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Nowadays, Flutter programming in on everyone’s mind; however, being a relatively new term in the mobile application development industry, Flutter has many misconceptions around. We took responsibility to provide you with clear and concise information on Flutter development to show the advantages, drawbacks, and perspectives it comes with.

Flutter Development: A Brief Overview

Flutter is a modern development kit created by Google that allows building remarkable apps for iOS, Android, and Google Fuchsia OS that hasn’t been launched yet. It is important to note that Flutter is not a framework but a complete software development kit (SDK) that contains everything needed for building amazing apps. It is fitted with ready-made widgets, command-line tools, a C++ rendering engine, testing tools, and APIs.

Flutter supports cross-platform app development with a single codebase and allows programmers to see changes in code almost immediately, among the many benefits that Flutter development offers. Let’s highlight the major features of Flutter:

  • the most promising SDK;
  • free and open-source;
  • based on the Dart programming language;
  • allows fast programming;
  • has a number of own widgets;
  • the architecture is based on reactive programming.

Flutter was launched not so long ago. Let’s take a quick look at the rapid development and updates of this SDK.

The Origins of Flutter Development and Reasons to Hire Flutter Developers

As we have already mentioned, Google is working on its operating system called Google Fucsia. There is a common belief that Google Fuchsia OS can replace Android OS in the future. Flutter will be the SDK for Fuchsia apps, besides the applications made for Android and iOS. Given that it is open-source, both Google and Flutter developer community constantly contributes to Flutter development and improvement. Thus, we have an extensive updates history, given the fact that the first beta release was less than two years ago:

  • Feb 2018 – First beta release of Flutter
  • Apr 2018 – Flutter beta 2 release
  • May 2018 – Flutter beta 3 release
  • June 2018 – Flutter Preview 1 release
  • Sep 2018 – Flutter Preview 2 release
  • Nov 2018 — Dart 2.1 release
  • Dec 2018 – Flutter 1.0 release (since that time, it has been considered as ready for production)
  • Feb 2019 – Flutter 1.2 release
  • May 2019 – Flutter 1.5 and Dart 2.3 release, Flutter for Web preview
  • July 2019 – Flutter 1.7 release
  • Sep 2019 – Flutter 1.9 release

As for now, Flutter APIs for desktop apps are still in the early stages of development, but it is clearly stated in the road map of creators. Once APIs are launched, programmers will be able to create macOS, Windows, and Linux apps with the same single code base. This makes Flutter a unique solution for cross-platform development. In the long run, the time and effort needed for creating a desktop app will be the same one requires for mobile app development thanks to this SDK. As of the latest 1.9 release, Flutter for web is available as a tech preview. Basically, it is a code-compatible implementation of Flutter that programmers can use for compiling the already written Flutter code in Dart into a web app that can be operated in a browser and deployed to any web server.

Do Companies Hire Flutter App Developers Nowadays?

Lately, Flutter has been among the top 20 trending repositories on GitHub, which proves the SDK draws the attention of many developers, and the community constantly contributes to its improvement. Moreover, there are monthly updates from Google to Flutter features. No wonder that a lot of developers started studying Flutter and Dart. On the other hand, more and more companies are showing interest to Flutter possibilities and Flutter app development. However, nowadays, demand exceeds supply, and it is not easy to find Flutter developer with some practical experience in the field. Yet, it is possible, and the developer community is rapidly growing. Thus, businesses that want to hire Flutter developer and interested in Flutter app development services are literally fighting for the best specialists on the market.

If you wonder if there are any apps already made with Flutter, here are a few remarkable ones to assess the scope of Flutter mobile development:

  • Google Ads app (iOS, Android)
  • Xianyu app by Alibaba (iOS, Android) – one of the largest e-commerce companies in the world that counts 50 million users
  • Hamilton app (iOS, Android, website) – an official app for the Broadway Musical
  • Topline app by Abbey Road Studios (iOS, Android)
  • Reflectly (iOS, Android, website)

You can find more use cases on the official Flutter webpage. The creators are proud to show great-looking, user-friendly, large-scale projects made with Flutter SDK. Given the frequent, amazing updates on Flutter’s features and possibilities, no doubt it is already a stable, pretty mature, and highly popular software development kit. With global companies such as Alibaba using Flutter and Google Ads operated with the help of this SDK, the future of Flutter is more than promising.

