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With the rapid growth of the mobile sector, the traditional programming undergoes serious change. If a website or desktop application was a primary concern for many business entities all over the world for the last 10+ years, we can now see that 2018 establishes a new trend for mobile applications. Based on the market, type of services or the product delivered, business usually has to decide between hybrid or native app (that requires Android and IOS programming). Regardless of the choice made, one will definitely need a mobile application development team. So in order to help you reach the decision, we would like to discuss important aspects of mobile application development services.

IOS vs Android Market Share: Choosing the Mobile Application Development Team to Focus on

The first thing every business needs is the target audience they work with. While choosing an app to begin with, the smartest choice would be to target the primary or the biggest audience. If services are delivered worldwide, here is the map that represents the breakdown between IOS and Android users by country.

what team do I need for for mobile application development

For example, if your clients live in the US and Canada, you would need to hire the IOS development team first. Whereas South America or the European market tend to lean more towards Android-based devices. Below, you can find detailed data on how market shares changed since 2017.

hire ios vs android mobile app developers


As you can see, Android-based devices have lost their positions slightly in the European market but gained positions in Malaysia. So if targeting the Asian market first, you will definitely need the Android development team. Let’s pay attention to IOS market shares.

android vs ios development team

Statistics provided by

As one can see, IOS is gaining more popularity in Europe, however, tend to lose position in Asia.

How Many People Do You Need for Developing an App?

Typically, a bare minimum of a productive team structure looks like this:

  • Dedicated mobile application developer (s), that will be responsible for app development on the client’s’ side
    • with knowledge of Java/Kotlin for Android development team;
    • with experience in Objective-C/Swift for iOS development team;
  • Backend developer (the one that will connect your app to existing business structure and services or create a new one). Based on the business industry, they might need knowledge Node.JS, Java, .NET or Python;
  • DevOps specialist who configures servers, set Cloud-related procedures, etc.;
  • UI/UX designer. Having a great interface is a must these days, as well as creating easy and logical flow for every user.
  • QA specialist, that will perform the overall testing of an application.

mobile application development team

And there is also a project manager that will lead the team for mobile application development and communicate with business owners. Depending on the type of application, it’s complexity and depth of knowledge required to complete the tasks, a mobile application development team structure may vary. You may need to hire more developers, a business analyst, or a technical writer (if the project involves great amount of documentation).

With some thoughtful project team structure, mobile application development will run faster and more efficiently.

Main Steps to Build a Dedicated Mobile App Development Team

Clarify Initial Requirements

As the saying goes, ‘If you are failing to plan,...’. So if you want your project to succeed, make sure to have solid requirements and realistic expectations before you are out, looking for the perfect team.

Estimate the Amount of Work and Expertise

Once you have a clear vision and understanding of what needs to be done, you can focus on the area of expertise required. For example, for IOS development team, the developer will have to be familiar with Apple Guides and restrictions they set for application development, whereas

Android development team will face the challenges of having various devices to work with. If you plan to release both IOS and Android app simultaneously, make sure to communicate well with both teams and coordinate their schedules.

Hire the Best-Fitting Team

While we obviously, will advocate the remote teams and outsourcing to a mobile application development company, there are cases when this is not an option. Some government-related products or applications that process and store sensitive data might forbid one from hiring the team outside of their country. However, if there are no such restrictions, you can choose the team that will deliver the best result.

Main Reason for Outsourcing

There are several main reasons that define the decision of numerous companies to choose outsourcing over having a team in the office.

dedicated mobile application developer

  • Lower costs of the development. Usually the vendor is chosen where tax rates or salary rate of developer is lower, so it reduces the overall cost of development significantly.
  • Wider pool of experts to choose from. It is very hard and expensive to maintain wide range of technical experts within one company. On the other hand, maintenance does not require deep knowledge, so it is reasonable to outsource and hire experts only for development period.
  • Existing teams that work well together. This is not the common case, but some companies have already formed teams that can start development very fast, due to previous experience and proven working procedures.
  • Better chances of finding experts with relevant experience. Commonly, outsourcing companies have experts that already have knowledge and experience in specific business domain, which is important for startups.
  • End-to-end services. You can receive full package, from request from proposal, development all the way to accompanying support of the product.

And while many companies tend to keep app outsourcing a secret, there are some honorable mentions that do not deny it. Amongst them are Slack, WhatsApp, Alibaba, AppSumo, and Expensify.

Managing the Remote Team

There are several aspects of managing a mobile application development team that might be sitting half the world away from you. However, what good would it do for you if we just stated the obvious problems without offering any solution?

Task Management

Who started what, when and why? What’s the progress on that task set 2 sprints before? Is there any clarification of the issue added to pool over a month ago? All these questions stem from the lack of proper handling of the tasks. Depending on the size of the team, the complexity of the project and the specific requirements of a particular project, here are some of the top choices:

  • Trello
  • Asana
  • JIRA
  • Wrike, etc.

These services allow you to create multiple boards and track the progress your team makes.

Code Management

Keeping track of the changes made, performing code review, and updating software versions require specific tools. One of the most common and widely loved by many developers is Git. There is also a longer list of less famous ones that are more task-specific, like Subversion, GitKraken, GitLab, Helix Core, etc.

mobile application development services

Communication Tools

Another aspect, that is important for successful performance is communication. If you the team is under 10 people of the budget cannot cover costly solutions, there are either free or freemium solutions, like Skype, Slack, and Mattermost.

If planned and guided properly, the remote mobile application development team can perform as successful as your regular in-house team without costing a fortune.

hire mobile app developers

Why Ukraine and Mobilunity?

Apart from having a great tech talent pool of experts in various industries and technologies, Ukraine also allows you to hire mobile app developers at the market prices that can be 2 to 6 times lower comparing to the US prices without compromising the quality of the services delivered.

While we cannot say that we are the biggest provider of outsourcing services, we are proud to say that we have versatile experience with clients worldwide. We offer software development along with custom mobile application development focusing on the needs our clients and delivering results beyond one’s expectations.

Having discussed all the important aspects, we would like to refresh key aspects. In order to make a decision, you need to have a clear understanding of both your product and market, as well as know the estimated costs of the development and how it correlates with the budget you have.

Contact us to get to know more about hiring mobile app development teams in Ukraine!

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