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Hire Clarion Developer

Quick Overview of Clarion Development

Clarion is a commercial and multi-paradigm programming language, that was created in 1986 and has gone through multiple version changes over its history. The company behind the product was named Clarion Software Corporation, but later renamed to TopSpeed Corporation. The programming language, however, kept to its roots, with a focus on the Windows operating system. This makes Clarion development a natural fit for developing data-oriented applications that run on the .NET framework and here you will get to know how to find programmers with Clarion skills.

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Why You May Need to Hire Clarion Developer

Businesses and developers have long desired a tool that would greatly simplify the development of software. Modern world has enormous pace and it is crucial for any business to keep up with it if its owners want it to be thriving. This is when mobile applications come in handy. Various approaches have emerged in the history of programming, but few have succeeded at the programming level more than Clarion. Long held a virtual secret by the community of dedicated developers with the knowledge of Clarion, this programming language can nonetheless help a Clarion development team finish the task very quickly. Demand for Clarion development is high in large organizations that need line of business applications with a lot of data processing. Using the help of the Clarion programmer lowers development time and enables involvement of business personnel in the development process.

Clarion programming specialists are needed in a variety of contexts, due to the versatile nature of this data-focused programming language. Some notable users of the language are:

  • eDATA – Provider of large database on US businesses and individuals, along with a search engine.
  • DBT – This company needed to store massive quantities of data about personal records such as driver’s licenses. It therefore used Clarion to rapidly build the information storage systems for all its clients.

Beyond these examples, many other clients use Clarion programming, particularly for enterprise applications.

Examples of Clarion Usage by Clarion Developer for Hire

Clarion technology resembles programming with other languages such as BASIC and PASCAL. The syntax that Clarion programmer uses is clean and makes use of “END” statements to terminate expressions. The language can work with DLLs (dynamically linked libraries) on Windows that have been developed in other programming languages. This enables integration with libraries developed in languages like C#. A Clarion app can be compiled into a compact executable that runs fast on Windows computers. Furthermore, the executables are easy to distribute to your user base as well as to expose as web applications.

The following table shows use cases for the programming language and the benefits you get from hiring a Clarion developer:

clarion programming use cases

Hire Clarion Programmer as a Part of Your Business Strategy

As a business owner you probably already wondered, how Clarion specialist could be any good for it. Well, the major reason for you to hire Clarion developer is that this particular programming language was specifically created for business needs. Mostly for creation of various business applications that are in the huge demand nowadays. The main goal of this language was to create cheap applications that would perform well over the long period of time and would not consume much money to maintain. Among all things, that Clarion coder can do for you is the description of desktop forms, databases and all kinds of reports. Over the years Clarion web development had shown such great results and received so many add-ons, extensions and various optimizations, that it is now being widely used in other programming fields as well.

However, all that mentioned above does not mean, that you cannot successfully hire Clarion developer for system utilities development or any other Clarion software development type of tasks. Whatever is the reason you are looking for Clarion developer for hire, you must know that there is a set of certain skills that one must obtain. Clarion developers need a range of skills, focused mainly on knowledge of the Clarion programming language and software development best practices. Beyond the language, developers must have the following skills to develop applications effectively:

reasons to use clarion programming language

  • System architecture – The ability to design information processing systems is essential to formulate functional applications. Some knowledge of code optimization may be helpful in coming up with solutions that run at high speed. Other optimizations include making binary executables that have low space requirements.
  • Knowledge of business requirements – Clarion developers frequently work side by side with business personnel. Some level of domain-specific knowledge is necessary in order to design effective software for the use case. For example, if a team is developing an application for the insurance industry or another specialty like accounting, the developers must familiarize themselves with the technical aspects of that field. The same applies when working in other areas where domain expertise affects how the application is to be developed.
  • Related programming languages – In certain instances, a Clarion developer will be required to interface with code developed in languages such as C#, VB.NET, F#, and others. While knowledge of these programming languages is not a hard requirement, for certain projects, it comes in very helpful. This enables the Clarion developer to solve problems across the entire programming stack. Developers with a range of skills like this can help your software development team solve problems more quickly.

Clarion Developer Resume: Things You Should Know Before You Hire Clarion Programmer

The world of Clarion web engineering is highly competitive and for professionals to get hired it takes something more than just being skilled. Creating a great resume must definitely be the part of the plan. This is something that makes Clarion programming software developer stand out from the crowd.  That is why, while you are looking for a Clarion development software specialist for you team, try to choose someone, who puts some creativity into his or hers resume. For example, as discussed in this article. As for employer, it might be pretty useful for you to get deeper into specifics of creating a Clarion developer resume, as you this way you will know which aspects of it deserve the most of your attention.