Pros Vs. Cons of Flutter App Development: Why It’s Worth to Start Searching for Flutter App Developer for Hire

When talking about flutter app development, it is essential to consider all the positives and drawbacks related to this SDK. Let’s start with the advantages, the number of which already exceeds all the existing cons:

  • Fast code updates (so-called Hot Reload)

Flutter allows for more dynamic code updates and, thus, faster application development. Programmers can make changes in code on-the-fly and see these changes reflected in the app immediately. This feature is called Hot Reload, taking less than a second to display any changes. No need to say it is extremely important for fast development, testing, bug fixing, and experimenting on the go. Also, Hot Reload allows a productive collaboration of the whole software development team, especially coders and designers. If this only feature doesn’t make you want to hire Flutter developer, here are a lot more advantages of this SDK to mention.

  • Open-source and free

Flutter, as well as Dart programming language, are open-source and free to use. Moreover, you get comprehensive documentation and remarkable support that allow any Flutter developer for quick learning and using this SDK.

  • Requires a single codebase

A Flutter developer can use a single codebase for creating apps that will run and behave identically both on iOS and Android. With some time, it will be relevant also for web apps, desktop apps, and Fuchsia OS. It is possible because of the number of widgets and designs created and provided by Flutter itself. Thus, you can create an application that will look just the same on any platform and device.

  • Significantly reduced testing time

As you, basically, have the same app running on both iOS and Android thanks to the single codebase, it will take your QA specialists to run tests much faster. Although you will still need manual testing as with native programming for every platform, the overall testing time will be cut in half.

  • Faster applications

It is worth noting that Flutter uses the Skia Graphics Library so that the UI is redrawn each time when a view changes. Most of the performance is made on GPU (graphics processing unit), allowing for fast and smooth Flutter UI at 60fps (frames per second).

  • A new level of design

Instead of relying on native components, Flutter operates with its own set of custom widgets. Although the UI components the user will see will be a bit different from native ones, it is not a disadvantage because the design and usability will be kept on point. No matter if you are primarily interested in Flutter Android app development or Flutter iOS app development, you will get a remarkable user-friendly UI on any device. It adds to the amazing features of Flutter compared to other solutions for cross-platform or native development. With Flutter, you can create your widgets or customize existing ones that makes Flutter game development worth taking into consideration, too.

  • Same UI both on older and newer devices

You won’t have to worry about supporting older iOS or Android system as Flutter apps will look and behave the same way on any device.

  • Great for MVPs

If you have been thinking of your app prototype development, Flutter is a perfect option in terms of time and cost needed. It allows creating MVPs within a short time and minimal efforts thanks to the remarkable time-to-market.

And here are the drawbacks associated with Flutter currently:

  • Small (although growing) developer community that is not mature yet

Every technology, as well as every community, needs time to grow, develop, and mature. As Flutter was presented less than two years ago, it is still a new, young tool, and so is its community. Although Flutter community is growing rapidly, as for now, it is smaller and less experienced compared to some other communities. Flutter will definitely catch up with such giants as JavaScript, but it will take some time.

  • Not so popular Dart language

Dart is a great language by itself; however, it is definitely not so popular and widely used as, for example, JavaScript, Java, C#, or Objective-C. Although being fast and object-oriented, Dart is not an ultimate pick of junior developers. Thus, it comes to a challenge to find and hire a Flutter developer, especially the one that has been already launched a couple of apps written in Flutter. At the same time, a small number of Flutter app development companies have a kind of monopoly on the market.

  • Limited libraries

Although Google support for Flutter is remarkable, the SDK is still new and is not as rich in libraries as native development allows for using. Thus, chances are you won’t be able to find the needed functionality in the available libraries, so you will end up building a custom functionality that takes some additional time and effort.

  • The size of the created apps

As for now, Flutter apps are bigger, compared to native ones. However, creators are working towards reducing the size of apps written in Flutter, so it is more of a temporary pitfall.

How Flutter Developers for Hire Can Change the Future of Mobile App Development?

