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Let us begin with the basics. Django is a Python framework which popularity rating claims to be the most popular programing language in 2019 among all Python developers for hire gaining more and more interest from the developing community.

What About Django Web Development?

Along with the rising popularity of Python, the demand for frameworks is growing as well. Unlike the language itself, Django offers more solutions ‘out-of-the-box’, saving both time and resources for development. In 2017, Django was named the most popular Python framework and in 2019 it holds the same place, being only less popular than some of the libraries.

There are over 6 thousand websites powered by Django, not to mention the applications. Among the industries that prefer Django over other technologies and frameworks are business and industry, arts, shopping, and multiple others.

In the geographical ratio, the prevailing number of websites built with Django are from the USA, Russia, UK, Brazil, and Spain.

What Makes Django Programming So Popular

The philosophy of this framework is simple and it is based on the following criteria.

  • Offer complete solution. Not only does it have numerous ready-to-use solutions, but they all work perfectly well together. Moreover, the support of the Python/Django community and up-to-date documentation make the solution search so much easier.
  • Serve many masters. Being a well-adjustable framework, Django can be used for virtually any type of project. One can develop help systems, CMS, new sites, or even social media websites using this framework. Due to improved integration with various client-side frameworks, Django can deliver the data in virtually any format/form, including but not limited to HTML, RSS, JSON, XML, etc. Moreover,  the ability to adjust to one’s needs is corroborated by numerous Django packages and extensions.
  • Safe and cecure. Designed to avoid common issues and prevent security-related mistakes in development, Django offers automatic protection for websites. It prevents such issues like collecting the session info in cookies or storing the passwords directly rather than using a password hash. It has built-in protection against some of the most widespread forms of vulnerabilities like clickjacking, SQL injections, or cross-site scripting/request forgeries.
  • Multi-level scalability. Being a representative of “shared-nothing” architecture, Django provides the structure that allows one to scale any level needed. Independent parts and components allow adding hardware where it is needed to meet the specific demands.
  • Easier maintenance and reusable code. The Django developer team believes that ‘do not repeat yourself’ principle not only help reduce the amount of code and unnecessary duplications but also promotes the use of functional ‘applications’ – code groups that serve as modules within the project or application.
  • Portable. Being a Python-based framework, Django can be used on numerous platforms, operating systems and has profound support levels within many web-hosting provides.

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When Do You Need to Hire Django Developer?

While the practical applications of Django are countless, one needs to understand when this framework can serve the best. Django is the best choice if:

  • The client needs an API back-end or web app;
  • The minimum viable product should be delivered fast, changed and maintained accordingly;
  • An app should be secure by default;
  • A huge degree of scalability is expected;
  • A client wants to integrate cutting-edge technology in the future (i.e. machine learning)
  • you need an open-source technology with both support and proper documentation.

Django is one of the frameworks that allow rapid application development and was designed according to that methodology. If a client needs a secure web service, Django can be of significant use as well.

Benefits of Django as a Framework

  • Open-source and free, with simple syntax and numerous ready solutions
  • Model-View-Controller core architecture;
  • Middleware support;
  • HTTP libraries, extensions, and packages
  • Python unit test framework
  • Great community

What Types of Projects Django Programmers for Hire Can Take on?

Django developers for hire are typically asked to join the teams that can be working on one of the following projects:

  • Complex B2B CRM systems;
  • CMS for both internal and commercial use;
  • Communication platforms and apps;
  • Booking engines (with both high load and traffic);
  • Platforms for data analyses and complicated calculations (for Finance domain);
  • Document administration platforms, etc.

Sometimes, a company needs to hire Django developer to create just a part of the existing system, such as:

  • Algorithm-based generators that work with stored or uploaded data;
  • E-mailing solutions;
  • Verification systems;
  • Filtering systems that can handle dynamically changing rules and advanced parameters;
  • Data-analysis solutions.

What Top Django Developers for Hire Can Do: Examples of Django-Based Projects

Among the well-known projects that use Django are Instagram, National Geographic, Knight Foundation, MacArthur Foundation, Open Knowledge Foundation, Pinterest, and many others. In order to display the full potential of this framework, let us present 5 services that utilize Django.

  • Instagram. No need for a formal introduction, as there is barely any human being who hasn’t heard of this photo/video sharing platform. Along with huge traffic, complex architecture and constant for change (i.e. the introduction of Instagram for business, advertising, live video communication, etc.) this is a great example if the highly-scalable system.
  • Disqus. One of the Django-powered projects that integrate well with other systems and allow users to initiate and moderate website-based discussions.
  • Spotify. Disruptive technologies changed the way we see everyday life, meaning the ‘access over ownership’ approach to music as well. Spotify has chosen Python to run both back end and machine learning mechanisms.
  • Prezi. This service provides online presentation software that revolutionized the traditional slide-by-slide presentations.
  • Dropbox. Based primarily on Python for cloud and desktop app, Django is used for synchronization, storing and sharing options.

