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It is the goal of every business to grow – to increase its revenues, to rise above its competition, and to gain more widespread recognition. This growth, however, is made possible only when a business becomes more efficient at what it does. An enterprise resource planning (ERP) system aims to do just this: it helps companies become more efficient, more productive, and it is one of the main reasons why they may need an ERP developer in their teams.

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With the vast amount of internal processes occurring simultaneously within each business, such as inventory tracking, accounting, payroll processing, and human resource management, things can get tangled really quickly. Typically, different tools are used to manage each of these processes, and the result is an accumulation of several disjoint systems that are used for different purposes. These can get really difficult to bring together, especially when inconsistencies between their surface. The goal of an ERP system is thus to consolidate all these tools into one unified system. In this way, all the different processes can be managed and monitored seamlessly using one central software that uses one central database.

There are a variety of ERP projects that companies engage in. Some companies that are still considering ERP may hire ERP consultants to determine the best approach for the implementation, while those who have already decided may hire an ERP developer to install and implement the system according to their requirements. Others who already have this system may still hire ERP developer to customize their existing system or to add new functionalities.

One promising system that is worth taking a closer look at is Odoo.

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Popularity of ERP in development

Google Trends data on Google search count for ERP in the last 5 years

The above graph of Google search count for ERP from Google Trends shows an annual cycle of interest in such systems by companies, with a yearly dip in interest at around December and a peak at around May of each year. This suggests recurrent business interest, with companies continually improving their systems every year.

Hire ERP Developers with Expertise in Various ERP Systems

Let’s take a look at and compare some of the most popular ERP systems in the market.

ERP Systems used by Odoo developers


Odoo is a rising star in the ERP industry. The best thing about it is that it’s an open core software, meaning most of its codebase is available to the public and may be improved by the online developer community. As a result, Odoo ERP programming is well-supported, and Odoo development services are the cheapest among all options. Odoo customization and Odoo implementation are smooth and painless through Odoo module development. For those wondering about the difference between OpenERP vs Odoo, Odoo was previously known as OpenERP, but its company decided to expand beyond ERP and offer other enterprise services like e-commerce and business intelligence, hence the rebranding. It currently boasts of having 2 million users.

Anar odoo developer

Anar, Odoo programmer of Mobilunity: “Odoo has all advantages that open-source model brought. In comparison to other open-source systems, there’s no such a complex and wide system like Odoo is. It covers all sides of the workflow of any enterprise: manufacturing, repairing, service desk, periodical service provider, accounting, taxes… just everything. Three years ago no one knew about “Open ERP”, there was an internal community and now it’s known worldwide. It’s conquering the market and Odoo would be demanded in a close future as well as Odoo Open ERP developers.”



SAP® is a German ERP provider and, according to Panorama Consulting research, has the largest market share among all providers. It boasts of quick implementation times, but at the cost of a higher price than most of its competitors. Moreover, it is frowned upon for its limited customizability, requiring expensive third party solutions for dramatic customizations.

Microsoft Dynamics

Software giant Microsoft has its own ERP offering, Microsoft Dynamics. One clear advantage of the system is its seamless integration with other Microsoft products such as Office, Outlook, and Azure. Moreover, it is known to have a lower cost and better customizability than SAP®. However, it is noted as being difficult to integrate with non-Microsoft products and for taking a significantly long time to implement.

Oracle ERP

Another big player is Oracle ERP. Its approach is different from the rest, in that it has partnered with other software providers such as NetSuite, PeopleSoft, MICROS and Taleo to integrate their products into the system, making it a much broader product than its competition. However, it is one of the most expensive solutions in the market, and implementation times by an Oracle ERP implementation team tend to be unpredictably long.


Epicor is another serious ERP service contender, albeit a less known name than the others we have examined. Although more suited to small and medium-sized companies, it nevertheless offers a comprehensive solution with extensive documentation. It’s also relatively cheaper than most of the other options. However, it is deemed as a bit too complex for smaller enterprises and is difficult to use.

popularity of Odoo ERP development

Google Trends data on Google search count for different ERP systems since 2004

From the above data from Google Trends, it is apparent that although Odoo started out as the least searched ERP system, it has eventually emerged to be the most searched one, indicating a strong interest in the product and a huge potential for the company’s future.

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Odoo ERP Customization

When a company spends a substantial amount of money to implement an ERP system, it deserves one that can be customized to cater exactly to its needs. Here are two main types of customizations companies perform on their systems.

hire erp consultant for built-in system configurationBuilt-In System Configurations

Customizability is one of the selling points of ERP systems: the easier it is to customize the system to exactly match a company’s requirements, the better. All systems, therefore, have some degree of configurability, from setting the appearance to changing the settings on some functionalities, to configuring the company database.

code customization by odoo open erp developersCode Modification

However, even after configuring all settings to fit the company’s needs, a lot of companies still need to further tailor the application to its needs, especially when the company itself has evolved since its ERP installation. Some of the common reasons why companies perform these code modifications are:

  • to modify the behavior of some existing features
  • to add more functionalities that are not yet present in the system
  • to integrate the system with some external service

According to Panorama Consulting, 90% of all companies with ERP systems modify the system’s codebase to some degree.

