Hire a Cloud Engineer in Ukraine

Cloud engineering is a quickly developing industry that concerns all things cloud services. Nowadays, it is used both by individuals and enterprises. For example, everyone has cloud storage available on their smartphones or connected to their Google account. For companies, it means that instead of having servers on their premises to store information, they can delegate it to third parties.

Cloud engineers deal with all types of tasks related to SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS services. For example, they can create custom applications, help with the migration of existing data, and manage and support Amazon cloud solution architect.

The market size of this industry reached $266 billion in 2019 and is expected to grow at a 14.9% rate each year. More and more enterprises are interested in moving their data to the cloud mainly for two reasons – it significantly decreases disbursements and helps create a more accessible, fast, structured environment.

According to statistics, 94% of enterprises have been using public cloud services to some extent. It explains why cloud developers for hire are in such high demand.

The fact that this move from on-premise services to hosting ones is happening rapidly has some skill gap. It is not so easy to hire a cloud engineer locally. Whether you are looking for an Oracle cloud developer or an experienced Azure cloud developer, it might be challenging to find a suitable professional.

Because of that, many enterprises choose to outsource their projects to find a professional cloud developer in other countries.

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Responsibilities, Skills, and Requirements for a Cloud Engineer

A cloud developer is an experienced IT professional that works with cloud services. Such employees need to have wide coding experience, know particular languages and technology stack, and understand the cloud architecture. There are several public cloud hosting providers, such as Amazon, Microsoft, Google, Salesforce, and IBM. Usually, cloud developers focus on working with one particular system as it requires in-depth knowledge.

So, if a company plans on building an application based on Amazon’s hosting services, it needs an AWS cloud engineer. But if you choose Microsoft instead, you’ll need an Azure cloud engineer for that.

Despite these specifics, the roles and responsibilities for cloud developers are almost the same. Think of Android and iOS application programmers – they have similar roles but work with different technologies.

So responsibilities named in a cloud engineer job description for Google cloud developers will be the same as to an Amazon cloud developer, namely:

  • Developing architecture with the use of specific provider (AWS, Azure, Oracle);
  • Drafting, planning, and developing cloud-based apps;
  • Providing existing data migration to the cloud system;
  • Maintaining access to this system and providing security measures;
  • Managing any errors in the environment and troubleshooting the system;
  • Automation of the functions and processes;
  • Upgrading, maintaining, and administering the system.

The cloud programmers’ roles cover all technical issues regarding cloud computing, from designing a custom software solution to its implementation.

Benefits of Hiring a Cloud Engineer

Here are the main reasons why so many businesses are interested in these professionals:

  • They help to ensure smooth and effective migration to cloud servers;
  • They can create a custom solution for a specific company that covers all their requirements and needs;
  • They can safely migrate data to the cloud server;
  • They can ensure data security and safety as well as multi-level access procedure;
  • They help to test, troubleshoot, and maintain such a system.

Three Kinds of Jobs for Cloud Developers

Overall, there are three types of roles for such employees: a GCP associate cloud engineer or an AWS cloud developer. These roles differentiate in responsibilities and required skills and knowledge.

  • Cloud Architect. These employees are occupied with the big picture. As the name suggests, they are mainly busy with the overall architecture – its planning and maintenance. They take care of all aspects that contribute to its functioning – both hardware and software. These are high-end professionals who help companies plan their move to cloud hosting or plan to expand such services.
  • Cloud Developers. These are employees that bring architecture’s vision to life. They do the coding to create applications and a working environment. They also deploy and upgrade the software solutions. They need to have lots of programming experience in traditional technologies and the stack specific to the cloud platform. They need to know best practices for UI and UX.
  • Cloud Support. These employees provide support and maintenance services for existing systems and software solutions. They are needed when everything is deployed and set. They deal with everyday issues like working with cloud clients, for example. Such experts can do troubleshooting, analyze efficiency, and help users in case of any troubles.

Popular Cloud Platforms

As mentioned before, there are different cloud providers with their specific platforms. Companies choose the provider depending on their requirements and then hire programmers to work with these systems. It means that a Google cloud certified associate cloud engineer can work with GCP but probably won’t be any good with AWS or Azure. Let’s shortly define the most popular ones on the market.

Amazon AWS. It is the first and the most popular cloud platform out there. Businesses can hire an AWS cloud engineer to work with a wide set of tools. As for 2021, 79% of enterprises have adopted AWS for their public clouds. The main benefits are scalability and efficiency – it can support billions of various devices simultaneously. There are also effective security protocols and encryption. There are 175 different services available, and it also incorporates AI, machine learning, and 5G.

