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Hire C++ Developers

Initially, C++ language was developed as an extended version of C with many useful features added. C++ was created by a Ph.D. student Bjarne Stroustrup from Denmark who was eager to make an advanced object-oriented version of C technology without any decreases in processing speed or productivity. It worked, and since the information about C++ was published in 1985, for all these years C++ became a widespread programming language used alongside C for any type of software development.

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C++ Web Development Overview

C++ has all features of the object-oriented programming (OOP) technology. Being an upgraded quality tool, C++ new features such as data encapsulating were highly welcomed among C developers interested in the enhanced version of the similar programming language. Other added features allow overloading functions, polymorphism, inheritance, and inline function calls. Unlike C, C++ uses “objects” defined by “classes”, program-code-templates that consist of data or code methods. Therefore, C technology which is not object-oriented is called a “procedural” programming language, while C++ was recognized as a hybrid language that contains both procedural and object-oriented capacities. Taking this into consideration, the next logical question will be: do you need to hire C++ developer instead of a freelance C programmer?

Why You May Need to Hire a C++ Programmer Instead of C Coder

C++ is used by 23.5% of all developers in the world. C proved to still be highly effective and applicable, still, a lot of popular software is at least partly scripted in C++. C is a good base for further development, but nowadays many software developing companies require basic C++ knowledge as well.

c++ development and developers demand

Chart showing interest in C++ developers over time

Before start looking for expert programmers to hire, it is crucial to get to know the pros and cons of this technology. If you plan to develop a powerful software capable of a number of functions (desktop games, tasks managers, computationally intensive programs) and able to interact with a device’s hardware, both C and C++ can work for you. It is worth noting the benefits of the C language before we move on to the advantages of C++:

  • Allows building a complex solution of simpler functions with free data transmission
  • Being a middle-level language, C combines features of programming languages of all levels
  • Case-sensitive language for general purposes
  • Works great for applications requiring calculations
  • Has a rich built-in library of standard functions
  • A portable language, including dynamic memory allocation

But here are the undoubtful pros of C++ web development you should take into consideration if you need to hire C++ developer:

pros of C++ web development
  • As mentioned before, C++ is an object-oriented technology that provides classes, data abstraction, encapsulation, polymorphism, and inheritance
  • C++ offers such additional features as function overloading and exception handling
  • Being a highly portable language, C++ often works best for cross-platform development and can be accessed without problems with many devices
  • C++ provides a remarkable function library
  • Can be applied for numerous types of applications due to its powerful and fast-processing features.

So, the right answer to whether to hire C++ developer depends on the type and complexity of the project you are planning to start or you have already been working on. Both C and C++ have their benefits, and you need to define your goals and technical needs clearly to understand what language will work for you most. When hiring C++ Developers, incorporating the expertise of a CRM software consultant and a Microsoft Power BI developer can optimize your development process, ensuring effective customer relationship management and advanced data analytics capabilities in your software solution.

Let us find for your project a well-qualified C++ developer who will match your business needs perfectly.

What Projects Can C++ Developers for Hire Complete?

When it comes to C++, it has a huge range of use, from GUI (Graphic User Interface) applications to 3D games materials. C++ is supported by many devices and platforms that make the language highly compatible with any user device and a great tool for cross-platform app development. Offering a huge library with standard functions and fast-processing operations, C++ proved to be convenient to use in application development.

C++ web development is adopted by a number of leading technology companies, including Apple, Google, Microsoft, Oracle, Amazon, etc. For instance, Adobe products such as Photoshop and Illustrator are built with the help of C++, MySQL, and MongoDB databases are partly written in C++ as well. Facebook uses C++ for app development and internal researches. Moreover, the famous operating systems Windows, Mac, and Linux are entirely or partly created with the use of C++. C++ is a widely used language for scripting such types of projects as:

types of projects where c++ is being used
  • GUI applications (for example, besides Photoshop, Image Reader is also written in C++)
  • Banking and trading apps (Bloomberg and PayPal)
  • Games (Doom 3 and Unreal Engine have advanced visualization parts developed in C++)
  • Entire web browsers (a part of Google back-end, although C++ is limited for building websites compared to other technologies)
  • Graphic components (physical simulations, mobile sensors, image processing)

So, if you want to hire a C++ programmer for full-time work in the office or remotely, it will become a powerful general-purpose development tool in the hands of your company no matter what you do. Want to strengthen your core team? Want to get started developing a new project? In almost any business field, such a specialist will be valuable due to a wide range of services this language can provide. Which ones? We already mentioned a little bit about the difference in using C and C++, but let’s see what exactly can be done when you hire C++ developer.

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Notes on C++ Application Development Before You Hire C++ Programmers

C++ application development can be used for numerous projects. In particular, C++ is used in:

  • Databases creation, update, and customization
  • Word editors
  • Banking applications
  • Spreadsheets
  • UI/UX interface customization
  • Any applications of general purposes

Although C++ application development is not the most popular solution for building web and mobile apps, it is possible to build a large application with C++ following these useful prompts:

  • Hire a C++ programmer with solid experience in web app development. This way, by seeing his/her previously launched successful projects, you will be sure that an expert is working on your idea;
  • If you hire C++ developer, provide comprehensive guidelines and determine the final appearance of the application in as many details as possible. C++ developer should clearly understand his tasks and time frames for building the product;
  • Work on the core tasks and main problems first, then move on to the smaller tasks and details. Before the “scalable” C++ web development begins, you need to see if the concept features are fulfilled correctly.

