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AWS (Amazon Web Services) is proven to be the largest cloud-based platform that contains the features to store and deliver data, computer power; it enables to run web applications in servers, manage data in the databases such as MySQL and Oracle, as well as to conduct dynamic files transactions. In order to fulfill the scope of the project, companies hire a DevOps to complete the development and operations. What are the features of AWS, how it can help grow your business, and how and where to find a qualified amazon AWS developer?

Cloud Support Engineer: AWS and Other Services – What Is the Difference?

AWS offers a wide range of services, starting from storage to IoT and enterprise apps. More than 140 web services of cloud computing. The key benefit of using cloud-based services is the ability to cut costs on capital infrastructure and thus considerably boost the company’s growth. AWS is applied in over 190 in the world making it a reliable and affordable platform for clouding.

Businesses in the world are striving to obtain the best of using the cloud services to improve security, access the data from anywhere and at any time, properly manage resources, and save costs on accessing the niche technology. Therefore, AWS is not the only available cloud service; but what differs it from others? Amazon web services certified developer offers machine learning tools, predictive analytics, application integrations, a variety of management tools, and computing. AWS has the biggest list of storage options available, including Simple Storage Service (S3), Snowball, Snowmobile, Elastic Block Storage (EBS), Storage Gateway. The most common databases include Neptune, Redshift, DynamoDB, RDS, and Aurora.

AWS in Numbers

AWS was officially launched in 2002 and started gaining momentum at once: over 1 million users, about 42% share in the public cloud market (winning the biggest players Microsoft, Rackspace, IBM, and Google). In 2018, AWS services generated a great deal of $26 billion in revenues. As of the Q1 of 2020, AWS has already managed to make $10 million that proves its leadership among the competitors.

AWS services cover a variety of industries: manufacturing, IT software development, healthcare, energy and power, production. From tech giants such as General Electric, Intuit, and Brooks Brothers to startups, such as Airbnb, Mapbox, and Lyft hire AWS engineers to increase their customer services while focusing on innovations gained from AWS.

The Key Benefits and Limitations of AWS

If you decided to jump-start into cloud computing and find AWS developers for hire, here are the details of its pros and cons.


  • An excessive range of tools available 

While the initial set of options was limited to cloud computing storage, later on, they expanded to over 70 additional services to meet users’ needs. These include compliance, change management, service desk, enterprise support among others.

  • Immense server capacity

AWS managed to provide bandwidth for both those websites that do not handle a huge amount of visitors to those who barely manage their extremely high trafficking. Moreover, as the corporation grows, AWS allows them to grow the server capacity correspondingly.

  • Top-level security

Any business is aimed at disclosing their private data and securing the information of its operations. Every day, over 12 data centers across the world are taking care of clients’ data safety and security, making AWS the most reliable services.

  • Affordable costs and flexibility

No matter how niche your operations are, no matter what programming language you need or what application you handle, AWS allows you to easily load any type of services or software that is required by your business needs.


  • Confusing billing system

Despite the brilliance of AWS, the billing might occur confusing and challenging for a non-tech expert. It takes a little more time to get to know the system of billing to get started.

  • Same computing issues

Any cloud-based services have pitfalls with backup protection, or data leakage, or limited control, or downtime. However, this problem is not exclusive to AWS as it is common to many companies that deal with cloud computing.

  • Regional limitations

AWS has certain features available in one region, and, unfortunately, unavailable in other parts of the world. However, the reason for these limitations can be explained by the intention of AWS representatives to protect the users from hack attacks, data leakage, and unnecessary costs.

How to Recognize a Need to For AWS Developer for Hire

In the past several years, SMEs and large enterprises have been striving to find a distinctive It solution to create a perfect balance between flexibility and scalability which are closely interconnected to cloud computing and data security. With this in mind, the demand for AWS engineers is at its peak.