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How Much Does Django Development Cost?

Generally, the cost of development is calculated via a simple formula. List the number of features required by an app (or project), estimate the time needed for development (the best way is to take the pessimistic approach and take the longer timeframe) and multiply them by an hourly rate of the developer. This formula works for projects with known explications or apps that rely on estimated solutions. Let us take a look at several examples and their estimates.

WhatsApp Development Cost

Imagine a situation that you need an application similar to a well-known instant-messaging platform. A typical feature list would include:

  • Profile (both registration and setting up);
  • Account settings;
  • Chatting (both sending/receiving and settings);
  • Notifications ;
  • Data usage (WiFi/cellular).

According to these estimations, an app like that would require development within the 769 to nearly 1000 hours for the server-side of the application. This does not cover the research phase, design or maintenance of the project.

Cloning an Instagram: Estimated Development Costs and Timeframe

Or let’s assume, you would like to clone one of the most prominent social media applications and create your own Instagram. The cost of development for the server-side of application will be calculated based on the number of features requested, such as:

  • Authorization (registration + authentication)
  • Profile (create, customize, set the account type)
  • Messaging (single dialog, group chats, reactions, media)
  • Settings adjustment (profile settings, view, saving, etc.)
  • Photos customization (editing photos within the app)
  • Social media integration (publish to other social media, integration with third-party APIs)
  • Geolocation (access to device native features)
  • As well as advanced search (various parameters and criteria).

So, the source predicts that for the known features, the development of the server-side of application will take around 650 to 1000 hours. However, this does not include UI/UX services and client-side development and deployment.

Uber-Like App

Well, if you would require an application of a different type, let us take a look at Uber. An app like that is different as it has two various interfaces for both participants. It means that one would have to know the features needed for passengers, for the driver, and features that are the same for both of these users. Codementor estimates that a passenger-side development would require around 420-525 hours, while the driver’s interface would take approximately 305 to 385 hours. Again, this is just the back-end development with an estimated 725 to 910 hours for the features listed above. If you add designing phase with 150-200 hours for great UI/UX, dashboard development for administration (extra 60-80 hours), we are looking and 950 to 1200 hours. You can estimate the cost for your country using the Salary section below.

As you can see, the length and therefore cost of development is defined by the requirements of the specific product, so the better the client knows what is needed, the more precise the initial calculations can be. However, there are also several factors that can undermine the initial estimations.

  1. Social or political changes. For example, the introduction of GDPR changed the way many companies collect, process and store personal data.
  2. Deviation from initial requirements. In most cases, this is inevitable, as the probability of perfect planning and estimation is low. However, it requires additional time to adjust the development process and adapt to new requirements.
  3. ‘Bus factor’. In software development, the bus factor is the name for the knowledge-sharing issues within the project. Roughly, it suggests ‘how many people have to be hit by the bus for the project to go down’, meaning that lack of sharing (both knowledge and vision) slows down the process.

Django Developer Resume Sample

If the company is looking for Django developers for hire, they need to know what to look for in Django developer CV or just to compare requirements to have a look at Python developer resume sample too.

If you are looking for an offshore Django programmer, hire the one whose expertise fits the profile best.

Senior Django Developer Resume Example


  • Programming languages: C, C++, Java, Python, SQL, HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP
  • Frameworks: Django, Flask, CherryPy
  • Database systems: ORACLE, MySQL, SQL Server, SQLite, PhpMyAdmin
  • Operating systems: Windows 10, Unix/Linux, Mac OS
  • Django libraries: Celery, GeoDjango, Haystack, Django Rest Framework


  • 8 years experience in software development developing applications using Python, Django, and C++
  • Experience in Analysis, Design and Development Testing of Enterprise Applications and Database Development using Python, Django, Flask and SQL
  • Skilled in Object-Oriented Design and Programming using Python and C++
  • Experience in implementing Model View Control (MVC) architecture using server-side applications such as Django and Flask for developing web applications.
  • Developed and maintained a new CMS based on Django
  • Loading, analyzing, and extracting data to and from Oracle database with Python
  • Experience collaborating with other developers to manage complicated issues related to the deployment of Django based applications


  • Master of Science in Computer Information Technology

Demand for Python Django Developer

As the popularity of Python as a language, and Django as its main frameworks rises, so will the market demand rise. As for the end of January 2019, Indeed had over 580 job offers listed. LinkedIn offers almost 560 positions in or near the European Union. So the question arises: if the technology is so popular, what are the compensation rates for both Django web development and Django app development?

