Hire Drupal Developers in Ukraine: Salary, Interview Questions & Market Overview

Joomla vs Drupal. Drupal developers vs Joomla developers. What are the best open source content management system and who is the best developer? This topic is among the highly discussed and debated among the open source CMS users and developers for some time now. And of course it is warranted, what with both being among the top performing and most popular web content management systems to be used worldwide and have been the foundation and backbone of numerous influential and popular websites on the internet.

Drupal, as their website says, is a ‘digital experience management system’ designed for the purpose of building platforms for content publishing and personalized experiences. Drupal an open source content management systems capable of providing effective digital solutions for multichannel digital marketing and tools.

On its own, Drupal is a highly effective tool, however, it also happens to be flexible and adaptable enough that other e-commerce platforms, such as Magento. Combining Drupal and Magento provides developers and businesses the unique avenue to build a highly scalable, and adaptable front-end with a full e-commerce platform supporting it. Aside from e-commerce platforms, Drupal also integrates other frontend tools, such as JQuery. Using Drupal and JQuery together lends to the development of more streamlined and user-friendly front-end experience.

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Why Hire Drupal Developers?

Drupal is a powerful web content management system tool and is highly in demand in various industries; from governments, higher education institutions, NGOs, as well as global enterprises. Highly flexible and scalable, Drupal developers are capable of developing a single website or content and is able to publish it in various languages across different digital platforms.

With the environment that Drupal provides developers, Drupal developers are also able to build tools and applications to meet specific client needs; no longer just cookie-cutter solutions or templates but tailored to customer needs. Below are just some of the things that Drupal developers are capable of:

drupal developer responcibilities

Demand for Drupal Developers

Websites constantly evolving and expanding has been constant; integrating various tools and systems to improve content and enhance user experience. This trend has included building and incorporating content management systems capable of collecting, processing, and presenting data and information. There are numerous content management tools available to developers and users alike, one of the tops CMS platforms available in the market is Drupal.

Drupal is highly sought after for web development projects with content management systems; with 9% of the top 10,000 websites using content management systems having been built using Drupal.


According to BuiltWith, 0.2% of the websites in the entire internet has been developed using using Drupal. In the CMS market, Drupal places 3rd for the most popular CMS platforms, covering 4.1% of the market.

In the past 12 months alone, Drupal ranks second after WordPress in interest and popularity worldwide web searches.

popularity of drupal and magento

Source: Google Trends

A number of popular organizations and institutes have utilised Drupal in their websites:

  • Pinterest
  • The Economist
  • American Red Cross
  • World Food Program

Because of such popularity and great performance as a web development and content management tool, it is no wonder that Drupal developers are highly sought after and are in high demand.

Cost of Hiring a Drupal Developer

For all the skills and potential that Drupal developers bring with them, there is a corresponding cost. Outlined below is the average annual junior Drupal developer salary from various countries around the world.

drupal developer salary in different countries

Evidently, it is the most cost efficient to hire Drupal developers from Ukraine, where Drupal developers for hire costs the least. To further expound on this, below is a table outlining Drupal developer monthly rate in Ukraine.

0-2 yrs$346$430$600
2-5 yrs$650$800$1,400
5-10+ yrs$700$800$2,300


As shown in the table, as experience and skill grow, so does the attributed cost increase; junior Drupal developer salary ranges from $346 to $600 per hour, while senior Drupal developer salary hourly rate ranges from $700 to $2,300, in Ukraine alone. It can be expected that other countries providing similar services follow the same trend as well. Drupal developer rates range depend on skills and additional expertise of a developer.

5 Questions to Ask When Hiring Drupal Developers

Interested to hire Drupal developers? IT would be best to gauge their knowledge and skills with the following most frequently asked Drupal developer interview questions of Drupal developers.

Q: What are the conceptual layers in a Drupal System? Describe each.

A: (In order of top to bottom)

Themes and TemplatesIn the Drupal architecture, themes are the top layer, consisting mostly of XHML, CSS, and a bit of PHP. Each theme includes a set of functions that can be adapted to suit the developer’s purpose, and may contain more than one template depending on business requirements.
User PermissionsVarious roles and users are assigned and granted specific permissions.
Blocks and MenusBlocks are place holders or container for any content on a Drupal site; save for main content, breadcrumbs, and menus. Menus are a group of links used to navigate a Drupal site.
ModulesModules are ‘functional plugins’ that can either be modules built on Drupal core functionalities, or are the part of the Drupal core functionalities.
DataWhat is inputted, processed, and presented on the site.

Q: What is Drupal Taxonomy System and its major features.

A: The Drupal taxonomy system enables developer to arbitrarily define terms and their corresponding vocabularies, either of which have no limits on their creation. The system also allows for very flexible tagging system, users are able to tag content freely as they are created and are added to the vocabulary.

Q: How and why would you use the “hook” system in Drupal?

A: The “hook” system enables developers to utilize and incorporate custom features without necessarily modifying the cure Drupal functionalities. “Hooks” are identified places where the Drupal core is capable of invoking custom functions in order to further enhance core functionalities. Simply, we use Drupal “hooks” in order to trigger functions that will extend Drupal core functionality without making any modification to the core code.

Q: What are nodes?

A: Nodes refer to all the content stored and processed in a Drupal website. Nodes are any individual content; a page, a content, a topic, etc.

Q: What are the uses and features of the views module?

A: The Views module is the Drupal feature that we use to fetch various contents from the database of a Drupal website and present them in varied forms, such as lists, tables, maps, graphs, blocks, posts, etc. Views includes the Views UI, a powerful graphical interface with an SQL query building capable of accessing any information in the database of a Drupal website.

Invest in Drupal Developers

Now that we know how powerful Drupal is as a CMS platform, definitely Drupal developers a highly capable of providing the optimum digital solution to your web development needs. With a powerful and highly adaptable platform, we are provided with the opportunity to tailor our websites specific to our needs, and who best to ensure this is realize other than Drupal developers. Hiring Drupal developers from Ukraine is the most cost-effective and best investment you can make, and Mobilunity can definitely provide you with highly skilled and experienced Drupal developers to meet your business needs.

Develop robust and impactful digital content and experience with expert Drupal developers from Mobilunity!

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