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Hire IT Audit Consultant to Run a Full IT Audit

IT audit is a process that assesses the state of the technological infrastructure of the company, its security, reliability, and the continuity of the company’s business processes with it. IT audit companies help businesses stay on top of technology and ensure that all processes are secure, efficient, and use the most advanced tools.

Companies hire an information technology consultant because it is an excellent opportunity to get an unbiased and professional opinion of their IT management system.

The main benefits of an IT audit services are:

  • Evaluation and control of all processes in the company;
  • Opportunity to always stay up-to-date with advanced technology, adapt to innovation, and constantly upgrade IT management system;
  • Prevention of all types of risks, including security breaches;
  • Improvement of efficiency related to IT management system of a company;
  • Assessment of possible implementation of new technologies that can give new opportunities to a business.

It is crucial to find an IT consultant that can offer unbiased and objective reports as well as propositions on future updates.

Types of IT Audit

IT audit strategy includes several areas, such as the audit of infrastructure, business processes, information security, informational systems, and divisions, assets, and resources. Excellent IT audit consultants have wide experience and are knowledgeable in several types of audit, such as:

  • Technological innovation. It includes an assessment of what technologies the company uses, the relevancy on the market, and possible improvements;
  • Innovative comparison. It covers the efficiency of production and compares how well a company can innovate regarding the competitors.
  • Technological position audit  covers assessment of existing used tech tools;
  • Audit of systems and applications, their reliability, and security;
  • Analysis of company’s ability to process apps even in disruptive circumstances;
  •  Analysis of overall IT infrastructure and information processing;
  • Audit of clients-related servers and telecommunications.

The IT audit director can also make sure that all processes comply with the legislative regulations, like GDPR, for example. Companies find a technology consultant to ensure smooth and completely secure processes and information management.

Three Types of IT Audit Professionals

When we talk about IT audit consulting firms or separate professionals, three types of experts can be hired. Of course, their duties and responsibilities are overlapping, but there is a distinction.

Internal IT Auditor

This is a professional that is a permanent employee of a company. Such an expert provides constant assessment and support to all information management processes. The duties include the development and implementation of audit procedures, as well as the establishment of company standards. Another responsibility is to respond to any type of errors promptly.

IT Audit Consultant

Consultants are representatives of external and objective third-party. They analyze and review the infrastructure and define whether it is efficient and compliant with legal regulations.

They also make proposals on possible improvements or adaptation of new technologies that will increase the company’s productivity. Such experts assess everything, from computer networks to security solutions.

IT Audit Risk Assessment

This role might seem very similar to previous ones, but it has its specifics. The main focus is on the evaluation of risks in comparison to standards to estimate an acceptable level. It can be performed both by the company’s employee or a third-party professional.

It doesn’t involve testing of systems but rather their general high-level overview. It is usually performed once a year or any time there is a significant change in the company’s IT management system.

PositionRoles and Responsibilities
Internal IT AuditorAn internal specialist that continuously controls, tests, and upgrades IT systems. Establishes procedures, standards, and processes for internal audit. Respond to immediate errors.
IT Audit ConsultantA third-party professional that analyses IT systems in terms of their efficiency, performance, security, and relevancy. Also defines whether they are compliant with legal regulations. Proposes innovations and possible improvements.
IT Audit Risk AssessmentIt can be a self-assessment or third-party analysis. Focuses on possible risks of IT infrastructure, evaluates them according to standards, and defines the acceptable risk level.

The Role of IT Audit Consultant

IT strategy consulting is closely connected to audit services.  IT audit specialist is a high-profile employee who possesses specific skills to fulfill work duties. Consultants analyze and evaluate the company’s tech infrastructure and make sure it is regulatory compliant, secure, and effective.

  • Education level: Bachelor’s Degree (Preferably in Tech)
  • Professional requirements: Audit Certification
  • Skills: Analytical skills, communication, management, knowledge of tech systems and solutions
  • Job Growth by 2028: 6%
  • The average annual salary in the US: $73,031

A consultant’s duties may vary a bit depending on the industry and specific company, but they always align with IT audit and compliance best practices.

Overall, such specialists start by gathering the data coordinating communication between departments, and analyze information. They provide reports with their findings and make suggestions on what should be improved or changed.

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Career Path of IT Auditor

A person can start their career in audit right after graduation or come to this sphere from other technical positions. It is an often occurrence as IT audit requires extensive knowledge of both new advanced technologies as well as information management basics.

It starts with higher education; most often, IT auditors have a BA in Information technology or Computer Science. To gain experience, many students apply for internships, which are quite valued by employers. Real-life experience is extremely important, and a high-profile consultant should be working in the industry for at least 2-5 years.

A professional also has to gain international certifications, such as Certified Information System Auditor or Certified Internal Auditor for example.

So career path is quite straightforward:

  • A person gets a degree in a related field;
  • Gains real-life experience as an entry-level specialist or intern;
  • Gets professional certification to prove their expertise;
  • Continues to work to have more experience and provide services as an independent expert.

IT Audit Consultant Salaries

Like any other IT position, the salary rates for audit consultants are different depending on location. It is one of the main reasons why many companies look for outsourcing service providers in this field. It is more cost-efficient and gives access to experts that might not be available in their native city otherwise.

CountryHourly Rate

* Based on the data of our internal Recruiting Team

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All salaries and prices mentioned within the article are approximate NET numbers based on the research done by our in-house Recruitment Team. Please use these numbers as a guide for comparison purposes only and feel free to use the contact form to inquire on the specific cost of the talent according to your vacancy requirements and chosen model of engagement.

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