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Hire WPF Developer

It is 100% true that technologies change very fast in the modern information age. The Windows Presentation Framework (WPF) and C# technologies have also evolved since their starting in 2006 and 2002 respectively. The demand for the role of a WPF engineer and C# developer has been very high for many years now to create many kinds of desktop and mobile applications.

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The WPF technology is getting more and more popular for comprehensive software development for desktop applications, but that does not mean that it is an alternative to C#. Both of them are complementary platforms with small differences. So, we can combine them as C# WPF, not as C# vs WPF. While cloud cost optimization service can help streamline your cloud expenditure and a CRM consulting company can enhance your customer relationship management, hiring a WPF developer is a strategic move that can provide powerful user interface solutions for your Windows desktop applications.

WPF Development and WPF Developers Overview

A large number of companies in the finance, manufacturing, and engineering sectors have already invested hugely in the WPF development for their desktop applications. That’s why the demand for a good WPF application developer will remain consistent for many years to come. Many new tools are being introduced by the Microsoft Corporation to make it one of the powerful platform in the desktop application field. The company is focusing on the compatibility of WPF apps to be integrated into the Xamarin platform, which was recently acquired by Microsoft. So, the demand of WPF will remain consistent for many upcoming years. So, the WPF .Net combination is very powerful for the desktop application for Windows OS in the marketplace.

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Why Start Looking for WPF Developer for Hire?

The main reasons for using the WPF platform are listed below:

  • The platform is powered by many MS technologies
  • Business logic and UI are easily separated here through MVVM and MVC platforms 
  • The platform has got many new tools for usage
  • The Windows Forms are expected to be replaced by WPF
  • Supports the C# and VB code for developing the desktop controls
  • It is powered by the XAML for creating exciting user interfaces
  • The XAML code heavily resembles ASP.Net code, and WFP ASP is also compatible
  • Easy to create dynamic themes and styles of UI components
  • Animation can easily be accomplished through XAML without C# code
  • Easy to change app screen resolution in WPF
  • Allows robust data binding through numerous data hooks
  • Supports the third party tools and power toys
  • A huge community for third-party tool support
  • Supports declarative programming

If we compare the WPF vs WinForms development, we would suggest that a desktop app developer must deploy a standalone WPF application for better software application outcomes.

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WPF with Other Technologies in Backend Development

The WPF platform in combination with other MS technologies like .Net, C#, and SQL technologies makes for WPF software developer the backend development for the desktop applications great. The addition of other tools supporting backend software development is an ongoing process to enhance the effectiveness of this platform.

WPF and .Net Technology

The WPF fully supports the power of .Net development. As we know, .Net is a very powerful and versatile technology for backend software development. There is a huge demand for local as well as remote WPF developers across the world. The .Net platform can easily be used as ASP.Net technology to create dynamic UI as well. The popularity of .Net Core is very high in the market due to its open-source license and modular development approach. The .Net Native and ASP.Net play a vital role in the WPF platform.

WPF and C# Language

The designing layout of the backend software application is mostly done with the help of C# on the WPF platform. The combination of these two technologies unleashes the power of high-level backend software development. Any professional-grade desktop application uses multiple technologies and tools on the WPF platform such as C#, SQL Server, and other tools. The combination of C# and WPF makes a great foundation for desktop software applications. The role of C# language along with the WPF for the communication and network applications is amazingly great.

Difference Between WPF and Windows Forms

Many new web developers are confused about which one is better – WPF or WinForms for web developers in the present marketplace. Let’s try to find out the answer to this query by comparing the WPF vs WinForms. The major differences between WPF and WinForms are given in the following table.

wpf vs winforms

Main Responsibilities of a WPF Developer for Hire

The major WPF developer responsibilities are listed below:

  • Understanding the business requirement of the application
  • Designing the GUI and backend layout
  • Creation of UI controls and modification of the same
  • Developing the custom application codes
  • Testing and integrating software applications
  • Troubleshooting and debugging the apps
  • Managing the project lifecycle

Major Skills of a WPF Interface Developer for Hire

A good WPF developer resume should contain the following skills:

  • WPF
  • C#
  • MS SQL
  • JavaScript
  • ASP.Net
  • HTML5
  • 2D & 3D graphics
  • JavaScript
  • Restful APIs
  • UI
  • UX
  • Software Testing

WPF Developer Salary Rates in 5 Different Countries

The WPF developer salary varies from country to country and region to region all over the world. Let’s have a look at the average salary of WPF developers in a few important countries.

wpf developer salary

WPF Developer Resume Samples

The three levels of WPF developer resume samples in terms of technical skills, professional experience, and academic qualification are mentioned below:

Junior WPF Coder Resume Sample

junior wpf developer resume sample

Middle WPF Programmer Resume Sample

middle wpf developer resume

Senior WPF Developer Resume Sample

senior wpf developer resume sample

10 Common WPF Developer Interview Questions

Let’s have a look at the top WPF interview questions commonly asked in an interview.

Q #1: What Is WPF?

Answer: WPF is an acronym of the Windows Presentation Foundation. It is a GUI development platform for the desktop applications commonly used for the Windows OS. This is a new platform, which will replace the existing WinForms UI control development platform. It offers more features, capabilities, and flexibility to the WPF interface developer for hire.

Q #2: How many types of resources can be defined in WPF programming?

Answer: Two types of resources – dynamic resources and static resources – can be defined in the syntax of WPF resources.

Q #3: When we use dynamic resources in WPF?

Answer: We use the dynamic resource in the conditions when the value of the property defined in the WPF resource syntax is required to change in the real-time environment.

Q #4: What is the purpose of using the value converter feature in the WPF framework?

Answer: The purpose of using the value converter feature is to switch the UI control properties from text to button and vice versa. The value converter accepts two types of values – Boolean and string data.

Q #5: What you know about the MVVM used in the WPF environment?

Answer: The MVVM is an acronym of Model View View-Model. It is similar to the MVC presentation model pattern. This is a framework used for desktop apps in the WPF environment. The main use of this model is that it separates the business logic from the UI elements.

Q #6: What is the main function of ICommand in the WPF framework?

Answer: The ICommand is extensively used in the MVVM for separating the ViewModel and View logic. This command separates the user interface from the business logic. This command uses two types of methods, which are defined by the users. One is Void Execute and the other is the CanExecute method.

Q #7: What you know about data binding in the WPF framework?

Answer: The data binding is a process in which the data is taken from one object and displayed to the GUI interface elements – single element or multiple elements simultaneously. WPF uses the XAML as the major technology, which makes it very easy to bind data from one object to another one as well as to dispatch to multiple UI elements.

Q #8: How many types of triggers are used in the WPF development environment?

Answer: In the WPF environment 5 triggers are used. The names of those triggers include multi-trigger, property trigger, event trigger, data trigger, and multi-data trigger.

Q #9: What is the main purpose of using triggers?

Answer: The triggers are used to create visual effects on the UI controls. The triggers monitor any changes in the property values and initiate the corresponding visual effect to show on the GUI interface.

Q #10: Can you please name a few ways of data binding between the binding source and binding target?

Answer: Yes. The data binding can be done in 4 major ways. They include one-way binding, two-way binding, one-time binding, and one-way to source binding.

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Importance of WPF Developer Remote Contract

The demand and the cost of hiring WPF developers are very high in major markets of Western European and North American countries. So, the WPF developer remote contract is an ideal solution for the software companies in those countries to hire remote WPF developer from countries like Ukraine, Russia, India, and others.

Where to Start Looking for WPF Expert

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  • World-class customer support powered by a great team of management
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