By hiring an AWS cloud developer, companies save money as they help identify the required AWS services for the web application, write code that considerably optimizes these services, and identifies the critical security codes such as credentials and encryption.

Companies that started or continued cooperation with amazon web services developers boosted the sales of AWS up to $7.7 billion, whilst it was estimated to rise only up to $7.69.

AWS Cloud Support Engineer – Your Ideal Portrait

Before actually hiring an AWS Cloud Security Engineer, you should have a clear vision of his/her skills, experience, and education to get the best out of the development.

The role of the AWS software engineer covers the building and integrating AWS-based computer systems and data. The person in this position also deploys, manages, and maintains the system, ensures its availability, performance, and, most importantly, security. He/she is greatly involved in technology to be able to apply innovation to level up the system. Down below, you can see the samples of the AWS cloud engineer resume and AWS developer sample resume.  AWS cloud engineer and Amazon web services developers.

Offshore AWS Development: Costs to Hire an Amazon Web Services Expert

Hiring remote teams (generally known as offshore and nearshore outsourcing) enables companies to find their suitable and qualified employees in different parts of the world. In this section, we shall demonstrate the costs for AWS outsourcing and how you can benefit from AWS developer hiring. The information taken from the PayScale will show you AWS certified developer salary, AWS cloud engineer salary, amazon web services engineer salary in 5 different countries.

USA Australia Ukraine Germany Japan
AWS certified associate developer $110,000 $76,980 $28,730 $65,890 $48,920
AWS solutions engineer $97,430 $66,783 $26,500 $62,110 $45,364
AWS software engineer $98,100 $68,239 $27,120 $64,120 $46,811

AWS Engineer: Hire in Ukraine

To begin with, the countries of CEE (Ukraine in particular) remain a highly attractive destination for offshoring and nearshore outsourcing. The talent pool of IT specialists gives employment for over 100,000 qualified developers. You have access to find AWS security engineer, AWS network engineer, AWS support engineer;  hire a java AWS programmer, hire swift and AWS developers – any niche specialization to meet your needs. Nonetheless, let’s see in detail the reasons for Ukrainian IT software development.

  • Close proximity – any country in Western Europe can easily visit your Amazon web services software engineer as takes about 1-3 hours traveling
  • Large talent pool – finding AWS web developers might be tough on the local market, so discovering a large pool of specialists on the global scale gives more opportunities.
  • Fast recruitment process – the vendor’s recruiters deliver you a shortlist of candidates within 1-2 weeks (twice faster for AWS solutions architect hiring process with your in-house recruitment)
  • Access to technologies – with such a vast number of talented specialists, you get innovations implemented to create a distinctive product
  • A big number of outsourcing companies – Ukraine offers around 4,000 IT outsourcing companies and best sites to hire AWS architect that suit your business needs

A Big Player of Nearshoring – AWS Engineer at Mobilunity

Mobilunity has been providing its nearshoring services for over 9 years for clients in Japan, Canada, Switzerland, and the United States. We have proven feedback of satisfaction from our clients that include both large enterprises, SMEs, and startups. Whether you aim to find AWS data engineer, AWS security engineer, AWS systems engineer or hire IoT developers – we are here to help you.

What we offer:

  • Excellent communication – when you hire Amazon AWS developers you find the best suitable communication tools to establish smooth collaboration.
  • Assistance during establishing the collaboration with your team – we operate based on 3Rs pillars – Recruitment, Relationship, Retention. So the last aspect focuses on meetings the professional and personal needs of your AWS developer.
  • Fast recruitment. Even if you have specific needs for amazon web services, outsourcing the best candidates in Mobilunity takes 2-3 weeks and you are ready to select the ones.
  • Top-level service. Hiring AWS architect or hire AWS DevOps engineer from Mobilunity means attracting quality services and boost your cloud computing.

Discover the world of cloud computing with AWS developer for hire at Mobilunity. Request a query and let us take care of your services!

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