You can find a lot of applications created with C++ in open access. For example, take a look at this helpful resource with a big number of C++ code samples that can guide you through C++ application development.

hire c++ developers in ukraine with mobilunity

C++ Developer Resume Samples

Middle C++ Developer Sample CV


  • Development of UI for mobile/desktop applications
  • Development of mini-games, scenes and hidden scenes using C++, XML
  • Managing and supporting multiple projects
  • 3 years experience in Oracle 11g using PL/SQL, Stored Procedures, and SQL
  • 2 years in developing Desktop applications via STL, data structures, IPC, Internetwork operating systems, and multi-threading.


  • Solid knowledge of JavaScript, OOP, Unity 3D, C, C++, Perforce
  • Understanding the testing frameworks such as IBM, JUnit, Manual Testing
  • C++ development via WSDL, XML, SOAP, and other web services architecture
  • Client-side and Server-side technologies
  • Python scripting, UNIX Shell

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Senior C++ Developer Resume Example


  • 5 years of experience in C++ game development
  • 3 years of experience as a mobile game developer
  • developed modules for UNIX C++ apps
  • designed SSIS packages to load the data from Excel, and OLEDB utilizing Fuzzy Lookup, Condition Split, and Pivot Transformation
  • written APIs in Python and PHP
  • Use the following libraries: Boost, WEBM, QT, and RSA BSafe
  • partially covered the process of scripting in Perl


  • Knowledge of cross-platform Unity3D engine;
  • Knowledge of cross-platform QT framework;
  • Knowledge of various technologies (Linux, socket programming, multithreading);
  • Development of security products for mobile devices.

Technologies: C, C++, Android SDK, GIT, GDB, Scons, Make, iOS, Debian build environment, etc.

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C++ and C Programmer Salary in Ukraine

We decided to make one more mini-study and find out what is the C and C++ developers demand and supply in Ukraine based on the data available on domestic job boards. The results are as follows. The table below indicates how much active vacancies are posted on the most popular Ukrainian IT job resources. If we assume that the vacancies do not repeat, then on average we get 75 active offers. It’s also worth remembering that companies often look for C vs C++ developers at the same time, and such a query can give more results for an applicant when you look for C / C++ developer resume.


Here is a graph that depicts supply for C and C++ coders in Ukraine. As we can see the number of developers’ profiles exceeds the number of vacancies approximately three times, so it is not hard to find a good C++ developer resume. This may mean that Ukrainian programmers are oriented at foreign markets and thus, their services are very often outsourced in Europe or the US, and foreign companies are eager to hire C developers and C++ coders.


Ways of How to Find C++ Programmers for Hire

how to hire C++ team

Let’s analyze two main and the most affordable possibilities to dedicated C developer or hiring a C++ developer for your project. These are project-based outsourcing and dedicated development team.

Project-Based Outsourcing for C++ Developers for Hire

This is the most optimal approach for companies interested in the implementation of single, irregular or pilot projects of different levels of complexity with clearly defined requirements and projected results. The advantage of this model is a fixed cost and a well-defined period of work performance. Consequently, the main risk is the situation not determined by the contract or possible delay due to unforeseen circumstances. But remote C++ developer or WPF developer for hire can contribute greatly to your project at any stage of processing, so in case you are interested in an experienced specialist with a fresh point of view, hiring one programmer to work with your in-house team can work for you best. The risk of this method lies in some miscommunication with the devs, but the main advantages are the possibility to get any devs or extend your C++ app development team with rare professionals at any time, without the shortage of expenses for office premises, complex recruitment, and staff retention.

Dedicated C++ Development Team

If you have an upcoming project, but don’t know how to find a perfect C++ team of dedicated developers to implement your idea into life, you can use the service, which was made just to fit this need – nearshoring. This method is applicable to projects where it is impossible to calculate the timeframe for the work in advance. In this case, the client receives a C++ team of developers who work only on his project, the payment is usually calculated for each hour of a programmer’s work or may be also fixed all-inclusive and paid monthly. Speaking simple words – you come to the company dealing with staff hiring and leave your request for C++ development outsourcing. The company looks for employees to work on your project so that you don’t have to waste time on that. You don’t have to worry about the level of professionalism or devotion to your project. Developers offered to you will surely be interested in the whole thing and ready to solve hard tasks. You can learn more about building a dedicated development team on our website.

Experienced recruiters from Mobilunity will find skilled C++ programmers for hire who will take any C++ development challenges with ease!

All salaries and prices mentioned within the article are approximate NET numbers based on the research done by our in-house Recruitment Team. Please use these numbers as a guide for comparison purposes only and feel free to use the contact form to inquire on the specific cost of the talent according to your vacancy requirements and chosen model of engagement.

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