The Average Entry Salary Level for Python Django Developers

Knowing how much the average entry level salary for Python Django developers is can help you to better plan your project’s budget. It’s important to keep in mind that the average salary can vary depending on the country. Let’s explore: 

The average entry level Python Django developer salary in the United States is $89,793 per year or $51.28 per hour. In some European countries, the salary is slightly lower. For example, in the Netherlands, the average annual salary is $43,944 or $46.04 per hour. In Eastern Europe, the salaries are even lower. For example, in Ukraine, the average entry level salary for a Python Django developer is around $15,600 per month or $8 per hour. 

It’s important to keep in mind that these salaries can vary depending on the tasks and responsibilities developers have in companies. It can also differ depending on the demand for developers in certain areas. For example, in a city where developers are scarce, the average salary will be slightly higher. In a city with many Android developers, the salary will be lower. 

Keeping all these variables in mind, it’s crucial to do thorough research to help you plan your development budget correctly. 

Django Developer Salary: How Much Does It Cost to Hire Django Programmer?

As we have discussed earlier, the cost of development is primarily defined by the Django developers salary. As Django is a Python framework, let’s have a look at median results for a software developer with Python skills according to PayScale.

UK£30,942from £32,367
CanadaC$60,773from C$75,076
Switzerland CHF 69,319from CHF 69,319

How Much It Costs to Hire Top Django Developers

For better understanding, we are going to take the USA as an example. In the United States, Django developer hourly rate is about $25.94. This means a web developer Django hired will have some experience with Python (most likely 2 or 3 years) within a project or two. Let’s break it down even more, as junior Django developer salary per hour is $25.19, a developer with more experience is usually paid $38.96 for an hour, whereas a senior Django developer salary reaches approximately $95,399 per annum (with a typical $46.00 hourly rate). In Canada, an hourly rate reaches C$25.22 (~$19.03). In Europe, the prices vary based on the country. For example, in the United Kingdom, a Django programming salary scores an average hourly £22.50 (~$29.59) for a mid-level expert. Switzerland can provide such services for approximately CHF 33.3 (~$33.57), while in Germany developers offer their expertise at a medium rate of €16.00 (~$18.30) per hour. On the contrary, in Ukraine Django salary is lower, with an hourly $11.00 rate.

As you can see, a Python/Django salary varies significantly, based on the country and level of the developer in question. It means, that with the same level of expertise, the US or Swiss Django web developer salary will increase the costs of the final product significantly. For the sake of objectivity, here is the search results list for Django freelance hourly rate on one of the biggest platforms. If we choose the developer with at least an 80% success rate, we can see that their rates will vary from $11 all the way up to $120 per hour of the services delivered. However, please, read the next section where we discuss the hidden charges that freelance might come with.

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Why Should You Hire Remote Django Developer?

Apart from the obvious time-related matter, the proper team composition allows you to:

  • Save money. You won’t have a senior developer dealing with simple tasks, thus they will be able to focus on delivering complex solutions.
  • Find better solutions. As much as we love the young blood, some decisions can only be made by an offshore Django developer with much experience.
  • Find the right approach. Sometimes, when a company needs an innovative solution that is not strictly limited by a deadline, an R&D team can offer a prototype for a client to test and decide whether the choice was made correctly and change the course of action if needed.

Apart from these reasons, a well-structured Django team has better performance rates compare to a single developer as seniors tend to oversee the process, and juniors provide energy to the project.

Freelance vs Remote vs In-House Django Developers for Hire

Sometimes, for the sake of saving the money, companies tend not to hire an in-house team, but rather trust third parties. However, is it safe? Can the company trust the not-well-known company with its development? Let’s discuss both the pros and cons of each type of service and decide together.

In-House Top Django Programmers for Hire

The type of project defines the needs of the company who is going to hire Django developers. If the requirements or policies demand only in-house personnel, there is very little one can do. However, prepare yourself for both the benefits and drawbacks of such cooperation.

Pros of In-House Django Development Services

  • Long-term investment in the team that will provide maintenance;
  • Physical presence and one-on-one communication;
  • The chance to get to know the person;
  • Easier onboarding and transition for a new team member.

Cons of In-House Django Programmer

  • Higher compensation rates;
  • Additional expenses for the workplace, vacations, sick leaves, training, etc.
  • Limited tech pool to choose from.

