Why Are There More Programmers Who Want to Become Flex Developers?

The increasing demand of Apache Flex developers in the marketplace is attracting the programmers to become Flex developers. As we know, the technologies change very fast, especially in the domain of information technologies (IT). The older technologies are vanishing away and newer technologies are emerging in the marketplace. The Apache Flex SDK framework is one of such great software platforms for developing highly interactive and expressive mobile as well as web applications.

With every change in the technology, the demand of the technical resources related to that particular technology – in our case Flex developer – increases very rapidly, which results in the substantial increase in the dedicated developer wages in that particular technology. Small companies opt for the freelancer and other outsourcing mode to fulfill their technical needs, while the larger companies choose the dedicated developers by spending more on the skilled resources.

Let’s explore about the Apache Flex framework and the demand of good Flex designers in the marketplace.

Flex Developers in Global IT Marketplace

Before we dive into the analysis of Flex developer marketplace, let’s briefly talk about the Apache Flex framework itself. The Flex program is an open source software development kit (SDK) for computer programming. This entire software development kit includes numerous JavaScript libraries and a compiler to comprehensively develop the rich featured cross platform software applications. It has been initially developed by Macromedia and then Adobe Systems acquired it, and finally transferred to the Apache software foundation.

The Flex software is written in the Java and ActionScript languages. It supports numerous OS systems, such as Windows, Android, MacOS, Blackberry, Linux and iOS. The latest version of Apache Flex released a few months back is known as Apache Flex 4.16.1 version.

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There are many great features and capabilities that make this software development framework more attractive and useful for a large community of Flex developers. Apache Flex works very well with all major browsers other than the adobe flash and other multimedia applications.

The demand of Flex developers in the marketplace is moderate and consistent with a slight dip across the globe. After the announcement of the discontinuation of technical support for Adobe Flash, which is a powerful plugin used in the Flex, the demand of this platform may go down, but at this point of time, the demand of Flex developers and Flex programmers is consistent and continuous.

If you look at different job portals, you would find that a substantial number of Apache Flex jobs are available in the marketplace. For example, right at the time of writing this article, there were more than 7,027 Flex job positions available in the USA through LinkedIn. There are more than 297 jobs available in India on Monster job portal.

Moreover, over 339 permanent posts of Apache Flex developers were announced in the UK in the past 6 months other than contract and temporary jobs on the IT JOB WATCH website. This figure is 10% higher than the previous year’s figures in the same period.

The demand of Flex developers is very high in the developing markets like India, China and other such big markets. More than 3822 jobs are available in India on job portal at the time of this article. North America, Europe and Asia Pacific regions are the major consumers of Flex developers as well as other software developers in the global marketplace.

Global Demand and Supply of Flex Developers

The demand of Flex developers is either remaining consistent or declining in some parts of the world. Many industry experts talk about disappointing future of the Flex platforms, however, a large number of Flex developers believe that it is a great multiplatform framework for developing highly interactive and rich-featured mobile and web applications for numerous platforms like iOS, Android, Windows, Linux and others.

According to the Randstad USA information, there are 456 Flex developers required in the USA. This demand can easily be fulfilled with through multiple ways like freelancer website, outsourcing, outstaffing and local hiring. There was no news in the market about any shortage of the Apache Flex programmers in the marketplace. However, the demand of the Flex developers is continuously declining with a slow downturn.

As far as the supply of the Apache Flex developers’ is concerned, it is based upon the front-end development skill set. The back-end development skills are also very critical for a Flex developer to have to show his worth to the client. So, the supply of the full stack developers with the Flex skill set is sufficiently available in the marketplace to cater to the market demand.

Skills, Experience, Qualification of a Great Flex Developer

Flex programming language is a comprehensive skill set of computer programming and compiling of the code with the help of multiple tools and plugins supported by the Apache Flex platform. As you know, the Flex is an SDK based upon ActionScript and Java languages. It supports the code of many other languages such as HTML, CSS, Java and others. So, the skill set of an Apache flex developer should be comprehensive.

flex programmer resume sample

Why to Learn and Use Flex Technology?

There are many great reasons to learn and use the Flex technology in the present day technological marketplace. A few very important reasons for the same are mentioned below:

  • It is best for data centric enterprise application development solutions;
  • It is an open source platform free for all;
  • Powerful support through strong community;
  • Best for rich internet application (RIA) development;
  • Supports Adobe AIR, flash player and multiple desktop browsers;
  • Powered by debugging and compiler tools;
  • Supports declarative XML syntax and MXML for better development of complex GUI;
  • Supports multiple technologies, such as PHP, Dot Net, JEE and others to be integrated into the Flex framework;
  • Supports localization and internationalization features for global deployments;
  • Supports numerous test automation tools for different kinds of testing, such as unit test, module test, integration test, functional test, performance test and others;
  • Supports powerful revision control system for effective tracking and maintenance;
  • Supports multiple platforms, such as Android, iOS, Windows, Linux, MacOS and others;
  • Supports ActionScript-3 object oriented language for complex and large development projects;
  • It uses less CPU and memory as compared to many other applications developed on other platforms;
  • Third party components are very easy to integrate with it;
  • It is very useful for the development of both the mobile and desktop applications;
  • There is a consistent demand of Flex skills, so the developers should continue to learn it for better job prospects;
  • The learning curve is comparatively easy and intuitive.

Flex Developers’ Salaries in Different Countries

The Flex developer salary in the present marketplace is very competitive in a large majority of countries and regions across the world. The Western Europe and North American regions are the highly paid regions for Flex developers in the world.

Let’s have a look at the Flex developer salaries in different countries globally.

flex developer salary in different countries

As far as the salary of the software developers with Flex skills is concerned, Ukraine is one of the most competitive marketplaces in the Eastern European region.

Mobilunity – Provider of Great Talent to Everyone Abroad

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It offers dedicated apache Flex developers powered by the company guarantee to complete your rich internet applications within the specified time and budgets, while maintaining the high quality of service and customer satisfaction.

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