ERP and Odoo customization

Panorama Consulting data on the level of ERP code modifications by companies

Though ERP vendors generally do not recommend code modifications as they may pose problems with future software updates and can make future problems more difficult to resolve, it is often necessary, and it will be in the best interest of ERP companies to embrace it and accommodate it in their architecture.

Such is the case with Odoo, with its modular architecture: it allows Odoo developers to create modules for new functionalities that may be installed seamlessly into the system. Due to the open-source nature of the system, there are a lot of available Odoo developers, as they can easily access and study the system codes without having to first purchase the system. Odoo support is not a problem, as the company encourages customizations instead of discouraging them. Moreover, there are already a large number of community-developed modules to choose from, in addition to the official ones developed by Odoo.

Why Should You Hire ERP Developer?

reasons to hire a remote erp developer

Among all the possible business advantages of hiring remote Odoo ERP developers, here are some of the reasons why it is a good choice:

Low cost odoo developmentLow, all-inclusive cost

When you hire a dedicated Odoo ERP consultant or developer from an offshoring company, you have the freedom to select which country you’ll hire from. This allows you to offshore from countries with much lower rates than your country, making customization cost much lower than if you hire ERP engineer from your local market. Moreover, it tends to be cheaper than ERP outsourcing, because you won’t have to pay for added services like project management and business analysis. What’s more, this payment is all-inclusive, so it covers all fees such as salary, taxes, software and office resources, and recruitment costs. No additional payments will be charged.

Shortage of office expenses with the help of remote Oddo developersReduced office expenses

With offshoring, your developers use the physical resources of their ERP outsourcing companies, so there is no need to invest in additional computers, desks, and any other office equipment which can add to the overall cost of your project.

Tax Free outstaffing or ERP developerTax-free, insurance-free

You won’t have to worry about having to pay government-imposed taxes or insurance for your developers, which can further increase costs, as the offshoring ERP software development company will be the one to pay those for you.

Recruitment of odoo developersInvolvement in developer selection

Working with mediocre developers that aren’t up to par with your standards can be a headache. Luckily, hiring dedicated developers allows you to interview all eligible candidates so you’ll get only the best and most qualified developers for your project.

Full control over erp developerFull control over your project

When you hire dedicated developers, you can monitor everything they are doing and can check on their progress at any point in their Odoo development. This ensures that misunderstandings are minimal and everything goes as planned.

Exted your team with Odoo developersScaling in a breeze

Offshoring allows you to easily add or remove developers depending on your project requirements, giving you flexibility on your budgeting and maximizing your cost efficiency.

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ERP Development Team to Hire

There are a number of different types of ERP experts that you can hire for varying roles. Here are some of the ERP expert roles that can help you implement your system without hiccups:

erp development team for hire
  • ERP Manager – when implementing an ERP system for the first time, you will likely need an informed manager to oversee and monitor every stage and aspect of your implementation, especially if you’re a big company. An ERP manager can do all these for you and take a huge burden off your shoulders.
  • ERP Business Analyst – an ERP business analyst is well-trained to study your business processes and dynamics, ask the right questions, and extract the right information in order to determine the type and architecture of a system that best suits your company.
  • ERP Software Developers – ERP programmer, ERP coder, or freelance ERP developer is the one responsible for writing and manipulating the codes for your system. Whether you’re customizing the vanilla version of such a system or integrating it with other systems, a skilled ERP development team will carry out the coding for you.
  • ERP Integration Specialist – in addition to ERP systems, many businesses use several other external systems for their operations, such as payroll, inventory, and time tracking systems. An integration specialist knows how to smoothly integrate your system with these external systems so they can all work in harmony.
  • ERP Migration Expert – some businesses already have an existing ERP system but want to migrate to a newer, better platform. ERP Odoo migration experts can help out with this undertaking, as they know the best way to transfer all necessary data and information from your old system to your new one.

Whether you’re a small business, medium-sized enterprise, or a big company, finding ERP software developer for hire will ensure that your system is implemented in the best and most efficient way possible. Regardless of your company size, it will be most beneficial for you to hire a remote ERP developer or ERP specialist for your business because dedicated remote developers offer the greatest cost efficiency. If you’re looking for an ERP developer for hire, then you have come to the perfect place, because we are the best business partner for you! Here at Mobilunity, we have highly qualified dedicated ERP experts in different roles that can help you with all your needs to make sure that your business is running at its highest possible level of efficiency and productivity. If you require any of the above ERP specialists, or if you’re not sure which roles you require, don’t hesitate to contact us and we can help you form your dream ERP development team or ERP consulting team.