If there are no limits or specific requirements on the team that has to develop the project, there are two options: either look for a freelancer to complete the task or choose a remote developer/company to deliver services.

Reasons to Hire Django Developer Locally

Let’s be honest, every company would like to get a well-developed product for as little money as possible. This is not the matter with in-house teams, so why companies choose this form of cooperation.

  1. Domain restrictions. When it comes to healthcare or similar industries, privacy and security are two major concerns, so many companies are forced to hire only in-house personnel.
  2. Contract requirements. If the company has a government or state-related contract they will be bound to have an on-site team.
  3. Business model. Some companies just love heaving team members around, creating the family-like atmosphere, so they choose to hire developers within their own locations.

When Should You Hire Python Django Developer Freelance?

When it comes to freelance opportunities, many people have both their fears and myths they believe in.

Benefits of Freelance Django Development

  • A wide pool of developers. When it comes to freelance, it is much easier to find a Django expert with proper qualifications and experience in a particular field.
  • No need for training. Generally, you hire an expert who does not need any extra knowledge to complete the project.
  • The possibility of previous experience. Most online platforms allow you to review the feedback from clients, as well as specify the needed background or knowledge base for a developer.

Drawbacks of Django Developers for Hire on a Freelance Basis

  • The probability of lower standards of code delivered. While there is no code review and freelancers do not have to comply with international standards and/or best practices of the industry, the final product needs proper validation.
  • Costs may change, vary, or even be higher. If the developer has started working on a long-term project for you, they can change the prices in the process.
  • Complicated control. Most freelancers either cannot or do not want to sign the contracts that secure the deal and the details, so the responsibilities and details of the cooperation are mostly discussed in the letters/messages.

Reasons to Choose a Freelance Django Programmer

The reason is primarily one: to have a small-product delivered with no extra expenses. This works for simple applications and web products, with no complex architecture or unique solutions.

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Pros and Cons of Hiring Remote Django Developer

The third option is to hire a remote developer or a dedicated team to complete the project if you hire Django development company. We are not talking about delegating the services to a third-party, but rather about outsourcing (including nearshoring and offshoring) of development.

Advantages to Hire Dedicated Django Developer

  • Worldwide tech talent pool. Not having to choose from the local community, one can easily access numerous specialists from other countries. An expert can have exactly the skills and knowledge required to complete your project.
  • Reduced costs. Generally, the outsourcing is much cheaper, plus the company that provides the services tend to take care of bonuses, vacations, health care expenses, as well as a workstation, rents, etc.
  • Strict regulations. While working with a Django company, the contract defines terms of cooperation, including the deadline and acceptance criteria.
  • Predictable expenses. Unlike freelance, remote cooperation is defined by contracts in terms of compensations as well. Have a look at the compensation rates in Ukraine (as a common remote Python development partner)

Disadvantages of Choosing Remote Django Developer for Hire

  • Complicated conversation. Due to the time difference and the fact that most remote developers are not native English speakers, the communication process might be a bit confusing.
  • Lower chances of personal communication. Most companies that hire remote personnel never meet them in person, as the cost of the on-site meeting is high and drain extra funds from the budget.

Reasons to Hire Remote Django Developer

Apart from the obvious financial aspect and a wider pool of experts, you can also:

  1. Create the team composition that will be best for your project
  2. Work with experts in their area
  3. Receive a well-developed final product without having to employ the whole team when you are done.

How to Hire a Django Developer in Ukraine?

As Ukraine is one of the primary destinations to outsource Django development, have a look at the benefits we can offer. As for the employment process, an expert in Django web services can be either found via online platforms (for a freelance developer) or via a Django web development company that delivers Django services. Mobilunity – alternative to software development outsourcing Romania or other countries. A typical process of choosing offshore Django development looks like:

  1. You contact the company and explain the task.
  2. You receive the offer from a company about terms, team composition, deadlines.
  3. You decide whether you agree, and, if so, sign the contract.
  4. The company will find Django developers or the whole team and oversee the Django programming process.
  5. You receive the final product within the given timeframe.

Find out more about:

Why Choose Mobilunity as Your Django Development Company?

Having to work with clients all over the world, Mobilunity has not only gained its reputation for delivering the impeccable services but also managed to adapt to each and every project. Mobilunity is a trusted source for all your outsourced IT projects. To hire Erlang engineer or application infrastructure engineer, talk to a dedicated member of our development team. Among things that every client is entitled to are:

  • Reasonable and clear pricing policy, based on the needs of the project.
  • Excessive supply of developers to fulfill any Django development team composition required for the Django web service.
  • Prime quality of the code, testing, and project communication.
  • Timely delivery within every project.

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