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The emergence of the Internet of Things has given rise to a whole new world of smart products and limitless digital possibilities. It has enabled smart homes whose lighting, heating system, and other appliances are able to adjust automatically and may be controlled through mobile applications. It has brought about the creation of smart vehicles that are able to drive themselves without needing human intervention. It has facilitated the invention of a plethora of other smart devices like smart watches, smart phones and tablets, smart TVs, and even smart eyeglasses. Clearly, it has opened new doors for businesses and new markets to tap around the globe.

One crucial choice when developing IoT systems is the programming language to use. Languages like Java, C, C++ and Python are common choices for this purpose, and although they work, there are many other programming languages that are probably worth a second look. One such language that may not be as popular as the mainstream languages that we have mentioned above is Go. In this article, we take a closer look at Go in order to see just how suitable it is for IoT development and IoT developers.

Go Overview for the Go Developer

Created by Google in 2009, the Go programming language was developed as an improvement over C and C++. The goal of its creators in creating the language was to address common issues developers had with the said languages while keeping the aspects of these languages that were beneficial.

Like C and C++, Go is statically typed and is a compiled language, but it offers critical improvements, such as automatic garbage collection and memory safety. Moreover, it features concurrent programming capabilities that allow for faster execution times, scales well to large systems, features a concise and readable syntax, and does not require any integrated development environment, although it provides strong support for IDEs if needed.

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IoT Projects Written in Go

Here are some examples of IoT projects that utilized the power of the Go programming language:

  • Gobot – This is a framework written in Go that’s created to make controlling Internet of Things devices, including robots and drones, simpler and easier. It currently supports 34 physical and computing platforms, including Arduino, Bluetooth LE, OpenCV, BB-8, and Raspberry Pi. It provides a REST API to allow developers to check the connection status of any device.
  • Flogo – This is an open source IoT integration framework written in Go that allows developers to build applications on edge IoT devices and seamlessly integrate them with various IoT and cloud services such as Microsoft Azure or Amazon Web Services. It boasts of being ultra lightweight, consuming only 50kb of space, and features serverless computing and edge machine learning.
  • Mainflux – This is an open source cloud platform that enables the development of IoT solutions, applications, and products. It is written in Go and is deployed in Docker. Among its primary capabilities are: connecting a large number of devices and routing messages among them, data analysis and visualization, reports creation, a data and device management server, and cloud tools for IoT app development. It is claimed to be fast, secure, scalable, and hardware agnostic.

IoT Go Programmer

In the context of IoT development, a Go developer is responsible for programming the functionality of IoT devices and their peripherals. This may be on the low-level layer, where the programmer connects directly with the hardware to, for example, read data from the sensors. It may also be on the high-level layer, where the developer either codes the server-side web service that will receive and transmit data to and from the device, or the application that can remotely control the device.

As such, below are some skills that are essential for an IoT Go coder to ensure he is the right fit for the job:

main skills of go programmer


  • Strong Programming Skills – Iot development involves a lot of coding, so strong programming skills are a must. In the case of a Go developer for IoT, the developer must have a strong grasp of the Go programming language, especially on the areas that will be needed for IoT development, such as interfacing with hardware as well as with web services.
  • Knowledge of Hardware – Although the assembly of hardware components is usually outside the scope of work of a Go developer, it’s still extremely helpful to be informed about how to tinker with the various hardware to which the developer will be interfacing, such as Arduino, Raspberry Pi, or even to the classic breadboard with resistors, transistors, capacitors, and other components.
  • Database Management – IoT development naturally deals with large volumes of data, and these data will normally be stored on the server’s databases. An IoT developer therefore has to have strong database skills, including the creation of complex queries and stored procedures, and he must be fully aware of how to integrate these with the IoT application.
  • UI Development – One possible task of an IoT developer, whether using Go or another language, is to create an application that the user can interface with to control or monitor the IoT devices. As such, it is useful for an IoT Go developer to have knowledge of good UI principles and data presentation in order to give the user the best possible user experience.
  • Proficiency with Web Security – Given the large volumes of data being exchanged between IoT devices and servers, one immediate concern that rises to the surface is security. To avoid security breaches, a Go IoT developer must be fully aware of industry-standard security best practices, such as encryption and cryptography.

Demand for the Go language has dramatically increased in recent times. According to software quality company TIOBE, which ranks programming languages, Go has soared from the 155th spot in May 2015 to the 10th spot in July 2017, and now currently holds the 17th spot. It has also received the 2009 and 2016 Language of the Year awards from TIOBE. Moreover, according to the 2018 Stack Overflow Developer Survey, Go is the 5th most loved programming language by developers.

Go Developer Salary

If you’re planning on developing IoT solutions with the Go programming language and are looking for great Go developers to help you out, one concern you likely have is the cost. There are different places from which you can hire Go developers, so let’s compare the typical Go programmer salaries in different countries. For this comparison, we obtain our data from PayScale, and we take a look at the gross annual salaries of software engineers, as the scope of work of IoT engineers and software engineers are very similar.

According to PayScale, the salaries of software engineers in different countries are as follows:

go programmer salaries around the worldComparison of Software Engineer Average Gross Annual Salaries in Different Countries (Source: PayScale)

We can see from the above figures that among all the countries we compared, Ukraine offers the best and most affordable rates for software engineers. We can expect this to extend to IoT and Go programmer salary, since the required background and skills are very similar. Therefore, if you’re in search of talented but affordable IoT Go developers, you should definitely consider hiring from Ukraine.

Go Developer Sample Resume

Here’s an example of an actual Go developer’s resume to give you a better idea of the usual background and skill set of such developers.

go coder resume sample

Hire a Go IoT Developer Now

The Internet of Things is showing real promise in the technology scene, enabling a whole new set of devices with capabilities that previously only resided within our imagination. With real-time functionalities as one of the major attractions of IoT devices, using optimized codes and architecture will go a long way. For this purpose, the Go language is one of the best languages out there for IoT development.

If you’re in need of excellent Go developers for your IoT projects, you’re in the perfect place! We at Mobilunity are home to Europe’s best and most talented dedicated developers proficient in Go, IoT, and many other technologies. What’s more, we offer one of the lowest prices in the continent. For your IoT development needs, let us help you get started.

Contact us now and let’s find you the best Go IoT developer for your next project.

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