There are, however, some skills that must be on your future employee’s Clarion developer resume:

  • Experience in software development field. As we already mentioned before, Clarion language was created mostly for software development in a business field. Therefore, your future employee must be aware of this area of Clarion use very profoundly.
  • Experience in software development field using specifically Clarion. It is pretty obvious, that your future Clarion developer should flawlessly know how to use this language to create applications and other types of software. This also includes skills of debugging applications created with the help of Clarion programming language.
  • Deep knowledge of SQL interactions within Clarion.
  • Professional agility. It is important that your future employee knows how to multitask and work not only individually but also as the part of the team.
  • Strong self-management skills. A good Clarion developer knows how to deliver his job in time and respects deadlines.

Clarion Software Programmer Salary: How Much It Costs to Hire Dedicated Clarion Developer

Obviously, the Clarion development cost depends greatly on how skilled the programmer is and how many years of experience he has behind his back. Another thing to consider is the country of origin of your future employee. Usually the Clarion software development price is higher in the first-world countries like USA or UK. It can mostly be explained by the higher level of life and therefore higher prices. Let’s take a look at most typical numbers of Clarion developer salary on one of the most famous freelance websites called Upwork. For brief comparison, it would be fair to take counties that differ in their economy state, such as US, Russia, Germany, China and Ukraine. All these countries are known for their excellent programmers but their prices differ greatly.
clarion developer rate
As you see, the Clarion software programmer salary is the lowest in Ukraine. Why is that so, you might ask? Well, due to currency exchange rate Ukrainian developers often get lower rates if to convert those in dollars. Do not let that confuse you though as Ukrainian specialists might be one of the best out there, according to Hacker Rank. So even with the lowest Clarion developer rate you might get the best service possible. Which in many ways is a double win.

Reasons to Start Looking for Clarion Coder to Hire

There are many good reasons to hire Clarion developers, but here are five of the major ones:

  • Clarion allows the development of business data-oriented applications more easily than with other programming languages
  • You can use templates from other developers, which allow you to add new, complete features to your applications in minutes
  • The language is able to output SQL code that works with your existing database easily
  • The language is easy enough to use that business people can collaborate hands-on with developers in the development of Clarion apps
  • Clarion developers tend to know the business domain they work in quite well. Many of them are older, highly experience developers.

You might also want to consider such an option for hiring a Clarion developer as outsourcing. There are many companies in the world that provide such service and it is much cheaper than hiring a programmer on your own. Now you might wonder where to look for those amazing specialists? There is an answer for you as well. When looking to procure Clarion development, you should be aware of the advantages you can get from dedicated developers. Unlike working with a disparate network of developers wherever you find them, with a dedicated team, you get a complete team focused on your work. Some of the best dedicated developers for this technology are in Ukraine as well as the rest of Eastern Europe. Ukraine, for example, is an established tech center with high concentrations of software developers in major cities such as Kiev and Odessa.

Hire Clarion Developer at Mobilunity

As we already mentioned, there is a wonderful option for business owners who want to hire a Clarion developer and save up some money. It is called outstaffing. There are so many companies that could help you out with that, however, you might want to take a closer look at Mobilunity. For help with your software development needs, you can contact Mobilunity’s development team. Many clients trust Mobilunity to deliver outstanding applications for businesses at lower cost than would be possible in major Western centers. The advantages of Mobilunity include:

  • Vast range of expertise: Clarion, as well as programming languages like C#, Java, Python, PHP, C, and others.
  • Vetted developers: Mobilunity recruits talented developers from Ukraine’s major tech centers.
  • Capable technical managers: Your project will be in good hands under the watchful eye of highly sophisticated technical leads.
  • Proven track record: Mobilunity consistently receives stellar client ratings, pushing it to the front of the Ukraine software development community. Its commitment to the best international benchmarks means that you benefit from working with one of the best technical organizations around the world.

reasons to hire clarion professional developer with Mobilunity

Clarion programming language might seem like a not so very popular one at first. Sure, it is not as well known as PHP or Python, but over the years, it had proved its greatness many times. Most of the applications, created with Clarion lasted for over 10 years without any need to fix them and that definitely says something about this language. That is why it is so popular among business owners who praise it for low cost and effectiveness. Speaking of low costs, as we already mentioned before, Clarion software programmer salary is not something that you should worry about that much, as it is considerably lower in comparison to specialists, who operate other programming languages. If you also decide to try outsourcing – you might get a great deal for yourself. Just remember to look for a Ukrainian programmer, this way you will have a great professional for a considerably low amount of money. You might as well check out Mobilunity’s Clarion programmers – they are great and worth their rates. You can hire CakePHP developer, freelance software developer and find a developer for startup with us. Trust Mobilunity for quality programming at the best rates!

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All salaries and prices mentioned within the article are approximate NET numbers based on the research done by our in-house Recruitment Team. Please use these numbers as a guide for comparison purposes only and feel free to use the contact form to inquire on the specific cost of the talent according to your vacancy requirements and chosen model of engagement.

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