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How Much Does it Cost to Hire Software Developers

Is there any difference between a software engineer and a software developer, you’d ask. The untrained eye would definitely consider these two professions to be just synonyms, but in fact, there are some dissimilarities between them. Job function is actually the key difference, as software developers deal with the development process only, while SW developer is involved in more complex activities related to the project.

Software engineers apply the engineering principles when creating software and take part in the whole life cycle of the development process, find solutions according to clients’ needs, and constantly seek how to imply the requested functions and upgrade the development process. Meanwhile, software devs work exclusively with the programs and take responsibility for the whole development process of the project by designing and creating the code for it. To minimize costs while still accessing top talent, companies can use nearshore outsourcing to find full stack developer and Xamarin developer who is well-versed in the latest programming trends and technologies.

All software development jobs are important, that’s why you won’t see a huge difference between the software engineer and software programmer salary, for example. A software engineer is a high-demand profession in many countries, but they are most demanded in Switzerland, UK, Netherlands, Germany, Sweden, Denmark in Europe. Surely, the USA, Canada, and Australia have a high demand for software engineers as well in comparison to software coder.

Know Factors That Influence Software Development Cost

Now that you are probably wondering about how to hire dedicated software development team or just hire software programmer, you need to learn a few things first. Software development is not the easiest niche to get in so all SW developers of such sort need to have really exceptional skills to get noticed. This means that before hiring SW developer you need to make for yourself a list of criteria for your future employee in order for him to satisfy your project’s needs. Keep in mind, that depending on how extensive the SW developer’s skill set is – his hourly rate will change accordingly.

It’s common for software developer salaries to vary significantly. Here are the factors that determine the overall cost of software development.

  • Project size. Global-scope projects will, naturally, be more expensive than the local ones as they require more lines of code, complex testing, and long-term maintenance. Project size is a decisive factor during the cost estimation for software development.
  • Languages and technologies. Programming language developers aim at reducing development effort – as a result, newer languages like GoLang will be easier to learn, and the workforce will eventually be cheaper. Most projects still use technically demanding languages like C++ – such a technology choice contributes to the project budget.
  • Additional technologies. Depending on the company’s needs, a developer might have to use tools for database management, frameworks for mobile application development, and so on. The broader and more advanced the toolkit is, the higher the average cost of software development will be.
  • Time constraints. Developing software in a limited time frame will result in higher developer hourly rates that working on a product for an extended period.
  • The country the company is based on. Looking at the chart above, you may have noticed how developer salaries influence the cost estimation for software development project completion. The economic landscape, minimal wage legislation, and unemployment rates determine the standard developer salary. To save on the workforce without compromising the complexity of the project, consider hiring a developer from an Eastern European, Latin American, or Asian country.
  • Developer’s skill. The salary of an entry-level programmer will be significantly lower than that of a senior developer. A professional’s skill is significant in software development cost estimation. Keep in mind that products that require implementing advanced technologies depend on superior tech skills. In case you want to create an IoT or AI-empowered project, hiring a skillful developer will be a considerable investment.

If you have finally decided to hire a dedicated team for software development, then you need to carefully calculate your expenses, taking into consideration everything mentioned above. As you see, there are plenty of things, that could influence the final price for your project in general and your software developer’s services in particular. So before you hire SW developers, make sure that you considered all the options and asked your potential employee all of the questions that eventually might influence the price of your project. The more experienced your candidate is, the bigger rate he will eventually have. Just be sure that you are not overpaying for something that you will not need.

The total project budget depends on the way a company manager structures the workflow. Running an in-house team can put a strain on business as you’ll have to rent an office, pay monthly bills, invest in new equipment and its maintenance. Going remote is a way to reduce operating costs gracefully – it allows you to work with an experienced team of developers with no need to commit to sustaining a long-term department.

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Average Monthly Computer Software Engineer Salary

In Ukraine, software engineer salary is the lowest among the Eastern and Western European countries. Why is that? Well, first of all, Ukraine is one of those countries that attract the most start-up developers as it offers a big talent pool. So if you are looking for a dedicated software development team for startup – Ukraine should be on the top of your priority list to outsource software development.  Also, as mentioned previously, this country gives you, as a business owner, an opportunity to significantly reduce your expenses by hiring a team of excellent specialists for a lower price, than, for example, in Europe. Let’s now take a look at how these rates vary in real life. By leveraging nearshore outsource, companies can access a diverse pool of UX designer developer who can create intuitive and visually engaging software interfaces at a lower cost than hiring in-house.

As it is clear from the chart, the highest wage is in the USA, followed by Israel and Germany. Regarding the hourly rate of software developers in Ukraine, their salaries differ depending on their skillset and experience. While the average hourly rate for a software developer for hire in Ukraine is $20,00, they vary in terms of seniority. Just to compare, in the USA, the average hourly rate of software developer is $33,67.