Google has been guiding the future of cross-platform development. While programmers still tend to look for a compromise among performance, speed, and quality and, thus, create separate apps for iOS and Android, this approach fails to deliver native experience when it comes to cross-platform adaptation. However, Flutter is the solution created to resolve this problem and change mobile app development for better, making it quicker and easier. Flutter focuses on native performance, remarkable designs, and high productivity of creates applications. Thus, Flutter can deliver a unified experience on desktop and mobile devices, as well as in web apps, at the same time reducing the time and effort needed for iOS or Android app development. At the same time, you mitigate the risk of errors significantly with a single code base that Flutter operates.

Flutter Vs. React Native for Mobile Application Development

Flutter is often compared to React Native framework because both of them support cross-platform development and, thus, allow for less time for app development and launch, compared to other technologies. Moreover, both Flutter and React Native can use third-party libraries and offer a variety of ready-made widgets and other components so that you can build an app easy. It results not just in speedy app development but in reduced costs as well.

What are the main differences between Flutter SDK and React Native framework? When to choose Flutter mobile application development, and when to go with React Native solution for your app? Here is a helpful table to put all the things in place.

Flutter React
What is it? A software development kit (SDK) for building natively-compiled mobile, web, and desktop (soon) apps with a single codebase A framework for creating native apps with React
The date of release December 2018, by Google March 2015, by Facebook
Free and open source + +
Programming language Dart JavaScript
Native development + +
UI Flutter allows operating with a single codebase, so applications on both Android and iOS look and behave similarly. Also, Flutter provides two sets of widgets, namely Material Design, that helps to implement Google’s design language of the same name, and Cupertino, that imitates iOS design. Thus, programmers can easily build apps by imitating their native components. App components look like native ones on both Android and iOS. A good point is that in case of any OS or UI updates, your app will be updated accordingly. Also, you can use third-party libraries to get access to similar Material Design components in place of native ones.
OS Currently, you can build apps for Android and iOS. However, Google is working on providing programmers with a possibility to create single-code apps not only for mobile devices but also for desktop and web. Flutter for web is already available as a tech preview. Generally, you can create iOS and Android apps. When using some specific libraries, you can create apps also for Windows10 and web. There’s also a possibility of extracting shared code in mobile, web, and desktop apps to a separate repository, creating a project that can be implemented entirely/partially in another app. Thus, programmers can concentrate on core code without considering compatibility with a specific platform.
Distinctive features
  • Rich design thanks to widgets;
  • Top-level UI
  • Rapidly growing developer community;
  • Raising popularity and demand;
  • Helpful and clear documentation;
  • Great support and responsiveness from Flutter team;
  • Flutter for web contains a great potential for a single codebase for web and mobile platform;
  • Unbeatable time-to-market of Flutter development.
  • A stable framework with almost five years on the market;
  • Numbers of successful apps created with React Native;
  • Many global companies use this technology;
  • A giant active community;
  • Easy to learn;
  • A lot of tutorials and third-party libraries in open access;
  • The code can be entirely/partially reused for desktop and web apps.
When choose? Choose Flutter app development when:

  • Your app should support 3D touch (available in the future);
  • You need to develop a specific design;
  • You need a minimalistic, yet easy-to-navigate UI that is closely connected to the phone hardware (music, pictures, etc.);
  • Your app requires rare native libraries for specific functionality;
  • You want to create a small-sized app;
  • You want your app to run on Fuchsia OS, desktop and web in no time and additional efforts in the future.
Choose React Native framework when:

  • Your app should perform some uncommon or specific tasks in the background;
  • You need access to Bluetooth;
  • You want to build an app for one platform only, whether Android or iOS

Flutter Developer Salary Rates: Costs to Hire a Dart Flutter Programmer

Flutter developer salary depends on a number of factors, including the expertise of the person, the number and specifics of launched projects, as well as the place of living and work. With flutter app development cost, we see a similar situation as with all software development. The salary rates and development cost depend a lot on the country of work. However, it doesn’t mean that a German programmer is less qualified than a Japan specialist, or a Ukrainian Flutter engineer has successfully developed fewer apps than the UK Flutter dev.

For comparison, here are different annual Flutter developer salary rates in five countries that are known for their top-level IT projects:

As you can see, the salary rates differ a lot. While most European countries have one range of rates, the Flutter developer salary in the US is four times bigger than a Ukrainian specialist earns. What is remarkable is that Ukrainian software developers are known worldwide as the most creative and expert programmers, and it relates to Flutter development as well. Thus, a lot of companies want to hire Flutter developer from Ukraine to stay assured they work with the best specialists in the field.

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