What Benefits Can You Get from Hiring a Clarion Developer

Dedicated Developers for Clarion Business Applications

Businesses and developers have long desired a tool that would greatly simplify the development of software. Various approaches have emerged in the history of programming, but few have succeeded at the programming level more than Clarion. Long held a virtual secret by the community of dedicated developers with the knowledge of Clarion, this programming language can nonetheless help a team develop software very quickly.

History of Clarion Development

Clarion was started in 1986 and has gone through multiple version changes over its history. The company behind the product was named Clarion Software Corporation, but later renamed to TopSpeed Corporation. The programming language, however, kept to its roots, with a focus on the Windows operating system. This makes it a natural fit for developing data-oriented applications that run on the .NET framework.

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Clarion Programmer Needed for Large Business Data Programming

Demand for Clarion development is high in large organizations that need line of business applications with a lot of data processing. Using the programming language lowers development time and enables involvement of business personnel in the development process.

Clarion programmers are needed in a variety of contexts, due to the versatile nature of this data-focused programming language. Some notable users of the language are:

  • eDATA – Provider of large database on US businesses and individuals, along with a search engine.
  • DBT – This company needed to store massive quantities of data about personal records such as driver’s licenses. It therefore used Clarion to rapidly build the information storage systems for all its clients.

Beyond these examples, many other clients use this technology, particularly for enterprise applications.

Clarion Programming Use Cases

Clarion programming resembles programming with other languages such as BASIC and PASCAL. The syntax is clean and makes use of “END” statements to terminate expressions. The language can work with DLLs (dynamically linked libraries) on Windows that have been developed in other programming languages. This enables integration with libraries developed in languages like C#.

A Clarion app can be compiled into a compact executable that runs fast on Windows computers. Furthermore, the executables are easy to distribute to your user base as well as to expose as web applications.

The following table shows use cases for the programming language and the benefits you get from hiring a Clarion developer:

clarion programming use cases

Clarion Professional Developer Skills and Business Benefits

Clarion developers need a range of skills, focused mainly on knowledge of the Clarion programming language and software development best practices. Beyond the language, developers must have the following skills to develop applications effectively:

reasons to use clarion programming language

  • System architecture – The ability to design information processing systems is essential to formulate functional applications. Some knowledge of code optimization may be helpful in coming up with solutions that run at high speed. Other optimizations include making binary executables that have low space requirements.
  • Knowledge of business requirements – Clarion developers frequently work side by side with business personnel. Some level of domain-specific knowledge is necessary in order to design effective software for the use case. For example, if a team is developing an application for the insurance industry or another specialty like accounting, the developers must familiarize themselves with the technical aspects of that field. The same applies when working in other areas where domain expertise affects how the application is to be developed.
  • Related programming languages – In certain instances, a Clarion developer will be required to interface with code developed in languages such as C#, VB.NET, F#, and others. While knowledge of these programming languages is not a hard requirement, for certain projects, it comes in very helpful. This enables the Clarion developer to solve problems across the entire programming stack. Developers with a range of skills like this can help your software development team solve problems more quickly.

5 Major Reasons to Hire Clarion Developers

There are many good reasons to hire Clarion developers, but here are five of the major ones:

  • Clarion allows the development of business data-oriented applications more easily than with other programming languages
  • You can use templates from other developers, which allow you to add new, complete features to your applications in minutes
  • The language is able to output SQL code that works with your existing database easily
  • The language is easy enough to use that business people can collaborate hands-on with developers in the development of Clarion apps
  • Clarion developers tend to know the business domain they work in quite well. Many of them are older, highly experience developers.

Where to Find Dedicated Developers for Clarion

When looking to procure Clarion development, you should be aware of the advantages you can get from dedicated developers. Unlike working with a disparate network of developers wherever you find them, with a dedicated team, you get a complete team focused on your work.

Some of the best dedicated developers for this technology are in Ukraine as well as the rest of Eastern Europe. Ukraine, for example, is an established tech center with high concentrations of software developers in major cities such as Kiev and Odessa.

Developing Business Applications with the Mobilunity Team

For help with your software development needs, you can contact Mobilunity’s development team. Many clients trust Mobilunity to deliver outstanding applications for businesses at lower cost than would be possible in major Western centers. The advantages of Mobilunity include:

reasons to hire clarion professional developer with Mobilunity

  • Vast range of expertise: Clarion, as well as programming languages like C#, Java, Python, PHP, C, and others.
  • Vetted developers: Mobilunity recruits talented developers from Ukraine’s major tech centers.
  • Capable technical managers: Your project will be in good hands under the watchful eye of highly sophisticated technical leads.
  • Proven track record: Mobilunity consistently receives stellar client ratings, pushing it to the front of the Ukraine software development community. Its commitment to the best international benchmarks means that you benefit from working with one of the best technical organizations around the world.

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