Microsoft Azure. The next popular profession is an Azure cloud engineer, as Microsoft is the second player in the game. They are very close to AWS as 76% of businesses use their platform for public cloud storage, which influences average Azure Cloud engineer salary. It is a popular technology that works smoothly with any other Microsoft products. Companies that already use them choose Azure as it is cost-effective and functional. The system is known for great data analysis tools, AI, machine learning, scalability, existing third-party services, and pre-made solutions.

It is easier to buy an all-in-one package of software that covers all business needs. Another benefit of Azure is that it partners with other providers to ensure the opportunity to create multi-cloud solutions. For example, it can work with Salesforce, SAP, Oracle, and Adobe software. It is all about hybrid deployment, which is beneficial for many businesses.

Google GCP. Google’s platform is in third place, with 49% of enterprises using it in 2021. One of the main advantages is that it works great with open-source software and incorporates machine learning. Google cloud engineer profession is in demand in retail, education, and finance especially, as it can incorporate other Google services (like managing Google Ads). And the company is working to partner with other providers such as Salesforce, SAP, and Informatica to ensure a strong market presence.  

Oracle Cloud. The next one is Oracle, with a 32% adoption rate worldwide. Its main clients are the businesses that already use other Oracle products. It is another great all-in-one solution for corporations as Oracle ensures infrastructure, platform, and autonomous database. It is also fast, productive, and reliable. The platform is optimized for the Oracle stuck with makes everything run smoothly. An autonomous database allows companies to create their virtual services and manage them as though they are their own. And it is partnering with Azure to combine data centers.

IBM Cloud. IBM public cloud has a 25% adoption rate globally, which is decent and makes IBM developer cloud position quite profitable. It is secure and credible, with machine learning and data science. An IBM cloud engineer can use a real-time data exchange and management of a huge amount of data. There is also a powerful historical data analysis tool. IBM also works in the direction of hybrid deployment with Red Hat acquisition. The future upgrades include not only a hybrid cloud but also AI and more automation features.

Salesforce. Salesforce is a popular provider in the industry of customer experience. It is powered by Thunder technology and focuses on fast decision-making based on the historical data in the cloud. It is mainly used by companies that want to enhance customer interaction and satisfaction. It is all about creating a personal experience. The cloud can be used for integration, commerce, analytics, sales, services, and marketing.

Alibaba Cloud. According to the 13% adoption rate, Alibaba is a primary option for the China market in the last place worldwide. It is used by the local companies and some companies that work in the local market. Whether it will expand beyond the local market is yet to be seen.  There is a risk of running into security data concerns and political issues using the Alibaba cloud for US companies.

Developers Working with Different Platforms

AWS cloud engineer

AWS offers IaaS and PaaS infrastructure in one. Developers can choose from 175 services available for everything, from data storage to blockchain. An AWS cloud engineer resume would list experience with AWS and EC2, RDS, ELB services. Developers also need to know DevOps tools (Ansible, GitHub, Artifactory, etc.). The responsibilities vary in projects and companies, from developing customer solutions and up to data migration.

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Azure cloud engineer

Professionals working with Azure need to have extensive experience and knowledge of Microsoft products (Office 365, PowerShell). This platform is mainly used by huge companies for internal purposes. The responsibilities include infrastructure and performance management. In addition, a professional needs to know Azure SQL database, Storage, and Redis Cache.

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Google cloud developer

A Google cloud associate cloud engineer is often busy with app deployment and operations monitoring. Such experts need to have experience with public cloud services, Google products, and on-premise solutions too. They also need to have specific Google certification that ensures their expertise. Google Cloud engineers need to know Unix systems (primarily Linux), GCP best practices, and such DevOps tools as GitHub. 

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Oracle cloud developer

This position requires knowledge of Oracle software solutions and includes helping clients to acquire their business needs. Oracle Cloud offers a wide range of services to choose from for businesses in various industries. Often, engineers are busy with diagnostics, monitoring the system, coding automation scripts, and developing standard procedures and protocols.

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IBM developer cloud

High-end clients and giant corporations widely use IBM Public Cloud, which often features in Forbes 500. It is a full-stack solution with many services, so engineers can work in the range of developing end-to-end customer solutions, testing, deployment, data migration, and storage, or database management.

