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Hire TensorFlow Developer

TensorFlow is an open-source artificial intelligence (AI) library used for machine learning. As technology is evolving, AI is becoming more popular and developers are frequently starting to use TensorFlow with Python development in 2020. TensorFlow is the fourth most used between the data analysis and machine learning technologies, with 11.5% of professional developers using it, according to Stack Overflow.

Today, many businesses are looking to implement TensorFlow to assist with dataflow, differentiable programming and to build machine learning applications. According to HG Insights, 17,060 businesses use TensorFlow, including some popular international companies such as Airbnb, Airbus, Lenovo, PayPal and Carousell. In 2020, TensorFlow and PyTorch are the two top deep learning frameworks in the market. With a projected market size of around $170 billion by 2025, these two frameworks will continue to compete in the coming years. However, for now, TensorFlow has the lead. 

An Overview of the Roles and Responsibilities of TensorFlow Developers

Developers that specialize in TensorFlow can demonstrate proficiency in using the framework to offer deep learning and machine learning solutions. Most TensorFlow developers can complete a certain set of tasks in a business environment. These include:   

  • Analyzing and extracting appropriate information from large sets of business data
  • Developing well-structured code in TensorFlow 
  • Prototyping ML models by using high-level modeling languages such as R or Python from ideation to deployment
  • Running ML tests to ascertain optimal processing capabilities 
  • Building and testing application software for accuracy and efficiency
  • Collaborating on the full-cycle of ML, AI and deep learning projects based on manually labeled data
  • Assisting in troubleshooting or identifying issues and proposing potential solutions

A TensorFlow senior programmer can bring plenty of benefits to businesses who require advanced solutions to complex problems. However, there are also certain disadvantages of TensorFlow you should be aware of when hiring these programmers. It’s important to consider both the benefits and the disadvantages before you find TensorFlow developers for hire.

Benefits of TensorFlow:

  • Effective library management. Google supports TensorFlow’s libraries which offer top performance, prompt updates and regular new releases.
  • Easy scalability. TensorFlow’s libraries can be deployed on a large range of devices and hardware machines.
  • Efficient debugging. It offers a smooth method to introduce and retrieve discrete data, making debugging during TensorFlow application development convenient. 
  • Good support community. TensorFlow offers a highly supportive community, as well as plenty of free helpful resources online. 

Disadvantages of TensorFlow:

  • Slow speed. Compared to many of its competitors, there is a lack of computation speed using TensorFlow for game development and app development. 
  • Poor GPU support. NVIDIA® graphics processing unit (GPU) drivers are currently the only supported GPU for TensorFlow. 
  • No Windows support. TensorFlow does not support Windows, so businesses preferring Windows can only install it using the Python package library.

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Skills and Qualifications of TensorFlow Developers 

When looking to hire TensorFlow developer, there are specific things to look for. TensorFlow is a complex framework that requires developers to have certain skills and qualifications for developing state-of-the-art machine learning (ML), artificial intelligence (AI) and computer vision algorithms and designs. TensorFlow Google developers are usually creative thinkers and problem solvers. They typically use large data sets to solve complex problems, such as financial analysis for strict budgets and predicting buyer trends. To do this, they have to have an outstanding ability to develop with TensorFlow and have a thorough understanding of ML, AI and deep learning. They should also have an in-depth understanding and experience in programming languages, typically SQL, Java, Ruby, C++ and Python, as well as experience working with big data. 

Ideally, a TensorFlow developer should have a Master’s degree in Computer Science. A TensorFlow developer certificate may not be a requirement, but it will prove that the candidate has the necessary skills needed to work with TensorFlow as a framework. Some developers may go on to specialize in a certain direction, such as becoming a Face Detection OpenCV C++ developer with certain specialized skills, however, there is a certain set of abilities most TensorFlow developers should have. Let’s take a look at an example of the ideal resume of a TensorFlow developer.

TensorFlow Developer Resume Sample 


  • Exceptional proficiency in development with TensorFlow
  • Excellent understanding of Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI)
  • Proficiency in production-level C++ and Python code 
  • Deep understanding of test analysis
  • Knowledge of preparing and processing data 
  • Proficiency in working in a cloud environment 
  • Creative thinking and problem-solving skills 


  • Experience developing efficient code in TensorFlow for multiple projects 
  • Experience in using all types of Machine Learning (ML) techniques, including regression, clustering, neural anomaly detection, etc. 
  • Build and manage a production-ready platform to run models in parallel and A/B test
  • Use of code repository, build and deployment tools, including uDeploy and GitHub
  • Work in a cloud environment, including Azure and AWS 
  • Troubleshooting and finding solutions to design and development issues 
  • Experience collaborating across all teams, including software engineers and DevOps teams


  • Master’s in Computer Science

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