ERP Programmer CV Samples

To give you a better idea of the typical ERP developer resume and CVs of other ERP specialists, here are some ERP experience resume samples:

Resume Sample #1. Junior ERP Odoo Developer

entry level Odoo ERP software engineer resume

CV #2 – Middle Odoo Consultant Resume


  • Highly proficient in Odoo and OpenERP Framework
  • Highly proficient in using Odoo in Odoo/ERP development
  • Highly proficient in PostgreSQL and SQL
  • Extensive experience in database management
  • Extensive understanding of business processes and ERP systems
  • Highly proficient in Python programming language and core concepts
  • Have strong analytical and problem-solving qualities


  • Designed and developed Odoo application
  • Designed, developed, and maintained PostgreSQL and SQL database systems
  • Designed and managed business processes and ERP systems
  • Managed task estimations, customizations, and delivery in an Odoo, OpenERP project development

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CV #3 – Senior Odoo ERP Project Manager


  • Over 12 years of experience managing projects for the development of ERP and other software systems
  • Extensive experience in managing ERP installation projects with Odoo, Epicor, SAP, and other platforms
  • Can effectively manage an ERP implementation team with over 10 members
  • Extensive experience in planning and delegation of tasks to different ERP development team members
  • Highly effective in monitoring and tracking the progress of different tasks and giving regular status updates to stakeholders


  • ERP Platforms: Odoo, Epicor, SAP, Oracle ERP
  • Database Systems: MySQL, SQL Server, MongoDB
  • Business Skills: Project Management, Business Analysis, Data Analysis, Database Management, Inventory Management, Risk Management, Root Cause Analysis, Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC)
  • Other Skills: HTML, SEO

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CV#4 – Odoo ERP Business Analyst


  • Extensive experience in interviewing company executives and managers to extract information and design the optimal Odoo ERP system architecture for the company
  • Extensive experience in analyzing and comparing various ERP options and ranking them according to price, reputation, provider experience, etc.
  • Highly efficient at analyzing current business systems and processes to identify key areas for improvement
  • Extensive experience in engaging with employees from all levels and company roles
  • Able to effectively articulate business requirements from client to developers, and problems from developers to clients


  • ERP Platforms: Odoo, Microsoft Dynamics, SAP, Epicor, Oracle ERP, Sage, Infor, NetERP
  • Software and Technologies: MS Visio, MS Excel, MS Powerpoint, MS Word, Oracle SQL Developer, MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server, Python, HTML, Tableau
  • Business Skills: Business Analysis, Data Analytics, Business Intelligence, Just-In-Time Supply Chain Management, Use Case, and Business Case Creation.

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CV Sample #5. Senior ERP Odoo Developer

Senior remote Odoo ERP developer

ERP Developer for Hire Salary Comparison

We’ve seen a number of ways to maximize your cost efficiency when implementing ERP systems in your business, such as choosing the right software provider, as well as hiring dedicated developers. Another important way in which you can save on expenses is properly choosing where to hire dedicated developers. Since the average ERP developer hourly rate varies from country to country, finding the country that offers the most affordable salary of ERP developer can make a huge difference in the overall cost of outsourcing ERP implementation.

Let’s compare the average ERP developer salary from different countries. This may help you choose which country to hire developers from. PayScale represents the average annual salaries in various occupations. According to PayScale, the salaries for ERP software developers, which include Odoo developers, from different countries are as follows:

erp salary

*Ukrainian salaries are provided based on Mobilunity’s Recruitment Team research on the local job markets. All salaries are net and do not include the service fee (in case of hiring on a dedicated team model). The salaries are provided for comparison purposes and could be not entirely accurate. Contact us to know the exact cost of hiring a developer corresponding to the required parameters.

Evidently, hiring from an offshoring ERP development company in Ukraine would be the most practical choice, as it offers the best price to hire ERP developer, hire programmers skilled in Odoo, and hire ERP consultants to guide you in your ERP implementation. One excellent provider of dedicated developers from Ukraine is Mobilunity. We provide top-notch Odoo Open ERP developers and Odoo ERP services for exceptionally low rates. If you’re looking to implement an ERP system in your business or improve your current one, look no further, because we’ll make sure that you get the most out of your hard-earned money.

Hire a Dedicated ERP Developer Now and Here

It is in every company’s best interest to install an ERP system, as its potential to increase the company’s efficiency can play a big role in driving it towards success. Among the many ERP systems available in the market, Odoo is one of the most promising ones as it offers a combination of affordability and painless customizability.

odoo open erp developers for hire

Every company has its unique set of requirements that its ERP system must perfectly accommodate, and seeking the expertise of an Odoo or ERP consultant is key to achieving perfect customization. If your company is planning to customize Odoo system and you’re looking for a developer fully capable of Odoo configuration, Odoo database management, Odoo programming, or Odoo integration with other services, we’ve got you covered! We have incredible developers who can offer Odoo ERP development, Odoo backend modification, and other Odoo development services at the most affordable rates!

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