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December 22, 2016 - Anastasia

How Much Does It Cost to Hire a PHP Developer in Ukraine?

  The interest in PHP developers lowered a bit since 2010, but they still remain one of the most demanded programmers all over the world due to the wide range of tasks they can perform with the help of PHP language like server-side scripting, writing desktop and cross-platform applications. PHP is also popular within IT world because of its flexibility. It gives a freedom of choosing an operation system and a web server, as it works almost everywhere: on Linux, Windows, macOS, RISC, BSD and many others OSs along with Apache, IIS and nginx web servers. With this short, yet convincing list of advantages of the PHP programming language you can be sure, that there should be a place for professional developer of this kind in your project, who is probably already waiting for you to hire.

How to Hire a PHP Developer?

  While PHP is one of the top 10 programming languages of 2016, there’s a logical need of such developers in big companies and projects. Employers tend to hire PHP coders not just looking for suitable candidates in Google. They usually come to the company, which offers outstaffing solutions and professional HRs do all the job. Developers are tested and interviewed carefully to make sure that they acquire all needed skills and are interested in the upcoming project or company. If you want to know more about types of developers, what they do, and salaries of programmers in Ukraine, check out our long research on this point!

Hire PHP developer for your team

PHP Programmers Salaries Depending On Their Experience

  We’ve collected data from Payscale and Dou resources in order to complete this research. The salaries of junior, middle and senior developers usually depend on location and the size of a company which is hiring them. Average PHP developer salary is $1300, but it may differ as you can see in the research below.

A comparison of PHP programmers salaries

Monthly net PHP developers cost based on their seniority in 2016

  The table below shows us, that junior PHP developers earn the biggest sum of money in Dnipropetrovsk, while middle and senior programmers earn more in Odessa and Kyiv. It’s quite a surprise, that Lviv offers the lowest salaries for seniors, because it usually demands professional dedicated PHP developers.

The cost of a PHP developer in Ukraine

Monthly net PHP developers cost based on location in 2016

  The demand in programmers worldwide have changed within last several years, but it surely stays stable, when we are speaking about USA and India: these countries show the highest number of searches not only for PHP programmers, but for other kinds of developers as well. You can see the average salaries of developers in these countries below:

PHP developers salaries in USA and India
Table showing the countries with the biggest demand of PHP developers in 2016

Reasons to Hire PHP Coders in Ukraine

  When employers are confused in making the right choice of a programmer, we usually suggest considering the candidate by testing him on the presence of all needed skills and qualities for the company’s projects. Employers tend to hire Ukrainian developers for several reasons: talent, high level of education, flexible approach to projects, reasonable cost. 

  There are many advantages of hiring a developer in Ukraine. Ukraine is one of the most IT focused countries in Europe. With a large number of technology professionals working in development, Ukrainian IT professionals are skilled in the most popular programming languages. Technologies that are increasing in popularity around the world, such as JavaScript and Magento, are more widely used in Ukraine. This means that developers are ahead of the competition with their expertise.

  Another advantage of hiring a developer in Ukraine relates to the quality and affordability of their work. Ukrainian developers work at very competitive rates. While their rates are more affordable than most competitors, the quality is still top notch. This is largely related to their work ethic. Unlike most European countries, those who live in Ukraine focus more on work than on building relationships. Ukrainian developers do not turn away from a challenge. They focus their work efforts on success.

  Finally, when you hire a developer in Ukraine, you can meet a more diverse range of needs. And, you won’t be limited by a language barrier. Ukrainians who seek a profession in IT are trained to speak English. They don’t just understand and speak only small parts of the language. They range from intermediate to higher level proficiency in English. This allows them to address the needs of a broader range of customers. With a wide variety of specialties, their customer reach is limitless. Ukrainian developers are known to be proficient in software development, web and mobile design and development, team building, IT consulting, quality assessment and testing, and more.

  Take advantage of quality, affordable development that meets a wide range of needs when you hire a developer in Ukraine.

Mobilunity offers high quality outstaffing solutions

  It is also important to consider the location. Sometimes employers lack needed team of dedicated PHP developers on the local market, and tend to hire foreign programmers on the temporary basis or for a long term.

If you are looking for PHP developers to join your team, we can outstaff the best candidates!

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