Junior $11,32
Middle $13,56
Senior $24,96

Senior software developer salary in Ukraine is the highest for software devs.

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Why Hire Software Developers in Ukraine

Ukrainian IT market is well known for its reliability and deep expertise in any tech topic. Many countries from America and Western Europe choose to hire remote software developers from Ukraine. This is not only due to lower rates in comparison to local ones, but also appropriate skill sets, abilities of software programmers for hire to work in teams and individually, to be tech team leads and work in a highly competitive environment.

Common Stages of the Hiring Process

  • Planning and job posting: defining the job requirements, writing a compelling job posting, and publicizing it through multiple means, including job boards, social media, and employee referrals. 
  • Resume screening: The employer screens resumes and applications after receiving them from candidates, selecting the best ones based on their credentials, expertise, and experience. 
  • Technical Evaluations: In order to examine candidates’ technical skills and competencies in relation to the job requirements, technical evaluations, such as coding tests or projects, may be necessary. In this phase, the candidate’s technical knowledge and problem-solving abilities are evaluated.
  • Interviews: Technical proficiency, problem-solving ability, communication skills, and cultural fit within the organization are all evaluated during these interviews with candidates.
  • Reference Checks: Employers may ask candidates’ former employers or coworkers for input as well as to confirm their qualifications. This phase assists in confirming the candidates’ credentials and prior performance.
  • Offer and Negotiation: After locating a qualified applicant, the business presents a job offer that contains information about pay, benefits, and other conditions of employment. 
  • Onboarding: After accepting the job offer, the new hire must go through the onboarding process, which could involve orientation, training, and documentation to become an official member of the company. 
  • Planning and job advertising, resume screening, technical evaluations, interviews, reference checks, offer and negotiation, and onboarding are typical phases if you want to hire a software programmer. Each step evaluates the candidates’ credentials, abilities, and experience, and it may differ based on the company’s hiring procedure and the sector. A positive candidate experience depends on frequent updates and clear communication with candidates.

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Now that you have learned so much about dedicated software developers, their skills and responsibilities, it is time to talk about where exactly to hire these experts. But how to choose a dedicated software development team? Well, first of all, you should broaden your horizons and think about outsourcing. Not only you will be able to save up some money, but you also will be given a chance to work with true professionals and talents. And what is the better place to look for those than in Ukraine? This country has plenty of outsourcing IT companies to hire software development team, though there is one that might stand out from those a little bit.

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All of the talent pool of Mobilunity uses the majority of modern technologies and delivers products to clients in many spheres who hire software programmers here. Paying attention to the acceleration of the growth of every customer, Mobilunity is able to offer flexibility and reliability due to its results-driven Western management system used in the company. In such a way, Mobilunity meets the requirements of any customer, no matter how complex and complicated outsourcing software development might seem.


1. What Should You Consider Before Kicking Off the Recruitment Process?

  • Specify what you need: Give a detailed description of the abilities, knowledge, and credentials you are seeking in a software programmer for hire. This will make it easier for you to streamline the hiring process and write a tailored job description.
  • Budget: Establish your spending limit for employing software developers, taking into account salary, benefits, and any other recruitment-related expenses.
  • Establish a schedule for the hiring procedure, which should include dates for posting the position, examining candidates, holding interviews, and extending job offers.
  • Determine your recruitment approach, including whether you’ll utilize inbound (such as employer branding, employee recommendations, and talent pools) or outbound (such as job boards, social media, and recruitment agencies) techniques.
  • Interview procedure: Create an interview procedure that takes technical evaluations into account to assess the knowledge and capabilities of software engineers.

2. How to Start Recruiting Software Developers?

Here are some tips on how to hire a software engineer:

  • Make a job description that is compelling: In the job description, be sure to specify the abilities, background, and credentials you are seeking in a software developer. Emphasize any distinctive features of your business, endeavor, or team that might appeal to software engineers.
  • Post the position on appropriate platforms: To reach a larger audience of coders and hire embedded software programmers, post the job on job boards, social media, and professional networking websites. 
  • Utilize employee recommendations by encouraging your current staff to suggest skilled software developers in their network. Employee recommendations are often a reliable source of qualified candidates. 
  • Participate in online forums, tech conferences, and hackathons to interact with the developer community and forge connections. 
  • Conduct technical assessments: To gauge the technical proficiency of software developers, use technical assessments, coding challenges, or online tests. This might assist you in finding outstanding individuals who fit your company well.

3. What Are Outbound Methods of Recruitment? 

  • Post the position on well-known job portals like Indeed, LinkedIn, and Glassdoor to reach a large pool of software developers who are actively looking for employment prospects.
  • Social media: To advertise job opportunities and interact with software programmers hire, use social media sites like LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook. 
  • Recruitment firms: To access their pool of competent people, collaborate with recruitment firms that focus on IT and software development. They can speed up the hiring process and assist you in finding qualified software engineers.
  • Direct sourcing: Look for software developers proactively on business networking websites like LinkedIn and get in touch with possible candidates one-on-one with tailored messages.

