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Cost to Hire iOS Developers

Mobile app developers with a knack for creating great user experiences are giving PhoneGap developers restless nights to develop tools that can be utilized to make mobile apps faster and cost-effective. PhoneGap allows developers to rapidly transfer their mobile app development skills into coming up with awesome mobile apps as it allows them to develop hybrid mobile apps from CSS, HTML, and JavaScript codes. If you have any other questions concerning development or would like to hire Django developers, contact us now! This compounded with AI technologies and Machine Learning, the mobile phone app ecosystem is set to undergo even more rapid advancements in the future. However, with more and more people joining the industry, the sustained demand for app developers has been hard to satisfy.

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Last year, the total number of mobile developers in the world surpassed 12 million with the numbers expected to hit 14 million by 2020. With such big numbers, questions like why the sudden influx and the iOS developer salary and cost to hire iOS developer become important. Of course, salaries are important. But the app development skills and programming language also define the demand and supply of iOS development teams. We have broken down the stats to paint a clear picture of the iOS mobile app developer profession.

Increase in Demand for iOS Developers and Cost of iOS Programmer

The demand for IT skills is at an all-time high around the world. In the UK alone, approximately 30% of all the job adverts in the third quarter of 2017 were IT-related with outsource iPhone app development taking the largest chunk. With mobile technology rapidly gaining massive popularity, it’s expected that by 2019, 8% of the global population will be consuming mobile technology. Additionally, mobile apps are expected to generate total revenue of $99 billion by the end of 2019.

Countries with the Highest Demand for iOS Coders and iOS Developer Cost

For iOS development teams who loathe taking instructions and working under fiery bosses, there are multiple iOS freelance projects to engage in. According to Upwork the largest platform for freelance workers, iOS developers, and programmers ranked third as the most demanded skills in the 2017 Skills Index release. Asian and China specifically lead in to hire iOS app developers. This is partly fueled by the monumental growth of communication technologies in the region. As the famous economics school of thought says “create the demand and supply will come calling” this growth has elicited high demand for app developers.

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Required Skills for iOS App Developer for Hire

To make the deluxe debut as an iOS app developer, you are expected to possess knowledge that cuts across the major app development platforms. That notwithstanding, you need to be on top of your game when it comes to interacting with mobile frameworks like Windows Phone App Studio, Xcode, SDK. You also need to be familiar with mobile app frameworks, web, and mobile development languages. Communication and project management skills are absolutely essential if you are to become a blue-blood developer. Many companies are looking for developers with the combination of the two skills which are proving quite elusive for many businesses. These together with other skills like time management all connive to make you a great app developer.

How Much Does It Cost to Hire iOS Developer?

To determine the cost of an iOS developer hire, one must consider factors such as experience, skill set, location, and project complexity, as these aspects can greatly impact the overall investment in mobile application development. With mobile development revenues expected to reach $99 billion, Juniper Research indicates iOS programmer salary will experience the same steep rising curve. Before we even touch on the iOS developer cost, it’s important to note that software development touches on six main software platforms namely Android, iOS, HTML5 Mobile, Windows phone, Windows 8, and Blackberry 10. Leading the pack in terms of housing a majority of the developers is iOS. As a result, this crop of professionals is what you would consider the “Elite” group in terms of earnings. However, these elite groups represent less than 10% of the entire developer’s nation. Ever heard of the “app poverty line”? Apparently, this is the group of developers making less than $500 per month. This group forms a majority of the developers’ population standing at 50%. Windows Phone has the lowest income generation capacity for developers. Around 90% of developers creating apps that run on Windows earn less than $500 per month.

iOS Developer Salary Comparison: iOS Engineer Cost in Various Countries

Depending on the location and state of the local economy, the iOS app developer salary is subject to fluctuations. With that said, on average an iOS developer in USA will bag approximately $107,829/yr which may be subject to adjustment. To clarify iOS app development cost and cost of iOS developer – here is a quick sneak preview:

  • US: Average of $115,246 annually.
  • Canada: Average of $90,244 annually
  • Australia: Average of $70,669 annually.
  • UK: Average of £38,675 annually.
  • Asia: Average of $60,000 annually.
  • Ukraine: Average of $28,200 annually.
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iOS app cost judged by its complexity, by the experience of developers, estimated time of development. According to VisionMobile, around 32% of business-oriented app developers fall under the app poverty line compared to the 48% of the consumer-oriented niche. On the income front, 16% of developers who focus on developing business apps earn more over $500k on a monthly basis compared to 6% of the consumer segment developers.

The Best Ways to Hire iOS Developers

In the first quarter of  2015, over 231 million phones running on iOS were sold globally. On the same note, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that most technology companies are in a cut-throat competition to hire iOS programmers.

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A great company will equally spend a great deal of time attracting a great developer. While there’s no magic-bullet solution to instantaneously find the right individual for the job, vibrant websites like Mobilunity can come to your aid. There are always two sides of a coin and here is the catch. First, good iOS developers are hard to come by as they are always hibernating looking to prey on interesting projects. When you happen to find the best, their services will leave a significant dent in your bank account. The good news is that these talented recluses will always bring experience, talent, and motivation. You may agree or disagree with the notion that hiring a remote iOS developer comes with unlimited advantages.

To begin with, an in-house iOS development team comes with its own constraints. After all, you get to rely on a limited number of individual developers. On the other hand, freelance iOS developers are infinite in terms of options and skill levels. With the online platform, you have a lineup of unlimited choices serving you with numerous options before hiring. Another great reason why you need to hire iOS app developer remotely is the fact that they always invest heavily in their skills enhancement and development. For example, you may be looking to develop an app for a specific industry, and CTO as a service may help with that task. You may choose to hire an overstrung developer who does everything to do with apps or the ones that specifically specialize in your industry. You will definitely have to settle for the latter as they have a clear picture of what you want.

When assessing the cost to hire iOS developers, it’s essential for businesses to consider factors such as experience, location, and project complexity, which can influence the budget required to hire Swift developers with the expertise needed for their iOS app development.

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Where to Find the Fairest Cost of iOS Developer for Hire?

Mobile outsource iPhone app development emerges as a very promising but equally challenging branch in the mobile industry. The consumer-oriented apps are basically saturated leaving the business app development with more opportunities for both greenhorn and experienced developers. In comparison with all the six software platforms, iOS remains on top in terms of profits whereas Android affords a broader reach to app developers. Internet of Things (IoT) has been famed to be the next “piece of real estate” for the app developers to venture into. As you may well be aware, it may be hard to find iOS developers. This is because the market is saturated with so-called “experts”. If your business needs a web development consultant, freelance iOS developer or Hybris developers for a new project, speak to the team at Mobilunity. Find the right candidate effortlessly!  If you would like to hire an iOS app developer, Mobilunity would be glad to help you out.

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