, Europe, and elsewhere are offering high data warehouse developer salaries to recruit candidates.

comparison of data warehouse salary

Information from PayScale shows the following figures for data warehouse developer salary:

Data warehouse engineer salary is especially high in the US, Switzerland, and Germany. To save on the high cost of senior data warehouse developer, businesses can look to sourcing talents from areas where hiring will be less costly.

Benefits of Hiring Data Warehouse Developers in Ukraine

Ukraine has important advantages for businesses when it comes to both junior data warehouse developer salary and senior data warehouse developer salary. According to InfoShare, Ukraine has the second highest number of developers in Central and Eastern Europe. This makes it easier to find information warehousing experts and experts in other related areas. For example, Ukraine’s costs for hiring IT experts is much lower than for the other countries in the salary comparison above.

Proximity to European Markets

Besides cost advantages, Ukraine stands out for its location that is very near to other European capitals. For example, London, Berlin, Geneva, and Paris are all within an hour or two of Kyiv’s time zone. This makes communication much simpler for the collaborative development of software.

Highly Educated Developers

Ukrainian developers are world leaders in their fields. A Ukrainian data warehouse engineer resume will typically be accompanied by an advanced degree in science, mathematics, or information science. This is reflected in the high quality of software solutions that they have become famous for. Ukrainian developers have started many world-leading startups such as Whatsapp and Affirm.

Benefits of Hiring Remote Data Warehouse Developers with Outstaffing Model

For working with developers outside your company on complex software projects, there’s a proven model that can improve your results. The problem with normal outsourcing is that many companies experience low-quality end products. The outstaffing model solves that problem.

Control Over The Team

With outstaffing, you do not create a team that works entirely independent of your company’s internal processes. Rather, you hire a dedicated team of developers provided by the outstaffing agency. You can manage this team with the same level of control and insight into the team that you would have over your in-house employees.

Better Communication and Product Quality

With outstaffing, communication occurs more frequently. For example, you can have daily meetings with your team of dedicated developers. As a result, the final software product will be of much higher quality than you might be able to achieve with alternative software development approaches.

The Outstaffing Advantage

The rise of data-centric business processes has created an acute need for data solutions. One powerful approach that improves the business intelligence and analytics available to an enterprise is data warehousing. Salary differences around the world indicate the varying fortunes of employers that need the talent. The cost of warehousing talent is now quite high in most advanced economies. Technology centers in Eastern Europe and Ukraine, in particular, offer a way out of the conundrums of a competitive tech labor market. You can easily hire dedicated developer teams using the outstaffing model. Doing so helps you get better results, at a lower cost than you can accomplish locally.

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