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Hire Flask Developer

Flask is a widely used web framework. Flask makes it possible to attach new modules when the time comes, instead of initially filling you with details. Flask appeared as an alternative to the Django and Pyramid frameworks since even Django programmer needed a micro-framework that allowed using various components. Companies prefer to hire Python programmer to create projects in a very short time. Given the framework’s popularity and its practical applications, some organizations look to hire dedicated Python developers specifically for Flask projects, as evidenced by its starring at 52.2k on GitHub. Twilio, Keen IC, WakaTime, and Netflix use Flask as a framework for their web development.

In the article, we’ll explain what are the advantages of Flask framework and Flask web developer for hire, name spheres of common implementation, and look closer at Flask developer resume sample.

Advantages and Limitations of Flask Development

Although Flask is micro, it is an extensible Python web framework. Providing the necessary functionality, it speeds up the development of simple Android app development with Flask server.

Flask framework advantages:

  • Easy to understand. Flask allows the programmer to fully control the Flask app development process. The framework provides simplicity, and accuracy in the work, allowing a user to choose how to implement certain things.
  • Flexible. A coder can independently edit most of the framework tools to fit his needs. Together with Flask, the programmer gets a template engine that allows you to use the same user interface on multiple pages.
  • Good testing tools. If devs want more experience and training opportunities or need more control over the components used, then Flask is the most suitable solution.
  • Active community of developers. Flask has a small but active community of developers that are ready to help with solving problems.
  • Safety. Flask has options for protecting an app from cross-site scripting, fake cross-site queries, and Flask query sets are protected from SQL injection since queries are constructed using parameterization.

Flask framework limitations:

  • Does not support asynchrony. Flask processes all requests in one thread, that is, each request blocks the thread for the duration of its execution, and then passes the queue to the next request.
  • Lack of features. If we talk about the development of large web applications, then Flask simply does not have enough features.

There are such types of Flask web development services:

  • Custom Flask web application development. Flask programmer creates reliable, high-quality applications for your needs.
  • Flask support and maintenance services. Continuous application support is an essential service that ensures the quality of Flask applications.
  • Enterprise application development. Flask programmer must ensure the secure development of enterprise applications using the Flask framework.
  • Migration to Flask. You can migrate existing applications to Flask without problems, without losing migration data.
  • API development services. You can use mobile apps for iOS and Android, or provide access to your platform’s data using secure and stable web services and APIs.

While on the hunt to hire a Flask developer, keep in mind the potential need for a jQuery developer for effective client-side scripting, and consider a software engineer freelance for flexible, on-demand expertise to enhance your web application’s capabilities.

Industries Where Flask App Development is Commonly Used

There are certain industries in which using Flask is most appropriate. Let’s look at them in more detail.

  • Healthcare. Python web development with Flask helps to enable many compatible software solutions to improve healthcare.
  • Fintech. In the industry, Flask is used to improve the performance of enterprise-level software applications, such as asset management applications, POS applications, and Crypto wallet.
  • Retail and e-commerce. Flask is ideal for creating e-commerce applications, like real-time chatbots and shopping apps.
  • Travel and tourism. The framework helps create custom travel applications such as virtual tours, AR navigation, and an electronic ticketing system.
  • Media and entertainment. If we talk about the visual component, then here Flask can be quite an effective tool that solves a lot of problems. By creating modern graphical interfaces with Flask, you can easily adapt to the style of the OS in whose environment the app is created. 
  • Machine learning. Machine learning processes based on the Flask help implement face and voice recognition systems, create neural networks, deep learning, and much more.
  • Process automation. One of the most popular ways to use the Flaskis to create small scripts that automate some workflows. 

Top 5 Skills for Python/Flask Developer Assessment

When choosing a Python / Flask developer, it is important to consider the skills that he possesses. To facilitate the process of selecting a good specialist, we have selected skills and fields of expertise Python / Flask developer needs to have.

  • Python libraries and additional tools

First of all, Python Flask developer must know all kinds of mathematical calculations that use Python. For example, the Matplotlib and Seaborn libraries are used when necessary to visualize data, NumPy for working with linear algebra. For scientific calculations resort to the use of SciPy.

  • Web servers (Nginx, Apache)

Even junior Flask developer needs to know the general principles of web server operation, as well as understand how the Internet works in general and how your code interacts with servers, databases, and the “outside world” in general.

  • Databases (MySQL, MongoDB)

The server side of the software provides for the active use of servers. These are computers that perform a service task of receiving, processing, and providing information to users. For Flask developer, knowledge of servers and the ability to work with them is very important.

  • AI and machine learning

Python is the perfect programming language for machine learning. If a developer understands machine learning, then his presence in your project will be as effective and successful as possible.

  • Understanding Multi Process Architecture

The developer must know how the code works during deployment and release. A Python Flask developer should be aware of MVC and MVT architecture. Such a developer can solve the problems associated with the basic structure.

Python Flask Developer Salary

To compare full stack developer salary Flask we’ve collected Flask developer salaries in different countries. Since salaries for application development with Python and Flask are similar, you can find 2 of these technologies in the comparison.

  • USA – $103,992
  • UK – $80,735
  • Canada – $97,182
  • Germany – $57,925
  • Ukraine – $23,200 (based on Mobilunity’s Recruiting Team research over several local job boards).

Salary rate of a Ukrainian Python Flask web developer stands out, while not inferior to the quality of the services provided. Ukraine is a perfect spot for Flask software development outsourcing/outstaffing.

The goal of hiring a specialist in a Flask development agency or Flask development company is to choose the most suitable Flask engineer for your project. Careful consideration and good research will help you find the right team.

Initially, you fill out an application with your requirements. Soon the company manager contacts you and offers available options for cooperation. Then, focusing on your budget, one specialist or development team is selected. At this stage, you analyze the skills of the developers, their experience, and acceptability in your project. After the approval of the team, modern development methodologies are used, most often it is Agile or Scrum.

Benefits to Hire Flask Developer in Mobilunity

The knowledge and experience accumulated over the years allow Mobilunity to find skilled and talented developers who suit clients’ needs and requirements just perfectly. These coders may complete the full cycle of work – from the initial requirements analysis and technical consulting to the long-term support of implemented solutions. Some of the benefit Mobilunity offers:

  • Full control over the process. We have built the process of managing IT projects in such a way as to provide our clients with complete control and transparency of operations, as well as guarantee results on time and in the expected volume.
  • Professionals of the Ukrainian IT market. Collaborating with Mobilunity, our clients get at their disposal professionals with a systematic thinking and creative approach, a wide range of technologies, experience in completed projects, well-established project management methodologies, and appropriate quality control.
  • Cost-effective price. Affordable price of Ukrainian developers does not reduce their proficiency. In our company, we focus on the professionalism of our employees, while taking into account wishes of our clients regarding a valuable offer.

If you are in need of professional assistance in web development, Mobilunity helps to find a skilled Flask web developer for hire. Contact our company right away!

All salaries and prices mentioned within the article are approximate NET numbers based on the research done by our in-house Recruitment Team. Please use these numbers as a guide for comparison purposes only and feel free to use the contact form to inquire on the specific cost of the talent according to your vacancy requirements and chosen model of engagement.

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