Go Developer Salary in Different Countries

With the advent of the concept of Internet of Things (IoT), the demand of system software developers started soaring up in the marketplace. Initially, the majority of the software development work for the IoT was done through traditionally powerful languages like C and C++.

Later in 2009, Google developed a new platform known as GO, which was specifically created for the Go development for the internet of things networks, while maintaining the main features of traditional programming languages. Slowly and gradually, the demand of hiring a Go developer has increased as the IoT took the stronger roots in the industries. In the present day market, the Go programming language is becoming more and more popular in multiple domains of industries across the globe.

Let’s expand upon the Go development, its popularity, demand of go development teams, and salaries of a Go engineer worldwide.

Introduction to Go Development and Its Popularity

The Golang programming language commonly referred to as ‘GO is an open source computer programming language. It was developed at Google by Robert Griesemer and his team of go engineers. The first GO version was released in 2012, and the latest stable version of the Go program released in March, 2018 is known as R 1.10.1. However, the announcement of Golang language was made in November 2009.

Golang is a statically type checking language for Go program verification of type safety through the analysis of the source code or text of the program. This language is fully equipped with the great features like structural typing, concurrent programming, garbage collection and others. It supports multiple operating systems, such as Linux, FreeBSD, OpenBSD, Windows, Solaris and others.

This language is intended for the software development of numerous network devices and equipment operation and interfacing with the Internet of Things (IoT) network. In IoT network, numerous types of devices, appliances, network elements, and office equipment are connected through software interfaces to communicate within the IP based network globally. The syntax of this language resembles to the syntax of C language with a little modification to make it more precise and readable.

According to the Stackoverflow survey 2018, Go language is the 5th most loved computer programming languages in the present year. As far as the popularity of the Go language is concerned, there is an increasing tendency in the demand of Go development teams in the marketplace, as mentioned in the Google Go Survey report 2017. Meanwhile, the estimated number of Go users stands in the range of 3% to 4.6% of the total software developers across the world in 2017, according to Research.Swtch.Com report 2017. This is a very clear indication that a large number of software developers ranging in between 500 thousand to 900 thousand developers are professional Go users.

These facts and figures are very encouraging that the Go language is progressing very consistently in the domains of system programming, network programming, DevOps, network security and database programming. With the passage of time, the Go programmer salary is also increasing in all global markets, especially in the North American and European markets.

Where to Find the Best Go Developers and Go Development Teams?

There are many places where you can find the best Go developers; for example, you can use different forums and Go communities to contact with the expert Go developers. Another important place to find the best Go developers is the online freelancer websites. There are many specific online websites that offer the profiles and contact information of great Go developers online. There are certain issues associated with the online or freelancer hiring of go programmers. The reliability and time dedication are two major issues with this kind of hiring process.

The traditional local way of hiring through local newspapers and other sources of media are also a useful tool to find out the great Go developers in your area. The local hiring has its own pros and cons. It is very lengthy and costly process to hire a good Go developer locally. The legal issues, social security matters, government policies, and availability of skilled resources are some of the major constraints in the process of local searching of a good Go developer.

hire go developers at Mobilunity

The best tradeoff between local hiring and outsourced hiring is the outstaffing through third party contractors, who supply the skilled, qualified and experienced Go development teams that work dedicatedly for the specific project assigned to them. This kind of hiring is also powered by the proven reliability and guaranteed availability of the resources through third party Contractor Company, which fulfills all requirements of your contract signed with the outstaffing company.

You can choose great Ukrainian Go developers through Mobilunity Outstaffing Company at very reasonable prices. The Go developer salary in Ukraine is much lower than many European and North American countries that make your projects more competitive in the marketplace.

Skills and Experience of a Great Go Developer

A great Go developer is a computer programmer with strong programming skills in C, C++ and Go languages along with the general knowledge of different types of devices, home appliances, security equipment, and office equipment and many other devices and tools commonly used in our day to day lives.

The programmer develops and integrates the software used by the nodes in a gigantic internet of things network connected through IP addresses and communication media. So, the programmer should have strong knowledge of different kinds of operating systems used by different devices used in the IoT network. The main skills and experience of a great Go developer are mentioned below:

go developer resume sample

Go Developer Salary in Ukraine and Worldwide – A Comparative Outlook

Ukraine is one the major hub of the technical resources, especially in the domains of engineering and information technology. The government policies and technical affinity of the local people towards IT makes it one of the most powerful places to hire computer programmers including Go developers. The Go developer salary in Ukraine is comparatively low in many regions of the world.

Let’s have a look at the go programmer salary in different countries in the world.

go developer salary worldwide

The location and time zone of Ukraine is very suitable for many European and North American countries in terms of maintaining smooth communication and short travelling distance, if travelling is required. So, Ukrainian Golang developers are considered as highly desirable IT resources in the world in terms of numerous economical, business and technical aspects.

Top 5 Go Developer Interview Questions and Their Answers

The questions asked in an interview panel normally depend on the background of the interviewing panel and their project requirements. The questions may vary from person to person, from company to company, and from project to project. If we take a generalized approach for top 5 frequently asked interview questions, they can be the following questions.

questions to ask go development team

Question #1: How you will compare Golang with other commonly used languages in the IoT based programming?

Answer: Golang is a highly featured, easy to work with, and comparatively easy learning curve as compared to other major programming languages used for high-end programming.

Question #2: What do you set by using the GOPATH variable in the Golang language?

Answer: The GOPATH variable is used to point the tree/trees of the go packages.

Question #3: Which conditions of the Golang installation require the setting of GOROOT variables manually?

Answer:  GOROOT variable is required to be set in two different installation conditions.

a).   When you have multiple versions of Golang installed on your system

b).   When you have transferred the Golang setup from another system or you have downloaded it as a binary package to install on your system

Question #4: Is string text modifiable in the Golang language and how would you modify it, if required?

Answer: Normally, string text is not modifiable in the Golang language. So you need to create a new string, if you want to. But, you are forced to modify the string text, you can use another capability called [ ] byte slice.

Question #5: What of the following options will you choose for the implementation of queuing feature in GO language that does not impact badly on the performance of the software?

  • Type queue [ ]int
  • Type stack [ ]int
  • Slice Iteration pattern
  • None of the above

Answer: Option C is the best choice because it does not reduce the performance, while the first two options are okay, but they will reduce the performance.

How to Hire Professional Go Developer through Mobilunity?

Hiring a professional Go developer that possess the required skills, experience and qualification is a tedious process and is influenced by the availability of resource, government policies, social security matters and legal issues. It may take long periods to successfully hire and on-board a great Go developer or a Go development team with the desired skills, experience and qualification.

So, to save the time, it is a good idea to outstaff the projects to the third party contracting company like Mobilunity Outstaffing Services Company. It helps you complete the entire hiring process in a short time and help you maintain all legal and government related matters on your behalf. You are 100% free to focus on your business goals to save you valuable time and increase your business bottom line.

Contact us now for hiring the great dedicated Golang developers with excellent skills!

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