10 Top Frameworks Dedicated JavaScript Developers for Hire Should Know

There are several programming languages for backend web developers to choose from, but for frontend development, JavaScript is the only one. JavaScript is the programming language of web browsers across all operating systems, so frontend developers have no choice but to learn it by heart.

With the web connecting more and more people across the globe, JavaScript has become a ubiquitous scripting language among programmers. JavaScript frameworks, which allow for even quicker and more convenient JavaScript development, have consequently seen a rapid rise in popularity, and support for such frameworks remains strong thanks to the collaboration of JS developers from all over the world. In 2016, JavaScript’s platform was widened even further with the release of Electron, a tool enabling JavaScript to be used to create desktop applications.

10 Popular JS Frameworks Used by JavaScript Developers for Hire

We take a look at 10 of the most popular JavaScript frameworks that are worth knowing by both JS developers and those looking to hire JavaScript developers.


hire Angular developers

Released by Google in 2009, AngularJS has become one of the most popular JavaScript frameworks to date. It has 1,596 contributors as of writing, making it the framework with the largest community of developers among all frontend JavaScript frameworks on GitHub.

With features such as automatic two-way data binding, script-free form validations, and use of directives to create reusable components, AngularJS greatly reduces development time. Among the prominent companies whose websites are built with AngularJS are PayPal, Upwork and Udemy. With Google’s recent release of Angular 2, a re-written version of Angular, interest for the framework continues to rise, and those looking to hire Angular developers can consider this updated version of the framework.

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React developers for hire

Although more of a library than a framework, React is a fierce competitor of Angular. With its development and maintenance led by Facebook and Instagram, it has received 70,043 stars on Github as of writing, the most among all frontend JavaScript frameworks.

React is mainly used for fast and simple creation of dynamic user interfaces using a component-based architecture. It also offers the advantage of compatibility with other frameworks and libraries. PayPal, GoDaddy and GlassDoor all use React in their websites.

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dedicated Ember developer

Ember.js is another framework for building interactive user interfaces. Among its main features are its use of routers to preserve page states in URLs and its use of Handlebars syntax for HTML templating. Like Angular, Ember also uses two-way data binding to synchronize UI elements with data changes. Ember.js is used in the websites of Yahoo!, LinkedIn, and Netflix.

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Meteor developers

Unlike the previous frameworks, Meteor is a full stack JavaScript framework, meaning it can be used in both frontend and backend development. Moreover, it is cross-platform, so it can be used to develop web, desktop, and mobile applications. This offers Meteor developers the convenience of being able to use a single language throughout the entire application. Amazon, Apple and Starbucks all used Meteor.js to build their websites.


hire Backbone developers

Backbone.js is a very simple and lightweight framework, so it is fairly easy to learn and can lead to quick loading times. Although it offers most of the common functionalities offered by other frameworks, it leaves out some notable features such as data binding, for which it requires additional plug-ins. It is therefore more suitable as an accessory framework to be used in conjunction with other frameworks. It’s used in the websites of Reddit, Disney and Walmart.

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hire Vue programmers

Vue.js is a newcomer to JavaScript frameworks, having only been released in 2014, but has since grown rapidly in popularity. As of writing, it has garnered 58,512 stars on Github, the second highest among all frontend JavaScript frameworks next to React. Like Backbone, it is lightweight and minimalistic, but is different in that it offers two-way data binding like Angular. It is also readily compatible for use with other frameworks. McDonald’s, NBC Sports and Dunkin Donuts use Vue.js in their websites.


hire Polymer coders

Released by Google in 2013 and classified as another JavaScript library, Polymer is in its own league in that it uses web component technologies to enable the creation of custom HTML elements. In addition, it supports both one-way and two-way binding, giving developers a lot of flexibility and control. The websites of CodePen, BattleField, and CrowdTap all use Polymer.


Hire Aurelia developers

Another newcomer to the JavaScript frameworks world, Aurelia is a collection of libraries that may be used individually or together. It offers developers a combination of neat features like two-way data binding, simplified unit testing, and an extensible HTML compiler which allows for dynamic user interface generation. Some examples of websites using Aurelia are Ticmate, InnoCare Software, and Faithlife Music.


Knockout.js programmers for hire

Knockout is another lightweight and minimalistic JavaScript framework. Among its main features are its use of declarative data bindings that allow for automatic UI refreshing, its simplified mechanisms for tracking dependencies, and its nested HTML templating. Dell, Toys R Us, and Comcast use Knockout in their websites.


Mithril developers for hire

Yet another newcomer, Mithril.js is a very lightweight framework. With under a thousand lines of code and just 14 functions, Mithril boasts of very quick loading and rendering times. Due to its simplicity, it’s also easy to learn. Among its main features are customizable data binding and URL routing. Some examples of websites using Mithril are Iconfinder, BrandExtract, and FitFusion.

JavaScript Programmers in Ukraine

Ukraine has one of the most flourishing IT industries across Europe. As of 2016, there are over 90,000 IT professionals in Ukraine, of which roughly 50,000 are software developers. Analysts estimate the number of IT professionals in Ukraine to rise to 200,000 by 2020.

Among software developers, JavaScript is easily the most popular programming language, used by over 66.7% of all developers. React and Angular are by far the most popular JavaScript frameworks in Ukraine in terms of Google search count, according to Google Trends.

why is it worth to hire JavaScript developers in Ukraine, Europe

Google Trends statistics on Google search popularity of different JavaScript frameworks

Why Hire Angular Developers in Ukraine?

Hiring JavaScript programmers from a dedicated development teams provider in Ukraine, such as Mobilunity, offers significant advantages.

affordable React developers for hireVery Affordable

According to PayScale, the average annual salary of a JavaScript coder in Ukraine is $19,200. In comparison, the average salary of a JavaScript programmer in Germany is €42,360 (around $48,076), which is much higher by around $29,000 per developer. Ukraine offers the best JavaScript developers for hire at the lowest rates in Europe, and hiring from Ukraine can lead to huge savings.

JS developers for hire available any timeMinimal Time, Location and Cultural Differences within Europe

Ukraine is only at most an hour or two ahead of other European countries, so problems arising from timezone, location and cultural differences with other European countries will be kept to a minimum. Collaborations will be smooth, and project management will be painless.

Hire JavaScript Developers Wisely or How to Hire Angular Developer

JavaScript powers the entire world wide web, and JavaScript frameworks aid in accelerating web development. It is therefore extremely beneficial for companies to hire JavaScript developers that are skilled in at least one of the many available frameworks in order to maximize productivity and minimize costs.

Ukraine is home to Europe’s best IT talents with the most economical rates, and hiring developers from Ukraine would empower companies to do more for less.

JS Developers for hire in Europe

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