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Salesforce developer

This platform is widely used in eCommerce and retail as its main benefit is a unique customer experience. In addition, developers often design and create custom applications and extensions of existing solutions. Salesforce offers both SaaS and PaaS platforms. The cloud tools include sales, service, marketing, commerce, analytics, integration, and finances.

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Alibaba cloud engineer

Alibaba Cloud offers many services on a flexible and scalable basis (pay-as-you-go). Programmers work with data storage, elastic computing, Big Data processing, and CDN. The responsibilities vary depending on the role, company, and industry. Generally, Alibaba cloud offers IaaS, Saas, PaaS, and DBaaS. It is used in eCommerce and IoT.

AWS cloud engineer $7,667$10,233$13,167
Azure cloud engineer$7,958$11,522$16,667
Google cloud developer$6,138$8,184$13,300
Oracle cloud developer$5,767$9,082$11,128
Alibaba cloud engineer$5,213$7,042$12,667
IBM developer cloud$6,539$10,360$14,755
Salesforce developer$9,258$11,767$13,275
Junior Cloud DeveloperMiddle Cloud DeveloperSenior Cloud Developer

In-House vs Remote Hiring

When it comes to the choice between remote or in-house recruiting, it all depends on the business and its needs. Many factors influence such decision, namely:

  • Budget. Hiring an in-house team is much more expensive, and not every company is ready for such commitment. Remote professionals work with lower rates because they are from other countries with lower levels of economic development. An average Google Cloud engineer salary in lower in Ukraine than in USA, UK, or Germany.
  • Schedule. In-house hiring can take significantly longer. After all, in such a case, the company looks for permanent employees that they are going to work with. They need to share the same business ethics and be compatible with the company’s culture, so there will be more cloud engineer interview questions and requirements. And often it is harder to find all suitable professionals locally as other employers usually take them.
  • Control. The in-house model offers full control over the team. They work in the same office space and can be easily accessed immediately. Remote cooperation means less control, but with reasonable management, it is not a problem.
  • Scope of the project. If the project will last for a couple of months, it is simply unreasonable to hire an in-house team for that. A remote cloud engineer can tackle such a job with ease. 
  • Ease of cooperation. When it comes to in-house hiring, there are lots of issues like local employment regulations and norms. A cloud engineer remote is free from such hustle. There is no need to wait for 4 weeks before an employee can start on the project.

Overall, in-house hiring is reasonable if a company has a huge budget and is ready to commit to a long and difficult recruiting process.

Ukraine – Excellent Outsourcing Destination

Ukraine is one of the leading countries in Eastern Europe when it comes to IT outsourcing. Not only does it offer lower rates but also high quality of services. Here are the main benefits of Ukraine when it comes to remote hiring cloud developers:

  • It is conveniently located in Europe, which means little to no time difference for EU clients and easy travel options (GMT+2);
  • Top-notch talent. There are about 200,000 IT specialists here. And local universities prepare about 16,000 STEM students every year. It helps fulfill the market demand for a qualified workforce.
  • Ukraine is a European country with a similar culture and business ethics. Therefore, it ensures comfortable and easy cooperation.  
  • Ukrainian developers provide high-quality code. They are known worldwide for their skills.  Local programmers are in 14th place globally, according to the TopCoder rating.
  • Ukrainian programmers have a great command of English. It just makes communication so much easier and eliminates possible misunderstanding.  
  • Ukraine already has a developed ICT infrastructure. For example, top businesses and Forbes 500 companies have offices here or R&D centers (Microsoft, Boeing, and Samsung)

All of these factors make Ukraine a perfect outsourcing destination to find an excellent DevOps cloud engineer for your project. The next step is to find a local service provider to help you hire a perfect team for your business.

Mobilunity – Outstanding Ukrainian Vendor

Mobilunity is a Ukrainian outstaffing company with more than 10 years of experience. We’ve been working with businesses worldwide (Switzerland, Canada, Japan, Norway, etc.) to assist them in recruiting Ukrainian IT talent. We are happy to find programmers for any type of development and have experience in digital transformation services. There are also lots of various types of developers. You can hire HoloLens developer, VR software developer or mixed reality developers.  

Just an example of such a fruitful project is our cooperation with Esurance (an insurance company from Switzerland). We’ve successfully hired a perfect DevOps team for them to bring a new level of success and customer satisfaction.

Mobilunity managed to find Ukrainian cloud developers for many international companies from various industries, helped to hire dedicated golang developers, including telecommunications and HR automation. And we will be glad to provide you with the same high-level assistance in your endeavors.

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