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May 13, 2016 - Mobilunity

Core Basics of PHP Application Design and Development

How to Create a PHP Application

Today we are going to talk about the PHP application creation process.

Step 1 – develop a basic idea and design. No need to get fancy right away. You can use a pen and pad and simply create a few sketches of the application you want to create.

Step 2 – plan some early UI. You should think about how the UI will operate, so you can make choices about technology that will assist you in the future with development. Your PHP application design could have:

  • Click-to-edit
  • Drag and drop
  • Two-click delete
  • Automatic saving

These are the basics of any application. And today we are going to tell you about how to bring them to life with the help of five design PHP application patterns, and what design php application builder you should choose with it. Don’t forget that people like “features” like public sharing, so it is a good idea to include them in your application.

PHP Application Design of Startup Website Development


Top Five PHP Application Design Patterns

It’s up to you what pattern you should use for your development. No matter what you decide, you should still have all of the information you need. So below we’ll show you a  list of five patterns that are used commonly among developers.

Factory Pattern to Design PHP ApplicationThe Factory pattern. Within design patterns you’ll hear the terms “loose coupling” and “tight coupling”. To understand the concept, imagine that you need to change one piece of code and as you do  you see an error that leads to a cascade of problems and breakage in other parts. That is “tight coupling”.Using a Factory pattern allows you to divide new objects, and if you need to change the type of objects, you can simply change the factory.


The Singleton Pattern of PHP Application Design


The singleton pattern. It exists for connecting a database to another database using its  database handle. This means that the object is created only once, and when you send a request to the properties of a class, it goes through the created objects.


Observer Pattern to Build a PHP Application


The observer pattern. It’s another way to avoid tight coupling between elements. It adds a method when one or another object sends requests to specific,registered observers.


Chain-of-Command Pattern to Design PHP Application


The chain-of-command pattern. It is built on the loose-coupling theme and routes a messages, commands, and  requests through handlers. The handlers then decide whether they can perform the actions. You can  add or remove new handlers without touching others.


Strategy of PHP Application Design


The strategy pattern. It is designed to extract algorithms from complex classes. For instance, when you need to perform a certain action, it does not define the object itself but the strategy, which was set up to perform this action.


These are just a few from the enormous selection that is available from all PHP application design patterns. These patterns are great in creating a PHP application even with entry-level skills.

Best Editor for PHP Development

The Best PHP Application Framework

According to Sitepoint, laravel 5 is the most popular to build a PHP application framework. It gained more than 1600 votes and is the most popular framework in Personal Projects and at work.

Pros of Laravel:

  • In Laravel we use Composer to install the third party. It’s the easiest way to update code.
  • Eloquent ORM is super fast that makes it easier to work with database relations.
  • Laravel is extendable and configurable. You can add new features without hacking the core.

Cons of Laravel:

  • It’s a new framework. So if you have any issues, you have to spend a lot of time searching for the answer.
  • Not all of the core files use a namespace splash in front of a call to another core file.

Guide on PHP Application Design

That’s it. The popularity of Laravel is growing fast. More and more developers use it to create PHP applications without any concerns. And with gained skills, you can create eCommerce website in PHP within few days. If you don’t have a desire to spend lots of time on building your website – hire php developers of our company and we will create a great project for you.

Need Help With PHP Application Framework? Leave a comment below and we will contact you as soon as possible!

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