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Hire BuddyPress Developer in Ukraine

BuddyPress Development in 2022: Reasons to Hire BuddyPress Programmer

Buddypress Theme Development

BuddyPress is an open-source WordPress plugin which every WordPress developer for hire is familiar with. Installing the BuddyPress plugin on your WordPress site transforms it into a fully functional social network platform. BuddyPress was first developed by Andy Pealting and bought by Automattic in 2008. It is possible to build a social community on your network and let members interact socially using the features that BuddyPress provides. BuddyPress is actually a series of plugins that provide a variety of different social network features. These plugins work independently of each other giving you the ability to include only the features you want and leaving out the rest. The plugins that come with BuddyPress are:

  • Extended Profiles – Enables the creation of additional profile files for your members to fill out.
  • Private Messaging – A plugin that allows members to make direct contact with each other.
  • Friends – Enables members to create a friend list.
  • Groups – Provides members with the ability to create groups based on topic areas of interest.
  • Activity Stream – Logs all activity for any member, as well as site-wide activity of all members, across the entire network.
  • Blog Tracking – Tracks sites across the entire network down to the latest posts and comments.
  • Forums – Allows groups to create and manage their own forums.

By using or omitting these plugins you can customize BuddyPress to your specific needs. Further BuddyPress customization can be done through BuddyPress theme development and plugins that are available.

Buddypress Developers

Demand to Hire BuddyPress Developer in the Market

Customize Buddypress

BuddyPress developers are people, who can create your perfect social network or forum. They know everything about BuddyPress themes and plugins, so your website would function like Facebook or Twitter. Sounds amazing, right? Hire BuddyPress developers, who do everything possible to create a well-looking social network based on WordPress. It might be easier than creating a social network on a custom content management system, but it isn’t. People always want something new and in the right line. Sometimes it could last a couple of hours to make something like that. Another question is whether are you ready to create a social network on your own? Do you have enough skills to create the website, you’ve always wanted? But another thing is not skills – it’s time. How much time does it take to learn all that stuff about BuddyPress plugins and themes? Believe us, it can take an eternity. Why not use some help in professional BuddyPress plugin development, who are experts in the field and not only create websites for a long time, but love what they are doing! Isn’t it right to create something with pleasure rather than with a feeling of sadness and something like this: “Oh, not this again! Have to start from the beginning!”. Sounds familiar? You need help asap, so hire BuddyPress developers of our company and get it.

Professional BodyPress Developers

Using BuddyPress Developers to Make Different Types of Websites

BuddyPress can be adapted to virtually any type of WordPress website. Depending on the BuddyPress theme you use it can be used to create forums, blogs and groups for business purposes, niche interests, educational uses, charity groups or practically any other use that you might imagine. The following are different types of websites that use BuddyPress:



Shift is a social network for people with multiple sclerosis that aims to create a positive, enabling community for MSers. It is a registered charity.

Feel the Yarn

Feel the Yarn

Feel the Yarn provides visibility to aspiring knitwear designers. The website is the first social network entirely dedicated to knitwear fashion.

Solo Practice University

Solo Practice University

Solo Practice University is a membership site, focused on building an educational and professional networking community for lawyers and law students. It has a number of virtual classrooms and a study group.

UBC Blogs

UBC Blogs

Official blog of the University of British Columbia. The site is designed to support teaching and learning initiatives for student, staff and faculty for the University of British Columbia.There are many options to be benefited from UBC Blogs. For instance you can allow group authoring on a blog, build a course website, provide class webspace development and peer review review of authored content, and provide personal portfolio for staff, students and faculty.



Sheepworld is a German website that sells sheep-designed gifts and postcards.

BuddyPress Theme Development vs BuddyPress Plugin Development

There can be quite a bit of confusion when it comes to BuddyPress theme development or making use of BuddyPress plugin. If you intend to use BuddyPress on your site and doing it without the help of BuddyPress developers you may be unsure as to whether you should go with a theme or a plugin. Before you decide you will need to understand the difference between a theme and a plugin:

  • BuddyPress plugins – Plugins have to do with the function of your site. They add different features that you may want to use.
  • BuddyPress theme – A theme essentially determines the visual aspect of your site. It deals with things like color, layout and how the site appears to visitors.

However, depending on the theme and plugins you use, there can be overlap. Some themes may add features and some plugins may cause the appearance of your site to change. Affordable BuddyPress development usually incorporates both a theme and plugins to achieve the desired goal. The exact theme and plugins you use will depend on the individual situation. One thing to keep in mind is that if you use a theme that adds features, and want to change it later, you will lose those features. When possible it is a good practice to use a theme that can be changed without losing any site functions.

Installing a BuddyPress Theme with the Help of a Skilled BussyPress Expert

There are hundreds of BuddyPress themes you can choose from, both for free and paid versions. Installing themes may vary slightly depending on where you got the theme. The basic steps for installing a Bud theme are:

  • Download the BuddyPress theme of your choice
  • Unzip the theme. Usually, you will see a single folder with the theme you chose
  • Upload the folder to /wp-content/themes/
  • Log in to your dashboard (/wp-admin/) and go to Site-Admin > Themes and activate the BuddyPress theme you chose
  • Once activated, go to Appearance > Themes and activate the BuddyPress theme

These are the basic steps involved and with some themes all that will be necessary. Other themes may require additional steps.

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