4. What Are Inbound Methods of Recruitment?

  • Employer branding: Draw attention to any distinctive features of your business that would appeal to software engineers, such as flexible work arrangements, chances for career advancement, or a supportive workplace.
  • Employee recommendations: Encourage your current staff to suggest capable software developers for hire in their network. To encourage staff to recommend exceptional talent, provide rewards for successful referrals, such as referral bonuses or recognition programs.
  • Talent pools: Create a talent pool of possible employees who have shown interest in your company or who have applied for software development jobs in the past. Keep them interested by communicating frequently and providing updates about employment openings.
  • Marketing for hiring: Use online tools like social media, content marketing, and search engine optimization (SEO) to spread the word about your business and draw in software engineers who are actively looking for work.

5. What are the fundamental dos and don’ts to follow when recruiting new employees?


  • The job description and the interview procedure should both explicitly state the prerequisites and qualifications for the position.
  • Treat all applicants with respect and professionalism.
  • Candidates should be informed promptly and clearly of the status of their applications and the results of interviews.
  • Conduct thorough and impartial evaluations, including technical evaluations, to determine the qualifications of candidates.
  • To ensure an impartial and fair selection of candidates, take into account diversity and inclusion in your hiring process.


  • Candidates should not be treated unfairly on the basis of protected traits including age, gender, ethnicity, religion, or a disability.
  • During the hiring process, make fictitious promises or promote your company improperly.
  • Rush through the hiring process without carefully evaluating the abilities and credentials of candidates.
  • Ignore applicant input or fail to give candidates feedback following interviews.
  • Don’t give team dynamics and cultural fit enough consideration when selecting people. 

6. How Does the Recruitment Process Change When It’s Carried Out Remotely?

  • Virtual interviews: Remote recruitment may substitute using video conferencing facilities or other online platforms for conducting in-person interviews.
  • Remote evaluations: Using internet platforms or coding tools, technical evaluations or coding tasks may be carried out remotely.
  • Virtual onboarding: For remote work environments, onboarding procedures, such as documentation, training, and orientation, may need to be modified.
  • Remote communication: It could be necessary to communicate with candidates, schedule interviews, and give updates primarily through email, chat, or video calls.
  • Technology requirements: For remote assessments or interviews, candidates may need to have access to specific gear or software, thus it’s critical to convey these requirements explicitly.

7. How to hire software developers for your startup?

  • Define the job specifications: Specify the abilities, credentials, and experience you require in a software engineer for your startup.
  • Create a compelling job posting that highlights the distinctive features of your firm, including interesting projects, expansion potential, and culture.
  • Employ several recruitment strategies: To draw in applicants, combine inbound and outward recruitment strategies using tools like job boards, social media, talent pools, and employee recommendations.
  • Technical evaluations: To examine candidates’ skills and talents, carry out rigorous technical evaluations, such as coding examinations or projects.
  • Cultural fit: Evaluate a candidate’s cultural fit by determining how well they correspond with the mission, beliefs, and team dynamics of your startup. 
  • Conduct in-depth interviews with candidates to gauge their technical knowledge, problem-solving talents, and communication skills.
  • Negotiate a fair and reasonable offer that fits with the prospect’s expectations and your startup’s budget after you’ve found a qualified recruit.

8. What’s special in the process of hiring a saas software programmer?

  • Domain knowledge: Particular domain knowledge, such as cloud computing, API integrations, and subscription-based billing structures, is frequently needed for SaaS software development. 
  • Technical proficiency: SaaS software developers for hire should be knowledgeable in the latest web technologies, including HTML/CSS, JavaScript, and well-known frameworks and libraries used in SaaS development, such React or Angular.
  • Understanding security: If you want to hire a SaaS software programmer consider security as a key component. In particular, look for applicants who are familiar with data encryption, authentication, and authorization best practices for SaaS application security.

9. How much does it cost to hire a software engineer in Eastern Europe? 

Eastern European countries, levels of experience, and the particular talents necessary can all affect the cost of employing a software engineer. In comparison to Western Europe or North America, Eastern Europe is known for having a talent pool of highly competent software engineers. The actual price can still differ greatly, though. It’s critical to conduct research and compile data about the regional labor market, wage norms, and business practices in the specific Eastern European nation you’re considering hiring from. The price of hiring a software engineer in Eastern Europe can also be influenced by elements including the candidate’s level of experience, technical skills, and market demand for their area of expertise. 

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All salaries and prices mentioned within the article are approximate NET numbers based on the research done by our in-house Recruitment Team. Please use these numbers as a guide for comparison purposes only and feel free to use the contact form to inquire on the specific cost of the talent according to your vacancy requirements and chosen model of engagement.

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